Chapter 11

"Call her again".

Nick redialled J's number like he was told and yet again it went to voicemail. It had been left by his sister's bed when she had first gotten sick but had gone like the rest of her things. For an hour he had been trying to call and had even called Hank just in case he had come across her. He turned to Juliet whose eyes were just as worried.


He shook his head and was about to try again when they heard their own door open. They rushed out to find J very slowly closing the door. Her face was pale and she looked exhausted but she gave them a small smile. When she stumbled a little, Nick was instantly at her side to steady her.

"Where the hell did you go", he asked as he sat her down on the sofa. "You worried the hell out of us".

"I had some people to see".

"Couldn't it have waited", Juliet interrupted them. "You only woke up yesterday".

J simply smiled which made Juliet storm off, mumbling something about getting water and food. Nick grinned as he helped J out of her jacket. He knew who she had gone to see.

"So how did it go"?

J smiled at him tiredly.

"The jury's still out".

Nick nodded. It would take some time but he knew J would come around.

"I want you to do me a favour", he said softly as he took J's hands. "Stay here with me and Juliet. For as long as you need. At the very least until you're better. We can get to know each other properly".

He waited and got a small shrug with a sly smile.

"The jury's still out. Let's see what happens".

Nick chuckled and stood.

"I suppose that will have to do. Stay here and we'll get you something to eat".

He joined Juliet in the kitchen as she was finishing getting the food ready.

"So did you ask her", Juliet said curiously and he smiled.

"I did. She's not sure about staying but…I'm pretty sure she will".

Juliet grinned and gave him the water. They walked out to the lounge and found J half lying on the lounge, her head on the arm rest with her eyes closed. Nick smiled as he set the glass on the table. Gently he lifter J's legs onto the lounge and covered her with her jacket. Although she looked better than she had in days, at that moment she looked like a child who had no knowledge of the evil in the world.

"That's right. Sleep as long as you need kid. We've got all the time in the world to be a family".


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