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Tsukasa Eishi

The first time Soma saw Tsukasa Eishi, she thought that he was cool, with his snowy white hair and crystal purple eyes, he looked like one of those rare albino pretty boys that the girls in her middle school used to gush about in mangas and magazines.

She just sat there, dumbstruck at the person who was supposed to hold the First Seat of the Elite Ten of Totsuki, and she figured that whoever this person is, he was bound to hold onto the notion of him as the strongest of Totsuki in terms of cooking.

In essence, Soma thought that this was just another arrogant pretty boy with exceptional cooking skills.

'Typical.' Soma thought to herself.

As if noticing the stares that was being given, Tsukasa looked at her, "Yukihira Soma," he then turned to Takumi, "Aldini Takumi and Mimasaka Subaru…" he started. "The Autumn Elections…"

She figured that they were going to get a long reprimand, considering the two consecutive shokugekis that had been instigated in the middle of the Autumn Elections…

But instead…

"I would have loved it if you hadn't had any shokugeki…" he said with a sigh and looked away dejectedly.

Takumi and she had the same reaction. "What?"

But the upperclassman merely sat in fetal position and started drawing circles on the tatami mat. "I worked extra hard so that the election would go off without a hitch, but I didn't expect two consecutive shokugeki…" he stated. "I was running around doing all the necessary procedures while glaring at the time table…I really broke out in cold sweat…"

Isshiki laughed lightly at the teen, "That's why I told you to work at the hall, Tsukasa-senpai,"

Tsukasa simply flushed and waved his hands, "I-I'm not good at standing in front of others! I told you I'd leave that to you guys, Isshiki!"

It was then when Soma started to giggle.

It shocked everyone, even his year mates when she had done that.

Tsukasa became even more uncomfortable the moment she did that. "I-Is there something wrong?" he asked nervously.

Soma continued to giggle and waved her hand slowly. "Ah, no, don't mind me. I was just too surprised about your personality," she admitted. "I didn't expect your personality to be quite cute, Tsukasa-senpai,"

The way she said it with a sincere smile with no sign of dishonesty and ridicule immediately sent the color red in Tsukasa Eishi's face.

"E-Eh?!" he said, incredibly flustered. "C-Cute?!"

"Ahaha, you're too honest, Soma-chan. That's a lovable trait you've got," he looked at Megumi, "Isn't it, Tadokoro-chan?"

"Huh? I'm just telling what I think I see," Soma said as she tilted her head to the side.

Hisako sighed, "She's so oblivious, it's too painful to watch," she stated. "Back at our first week during Stagiaire, there were guys who were trying to hit on her, and she just assumes that they were just joking around…"

"Poor guys," Megumi said with a sigh.

"That's why Aldini's pursuit of getting Yukihira to notice him on a daily basis always falls short," Mimasaka said with a snicker.

Takumi turned red, "You! You were stalking me that much?!"

"Anyone with two eyes and the ability to read an atmosphere could tell. Even your brother." The burly teen stated.

"P-Please, who would actually fall for a girl as brazen as Yukihira?" Takumi said with a pout, but his face was still a bit red from the revelation of Mimasaka.

"I don't know what you guys are talking about," she said with an obvious hint of obliviousness.

Isshiki laughed. "So oblivious, right? Tsukasa-sen…" he stopped on his words when he saw Tsukasa's face, still red and staring at Soma with a flustered face. "Ah…he broke,"

"But those are some flirty words you're saying, Yukihira-chin," Koga stated.

Soma raised a curious brow, "What? All I noticed is that he's cool and timid and spazzy at the same time. Compared to the previous First Seats I've seen, he's quite different."

"That's rude, Yukihira!" his year mates shouted, now frightful of the reactions the Elite Ten—minus Isshiki and Erina—would give out because of Soma's loose mouth.

But instead, Kobayashi laughed at the statement. "Oh god! This is rich! You got his personality to a T! Right, Kinokuni-chan?" she looked at one of the three girls in the Elite Ten.

"True. She really knew Tsukasa-senpai's personality at a glance." She said.

Tsukasa, getting over the shock, sighed. "Yes…being the First Seat is really troublesome. I've got a lot of responsibilities and there's so much pressure, it's really depressing…"

"Your pessimism is incredible too," Soma said straightforwardly.

Erina couldn't take it anymore and covered her mouth with her hand, "That's enough Yukihira-chan! You're making his pessimism worse!" she had enough experience in seeing the First Seat panicking that their events organization might go off with something going wrong, and would have to be quick in doing damage control.

"Yes…and I still wonder what I had gotten myself into, challenging a senpai to a shokugeki to have this position…" Tsukasa sighed again dejectedly.

"Now you've done it!" Kuga said amused.

"But…" Tsukasa suddenly returned to his calm side, "I'm a bit enamored by your guts to say that to my face, Yukihira-san,"

"Thanks…I guess," Soma replied after getting away from Erina's hand. "But still, I kind of like you, Tsukasa-senpai!"

The way she said it so brightly and so honestly had sent Tsukasa's face to look like an absolutely ripe tomato before passing out.

"Ah! Tsukasa-senpai! He's down for the count!" Isshiki said with a hint of worry in his voice as he took out a fan from his pocket and started using it on Tsukasa to cool him down.

Soma got a head bonk from Erina afterwards for her loose tongue.

It was then, on that day, that all of them figured that the one that has caught the attention of the First Seat of the Elite Ten, Tsukasa Eishi, was the brazen diner-trained girl, Yukihira Soma.

It would eventually lead to a series of misunderstandings, insinuations, unknown flirting and mass jealousy in order for the two to be considered as the 'power' pair of Totsuki in less than a year.

And the only one oblivious to all that was Yukihira Soma herself.


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