The Other Line
Chapter One

"No." Jinx shoved her finger into Raven't sternum, a few sparks of her bright pink magic crackling at her fingertips. Her cocktail sloshed around in her glass and she grinned almost devilishly at her friend. "You said you would. You have to do it. It's Truth or Dare Raven, you have to do it."

"I... I don't have to do anything, and you know it." Raven felt red curl up her neck and she glared, staring at the phone in her best friend's hand. If she knew anything about Jinx, she could (and would) hold this dare above her head for the entirety of the night. Raven cleared her throat and tried to stand her ground, but the vodka was curling around the edges of her senses making everything seem a little less dangerous than it was. "Jinx, we're not kids anymore. We're adults. You know… real adults. With consequences that come with our actions. I can't just call someone and start talking about-"

Raven watched in horror as Jinx unlocked her phone and began typing in a number, completely ignoring Raven's rather valiant attempt at trying to be an adult. She wasn't honestly thinking about this, was she?

"What are you doing?"

Jinx shrugged and took a sip of her cocktail next to her. "You said dare, Raven. So… dare." Grinning, she dropped the phone into Raven's hand. "It's ringing."

"I won't!"

"You will…" She leaned back into a chair and watched her. "Because if you don't, then I'll tell Nightwing all about your feelings… including what you think of his ass."

"You wouldn't." Raven felt all the blood leave her face and she stared into Jinx's eyes, her heart jumping up into her throat. It was no secret to Jinx that Raven had developed feelings toward their leader. She'd been by his side for all those years together, through everything that they had happened to the team, and through all the time her feelings had never faltered. In fact, they had only grown deeper with each passing day. But Raven was far too reserved to ever tell him how she felt, and she was happy to admire him from afar, taking solace in their friendship.

But Jinx could very likely upend their precariously balanced relationship by being... her.

Raven gritted her teeth and tried to hold onto her temper. "Jinx, no…"

She grinned. "Jinx, yes."

"You can't!"

"Just. Watch."


Oh no. The person on the other line actually picked up. Color left her face and Raven stared down into the phone, not sure what she could possibly say to the person on the other line. Jinx just grinned at her, as if silently goading her into doing this, and Raven refused to let her win this. Steeling her nerves, she downed the rest of her sticky, pink drink and gritted her teeth against the burn of the sweet alcohol.


"H-hello… I wanted to call and talk about something." She sounded utterly ridiculous, and Jinx was practically cackling at her.

"Oh, okay… kind of a weird time to ask me about something, but shoot. What's up?" The voice on the other line sounded so familiar, but there was noise in the background that garbled the sound just a little, and Raven couldn't place the voice completely. He cleared his throat. "Anything I can help you with."

"Y-yeah… I've been feeling really, really hot lately and I think only you can cool me down." Good goddess, what in the world was she doing? She was terrible at this! Struggling for more courage, she reached across the table and grabbed Jinx's drink from her hands, downing it in a single gulp. "I want you to touch me."

"Mm… this isn't Jinx is it?"

"I'm very, very horny."

He chuckled. "Nope, certainly not Jinx."

Raven closed her eyes and dropped her head into her hand, praying the alcohol would hit her soon. If she had to keep this up while she was sober, she might actually die from embarrassment. Taking a deep breath, she rested her elbow on the table and began murmuring into the receiver. "I've been dreaming about you all night, about how you would feel underneath me, and all I want is your gorgeous body. I want to ride you like you've never been ridden before. I want to kiss you from your head down to your toes, and everywhere in between. I want your cock."

She sounded so, utterly stupid.

"O-oh?" The voice skipped on the other line, and Raven could hear him moving from the noisy room into somewhere a little quieter. There was a soft skip and a smile in his voice, and Raven heard a door close in the background. "You wanna ride me? Alright. What else do you want to do."

