The Chaos Users


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''Normal Speech''

Inner Thoughts, Dialogue, or reading passages from books and scrolls

(Quick Notes and Messages or Echoes.)

(Dark over lapping echoes)

''Boss Summons, Demons, Dark beings speaking, Demonic/Angry characters Speaking as well as extremely Dark spells and Magic.''


Story Start


A young male sat over the cliff side watching the sunset with his companion, a female cybrog rabbit. His tail nestled around her waist as they enjoyed the sincerity of there closeness. It had been a few weeks since Dr. Ivo Robotnik, a mad genius had attempted his latest plan to take over the world and build an empire, one he would christen Robotropolis.

Until he found out who opened that portal that ripped him from his world and dropped him off in Mobius and why he would be stuck here.

As such their other companion, the mad scientist's nemesis and the fast thing alive on two legs was on vacation. That beings name was Sonic The Hedgehog, a blue Anthropomorphic Hedgehog whose speeds could exceed the sound barrier. The Freedom Fighters had all met as a result of one of Robotnik's earlier schemes and since then they foiled whatever plot the madmen came up with. But for now they were enjoying the period of peace they were given knowing it was all a matter of time until Robotnik tried something else.

Up in the clouds over the Wild terrains and lush forests of the Mystic ruins was the floating island Angel Island. A large, lavish paradise that was home to ancient ruins and other terrains including winter wonderlands. In the center was the ruins of a temple that houses the legendary gem of grand power, the Master Emerald.

The bright glowing shine of the Large Green emerald pierced the dark and peaceful star filled sky. The night was beautiful as the Emerald's guardian Knuckles the Enchinda bathed in the Master's emerald dark green glow as he rested.

The stone cold floor beneath him reminded him of his duty. A duty he knew he had to do despite not knowing why. It was a strange feeling constantly haunting him. He knew nothing of his past yet felt he had to guard the emerald, as if it was programmed into his genes.

He was the last of his kind due to an unexplained incident long ago.

His extraordinary strength and affinity with the Master Emerald, together with the sign of a guardian across his chest, all pointed to his duty as the Master Emerald Guardian.

The Sacred Sky Sanctuary ruins destruction was forever engraved in his mind as a constant reminder of what could happen if the emerald's power was abused. The guardian was left to face off against the Doctor's sinister leftovers and against the power of the Master Emerald directly. The aftershock of the right left a scar on the island and the Sacred Ruins fell into the Ocean. If it wasn't for his new friends Sonic and Naruto, Knuckles would be down there with them.

Before this incident he would often leave the emerald for brief moments of time to explore the island but after that no more. He was by it's side residing in the spot that the Chaos Emeralds, gems of legendary power said to hold the power of the gods themselves were now scattered across the world due to another incident many years ago.

The Silence was then broken by the sound of Jet Engines, followed by something electrical, or some form of energy, powering up. Knuckles opened his eyes and saw nothing.


The floor shook beneath him as Knuckles fell onto his face. He turned around to see a strange figure in front of him.

The humanoid figure was a few inches taller then him. It's body was semi-transparent and made of water with no visible bones and organs except a small brain like object. The only human like feature or came close to it was it's eyes but those were consisted of two green orbs.

Knuckles sprang to his feet and suddenly noticed his precious Master Emerald had been shattered into pieces.

"What the? Oh no! Did you do this? Why? Answer me beast before I start throwing punches!" the guardian demanded as he dashed towards the water beast preparing a powerful punch. However as he was just about to strike the watery figure jumped up. It dropped down with mighty force knocking Knuckles a good distance from the shrine.

Knuckles raced back up to the shattered remains of the Master Emerald. Not much remained of the marvelous as just the base of the controller remained. The watery figure had completed disappeared without saying a thing. Knuckles remained as confused as ever, and as he took a moment to think about what has just happened, the main thing he was supposed to prevent happened.

"Oh no! Without the Master Emerald the Island will sink into the Ocean again."

Sure enough the Island began to shake as if hit by a massive earthquake. Knuckles jumped into the air and used his glide technique to reach the end of the Floating Island without being affected by the shaking. Angel Island used the power of the Master Emerald to remain in the sky, thus hiding the most powerful of the Emeralds away from the general public.

Knuckles never questioned this, assuming it was to protect it from those who'd wish to use its power for evil. Angel Island was also his home and a sacred island to his race. He wished to preserve it best he could.

Knuckles reached the end of Angel Island and looked down towards the Ocean underneath him. To his horror the Angel Island didn't just crash into an Ocean but a huge jungle with mountains surrounding it.

Eventually a building with two giant tails settled his nerve. That had to be where Tails lived. He had to made haste to find the emerald pieces before they fell into the wrong hands.

