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Two things then. This story features FemHarry, I have my reasons. Second, Like several of my One-Shots, this is a potential Prologue, that could become a multi-chapter story, if I'm ever motivated enough to do it. And while this prologue really only fits into Greek Mythology, I do have a few references to the Percy Jackson series, which would actually be featured rather prominently if I do decided to turn this one into a multi-chapter story.

Lastly, I am no expert in Greek Mythology. Yes I enjoy it, and I know some myths, but I by no means know all of them. So my knowledge, and writing, is based off of what I know. Not to mention that things may be changed simply because this is fanfiction, and I can claim that mortals had the myth wrong (similar to how in Percy Jackson, Zoe helped Heracles, but was never mentioned in the myths and legends, namely because Heracles never gave her credit). That said, if something I write is wrong based off of your knowledge of Greek Mythology, feel free to point it out, but understand that I may have done that on purpose, and even if I didn't, this story was written without me knowing or realizing that little bit.

Anyway, Please enjoy.


Upon the floating island of Delos, an auburn haired woman looked out from the shore, to the sea below the island.

Delos was not a normal island. It floated in the air, not connected to either land or sea. Similar to mount Olympus, there were two islands named Delos. One was a regular island that mortals were familiar with, the other was the mythical island that traveled with the Flame of the West.

It was this traveling isle of Delos the woman called home. Though home was a poor choice of words. For despite her relative comfort, she could not leave the island. It was her prison.

Her only crime was falling for a handsome man, without realizing he was married, and bearing his twins.

She was Leto, Titan of motherhood, protection of young, modesty, and womanly demure. But she was most well known as the mother of Apollo and Artemis, the Twin Archers, whom she bore to Zeus, King of Olympus and the Gods.

And because at the time, she had been unaware of his relatively recently marriage to Hera, and bore him children, the Queen of Olympus, and essentially her godly counterpart, forced her to give birth on this island. An island that Zeus, to placate his wife, had made her prison. It was physically impossible for her to leave the island now.

But the Titan had discovered a way to be free of her prison.


At the masculine voice behind her, Leto turned, and smiled at her son. Opening her arms, she was almost immediately engulfed in a hug by her loving son. "I'm glad you came Apollo," she said after a moment. When her son pulled back a little, she leaned up to kiss his forehead, sadly necessary as he was taller than her.

"You wanted to see me?" he asked, referring to the message she had sent to both he and his sister.

She smiled sadly at him, "Yes. Is your sister coming?"

The blonde god sighed, and his smile faded. Leto had her answer. "I see," she said sadly.

"She...she's just so busy," Apollo said, trying to defend his sister. "She takes her duties seriously."

"And you don't?" Leto asked, raising an eyebrow. In truth she was glad her son was defending his sister. For all of his faults, and even as his mother she had blinded herself to them, Apollo loved her and his sister dearly. "But I suppose it doesn't surprise me," she said, taking her son's arm in her own, as they began to walk. "Despite what she may claim, Artemis has always been her father's daughter," she said, with just a small amount of bitterness.

Apollo looked at his mother sympathetically. His blue eyes showing his conflict. On one hand, he loved his sister, on the other, he loved his mother just as much. He knew the two of them rarely spoke anymore, and that it was mostly Artemis' fault, but he still refused to say anything to damage his mother and sister's relationship, even if it was only potentially.

"What did you want to speak to me about?" Apollo asked, changing the subject. Of course he was curious, he tried to visit Leto regularly, so regularly that she had never asked him to visit, content in the knowledge that he would visit soon.

"I found a way off of this island," she said flatly, causing her son to stop them, so that he could turn to look at her.

"How?" he asked, knowing that due to various means she physically could not step foot off the island.

That doesn't matter," she told him. "What matters is that my freedom comes with a price."

Reaching up to caress her son's cheek, Apollo looked into her green eyes, eyes that were so different from both he and his sisters. And he saw sadness in them. Gently, he reached up to caress her hand on his cheek. "What price?"

"My memories," she said. "For my freedom, I must forget being a Titan, forget this island, forget you and your sister, and forget the love I have for you both."

Apollo watched as a tear feel down her cheek. Reaching up, he wiped the tear from her cheek. He knew it was impossible, but he would gladly fade if it meant he could stop one tear from being shed by his mother, through sadness or pain.

Taking a breath, she continued, "And while I would gladly give up all of what I am for freedom from this accursed place, to forget you and your sister is a price that is to high for me to pay."

Apollo took a breath. he didn't actually need it, though breathing was a bit of a reflex. But it helped him compose himself as he considered what to say. He loved his mother, and knew she was miserable being trapped on this island. He was sure the only reason she had yet to allow herself to fade was himself and his sister. She deserved her freedom, even if meant he would lose her.

"Do it," he said softly.


He cut her off by caressing her cheek. "You've done no crime, and have never deserved your fate," he said softly. "If I could change it, I would gladly fade."

"Don't you dare say that," she sad hotly.

He just smiled at her. "It's the truth mother. You deserve freedom." He took another breath to keep the tears threatening to spill from his eyes at bay. "Even at the cost of you never knowing who I or Artemis are again."

"The cost is not that high," she said. "If I do this, if I go through with it, I will be reborn as a mortal. I will live out a mortal life, and when I die it will be as if I have faded. But there is a chance, a very slim chance, that my memories could return, and perhaps even my ichor. But for either to occur, I must face great trials, and persevere."

"Then you would not forget us forever," the god said happily. "My mother can do anything she sets her heart to."

"But you cannot interfere," she explained. "If you find me before my memories return, you must do nothing to help me, even at the cost of my life. If you, or any other god, do help me, knowing who I really am, even indirectly, I will not regain what I have lost. If I do this, I must be treated as a regular mortal, not a hero of legend, not royalty, not a demigod, not a Titan without memory. If I do this...can you handle that? I would rather fade than allow you to suffer because you cannot help me."

