(Planet Krypton)

"Space Bridge is stable… Travel Parameters set… is the passenger all set to travel?"

"Yes he is but Minato, I don't like that we have to do this."

"I know Kushina, neither do I, but for the safety of our only son, its best this has to be done. I shouldn't have created that Serum Kushina, if I did, none of this would have happened."

"Is not your fault Minato, you were under pressure from the general, you had to do something or we'd lose all our funding and our home, we won't be able to take care of our little Maelstrom if it were to ever happen."

In planet Krypton, a planet far different from us yet is home to a species similar to ours in some aspects, a myriad of activities were currently taking place, however it was obvious to all living on said planet that their home was on the brink of extinction caused by a war on which they'd found themselves on the losing side, yet for the safety of their child, two scientists had long ago devised a plan they're currently executing; their names? Minato and Kushina of the Kryptonian house El and right now, the two were working in a hanger of some sort, as the room not only contains any equipment you'd expect to see in a control station, it also contains a very unique ship, one which looks ready to set sail through the universe, and some sort of structure greatly resembling a gate where a greenish portal stood. It looks dangerous, yes, but for the life of their son, they wouldn't mind it if they'd lost their lives.

They already had plans to bond with him in their own unique way.

"He's beautiful, isn't he?" Kushina whispered wistfully, gazing at the sleeping baby safely tucked on a bed and under a blanket. She had a longing expression on her face as she walked to the vessel and placed her hand on the glass, while Minato stood behind the control panel and watched it all with a pained expression on his face. "Are we actually doing this Minato?"

"Kushina, we have to." Minato stated, placing his hand on his forehead with a sigh. "Krypton is on the brink of destruction, if not from the war, then the threat of a mad man wishing to use the Extremis Serum to destroy lives rather than save them." He said, wishing that he shouldn't have caved easily, he should have fought against this motion when it was set. However, because of his curiosity, and the need to protect his planet, he was easily manipulated into manufacturing such that had the potential to bring the end of the universe if its user wished it to happen.

He had none to blame but himself.

'Now, because of my mistake, my son has to be involved in this mess.' He thought, 'Curse you Madara! Curse you for bringing my family and my home into a conflict you started!'

He hated that he couldn't do anything to stop the events happening on his planet, he hated that he had to send his son away because of his poor decisions; at least he could rest easy knowing that with this plan, his son would be safe and away from the grip of a power hungry mad man.

Minato gazed at the vessel that held his child. He did what he had to. He could only hope that in time, his son would forgive his foolish mistakes.

He took a deep breath. "Kushina everything is set, we need to say our last goodbyes to our son before we send him off." 'This is it.'

(… Begin Transmission …)

"My Son, I apologize for not being able to raise you like your mother and I had hoped, my only wish is to pray that you're brought up by the right people who would no doubt take their time to love you as their own. My name, is Minato of House El, and you're from the planet Krypton: a planet whose native inhabitants gain tremendous power from absorbing Solar Radiation of any Yellow Sun, or a Blue Sun…"

A small rocket appeared out of what looked to be a wormhole, and was now seen shooting across the cosmos, riding along the Milky Way System…

"…It is with great regret I inform you that unlike your fellow Kryptonian including us – your mother and I – you will not be able to gain these abilities for an unknown amount of time, in its place however, you will receive an intellect far superior than any of those your age, and given time, it may develop into something greater if you so wished it; as parents, no matter the choices you make when using your gift, we'll always be proud of you regardless of the decisions future outcome…"

…the baby inside the rocket twists and turns as it arrives and shoots into the SOL Solar System before it passes straight through Planet Pluto and is now approaching Neptune…

"…rest easy my child, live a full life: make friends, have a family, do anything you can to protect them as we protected you from the dangers of our planet. Know that we'll always be watching over you from the afterlife…"

…the rocket shoots passed Planet Jupiter and is midway across Mars…

"…Good luck my little Maelstrom, and may the forces be with you throughout your life; this is Minato of Krypton signing off…"

...the rocket silently breaks into Earth's atmosphere and shoots across the sky passing through various oceans, Islands, Countries and continents before it finally approaches Japan, it passes through different countries houses as it breaks through its border, before it finally arrives at its destination, Tokyo, a city currently having a night time fireworks celebration; it approaches an empty field and crashes into it: the field was owned by a wealthy business man…

… End Transmission.

(Years Later – Jump City)

Walking along the busy streets of Jump City was young blonde male who looked to be speaking on a cell phone. He looked to be a teenager of 18 years old, possessing spiky blonde mane which seemed to defy gravity on his head, and a pair of cerulean blue eyes which looked to be one with much intelligence behind them.

Over what looked to be a white shirt, he wore a black open-chested hooded sweatshirt, a pair of black and orange shorts, and finally, a pair of sandals; on his back, was a red and golden orange backpack. He was also rolling a medium sized, orange, travelling box on his left side. He seemed to look like a person who arrived from an airport, or he was going to one, though the conversation which he was currently having on his handset proved that it was the former rather than the later.

"…Are you sure you're okay staying on your own for a while brat? I don't want things to spiral out of control after everything that's happened."

"I'll be fine you know, you don't exactly have to be checking up on me all the time." The blonde teen replied, knowing he was a 19 year old male, and he was ranked as one of the smartest and most mentally capable people on the planet, so he definitely knew how to take care of himself. He definitely wasn't a small child anymore. "So what if I just got over a bad break up? So what if I may be a little bit hurt after all that Sasuke fiasco? It's the reason I came here to Jump City in the first place, it is something you should know by now." He said, remembering just who it was that suggested he should take a little vacation from home, that he should use this opportunity to go see how the other Whirlpool Industry facilities operate.

"…*sigh* fine, you win, Naruto. I guess you don't need me an old hag like me to worry about you all that much, huh?" The voice on the receiving end, which sounded female, asked with a small laugh.

"You know it's not like that baa-chan." The blonde male, now identified as Naruto, sighed. "I just wish that you'd stop treating me like a fragile object. I know you love me, just like mom and dad did, and I admit, there are times when I'm glad that you're around to take care of me after well… you know." He hinted, referring to the death of his parents. "What I really need now, is some time to myself. I need to relax, you know? I've been swamped with too much work lately."

He was putting it very lightly. His brilliance was a gift to him, yes, and his parents made sure to help develop it even further; however as much as it was a gift, it was also a curse, as with it, he was given the responsibility of watching over the progress of his parents company following their death, as they were the one of the few they'd trusted to make sure the company doesn't fall into the wrong hands, that along with attending school and all the courses that came along, and of course that whole situation about Sasuke, everything put together was mentally taxing to any normal person; it's why he readily accepted the vacation once it was immediately granted to him.

