Nick Burkhardt dove to the ground just as an old tyre flew past his head. He got up just in time to see his partner Hank Griffin take a flying leap onto the back of a giant of a man who was yelling and throwing anything he could get his hands on. Nick frantically searched for the triple barrelled shotgun that he had dropped after being surprised by this Wesen. He spotted it on the other side of Hank and the Wesen, balancing on the edge of the sewer drain.

Just as he got to his feet, Hank flew through the air, landing right on top of him. Both of them landed with a thud, Nick crying out as rocks and debris dug into his back.

"We gotta get that gun", he groaned as he pulled his gun from his holster. "I'll try and distract him while you go for the gun".

Hank nodded and attempted to go around him as Nick proceeded to empty his clip into the 8ft beast with little affect. Despite its size, the Wesen moved swiftly from side to side, making it difficult for either of them to get to the gun they needed. The Wesen somehow managed to reload its lethal arms constantly, aiming with astonishing accuracy at them. Hank just made it to the gun when the Wesen grabbed him, pinning his arms to his sides. The Wesen squeezed and Nick found himself following his partner's lead by jumping onto its back, clutching desperately as it thrashed wildly, angry at the guile of the humans.

With a huge roar, the giant threw them both 10 metres through the air, almost laughing as it watched the two cops roll and bounce across the gravel like rag dolls.

"Man, this is not going well", Hank gasped, trying to stand. "I really wish the wolf-man was here".

Hank emptied his clip into the Wesen as Nick crawled backwards.

"Even if Monroe was all wolfed out, this thing wouldn't go down easily".

He tried to throw his own distracting debris at it but it dodged it easily.

"You'll have to do better than that", it growled at them, its features continually Wolging. "I've killed things ten times =your size. You will just be two more bugs under my boots".

It advanced towards them, grabbing a large metal pipe for each hand, swinging them wildly".

"Hank, I think we need to…".

A shotgun blast echoed through the air, the Wesen stopping in its tracks. As look of stunned surprise spread across its face as it dropped the makeshift weapons. As it attempted to turn, a loud click followed by another crack and thud filled the air, causing the Wesen to stumble and fall to its knees. For the final time, its face warped to its Wesen features and it fell flat on his face, dead before it hit the ground.

Nick sat up, puffing and panting as he stared at the lifeless corpse in front of them.

"Well, since we have no wolf-man, I suppose we have the next best thing".

Hank gasped as he stared past the Wesen's body. Nick followed his partner's gaze to the dark, hooded figure that was literally holding the smoking gun. After a moment, the gun lowered and a familiar voice came from under the hood.

"I leave you alone for two minutes and look at the trouble you get yourselves in".

Nick grinned, thankfully as the figure removed the hood to reveal the half smiling face of J.

"Usually it's best to shoot these Wesen before they manage to get going", she continued, poking the corpse with the gun barrel. "They're worse than Ogres on their good days".

Hank cringed as he stood.

"I never thought anything could be worse than those things but I guess I was wrong".

J shook her head smiling.

"You have no idea. Luckily the rest should be extinct".

"Should be"!?

Nick grinned as he dusted himself off. He knew how freaked out his partner got when he found out about all the different Wesen that were around.

"Don't worry", he said, grinning cheekily. "I'll protect you".

He groaned as Hank added another bruise to his shoulder.

"So what are you doing here", Hank asked as he checked the corpse in order to reassure himself that it was dead. "From what I hear, most Grimm's are nomadic".

J smiled, staring thoughtfully.

"Usually yes".

J paused, checking the rifle over.

"I'm actually keeping an eye on you".

Nick stared at her questioningly.

"How so"?

He watched her shrug.

"I got a tip from…an informant that someone was after the Portland Grimm so here I am".

"It wasn't this guy by any chance", Nick asked, nodding towards the corpse.

J shook her head.

"No. from what I've found out so far is they're going to try a…unusual angle".

"What the hell does that mean", Hank asked confused.

All the man got in response was another shrug.

"I don't know. That's why I'm here".

Nick rubbed his eyes, exhausted.

"Ok then. I'll keep an eye out. For now, let's clean this up and go home".

Hank nodded in agreement, looking around.

"So how do we get rid of this thing"?

Nick was about to make a suggestion when J pulled out a couple of small glass bottles.

"These will take care of it. You might want to stand back".

Both men stumbled backwards as J threw the bottles at the body which broke as soon as they landed. As soon as the liquids mixed, green flames engulfed the body melted away to leave the chunks of rocky black looking flesh.

"What the hell was that", Hank breathed staring confused at what was left of the Wesen.

J smiled as she pulled out a bottle of water, sprinkling it across the remains causing them to melt into the ground.

"Now where would a girl be without her secrets".

Nick smiled when he walked into his living room, smelling the dinner Juliet had cooked for them.

"Hey, that smells fantastic".

Juliet turned with a smile, wrapping her arms around his neck and planting one on him.

"How many knocks on the head did you get today", she asked when she pulled away. "It's just meatloaf".

Nick held her close for another kiss, smiling.

"Maybe…but it smells great nonetheless".

Juliet brushed her fingers across his bruised face.

"You got it"?

He nodded grinning.


Begrudgingly he let her go as she went to finish cooking.

"You know I'm terrified whenever you go hunting".

Nick sighed quietly.

"I know. I'm sorry".

Juliet smiled at him understandingly.

"It's not your fault. Doesn't mean I have to like it".

Nick helped her dish out the food and they sat to eat.

"I'm guessing Hank's ok", Juliet continued.

He nodded, tucking into his food.

"A few new bruises but nothing serious. It would have been bad if J hadn't shown up".

Juliet stopped, her fork floating in mid-air.

"As in…sister J".

Nick nodded. After what had happened in the old mine, he had told Juliet everything about J and who she was. He hadn't been able to tell what she had thought about the whole situation.

"Is she ok"?

"Yeah, she didn't even get a scratch. She was smart enough to get a hold of the gun and not let go".

"Well it's good to know that smarts run in the family".

They ate in silence for a short time, enjoying the meal. After a while, Juliet surprised Nick so much that he almost choked on his mouthful of food.

"I'd like to meet her".

He regathered his composure, staring at her surprised.

"You would? I didn't think you would want too".

He waited anxiously as Juliet simply shrugged.

"I wasn't sure how I felt about it all but…she is your sister and she got you home safely twice".

Small tears welled up in her eyes and Nick squeezed her hand gently.

"That she did which I will always be grateful for, getting me home to you".

Juliet smiled, wiping her eyes.

"It's settled. Tell her to come to dinner tomorrow night".