PsychicEevee: I hate writer's block. I really, really do. but yesterday a video on YouTube finally gave me a little inspiration. Sadly it wasn't for The Odd One, but some inspiration's better than nothing, so I wrote it down and managed to give myself a similar plot bunny to this in the process. I'll credit the video on the bottom, so for now, enjoy!

Danny was flying to school as per usual, gliding along when he heard a minute whistle and veered off his course just in time to dodge a pink energy blast. Looking at the source, who did he find but Valerie in her ghost hunting gear.

"Can't I go one day without this happening?" the halfa complained under his breath, recalling how pretty much every day for the past week or so there was at least one instance of Valerie trying to destroy him. He turned around and fired a ghost ray at her, which was dodged quickly, only to be hit by a second blast. Danny had predicted how she'd move since he'd had to defend himself from her how long now?

Valerie shot another pink ray at Danny and he dodged, but she knew him by now too and shot a smaller blast in his direction and by the time he'd realized it the ray was directly in front of him, too close to dodge. Danny then started to be hit by another ray before darting off to try to recuperate.

"Has she gotten another upgrade? I could swear that hurt more than before…" he scowled before shooting an ecto ray at Valerie, darting down so he could transform and maybe have a chance at getting to school before he was late again. While his plan was partially successful, he didn't count on one thing: Valerie.

(Valerie's POV)

Valerie growled as she righted herself on her hoverboard. When I get that ghost I swear he'll... she broke off her train of thought as she saw Phantom was flying down into an alley. She scowled, diving after him. He landed, not hovering, actually standing on the ground. A white ring of light appeared around his midsection, which split into two rings that traveled up and down his body. As the ghost huntress watched Phantom transformed into a kid she was rather friendly with and had even gone out with for a while, Danny Fenton. She gasped, which caused Danny to whirl around.

(Danny's POV)

A gasp alerted Danny to another's presence, and he spun around to see Valerie herself, still in her gear and with her ray gun in her hand. Busted… a small part of Danny's mind thought as he stared at her like a deer in headlights.

"Danny… you…" Valerie seemed at a loss for words for once. "You're like that girl!" Danny realized 'that girl' meant Danielle, seeing how a little while back him and Valerie had managed to cooperate (for once) to save her from being melted by Vlad, Valerie learning along the way that Danielle wasn't just a ghost, she was human, not to mention that such a thing was possible.

Danny decided to play dumb. "What do you mean?"

Valerie frowned. "Fenton, don't play dumb with me. You're the ghost boy."


PsychicEevee: Well, that was extremely short. Not even 1,000 words, it's kinda pathetic compared to some of my past stories but it's better than nothing. The video I got the inspiration for this from is at (remove the spaces, replace with periods):

www youtube com/watch?v=A83xFz9p92g

Hopefully I can get inspiration for The Odd One soon. Until then, see you!