He snapped out of his thoughts for a brief moment to hail an SUV type taxi.

Tsunade's voice let out a small sigh. "I know brat, it's just that after losing both my parents, my brother, and my fiancé, you're all I have left. I just can't help myself…" She responded, as she thought about how hard it was for her to cope after losing her brother, her fiancé, and finally, her parents; following those events, she's had it a bit rough lately, and she was greatly upset that despite being one of the best doctors out there, she was unable to save all of their lives. Naruto was all she had left.

"I know Tsu-Tsu, believe me, I know." Naruto said, getting into the Taxi and settling down a bit. "Hold on for a moment–" He told Tsunade. He looked up from his phone and then to the taxi driver and told him, "-The Leaf Sanctuary please, and take your time. I'm not in a hurry." He then resumed his conversation. "Listen, I promise I'll call alright? And besides, you don't need to worry that much. I've got Ultron with me." He reassured, reminding Tsunade about Ultron, who was his personally hand crafted A.I; it's also the most sophisticated A.I in existence. He took great pride in that fact.

"…fine. Just please, take care of yourself alright?" Tsunade couldn't hide the plea in that tone. "I'm not close to you so I won't be able to heal you if things go south."

"I will. Love you Tsu-Tsu."

"Love you to brat. I'll talk to you later alright?"

Naruto hung his phone with a sigh of relief, after the line was cut on the other end. He then looked out the window as he drove by the different sights and landmarks of Jump City, and he's a bit impressed at what his eye spots. 'Not as impressive and advanced as the sights back home, but still, they're quite impressive.' He mused. 'It's also quite peaceful here from what I've seen… yeah I can already tell that things around here are going to be boring.'

"Trouble in paradise kid?" He heard the Taxi driver who had ask, and he looked up to notice that said driver was glancing at him through his mirror.

"No, not really, just an over concerned relative that thinks I'm as fragile as glass; needed to get away from all of that and she won't stop complaining." He answered in a tone which seemed to say that he was upset about it, though if you listened closely, you could hear the fondness in said tone hidden in the falseness.

"Preaching the choir on that one." The taxi driver laughed. "My folks wouldn't stop complaining about how I's too youn' to leave, how I's need to ge' a propr' schoolin'. Didn't listn' 'n look 't me, I'm a' doin' my dream job!"

"Well then, good for you." Naruto said, cringing each time he had heard the multiple grammar errors the driver made. "I'm sure you're happy."

"You bet'cha 'm." He heard the driver reply. "Won't trade 'dis 'ere beau' for nothing else."

Naruto wished any sort of distraction would appear at that moment, which would force him to change his focus from the taxi driver and his abuse of the Basic English Language. His prayer was answered in the form of Ultron, his new best friend.

"Mr. Senju, my sensors are picking up an unknown object approaching at astonishingly high speeds. I have yet to determine if this object is friendly." Ultron, his most trusted PA and the best AI in the world, reported in a robotic male voice that sounded calm, cool and collected.

Naruto let out a sigh of relief, before he grinned in excitement and quickly picked his belongings. "Thanks for the lift man, I'll stop here if you don't mind." He told the driver as he reached into his pocket and brought out the money needed paid the driver after he stepped out of the SUV. He quickly stepped back and watched as the driver left him with a wave; the moment he noticed that he was in the clear, he snuck into the closest empty alley and dumped his box into the dumpster – not caring of the contents inside – before he smirked and said, "Ultron, please activate Protocol Arsenal."

"Understood sir, activating please remain on standby while I activate your Arsenal suit…"

Naruto did as requested and properly fastened his backpack, while standing in attention, and then moments later, he was swallowed by what seemed to be a black and gold plated armour (Black and Gold Version of the Iron Spider Armour, but not with the Spider legs though with the back compartment); Naruto Senju was gone, and in his place stood Arsenal, an Armored Hero about to set his debut today.

"…activation complete, power cells are operating at 200% efficiency, weapons are on standby... I'm ready whenever you are."

"Good, it's great to see everything works as it should." Naruto's voice came out metallic as he spoke. He was excited that he finally got to test out his latest Arsenal Suit. He had more of these back home, but they're all older versions and he wasn't able to make them into a travel type suit - like he did with this - and unlike the models before it, this one was more durable, and it's an energy absorbing model. He spent several hours working on this particular suit unlike the minimal amount of time he worked with the rest; it's a very special suit.

"Are you done admiring yourself? Because I seem to recall that there are more important things to do at this moment..."

"Very funny..." Naruto dryly remarked, mentally questioning why he made his AI one that could be sarcastic whenever it pleased, however he knew that the AI was right; there was an object heading towards his general location, and if it makes impact, it could hurt the lives of many. He had to stop it. "…Ultron, I need you to pinpoint the Impact Area–"


"-never mind, I think I figured it out." Naruto deadpanned, before he activated his rocket thrusters and burst off towards the scene of the explosion with a sonic boom, immediately after. He was upset that he let this happen. He couldn't believe that he let his admiration of himself get in the way of saving the lives of innocent civilians. He was ashamed. If anyone turned out to be hurt as a result of this, he wouldn't be able to look at himself in the mirror. 'Well then, let's just hope that no one got hurt.' He thought, increasing the power to his thrusters. He needed to get to the Impact Are as fast as he could.

(Scene Change)

Arsenal arrived the scene and immediately went to work as he spotted the damages. "Ultron, scan for any injured and nearby civilians." He ordered. "We have to make sure that no one was hurt." He was now hovering in front of a big crater he no doubt felt was a result of the impact a few moments ago; there was nothing in it, this meant that whatever made the impact was either on the run or disintegrated on the spot. "Also, scan the crater too for any traces of residual energy and if possible, track it." He added, after closely inspecting the crater. "I have a feeling that our anthropomorphic suspect might be on the run."

"Affirmative; there are uninjured civilians within the vicinity, and the area has been evacuated, however, I do detect life signatures nearby, and one of them share the same energy readings as whatever was in that crater." Ultron reported him.

Good, this was what he wanted to hear.

"Lead the way buddy!"

Dick Grayson, A.K.A Red Robin was currently on the ground, panting hard, as he looked up at the raging alien female in front of him.

If anyone were to tell him that he wasn't supposed to be here in Jump and instead with Batman in Gotham, that person would wish he'd never met him. His main reason for coming here to Jump City was for independence, from said Dark Knight due to some unhandled comments and the unwanted way he was being treated by the hero; he was honestly having fun with no one telling him what to do or hovering over his shoulder the way Batman did, but however, he would admit that maybe he bit off more than he could chew.

The alien girl, despite being as beautiful as she was, was far stronger and more of a skilled fighter than he anticipated. She easily overpowered him. She was able to counter every move he'd sent her with an equal amount of skill, however she did it more brute force. He was used to dealing with these types of villains, it was in the job description when he was working as Batman's sidekick, however, he wasn't used to dealing with one so skilled and controlled with their strength.