Elsewhere in the mystic ruins area.


The glass of the tube disappeared and the first thing he saw was the face of his master. E-102 Gamma stepped out of the tube he had been charging in. The man in front of him gave him life and so appropriately asked for his eternal loyalty.

"Arise E-102, you are complete.''

"Scanning video input. File found. Subject Dr Ivo Robotnik. Master, what can I do for you?"

"Perfect, another fine addition to my E-series. You have already identified me now identify yourself.''

"Scanning system….I am E-102 Gamma. 3rd in the E-series.''

"And how are your systems? I can see your processor and database are fine. How about your cannon?"

"All systems working at 100 percent.''

Gamma examined the Room he was in. He found the file he needed to identify the local area. He was in the entrance room to the Final Egg base, deep within the Mystic Ruins. To his right were two more tubes. One held an unconscious Metal Sonic, probably still repairing itself after the intense race he had on Little Planet. The other held a new Robotic Sonic Prototype, equipped with machine gun hands.

"Come Gamma, it's time for you first test. Beyond this door is a little shooting gallery I've made. Try and hit all the targets.''

"Mission Accepted. Objective Destroy all targets.''

Gamma ventured through the corridors of the shooting gallery section of final Egg. Lots of Dolls of the four primary targets appeared, mainly of the Foxes and the Echidna. At the end though the Hedgehog appeared, tougher than the others. The Doll moved along a rail and took three shots to break.

Gamma felt a strange sensation. Almost a feeling though that would've been impossible. He was just a robot but he felt his cannon was only adequate to do the task. That it was lacking efficiency in range, power, and sight capabilities if the rockets he produced only did the minimal damage to the latter object when it had maximal damage ratio within the specified meters against the previous objects. He still blasted into the air shouting, "Mission Complete," however and he felt a little bit of happiness too.

A machine… how could he feel these things?

Gamma decided not to dwell on it and returned to the entrance lobby. There waiting for him was Dr. Robotnik clapping his performance.

"Bravo Gamma. I think you're ready for your first real challenge already. Down there is your bigger brother E-101. Why don't you go say hello."

Gamma moved down to the lower area of the lobby where a black robot was waiting for him. It was like Gamma in every way except that instead of a hand and one laser blaster, E-101 Beta had dual missile launchers.

"Now I have a proposition for you two. I want to know who the strongest is so I'm pitting you against each other. The winner will be granted permission to join the Egg Carrier Crew as my elite task force. Personally my money is on Beta though Gamma has earned the right to at least challenge Beta.''

"Affirmative," both Robots replied at the same time.

Beta fired a barrage of missiles at Gamma though Gamma had already analyzed Beta's weakness. The missiles weren't all that fast, even if they did home into Beta's opponents they could be outrun with some speed. Gamma used that to his advantage and locked on to Beta with his laser. He then circled around Beta firing his laser and weakened Beta to his knees.

Beta fell to the ground sparking a little. Gamma fired into the air shouting "Mission Complete" again. Gamma was extremely happy with an intensity that confused him even further.

Gamma kept the emotion to himself filing it under a newly created file and calculated several ratios. He came to a 47% conclusion that it was part of an A.I. program while another 37% was filed under possible CPU errors.

The Doctor proceeded down to the arena with a big grin on his face. Gamma didn't have the strength of Beta but he managed to defeat him using Skill and tactics. Dr. Robotnik was impressed.

"Excellent Gamma. I hereby give you permission to serve aboard the Egg Carrier.''

Beta then pushed in front of Dr. Robotnik and made some beeping noises.

"What's this? You want to serve as well?''

Beta kept pushing in front of Dr. Robotnik. Annoyed the Doctor took a moment to think and then smiled.

"So you really want to come along to huh? Well Ok. I hereby grant you Special Permission to come aboard the Egg Carrier", said the Doctor, "Now, it's time for the Egg Carrier to take its place commanding the skies. Prepare the Egg Carrier for take off!"

"Affirmative!" the two robots replied before disappearing into the depths on the Final Egg.

Nibi had went to sleep some time ago but Naruto couldn't get over his feelings of dread. He decided to go for a walk and went deep inside the jungle. He made his way through the forest and came across something he hadn't seen in awhile.

Meanwhile deep within the Mystic Ruins Jungle, Big the Cat lay on his bed asleep. Resting on top of his head was hid best friend. A Frog named Froggy. The peaceful night was interrupted by a loud explosion and an event was about to happen that would involve this normally neutral cat, into a fight he would normally stay out of.

Big the cat was a very large purple cat that had always lived in the Jungle. He practically raised himself and learned to fish early on in life. It became his passion, though that may be too strong a word.