"Yeah." Raven bit back a groan and lifted her eyes to Jinx, who was practically cackling at her across the table, mixing them both another drink. "I want to take you into my room and take advantage of everything you have to offer and I want… I just want you."

"And what would 'taking advantage of me' include?"

Raven couldn't believe herself, she was really doing this, and was this guy playing along? Oh god, she just wanted to curl up under the table and die.

"I would…" Raven trailed off, feeling the gears in her head start to click into place.

That voice… she knew that voice.

All color left her face and her eyes grew wide as she realized exactly who she was talking to.


He chuckled. "Raven." There was a low teasing lilt to his voice. "Please, continue. I am honestly curious about what you would do to me if you happened to take advantage of me." He pitched his voice low and his breath whispered over the line. "I know of a few things I would like to do to you."

Raven just slammed the phone down and ended the call. She glared at Jinx and heard something explode in the corner of the room.

"You traitor!"


The next morning was... tense, if that was the appropriate word. At least to Raven it was. She was filled with the shame and embarrassment of realizing all the inappropriate things she had said to Dick last night, and was left to wallow in her misery. Dick, however, seemed completely at ease with the situation. He sat at the kitchen table, drinking coffee and reading a news article on his phone. It all looked so normal, so casual… as if nothing had occurred between them last night. Raven stood in the doorway and watched as his lips curled up at the edge, a knowing smirk playing across his lips like sin.

What in the world was she going to say to him?

"I put the kettle on for you, Rae." His eyes flicked to her face before returning to his phone, his smirk widening. "I thought you might need some tea to clear your head… you know, after last night. How much vodka did Jinx give you anyway?"

She couldn't find her voice to respond, and instead walked into the kitchen with her head hung low. How in the world had this happened to her? And with him of all people? Never meeting his stare, she began to hunt through the cabinets for her mug and tea, but found them already lined up on the counter, obviously meant to be a gesture of kindness from him. Her stomach twisted as she felt him lift his eyes to the back of her head, unabashedly staring at her.

"I don't want to talk about it," she mumbled, reaching for a muffin that Cyborg had baked yesterday. He had spent the day showing her how to cook something edible, but Raven wasn't entirely sure if she trusted the pistachio muffins just yet. But if she had something in her mouth, it meant that she didn't have to keep talking to him, and that was a godsend.

"I wasn't asking you to talk about it. But, it's okay. I understand." He took a sip of his coffee, and let the moment settle before stirring it up again. "But, you know, if you ever feel like talking about it again, you know where I am."

"I know." Raven fidgeted for a moment, still not looking at him. "And I'd like to never talk about it ever again."

"I understand."


There was a long moment of silence that stretched between them, and Raven had thought that maybe this entire thing had been swept under the rug again. She had at least hoped that maybe it was forgotten. Dick on the other hand, had a completely different agenda.

"Although…" The teasing note in his voice bubbled up and Raven forced herself to raise her eyes to meet his own. He smirked and looked up at her from his place at the table, rubbing his thumb along his jaw as if he was imagining a scenario in his head. "You know, I wouldn't mind knowing exactly what you want to do to me, Raven… should we ever find ourselves alone together."

Her blush darkened and she stared at him in horror, not sure if she should look at the sinful line of his mouth or the bright blue of his eyes. She wanted to look at neither, especially when her heart felt like it was going to explode out of her chest. What in the world was he doing to her?

"I don't mind sharing what I'd want to do to you, if you want to know…"

Thankfully, before he could start, the tea kettle screamed into life and their teammates started to filter into the kitchen. Raven had never been happier for an interruption in her life.

Dick just grinned and looked back at his phone, but Raven heard his low murmuring voice through the sudden noise in the kitchen.

"First I'd start with..."

Oh, Azar.

I wrote these in short, choppy moments on Tumblr, so they might not be entirely congruent, but I did try to edit them so they flowed a bit more smoothly. I enjoyed writing them so much I wanted to put them here. I hope they're enjoyed. There will be more soon.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for being awesome!