'I hate to say it, but maybe Batman was right. I'm not ready to run off on my own.' He thought, as the alien girl effortlessly tossed a bus towards him. 'Too bad I won't be around much longer to let him know that he was right.' He closed his eyes and waited for the impact.

"Not today!"


"Sorry babe, can't let you hurt him."

Robin opened his eyes and looked up to see someone in a black and gold suit of armour standing in front of him easily lifting the bus that was meant to catch him; while it wasn't who he was expecting to save his life, he was glad that his life was indeed saved.

"Hey, you alright?" He heard whoever it was in the suit ask.

"Yeah, and by the way, thanks." He answered, as he moved to get up, but he winced at the throbbing pain he felt on his right leg. "Ouch!" He grunted.

"Take it easy there kid." He heard the armored man say, while he watched as the bus the armored hero held up was carefully set down beside him. "I'm Arsenal, I'm a bit new to this town, but smart enough to know what's going on right now, so why don't you find somewhere to rest while I take care of her?"

Robin didn't have a chance to answer, instead his attention was directed to the raging alien girl as she roared and charged at what he assumed she had perceived to be a new threat, with a snarl on her pretty face.




He was initially surprised to see the armored hero, now identified as Arsenal, stand strong and unflinching as he took a hit after hit from the angry alien girl's hand cuffs or whatever they were.

"You look strong, and I'm sure if it were another person that you hit, they wouldn't be standing now..." He heard Arsenal say to the girl as she continued her fruitless assault, "…but my suit is made up of a metal that absorbs any Kinetic and Vibratory Energy directed at it, and that's just the tip of the iceberg of what this suit can really do; in other words, you might as well give up now, I'm not someone you stand a chance at winning." He watched as Arsenal then placed his palm on the alien girl's stomach, before blasting her away from him, with some sort of energy based blast he guessed.

He a bit disappointed with how cocky Arsenal was, yet at the same time, he was impressed with the science behind Arsenals suit; without any doubt, he could definitely see why the armored hero was as cocky as he was – if he listened right, the suit could take hits from Superman and could still stand without a scratch – though this then brought up the silent question of the type of metal was being used, as he'd never heard of any metal with the properties Arsenal had listed.

He closely inspected Arsenal and saw that on the center of his two hands laid a repulsor, which he guessed was the reason the alien girl was sent flying away like that. He could see all of the practical uses for tech like that, but he also wondered how smart the suit's mechanic was to have come up with such amazing tech. He recalled that only geniuses with an enormously high IQ like Ivo, Lex Luthor, Bruce Wayne or T.O Morrow could have access to that type of tech. He wondered which one of those scientists were sponsoring him. 'Definitely not Bruce, I would have been made aware if he's suddenly building a new suit with that type of metal and tech.' He thought, before snorting. 'Or maybe not… I guess.'

"Hey kid, you need a hand?" He heard a different voice ask him, this one was also male, and he was really starting to get really annoyed with the way everyone he met lately had referred to him as kid the first time. "You look like you need to see a doctor for that leg."

Robin turned to see that it was a hooded male figure that asked him that question. He wasn't about to deny the help and also, he needed to get out of the battle zone as fast as possible so he answered, "I'm fine, and no hospitals, but I would appreciate it if I had a little help clearing out of this area so that I can take care of my leg." He said, massaging his injured leg.

He looked on as the hooded male nod, before he was helped off the ground, just in time too, as the entire ground shook with a mighty quake before cracking under the pressure; he turned around and he was able to catch a glimpse of the handcuffs on the alien girl shattering and he saw her hands being covered by a green energy sphere. He thought, 'Oh dear, that looks like trouble, better hurry up and get this leg injury fixed as fast as I can and get back fight, that guy looks like he's going to need my help.' He was injured, yes, but that definitely wouldn't mean that this was last time anyone would hear of Robin, the Boy Wonder. 'After all, if Batman can still fight after breaking his back, that means that to me, this should be nothing.'

Arsenal grunted, his suit was currently taking barrages upon barrages of green energy bullets shot at him from the now partly free alien girl.

"Energy Storage Reserves at 70% power and growing." Ultron's voice pointed out.

Arsenal responded, "Thanks for the update buddy, but let's not focus on that and focus on the matter at hand; we need to subdue our opponent before she hurts any more of the city… so any smart ideas?" He asked.

'Maybe instead of fighting, you should try something else…'

Arsenal jumped a bit and the blue eyes behind his protective faceplate blinked in shock, at the voice that just spoke to him. His eyes darted around. "Hello? Is anyone there?" He called out in the form of the question, looking for the owner of the voice. "If there is, then you need get out of here. It's not safe!" He said. He didn't want said owner getting hurt because he was careless.

"Sir, instead of focusing your attention elsewhere, don't you think you should eliminate the immediate threat?"

Arsenal refocused his attention to the fight as Ultron had pointed that particular fact out. "Thanks Ultron, you're a lifesaver." He said, quickly grabbing and restraining the alien girl when she had attempted to charge at him and tackle him down while he was distracted. "By the way, did you pick up any life readings just moments ago?"

"If you're talking about the four that I just picked up, then yes I did." Ultron responded. "However, you should note that one of them managed to completely hide from my sensors for a single moment, I believe this one has a form of teleportation."

"Noted, I'll look that up later." Arsenal said to his A.I, before his eyes had shifted to the struggling prisoner and had spotted the handcuffs shackled on her hands. 'What if fighting her isn't the way to win this? What if…' He had finally connected the dots and his eyes widened slightly. He wasn't fighting a raging monster. He was fighting someone who was trying to free herself from whatever it was that bound her. She was only defending herself because she didn't want to go back to whatever cell it was she previously resided.

Naruto, at that moment, knew what he had to do… now if only she could just stay still and land so that he could get to work.


From a secure vantage point, Robin, as he tended to his leg, watched the proceedings happening below him – He had a mini med kit on his arm as he watched. He always made sure to pack one or two just in case of emergencies – and beside him stood the hooded male that helped him earlier.

"Thanks for the help and all, but I can take care of myself from now." He said to the hooded man, as he finished his leg. "You don't need to stay behind and watch over me."

"Sorry kid, but you're not going anywhere with a leg like that." The hooded man retorted, crossing his hands over his chest with a huff in his tone. "You're the one that refused to get admitted to a hospital, so I'm making it my responsibility to watch over you until your leg gets better."

"Listen, I appreciate the help but I'm sure you know who I am-"

"Of course I know who you are!"

"-then you know that a mere leg injury shouldn't be enough to keep me down."