Apollo took his mothers hands in his own. "I can."

Leto nodded sadly. "Can you keep this secret from your sister? Since she is not here for me to explain, it would be best if she remains unaware."

"Yes." he lightly kissed both her hands. "Do this mother. Even if you die and fade, I would rather you die free, than forever imprisoned on this island."

Leto smiled. Reaching up, she lightly ran her hands through her son's hair. He wasn't a perfect being, she knew that. But even with his flaws, he was a good man. He knew that he could never be faithful to one woman, so had never married to spare any potential wife the pain of betrayel. He frequently allowed his temper to rule him, yet he defended those he loved with a fierceness that was unrivaled. He had many other faults she knew of, but he also had many good traits. "No matter what happens to me, know that I am proud to be your mother, proud of the god you have become. I love you, I always have, and even if I cannot remember, I always will. Know this, and never forget it."

"I won't," he assured her.

She pressed a bracelet into his hands. "Wear this. Should you never find out who I am reborn as, this will glow when I finally fade, when I..."

"Don't say it," he said. "You will remember us."

She smiled sadly. "You, over all, should know the future is not set, even with your gift of Prophecy, you know not how the future will turn." She leaned up and kissed his cheek. "The mortals have a saying. If I do fade, I want you to remember it. A parent should never have to bury their child. Even we do not live forever. And it is a far better thing that I fade, then I live imprisoned on this island, long enough to see you and your sister fade."

Closeing his eyes, he acknowledged. "You are right, as always," he added grinning slightly.

She scoffed lightly. "I'm your mother, that's why I'm always right."

Leto smiled sadly at him. "I know you two don't always get along, but take care of your sister."

"Always," he assured her.


In a forest in the Appalachian mountains, the Hunters of Artemis had made their camp.

The Hunters were devoted followers of the Goddess Artemis. Sworn to be eternal virgins, each and every one had sworn of the company of men, and serve Artemis faithfully. In exchange for their service and loyalty, they were gifted with agelessness, and resistance to despise. They would only die when killed by external forces.

Most were currently asleep, except for the watch.

When he flashed into the camp, Apollo was almost immediately confronted by the Lieutenant of the Hunt, who had taken her turn on watch. "Lord Apollo," she greeted him respectfully. Even if they disliked Apollo both on principle and due to his constant flirting with them, the Hunters would not dare to disrespect a god, especially not one who was their patron's twin.

Fully expecting the god to hit on her, she was stunned when he simply asked, "Where is my sister?"

Actually taking the time to look at him, Zoe Nightshade noticed the tension in his body, and his face set, as though it were stone, in a grim line. "She is in her tent."

Without a further comment, the god brushed by her, heading towards the large tent that Artemis spent more time in then her own temple on Olympus. Opening the tent flap, he walked into the large tent. Ignoring the d├ęcor, he looked at the bed were his sister slept. Gods didn't need to sleep, but it was still refreshing to them.

In many ways, he wished he needed to sleep. As it was, he didn't think he could at the moment.

Deciding not to wake his sister, he instead, found her stash of wine (which she would likely never admit to having), and sat down at the table she used as a desk/planning table/ and dining table. Conjuring a glass, he poured himself a drink, and began to sip the alcohol as he waited for his sister to awaken. For what he was about to tell her, he felt she deserved the refreshing effect sleep would have on her.

Three hours later, his sister stirred, before virtually jumping out of bed as she realized she wasn't along. "What in Tartarus' name are you doing here?" she demanded angrily.

He didn't immediately answer. Despite knowing what he had to say, he still wasn't sure how to say.

"Damn it Apollo, answer me," his sister demanded.

When he still didn't answer, she finally took a good look at her brother. And the goddess of the hunt realized he was not his normal annoying happy self. "Apollo?" she questioned, much more softly than her previous demands.

"Why didn't you visit mother like she asked?" he finally asked, wanting...needing to know her answer.

"I've been busy," she explained. "We've found several monster nest that..." she trailed off as she realized her brother was glaring at her. "What?"

"That's just an excuse and you know it," he said softly. To be honest, he wanted to yell and scream, to be angry at her. But he found that he simply couldn't. pouring himself another glass of wine, having finished his fifth shortly before she awoke, he asked, "Well I hope you're happy." He lifted the glass up. And he only meant to take a sip, but found himself gulping the glass down.

"Apollo..." his sister warned, her patience for her brother reaching it's limits.

"Mother faded," he lied, knowing that it may as well be true.

His sister looked at him, shock clear on features. "What?" she asked, needing the confirmation.

"Mother faded," Apollo repeated. He took a breath to keep from bawling. Despite the fact his mother hadn't faded, it felt like she had. "She's gone."

Artemis shook her head. "No...You're lying. Mother wouldn't fade without saying goodbye," the goddess denied.

"WHY DO YOU THINK SHE WANTED TO SEE US!" Apollo yelled, finally losing his temper. "She wanted us both there! And you weren't."

He watched as tears began to fall down Artemis' face and she collapsed to her knees, her hand over her mouth. "No...I...I...She can't be gone."

Apollo closed his eyes. Climbing out of his chair, he knelt down beside his sister. and as he hugged her to him, the goddess began to sob.

For the first time in centuries, they were not the Twin Archers. They were not the god and goddess of the Sun and Moon respectively. They were simply a brother and sister, grieving for their lost mother.

Apollo silently prayed that his mother would regain her memories. He didn't know what he'd do if the Bracelet that now rested around his wrist activated.


In the town of Godric's Hollow, a young couple returned to their home.

With them was their newborn daughter, born only hours earlier.

Harriet Potter, daughter of James and Lily Potter.

Leto reborn.


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