Chapter 5

Apollo was furious.

He may be an annoying idiot, but Artemis loved her brother (though ONLY as a brother, with gods that was an important point of clarification). He was annoying, arrogant, loved jokes and puns a bit too much (no doubt due to his friendship with Hermes), prone to breaking out into horrible poetry (lately Japanese haiku's), a womanizer, and a male, but, and chaos help her, she loved the idiot.

Of course she'd never admit that out loud.

She also knew him better than anyone, but their mother, ever had.

In the few meetings they'd had recently, despite his best efforts to appear normal, she could see the simmering anger and fury he was doing his best to hide. And this concerned the maiden goddess for a simple reason.

Apollo was not one to contain his fury.

Like the sun he escorted through the sky, her twin's rage burned hot, fiery, and was never delayed. When he was angry, he either unleashed his fury then and there or cleverly plotted revenge which would come shortly after. And considering, as much as she hated to admit it, Apollo was the most powerful of the second generation of gods, that is the gods not born of Kronos and Rhea)

For him to be angry, and bottle that anger in, for weeks at a time was unheard of.

The day of the mortal Halloween, Apollo had been in good spirits. He'd shown up begging her to wear a costume and go trick-or-treating with him and Hermes. She'd told him no...repeatedly, even after a few hours of begging, and her shooting arrows at him, he'd still left her in a good mood. When she saw him a couple days later however, at a council meeting, she noticed the anger he was trying to hide. Even now, as she talked to him about taking her Hunters and the campers from Camp Half-Blood (which included their recently revived from a tree mortal half-sister Thalia Grace), she could see the hidden anger and fury, even as he flirted with her Hunters and joked with the campers.

She would confront him over his anger, but she didn't have time to get the answers from him (for the god of truth, Apollo was very good at evading it).

She had to begin the hunt for the Ophiotaurus.


Apollo hated being powerless.

And that was what he was now.

Maybe not literally, he was a god after all. But his mother had been entered in a tournament most famous for it's body count.

Not only was she bound by a magical contract she couldn't escape, the former titan was currently mortal. Add to that his inability to help her or hunt down the person that entered her into said tournament, for fear of risking any chance of her recovering her immortality, and he was furious at the situation.

And there was nothing he could do to change it.

So the Sun God did his best to hide that fury, even if he still felt it. He was sure that Artemis could see it, she just hadn't had the chance to confront him it yet. Hermes might have seen it, but his best friend was in a bit of a funk due to the betrayal of his son Luke.

Apollo was doing his best to cheer his friend up, even going so far as dressing up a Disney Princess on Halloween, when he convinced Hermes that he shouldn't forgo one of his favorite mortal holidays just because of his son's actions.

It had worked for a time, Hermes was still a bit depressed about his son, but he'd admitted to Apollo that he'd had fun, and thanked him for convincing him to go out.

Things had been looking up.

Then he'd visited his mother and granddaughter, and had been in his own personal Tartarus ever since.

Watching his mother face a nesting mother dragon from the stands did little to calm his nerves. His mother had been brilliant, summoning her own bow and arrows, which she had previously tipped with a potent sleeping potion. But dragon hide was thick and not wanting to kill or seriously harm the creature, that was merely protecting it's young, she had refused to shoot it in the eyes. It had taken her several harrowing minutes, and several arrows, to hit the animal in a vulnerable, yet non-lethal, spot (under the left wing-joint), and several more minutes for the sleeping potion to take effect (again his mother didn't want to seriously harm the creature, so avoided more powerful, but dangerous potions, especially since even she was unsure about their effects on dragons. Still, his mother had been the only contestant to complete the challenge with injury, or destroying the dragons eggs (and hadn't she been furious that her fellow competitor Victor Krum had caused that, even if it was unintentional), though it did take her the longest time.

He needed to remember to do something nice for Rubeus Hagrid for tipping his mother off as to what the challenge was...once he figured out something the half-giant would like, and he wasn't pulling his hair out with worry over his mother,

He just hopped that his mother could survive the rest of this tournament with only Luna's help.