"I know who you are, and I don't care." The hooded male stated. "Now, unless you want me to take you to the nearest hospital where they'll no doubt have to remove that mask of yours and tell the rest of the world just who it is that's under there, then you're going to have to stay put and listen!" He yelled in frustration, however a cool voice spoke up.

"Maybe I can help…"

Robin and the hooded man looked to see that the one who spoke was a figure whose form was hidden under a blue hooded cloak.

"You can… help? How?" He, Robin, asked slowly.

"I can do magic."

(With Arsenal)



"There, that should get rid of those."

Arsenal took a step backwards after he said that, and when the hand restraints dropped on the ground. He watched as the alien girl looked at both her hands with an unreadable expression on her face while she carefully rubbed her two wrists; she looked calm enough to reason with now that she was free of the cuffs which bound her. 'Well, here's hoping that she's civil enough to answer his questions.' He had thought to himself, while clearing his throat as the faceplate protecting his face retreated to reveal his face to the alien girl.

"Now tell me-" He had started, however, his lips were sealed before he could finish his sentence: the extremely hot alien girl had kissed him full on the lips in a surprising twist! Yet, he was not one to ignore the gesture, so he quickly fix his posture and returned her kiss, (he could have sworn he heard her moan just now), though as the kiss was about to get steamy, she had pulled away from him with a small blush on her face.

"If you do not wish to be destroyed, you will leave me alone!" She snapped, reining in her embarrassment, before taking off to the night skies in flight.

Naruto blinked and licked his lips as he watched Starfire take off, and his faceplate fell over his face, he said to himself. "Well, there's something you don't see every day…" He was about to take off after her, to make sure she wasn't up to anything dangerous (as the moment he'd freed her, she was now considered his responsibility), but then behind his lenses, his eyes spotted a certain something that made him stop. "…okay, you definitely don't see that every day." He was looking at a ship, but not just any ship, it's a ship looking like it was made for destroying… was that a freaking cannon? "Okay, now that's not good."

"Multiple hostiles detected onboard that vessel sir." Ultron's voice reported, "My sensors are picking up well over one hundred unknown life forms, all heavily armed… I suggest a temporary retreat."

Arsenal never actually said anything in response to his AI's suggestion, instead he was calculating the odds of success, but he noticed that something was amiss. "Ultron, are you able to make contact with Justice League Watchtower?" He asked, wanting to know why the Leaguers weren't responding to this matter.

"I have already made contact, however it seems that the Justice League are unavailable at the moment."

"Hmm." Arsenal quietly pondered as he listened to the holo message that was transmitted over Jump City. He was wondering why the Justice League of Heroes weren't responding to an invasionary fleet of this size. He would have thought that at least Superman or Flash would have been here to handle this situation. "Looks like I'm going to have to deal with this myself then." He said, as the holo message had ended. "But first, I'm going to have to search for our missing alien damsel in distress."

"Then it looks like you're in luck, since we're after the same thing."

Arsenal turned around to see figures walking towards him, he immediately noticed Robin and was surprised that his leg was healed, and he was unable to recognise the other two males on each of his side - one was a large muscled being that pretty much covered himself up well with a hoodie while the other was wearing a purple and black attire with a mask covering most of his face to show little of his green skin - Arsenal did a double take at the last figure behind the three males in a very familiar blue cloak as his eyes passed over to them and suddenly, he was filled with dread as different images flashed before his eyes, images of a time he'd long forgotten, images of a person he thought he'd never see again...

"Raven…" He whispered to himself, "Raven… is that you?" He watched as the blue cloaked figure had shyly turned away from him with a look of shame on their face. He didn't let that stop him however, he hesitantly walked up to the figure to confirm his suspicions. He reached up and pulled down the hood of the cloak, and as the hood fell down revealing a very familiar face he always perceived as beautiful, no matter the consequence, the world around him stopped.

He was suddenly swimming with a whirlwind of emotions: hope, happiness, excitement, relief, disappointment, anger, and finally betrayal. He took a step back. He didn't want his emotions to make him do something rash, so he did the next best thing… he activated his rocket thrusters and blasted off as quickly as possible, missing the look of longing sent his way by the girl he had left behind.

"That was so cool."

(Scene Change)

"Sir, are you alright? Your focus has been rather… off."

"I'm fine Ultron, I just saw a face I never thought I'd see again." Naruto said. His faceplate was off of his face and his expression was one of detachment and recollection while his mind was still reeling in shock at seeing the one person he'd never thought he'd see again, his first friend, once best friend and finally, the one who once held his heart within the palms of each of her two hands, Rachel Roth – aka Raven – He couldn't believe that she came back after she had disappeared all those years ago. He wanted to know why she'd left in the first place, he wanted to know if it was because of… that… but, now was not the time to question her; he had a city – and by extension, a world – to save, and his focus needed to be on the current mission: to find the prisoner he'd set free.

"Mr. Senju, I have hacked into the city's public wireless network server, gained control of all security cameras within the vicinity, and managed to locate our resident prisoner."

"Send me the current GPS on our target's location." Naruto ordered, stopping above a building. He received an instant alert and brought his hand up to his face, and as he did a Holo Imagery popped up over his gauntlet, showing him a detailed map (digitized) of Jump City – thanks to Whirlpool Industries Satellite, then suddenly a red dot appeared on a certain location and it was flashing constantly.

Beep… beep…

He immediately used the zoom features of the map to get a better fix of his target's location, and once he was able to pinpoint the building his target was hiding in, he smirked.

"Got you."

After he had dismissed the map, he increased the power to his thrusters and took off to his new destination and arrived in record time, and once he did, his eyes spotted the scorched section of the building. He immediately flew towards it and scanned for any familiar energy signature. "Looks like our runaway has been here." He stated, once he compared the results with what he had on his files and walked through the hole and into the dimly lit room after.

He looked around, and immediately, he spotted the target he was looking for… wildly scarfing anything eatable within her reach. "Um okay…wow; slow down girl, it's not like the food is going to run away from you." He joked, hoping that it went unheard, unfortunately his joke wasn't as silent as he hoped it would be; the girl had suddenly stopped her scarfing, and turned to look at him with a snarl on her face as each of her hands held green energy orbs.

"Why are you here? I specifically asked you to leave me alone!"

"Hey, hey, now calm down, we don't want any of us getting hurt." Naruto said, waving his hands in the universal motion for surrender, while carefully stepping up to her. "Let's all take a deep breath and be calm about this; remember, I'm the one that set you free… we're friends now, right? Friends are nice to each other right?"

"Nice…" The alien girl sneered, her green eyes were flashing angrily. "…it is not a word that is spoken with familiarity in my planet; closest is weak!"

"Well around here, nice means nice." Naruto reasoned quite strongly, and he was about to say more, but he paused as another voice spoke up from behind him.

