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Minato sat at his office at the hokage tower, staring blankly at the unsinged paperwork ,slighly thinking about his fellow shinobi he has sent to a

scouting mission outside at the kirigakure border, they should return to the village yersteday. but until now the hokage still dont even received any news about them.

To much grossed on his was not aware of someone opening his office door. the moment he raised his head someone suddenly kicked him hard in head. killing intent flooding in the room, it,s weird he thinks if it was a intruder why is the anbu's not doing anything,slowly he get up from the floor his vision was blocked by a shade of a red hair.

nervously he rose slowly from the floor and tried to smile despite the pain he felt, "a-ah.. ohayou kushina dear eto.. not that i dont want you be here, but with your condition right now you should rest at hom-"'crackk- there you go, the hokage desk being destroyed by his beloved wife with a bare hand,

sweating badly. he look up at the red habanero and ask again" aa-ah kushina what t-the matter,is there somthing wro-"WRONG! OH DUNNO MAYBE SOMeTHING IS WRONG !" says kushina irritiated, right now she feel VERY ANGRY AT HER HUSBAND! how dare her husband forbade her to go out of the not that she want to go out from the village, she only want to go to her favorite ramen stand( noted: obsese) but nooo! her husband forbade her ! oh yes she will make him pay,maybe let him sleep outside the booth or on the couch for the month or two.

minato felt the situation could be knew why she became very angry , it's not that he want to do it. but on her condition right now she is not supposed too move very she became more angry he said quickly "it not that i want to forbade you to go anywere , but with your condition ,right you should be resting at home,please understand it kushina." say minato with his puppy eyes(soon will be inherited by little naru) stariing at his wife,hoping his wife not angry anymore

kushina heaved a sigh,she know right now she acting like a spoiled brat. when she thinks clearly his reasonably are clearly for her own safety .forgeting her anger she rushed to minato side, hoping to apologize.

"gomenasai, i let my temper gets the better of me minato,i know it was very not fair of me, for suddenly barge in your office like that"say kushina looking so disappointed at herself,here she is inside the hokage office making a fool of herself.

minato not liking the experision on her wife face, pulling his wife in a hug trying to reassure her it was ok to bother him.

their moment were disturbed when suddenly an anbu reported the skuad that he sent has arrived at the front village his wife in a tigh grip he then activate his hiraishin and flashed away to front gate.

upon arrival they were greeted by a slightly battered shiroi being treated by naoki and where ume are trying to make a funny faces at the bundle on her arms with kou only watch things happen in front of sensing their hokage slash brother in law arrival kou greeted the hokage with a smile and a bit shocked upon seeing his considering the circumstances that Kushina who is 8 months pregnant,with an enormous belly and red hair she really looked like a tomato right not that he gonna say that to his sister. if he not died by his enemy then his sister surely would kill him if he ever said that taboo word .

"wellcome back everyone I'm glad you're all back safely I hope there is nothing bad happens in your mission" says minato releasing kushina to the ground upon their kushina upon seeing his brother happily greeted them while looking at ume who is too grossed by the bundlle in her arms curiosly she stand beside ume to look at the thing that made his sister really giddy,only to gasping in shock .

"e-ehh.. k-kou-nii wha-ume..w-where did you got the baby!" Kushina yelled shocked with disbelief clearly showing in their face upon seeing the bundle in his wife arms

grinned slightly, kou calling for minato and his sister attention putting an serious expression he says" hokage-sama there is some matter that i like to discuss with you, it's about our mission and also the baby."

to be continue...


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