Five shall go west to the goddess in chains,
One shall be found in the land without rain,
The bane of Olympus shows the trail,
Campers and Hunters combined prevail,
The Titan's curse must one withstand,
And one shall be healed by a parent's hand.


Despite the Tri-Wizard Tournament, and the way most of Hogwarts students were treating her. Leto was feeling pretty happy.

Not only had she successfully made it though the first task, and succsefuly figured out the clue in the golden egg (thank Chaos she had her memories. if she didn't remember being Leto, she doubted she would have ever figured out the horrible screeching was mermish.), she didn't have to worry about the second task, for which she already had a plan for, until Feburary. To top it off, not only was a ball announced, she had been asked to attend it shortly after it was announced.

Leto could admit to likeling her fellow champion, and schoolmate, Cedric Diggory. He was kind, polite, and very easy on the eyes. She wouldn't say she was in love with the man, especially not with how old she was mentally if not physically, but she certainly wasn't adverse to going out with, and possibly bedding, him.

It did help that he was one of the few males at Hogwarts that she found acceptable. Though she did feel bad about having to turn down Neville Longbottom when he asked her to attend the ball, he was one of those other few students she found acepptable, lukily he took the news that she was already going with someone else well, especially when she suggested he ask Luna to atttend.

She knew he'd treat the quirky blonde well. And on the off chance she was wrong, well she could always use some target practice with arrows dipped in a poison that would cause excruciating agony as one died. Limbs were smaller targets than torso and hence more challengeing to purposely hit anyway, especially when your target was running in fear.

Of course figureing out how to tell her son she was going out on a date without him painfully killing Cedric was a diffrent matter entirely. She was sure Apollo didn't know he'd asked out based on the fact Cedric was still breathing. Apollo was super protective of her and Artemis. And killing her potential love interest would certainly not count as him helping her or lending her aid, and hence risking the reclimation of her immortality.

Unless of course Cedric truly was a threat to her in someway, but Leto doubted that.

And since classes were curently called off for winter holidays, Leto had plenty of time to relax, for now anyway.

She loved Luna, she really did, but even after a couple of millenia trapped alone, it was still nice to have some alone time. And her and Luna had discovered the perfect plae to relax last year. The room of Requirement could become whatever she wanted. And a nice long soak in a hot spring sounded pretty good to the former Titan.

She was just in the process of selecting a book to take with her when Apoolo appeared in her, luckily empty aside from Leto herself, dorm.

Before she could ask why he was visiting, he said three words that chased all happy thoughts from her mind.

"Artemis is missing."


A few notes before I leave.

I wrote out Leto/Harriet's friendship with Ron and Hermione for a couple of reasons. One, I genuinly can't see Leto remaining friends with them. Two, I wanted to.

I did not change this originally one-shot story's status from complete to in progress because...well, to be honest I forgot. And when it was pointed out, I just figured I'd change it when I posted this chapter...but it took longer for me to get this chapter out than I thought it would.

Not to pick on anyone, especially as myths vary from source to source, but why would Hera send Python after the pregnant Leto, and forbid her from giving birth on any land, if she didn't have a reason to be angry/jealous of her? Hence why in this story, Zeus was married to Hera when he knocked up Leto.

I do not know what makes Alligators good enough mothers to, repeatedly, be on lists of good mothers, but they do care for and look after thier hatchlings for a little bit though, and I suppose for reptiles, that does make them rather special.

The Dursley's will be dealt with, just not now. Apollo doesn't dare do anything to them for fear of risking Leto regaining her immortality, and Leto herself hasn't because she is, legally in the mortal world, underage. And better the devil you know and all that.

Hedwig is still there...I just haven't had reason to mention her...still don't to be honest.

Just so people are aware, The Percy Jackosn timeline for this story is as follows.

Lightning Thief - End of Harriet/Leto's second year, when Leto regains her memories

Sea of Monsters - End of Harriet/Leto's third year, not really relavent to this story

Titan's Curse - Winter of Harriet/Leto's fourth year, where we're at currently...and yes, I did change the prophecy, hence why I included it, but nothing really changed in the PJ timeline yet, aside from that, hence why I just wrote the altered prophecy.

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