"Yeah, and if you want us to keep being nice, you're going to have to tell us why the lizard king took you prisoner!"

Naruto obviously didn't appreciate being interrupted when he was working, and sometimes, he tended to snap at those who had done the did, but once he saw that the alien girl in front of him had calmed down a bit, at least enough to actually listen to reason, he had eased up and welcomed the interruption – this time at least – though he was a bit surprised at the words he heard the alien utter.

"Not prisoner… I am prize." She had started. "The Gordainians deliver me to the Citadel… to live out my days as a servant."

"And the Citadel are…?"

"Not… nice."

This made Naruto wonder what kind of people these 'Citadel' were if they kept prisoners as slaves. 'Definitely not the good kind.' He thought, however he was smart enough to not place the entire world, or universe, as black and white. He knew different races had different traditions, he wasn't one to question it if said tradition demanded the safety of said races, but if it didn't, and if innocents suffer because of said tradition, then that's when he'd speak out; so far from what he had heard, the alien girl was an innocent in this, he assumed, and if so, then her being prisoner – or prize of any sort – was out of the question.

"Then you're not going with them, not if I had anything to say about it."

Naruto was snapped out of his thoughts as he heard that. "Whoa, whoa, hold it right there traffic light; who died and made you the boss?" He rudely asked, stepping in front of the Robin's form.

Robin looked up at Naruto with an annoyed look on his face. "Can we not do this now?" He asked.

Naruto refused. "Look, I appreciate the help, I really do, but I was the one that freed her, technically that makes her my responsibility." He replied with a frown. "And I don't remember asking for any one of you guys help."

Robin groaned. "Ugh, why the heck are you being so difficult?"

"I'm being difficult because I know I didn't ask for your help." Naruto snapped.

"And I don't care." Robin snapped, poking Naruto's chest at each syllable. "This situation affects all of us whether we like it or not and we need all the help we can get if we're going to come out of this in one piece!"

"Um guys, can we please not fight among ourselves right now?"

"The little guy's right." The hooded male said, walking to stand next to said little guy in question. "We need to focus at the matter at hand, and that means we all need to work together to find a way to send the invaders packing."

Naruto huffed and Robin shot a smirk his way, making him glower at the boy wonder – though it wasn't seen because his face wasn't visible – before he deflated. "Fine." He grumbled. "But if we're going to work together then I'm the one leading this operation."

Robin didn't accept this and was about to demand to know why he should lead when they were clearly other more capable leaders around, before he could even speak, however, a very loud explosion suddenly rocked the building they currently stood in.


The walls around them exploded inwards and the roofs had collapsed as a result of the structural weakness, and when the gathered dust had cleared completely, not only had Robin seen the army of the snarling lizard aliens which surrounded them, he had also seen that he – and those he'd brought with him including the alien girl – all stood huddled under a blue field of energy courtesy of Arsenal; he couldn't tell what expression the armored hero wore because of his faceplate.

"You're welcome." Arsenal had said, as he dismissed the field. "Look, can we agree to settle this issue later and deal with them first?"

Robin smirked, "I don't see the problem in that." He said.


And with that all said and done, the new team of six had charged at the army with determined looks on their faces and easily took out each forces they encountered with their own unique strengths and fighting styles; with the combined forces the Gordainian army never stood a chance.

Robin, the boy wonder, showed why he was ready to leave the Batman's guidance with his skill's, martial arts and determination: left and right he threw birdarangs of varying sizes and types at his opponents with precise targeting and easily manipulated his body's movements to his advantage whenever it seemed he was about to be overpowered by one or two of the Gordainians forces; for an experienced fighter like him, this seemed to be as easy as reading a book was to a child. He didn't slow down or waver in strength because he knew if he did, then the entire city would fall.

Nearby, Arsenal was moving just as quickly, if not more so, as Robin was, and he easily took down each of his opponents with an excellent show of not only his unique style of martial arts, but also just what it was his suit of armor could do if really challenged. He fired powerful energy beams in every direction with the repulsor cannons built on his arms at each Gordainians caught within his viewing range, and those who tried attacking him with surprise and brute force were schooled on just how durable his suit was – as the Kinetic Energy gained behind each impact were all absorbed and converted only to be thrown back at them a few moments later with twice the initial strength behind each of their blows – Arsenal was definitely having fun testing out his new suit; that much could be seen with how much excitement he was currently showing.

"Come on, don't tell me this is the best you can do!" He taunted. "Is this the army that's supposed to invade the Earth? Now that's just sad!" He smirked as he got the reaction he had wanted when he saw the Gordainians getting even angrier moments later. 'That's right, get angrier and make this all easier for me!' He thought, before he fired more energy beams at his opponents while the hooded teen and the elfish midget were working together in another side of the fight; the two looked up from their fight and saw as Arsenal took on more of the Gordainians single handed.

With stars in his eyes, the elfish teen exclaimed, "That is so cool!"

"Beastboy, or whatever you call yourself, focus!" The hooded teen shouted, taking out the Gordainians, who was about to take out the one he identified as 'Beastboy', with a sonic blast from his arm cannon with his sleeve rolled up; Beastboy, hearing his name being called, caught himself and remembered there was a battle going on and there were lives to be saved, so used his unique animal metamorphic powers to trick and overpower his opponents however he saw fit, he used their confusion and misdirection to his advantage as it's what he was thought by one of his teachers when he was on the Doom Patrol – he still remembered the lessons till now.

Meanwhile, in their own corner, the figure, now fully distinguished as female – and was also identified as 'Raven' by Naruto – showed an admirable amount of skill in the mental arts known as Telekinesis, despite her 'telekinetic grip' being a bit different than most who studied in said art, and fully capitalizing on this, she overwhelmed her opponents, usually by dropping objects on them and when that didn't work, she'd either use her ability to fling her opponent away or blast them away; any one of the three worked and despite this, she kept a calm look on her face but her eyes told a different story however, one that related to the one hero she kept glancing to, Arsenal.

Finally, the alien girl seemed to have swarms of the Gordainians tailing after her as she flew away, trying to evade their electric shocks while fighting back to prevent herself from being captured… at least that was her plan…


…until her body was sent spiraling down to the earth following a hard smack to her face she was caught unprepared for.

Naruto saw this from his position and immediately flew to the rescue. He caught her falling body in time and erected an energy field around them to ward off any attacks by the Gordainians as the alien girl recovered.

"Are you alright?" He asked her.

"Yes." The alien girl said with a smile. "Your help is much appreciated."

"Well, I'm glad to be of service, and sorry for what happened a few minutes back." Naruto said, apologizing for how he acted in front of her towards Robin. "By the way, I actually never got your name." He added, ignoring the banging on his energy field.