It was nightfall and so the big bulky cat lay on his wooden re-enforced bed sleeping. The loud sound of a crash not all that far away wasn't enough to wake him. His little Frog friend however felt the force and fell off Big's Belly. Shaking off the pain Froggy noticed a small puddle of water that seemed to call out to him. Curious Froggy went in to investigate and then it all went black for him.

Big suddenly leapt to his feet. He felt like something bad had happened and looked down to find his frog friend had mutated noticeably. He now had a fairly large tail, in proportion to the rest of its body.

"Froggy? What happened to you buddy?'' Big asked in his deep slow talking voice.

Froggy turned with a sinister look on his face and leapt above Big in a massive jump. It landed next to a Yellow Emerald the two had found one day during fishing. To Big's surprise Froggy ate the treasure they had found.

"My Treasure! What are you doing Froggy?" The large purple feline asked Big upset.

Froggy then hopped off deep into the Jungle. Big grabbed his prized fishing Rod and went after him.

After their last big adventure Sonic went on vacation. The city was safe in Naruto and Taili's hand as the Blue Hedgehog was more interested in exploring more of this new world. Nothing pleased Sonic more than to run, and while the canyons and mountains gave him plenty of space he still wished to see more of the world. He was surprised that this world had versions similar to, Spring Yard and Casino Night cities of Mobius or maybe it was a result of that Chaos Emerald Warp thing some time ago.

The big giant Egg had gone all silent since he tricked Knuckles and tried to steal the Master Emerald to power his monstrosity, the Death Egg. Sonic had managed to destroy the evil satellite though it took him a couple of attempts. He even managed to get Angel Island back into the air. All while learning a bit of the emeralds power from Naruto.

Now though he was excited about exploring this new city, Station Square. It was a human metropolis, much larger than the ones back in Mobius.

"Yeah this is happening," he thought out loud from one of the rooftops.

Suddenly he heard the sound of sirens. He looked down a found numerous police cars blasting through the streets as fast as they could. Nowhere near Sonic's speed though it was still quite fast for your average person. Sonic started to smile as he thought that this could be the beginning of a new adventure.

Sonic jumped off the roof and found his way to the ground safely. He dashed towards the police cars and followed them to a large courtyard.

In the Courtyard where groups of policemen firing guns at a strange creature. The bullets passed through him without even causing a scratch.

"Oh no our weapons are useless!'' One of the officers declared.

"All officers fall back!'' There superior officer announced with a megaphone.

The policemen ran as Sonic landed on the bonnet of one of the police cars.

"Hi there. Name's Sonic what's yours?"

The creature didn't answer. Instead all you could hear were some cries of "Oh my god is that really him? The legendary hero Sonic. He'll make quick work of this creature!"

"Not talking huh? Well maybe it's time you left. For some reason the people of this city don't like you. Best to just go and find somewhere else!''

The beast suddenly threw a punch with a stretched arm at Sonic. Sonic jumped out of the way and landed on the floor next to him.

"Oh so that's how you want to play. Ok then show me what you got,'' Sonic taunted the beast who tried another punch though Sonic dodged it quickly enough by jumping in a spin ball attack. He landed with the full force of his attack on the Beast's head. That brain thing was the only thing that looked like it could be a weak spot so that's where Sonic landed and sure enough the beast burst into loads of drops.

The drops soon formed a puddle and to Sonic's surprised reformed and quickly attacked with both arms stretched. His helicopter like attack smacked Sonic onto the floor.

"Lucky hit," The hedgehog responded as he avoided the Beast's next attack and jumped into the head again. It burst into drops again after wincing a little in pain. When it reformed this time the beast leaped high into the air onto the tops of the nearby flagpoles. Grabbing hold, the Beast smashed the floor with its fists. An attack Sonic easily dodged though the Beast leaped from pole to pole and kept striking the floor near Sonic.

Sonic decided enough was enough and spin dashed into the pole the Beast was about to land on. The Beast fell, crashing into the floor leaving him open for one final assault. This time the puddle didn't reform and retreated towards a drain.

"Hey you big drip. Where you going?"

The Beast disappeared down the drain.

"You know nothing you fool. That's Chaos the God of Destruction,",said a familiar voice.

It was Dr. Robotnik on top of the rooftops.

"Well well if it isn't Robotnik. I was wondering when you'd show up. So is this Chaos thing your latest weapon? How lame!"

"Confident as always you blue rat, but that was just the warm up. The real fight should be far more interesting. Until we meet again Hedgehog," Dr. Robotnik remarked before taking to the skies in his eggmobile.

After that Sonic found himself invited to stay in Emerald Resort Hotel by the Mayor himself. He even ran into Amy Rose who he had saved from the small planet. He decided to stay a few days in case that Chaos creature attacked again. Once in he checked in for the night and got a good night sleep.