The alien girl looked down in thought. "My name is Koriand'r but on your planet's translation, I believe it is called" she took a small pause trying to get the words out of her mouth "Star… fire."

"Starfire huh? That's an awesome name. Koriand'r is still good as well, but think Kori could sound better." Naruto smiled. "I'm Naruto, pleased to meet ya."

"The pleasure is mine, but I believe that we have other things to concern ourselves with at this moment."

The now identified 'Starfire's' words rang true as at the moment, the two of them were in the middle of a large fight.

"Well then, you ready to get back in the fight?" Naruto asked, smirking behind his mask and clenching both his hands, in preparation for Round 2 of the fight, with Starfire setting up her balls of energy beside him with a smirk on her face.


Unfortunately for the two of them, but rather fortunately for the city, the forces had begun retreating back to their mothership, whose particle cannon was about ready to fire. The six heroes had gathered once together and looked on in worry as they noticed this, then suddenly the holo-image from before had appeared.

"Foolish Earthlings," It started. "I warned you of what would happen should you interfere with my mission; now you along with this city will perish and there's not a thing any of you can do to stop it."

The transmission was terminated shortly after that and the result: a round of arguments between Robin, Starfire, Beastboy and the hooded muscular teen while Naruto had watched as the cannon had fired a bright red beam which was now heading straight towards Jump City...

'This is definitely bad.' Naruto thought.

Raven hesitantly walked to stand next to Naruto. She wanted to say something, but her words got caught in her throat, she said something else instead. "I could teleport everyone out of the city, but by the time I'm done, that beam would have already destroyed the city and everyone that remained." She silently cursed herself for being so afraid to confront him.

Naruto ignored her, his mind was focused on a formulating a plan to stop the Laser before it could hit. He needed to think up something that had a 70% chance of success, and with the little time he had left, he only had one option that might just work at the risk of his life. 'It's a risk I'm willing to take; if I didn't make it, at least I'll get a chance be with mom and dad.' He thought to himself. "Ultron, can my suit absorb an energy deposit of that size?" He quietly asked, his AI.

Raven's eyes snapped open as she perfectly heard his question, and her head snapped towards him. "Naruto, you can't-"

"It is unadvisable to do so Mr. Senju, the Arsenal suit has yet to completely adjust to the energy you acquired moments ago."

Naruto frowned. "Sorry, but there's no time for that." He replied.

"Naruto, wai-"

Naruto didn't listen. He quickly activated his rocket thrusters and took off towards the approaching laser with a determined look on his face. "Alright suit, let's see just how much energy you can absorb." He was right in front of the approaching laser beam in minutes and stood his ground with his hands spread apart.

'This is gonna sting!' He thought, before he braced himself and then took the full brunt of the laser's hit before he yelled in agony, "AAAAAAARGH!" He instantly realised the plan wasn't going to be as easy as he thought, while he felt the impact of the laser's blast.

"Error… error!" Ultron said while the suit was starting to fritz.


The cries came from the five heroes watching this from down below, as each of them had looked on in horror as their ally seemingly perished, unable to stand up to the strength of the laser beam; however, soon they all saw something odd and one by one, they all noticed that while the beam was getting smaller and smaller, a glow was shining in the trunk of the laser blast.

Instantly, the group had realized the glow was Arsenal/Naruto, and this meant that not only was he alive, but whatever it was he was doing to save the city, it was working; this brought back hope to them all, including the citizens of Jump City whom were watching this.

"Hey, what's that up there stopping the laser?" a citizen asked.

A citizen answered, "Is that a robot?"

"Maybe it could be a man wearing a robot suit." a third citizen added.

"Who or whatever it is I don't care; as long as they keep doing what they're doing and this city is safe, then they're alright in my book."

With that came a unanimous cry of agreement followed by a repeated chanting of 'Robot Man' over and over again.

'Robot Man? Please, that's weak.' Naruto grunted in thought despite feeling more than a million megawatts of electricity running through him as he continued to absorb the laser beam's energy until he was completely done with that task. "Arsenal has a better ring… to… it…"

"Armor systems shutting down…"

That was the last message he heard from Ultron as his suit had slowly began to retract into its default mode while his consciousness slowly faded and his body dropped down towards the Earth below him now that the previous threat had been eliminated.

In quick response to this, both Raven and Starfire flew towards Naruto in hopes of catching him before he hit the pavement. Starfire was the faster one among the two and she was able to catch Naruto's body in time; Raven breathed out a sigh of relief at this, and she was even more relieved to hear him breathing.

He was alright.

Starfire helped land Naruto's body safely down to Earth, with Raven behind her. She looked at his stilled form with a worried expression on her face, unhappy with herself that this was all caused by her and she was powerless to stop it.

Once settled down, his suit finished collapsing onto its default mode as the rest of the heroes arriving to show them all of what Naruto fully looked like underneath. It appeared that he had regular clothing underneath the Arsenal armor but the heroes noticed that it was mostly burned off due to the heat and blast of the particle beam and underneath what remained, he wore a skin tight metallic cloth of sorts that looked like slim armor that was primarily black with glowing yellow lines running across the attire to appear like circuitry - the suit covered just about every part of his body but was cut off at the neckline, and also there were cut off on the fingers to make them appear like fingerless gloves; the suit practically helped show Naruto's Olympic swimmer like body of his slim form with his muscles - the surprising part of the tight suit however, wasn't the design, but it was the emblem that they'd all spotted which seemed to be glowing brightly on the center of his chest (that showed a pentagon with a very angular 'S' inside of it to look vaguely similar to Superman and Supergirl's emblems).

"That emblem on his chest... does that mean that this guy's related to both Superman and Supergirl?" The hooded muscular male asked voicing everyone else's thoughts asides from Starfire.

"I don't think so." Robin answered with a frown. "I've seen him nowhere around either of them." He said, knowing that this was indeed the first time he met this guy who was now apparently a Kryptonian.

"That's because he's related to neither." Raven answered. "He's from Krypton and he's of the House of El, but he's not from this dimension apparently and I don't think Superman and Supergirl's parents exist in his home reality."

"And how would you know that?" Robin asked directing the group's attention to her.

"Well… the two of us sort of know each other, from when we were kids." Raven hesitantly answered, before quietly adding, "Well that and the small fact that he showed me the shuttle that brought him here."

"If you two are so close, then why was he acting like a jerk earlier?" a confused Beastboy asked Raven.

Raven shied into herself. "It's… complicated."

"Who is this Super...Man and Super… Girl you mention? I am not familiar with any of them whatsoever." Starfire asked innocently since she has the feeling these two beings are of great importance.

Robin hummed, "Well Superman and Supergirl are supposed to be the last two remaining Kryptonian's after their home planets Krypton and Argon got destroyed, even though there are still some Kryptonian's that run around every now and then… you know, as villains and whatnot." He explained, before he heard a groan from below him and immediately turned to the source.

The others had heard it too and they all turned to the source as Robin had done and all had noticed that Naruto was starting to finally wake up; this indeed surprised some of them.

The hooded male asked, "Seriously, how tough is this guy? To take a hit like that and still come out okay?"

"Hey, he's Kryptonian, they're strong enough to handle stuff like that." Beastboy said, before a look of confusion appeared on his face. "Come to think of it, if he's Kryptonian, then why does he need that armor in the first place?"

"Because unlike other Kryptonian's, I don't get awesome powers from absorbing yellow sun radiation." Naruto tiredly said, holding his head as he sat up from his 'bed', before he looked around. "What happened? Did we win?"

"Foolish Earthlings."An all too familiar voice snarled. "You think this day is yours because of a minor setback? Think again. Within mere moments, my Jupiter Cannon will be online and ready to fire, and when it does, your city will fall one by one."

"Oh will that guy just shut up? I'm starting to get tired of just listening to him babble on and on like that." Naruto muttered, before he realized that his suit was in its default state after he had noted that he wasn't wearing it and his vision wasn't clouded by the electronics he would usually see with his helmet on.

"Ultron, I need an update on the Arsenal Mark VII armour, stat." Naruto ordered, pressing his fingers to his ears and ignoring the looks he received from the others.

"Affirmative. The Arsenal Suit is currently offline... suit configuration mode in progress."

"Thanks Ultron, let me know when it's ready to be operational again." Naruto said, before he finally noticed the other teen heroes looking at him with varied expressions on each of their faces. "Sup." He cheerfully waved.

"Dude… that was freakin' awesome!" Beastboy exclaimed in excitement with literal stars shining in his eyes, hopping in front of Naruto's face. "You gotta tell me how you did that man!"

"I would if I could but at the moment, I can't." Naruto answered, pulling away from Beastboy as he did.

"Aww." The purple and black clad hero said as he pouted and kicked the ground like he was kicking a can.

"Oh joy!" Starfire yelled in relief, giving Naruto a bone crushing hug. "I am relieved that you are not harmed."

"Me too Star." Naruto wheezed, slowly patting Starfire's back while feeling the air rush out of him. "But seriously, can you let go? I think I hear my ribs cracking." He wheezed out.

Starfire quickly let go of Naruto as she heard that she might be causing him more pain, and Naruto coughed a bit before finally letting out a breath of fresh air.


Raven wanted to say something to him, like shout out how she was scared that he would be injured far beyond recognition or worse, he could have been killed, however she couldn't do it like before, and her words had got caught in her throat, so she did the next best thing and saw all of this from the sidelines.

Robin cleared his throat. "Listen, Arsenal, I'm glad that you're alright but until we get rid of those guys then there's no reason to celebrate." He pointed to the ship hovering ominously over them. "Any ideas?"

"I say we ambush them from the inside." Naruto suggested. "Take them by surprise and send their ship either sailing into orbit or blowing it up; I'm sure I can handle that part."

"As much as I would like that, I'm afraid I can't let you come with us on that mission." Robin said. "You're too injured and your suit is offline."

Naruto raised an eyebrow at that, before he stretched his right hand as a slight red glowing sphere surrounded it (similar to the black spheres that appeared on Raven's hands when she used her telekinesis) he aimed it at a car twice his size and gripped the air within the sphere, in response to this, the car crushed under an invisible pressure, before it was sent rocketing up into space. He pulled his arm back.

Naruto smirked. "What was that about me being too injured to fight?"

"Okay you're in." Robin said, impressed. "But how do we get on board? They'd see us coming from a mile away if we chose to fly."

"I can teleport us in." Raven had said, shifting the attention towards her. "It's one of my powers…" She shyly added, not meeting the eyes of any of her teammates.

"Alright then, it seems we have a start of a plan." Robin said as he motioned for the others to listen.

(Moments later - Gordainians Ship)

Within one of the few hallways of the Gordainians mothership, two Gordainians – who were on guard duty – had calmly walked by, unaware that as they did, a large shadow had appeared on the ground behind them; the shadow rose up from the ground into a dome and as it had vanished, six familiar heroes stood in its place.

Beastboy shivered, "Ugh, that dark energy stuff gives me the..." He stopped before he went any further as his eyes then shifted to Raven who was looking at him. "…I mean it's cool." He said, scratching the back of his head in embarrassment. He had let out a sigh of relief when Raven's judging stare shifted from him.

Robin ignored Beastboy's fumble and looked at his team. "Guys, we need to get to the firing control as fast as possible." He said. "We don't have any more time to waste!" He left shortly after that and most of the others followed after Robin except Raven, who lingered behind, and Naruto who – while still in his bodysuit – had noticed Raven lingering behind.

"Wow…" He sighed, looking at Raven bitterly. "…you never get tired of abandoning people when they least expect it, do you?"

Raven flinched.

"Whatever," He mumbled, "It's something I've come to expect from you anyways; it's not like you'll change anytime soon." He shook his head and then walked away shortly after saying that.

Not once did he look back to see the guilty and self-loathing look on Raven. He never knew that she didn't wish for things to be like this. She had finally gotten the opportunity to see her best friend again. This was her chance at redemption, to apologize for what had happen, and to answer the question that were left unanswered between them.

For the last few years since she had left him she had played countless of scenarios on how she should apologize. Many of those scenarios were optimistic where he would listen and then they would go back to how things were back then. But this, this was her worst scenario where he didn't wish to do anything with her.

'This game has gone on long enough. I'll get him to listen to me no matter what.'

She'd finally gained her free passage rights from the monks of Azarath, and Earth was the first place she chose to come to when she had left. Despite her being on Earth was for a completely different reason officially, she couldn't let this grand opportunity to go to waste; she decided that after all of this was over, she would finally have a talk with her friend and apologize for what she had done and also give him the answer to the question he had asked all those years ago.

She wouldn't let some alien slut sweep him off his feet.

Raven shook her head, ignoring the last insult, as she breathed out a small sigh and she put on her hood. "Just need to deal with this first." She mumbled, before she teleported out of the room via shadow teleportation.

She needed to control her emotions if she was going to get this right. She didn't need some redheaded bitch messing up her game.

(Gordanian's Control Room)

"Lord Trogan, the weapon has reached full power, and is ready to fire once more." A Gordanian soldier reported, one sitting behind one of the many control panels which was controlling the Jupiter Cannon, and behind him, a throne like chair had turned around, revealing a Gordanian that seemed to be the leader of those assigned to Earth.

"Then begin the firing sequence and double its power." He ordered. "This time, we'll make sure that whatever it was that stopped us before wouldn't able to do so again."

The Gordainian that gave the report did as asked and was configuring the settings to do as requested by their commander who stood and watched the entire proceedings with a smirk on his face, before. . .


…the wall behind him had exploded inwards, sending large chunks of its pieces all around the room; on the opposite side of the wall stood six of the teen heroes, each with a determined look on their faces.

"You're going to have to belay that order soldier..." Naruto said in his best mock general voice mode, "... you see, I just moved into Jump City, and I'd rather not have it destroyed by the likes of you..." Naruto said, stretching his hands towards the Gordanian that was in control of the firing systems, while hovering on the air with Starfire and Raven on each of his two sides (he was doing this without his suit of armor), as a familiar red energy sphere had covered his stretched hand, "…however, what you can do is step aside and allow me to have complete control over your ship."

He swiped his hand to the side, and in response to this, the bodies sitting behind the control panels were casually flung out of their seat.

Naruto looked to his team and ordered, "You guys keep the bad guys occupied while I try figure out the controls on this thing."

"Understood, we'll buy you all the time you need."

Naruto flew to the control panel after he said that and began working, while the remaining five had kept busy covering him as he worked, easily taking on any one of the Gordainians head on, and as he worked, he noted how advanced their technology was, rather impressive looking, of course, it was nothing compared to kryptonian technology, but it was certainly centuries ahead of Earth's current technology; he could certainly see himself using some of it to upgrade his suit…. there was always room for improvement.

"Ultron try to download anything of use." he order his AI, while placing his backpack on the dashboard of the systems. "And make sure none of the files are corrupted." He added.

"Will do, Mr. Senju."

Naruto smirked at that, before he turned back to see if the rest of the hero's were done with the grunts. He had noted that Robin had already tied them all up, and he had noted that the muscular teen with the hood was actually half man half machine. "Wow, a Cyborg." He said, impressed. "Not bad, looks like you have a lot of weaknesses though, on your hardware and probably software… could definitely use some work."

"Weaknesses? What the heck are you talking about? I'm as strong as I can be, there ain't nothing weak about this!" The Cyborg stated, flexing his muscles and doing a pose as he did so while Naruto shook his head with an amused look on his face.

"Dude, one of the many things I've been able to do since I was a 4 year old kid is being able to interface with technology." Naruto deadpanned. "Don't know why at first, but when I'd found out, well let's just say that I was shocked." He shrugged. "Point is I can communicate with any technology I want and from what I've seen about yours, it's in pain bro, you need to update most of your systems and I can help with that."

"If you can do what you say you do, then how come you haven't done anything about the firing systems on this ship? Huh?" The Cyborg challenged.

"Oh that? Well because I was busy downloading anything useful for my tech." Naruto said with a shrug, before placing his hand on the dashboard of the control panel. "There, that's all there is to it…" he removed his hands when he felt he was done with what he needed to do and put on his backpack. "...now we need to leave because in a few minutes, this ship is going to hyperspace into the sun."

"Dude, you're planning on frying them!?" Beastboy yelled, shocked at the move.

"I'm sure they'll wake up and evacuate once they realise their lives are in danger and they can't change their ship's course." Naruto shrugged, ignoring the scanthing look Robin had sent him.

He took his backpack and placed it on his back and looked at Raven expectantly and just like as they had arrived, the team had left via shadow teleportation, and just in time too, because just if they had wasted another second, they would sure have perished along with the ship…

(Holo-message Transmission Point - Minutes Later)

"That's quite a view."

"Someone should build a house around here."

"Or a Tower…"

After the entire night's work, the team of 6 now stood on an uninhabited - void of both plant life and human life - island, watching the sun as it rose up into the skies, indicating the start of a brand new day. It was something that they all needed, something that reminded all of them of what they were fighting for all night: so that the citizens of Jump City could live to see a brand new sun rise.

It was worth it if you asked any of them, and it was one of the reasons why one Naruto Senju had made the decision… the decision that marked the very beginning.

"...Guys, what we all did here together, it made a difference when it seemed that there wasn't any hope. Today, we became that hope, the hope that this city needs should it ever fall into the same darkness that it faced earlier today…" Naruto had said, while looking at each one of his new team with a look of determination. "…today, we made a difference as a team, one which I'd not mind working with for the remainder of my stay in Jump City, a Team of Heroes that could be greater than the Justice League and this island here could be our main base of operations."

"A team huh? That sound's awesome." Beastboy said, grinning. "Sure, I wouldn't mind being on a hero team!"

"Oh how glorious! I am so excited to be making the new friends." Starfire had said, with an excited look on her face. She had gotten rid of most of what she wore the time she came to this planet and now, she wore an outfit which alluring enough to get men drooling anywhere she walked.

"I guess I could work with a team… as long as I get to be the leader." Robin had mused.

"Co-leader Robin, since you probably have the most experience out of any of us." Naruto corrected, "But it's nice to see that you all are onboard with my idea."

"We'll all need a form of communication if we're going to be working on a team Mr. Smart guy." Cyborg had said. "Do you have any plans for that?"

"Of course I do, what do you take me for?" Naruto asked, sounding insulted, before pulling out three pairs of blue tooth devices from his backpack. "I made sure to have a way for us to talk with one another if we need help, just one click and the call connects; it's a short term mode of communication until I can whip up something more state of the art, after I finish working on our Head Quarters of course." He explained, as he had handed each one of his new teammates the earpieces.

"Working on our new headquarters? How you going to do that? You some kind of billionaire or something." Cyborg had asked.

Naruto smirked in response. "Something like that, added with the small part of me being a Genius Inventor." He quipped.

"But what are we going to be called?" Raven had asked.

"Oo, oo, what about the Teen Titans." Beastboy suggested excitedly.

"Actually I was thinking something more along the lines of The Titans." Naruto had said with a hum, "So I guess you're not that far off."

Robin smiled. "The Titans huh? Intimidating; I like it."

Naruto smiled and looked up at the sky.

"When there's trouble, you know who to call."

To Be Continued.

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Armour: Unlike the armor in the old story, this one is an energy absorbing model, he has similar properties to Arsenal from Marvel Avengers Assemble, similar but different, but all to him, it's definitely an advantage. Thanks to his Vibrainium armor, he can absorb the kinetic energy of objects before they make impact on him thus reducing the impact strength of said objects or limbs – which means that like Black Panther, he could take hits from Hulk (Or in this case, Superman) and survive with barely any scratch – and unlike the last stories armor which was based of Extremist, this armour is based off the Iron Spider Armor except where is Red and Gold, it's Black and Gold, and he doesn't have the 'Spider Legs' but still has the compartment and Spider Emblem (I chose to leave it because it looked cool).

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