"I'm sorry, Dr. Grey, my hands are tied. Christian is expelled from Seattle Prep." I hear the principle say to my mother.

I'm sitting in the hall on the chairs just outside the main office because the principle called my parents since I got into yet another fight.

This is my third school I've attended since I was 15 and I just turned 17 last summer. My parents were going to get me to work at their friends' house, the Lincoln's, the summer I turned 15, but my uncle needed help with his new house he just purchased. Elliot volunteered to help because he loves construction and building things. So do I but I was forced as punishment.

Now I'm dreading what my punishment will be.

I get up and walk to the opposite wall of the door so I can no longer hear them talking about me.

I lean against the wall and wait for my mother.


The principle's door opens and my mother walks out looking upset. No, correction, she looks pissed the fuck off.


I hate to disappoint her because she saved me and I owe her everything.

"Let's go home, Christian." She says, exasperated.

I push off the wall I was leaning on and silently follow her out of the school and to the parking lot.

I wait until we're in her SUV and she drives us home before I begin.

"Mom-" I try to explain what happened but she interrupts me.

"I don't want to hear it, Christian." She says frustrated.

"But, mom, he touched me."

I can't stand to be touched because I have haphephobia. It burns when I am touched, especially on my chest or back, and I react violently. Not even my family can touch me. My sister can get in a quick hug if I'm expecting it, but that's about it.

My mother softens when I explain this, but only a little.

"Have you been talking to your therapist?" She asks. "Dr. Malone says they have a new form of therapy you could try."

"Yes, I've been talking and talking." I've been subjected to all kinds of therapy, "Nothing helps."

"Perhaps, a new therapist will help?"

I shrug because I've had so many, I've lost count.

"Well, now we have to enroll you in a public school further away from Bellevue because of this incident. This is the last school that will accept you, Christian, you can't keep doing this. You have to control your temper."

"Why can't you just homeschool me?" I'm almost finished with high school anyway.

"We've talked about this, darling. I have work, your father works, and it's best for you to socialize with your peers."

I snort at her excuse.

"Your father talked with Linc and Elena."

"Great." I roll my eyes just knowing what she's going to say.

"You will work for them after school." I knew it. "They have rubble and debris that needs to be removed."

"For how long?"

"Until the job is finished."

This is bullshit! Some fucker touches me and I react, now I'm being punished.

I pull my headphones out of my bag and listen to my music the rest of the way home.

When we get home, I go straight to my room and pull out my liquor stash so I can get trashed, hoping I wont have a night-terror tonight.

I've been attending my new school for about two weeks. It's towards the end of the year and I'm trying hard not to get into a fight so I don't get kicked out since this is the last high school that will accept me and I'm in my senior year.

I know there are rumors going around about me. Some are true, some are hilarious, and then others are just ridiculous. There was a rumor going around on my first day that I killed a guy with my bare hands. Whatever. As long as everyone leaves me the fuck alone, I'll be fine.

Only problem there, the chicks at this school are attracted to 'bad boys'. I've had so many flirt with me and I've gotten so many numbers. I wasn't even here a week and I was already popular with the ladies. It's times like these I wish I was normal, that I could stand to be touched.

How the fuck am I going to fuck when I can't stand to be touched? Fuck! I'm going to die a virgin.

The last bell rings announcing school is over, but unfortunately for me, I start working at the Lincoln's today.

My last class is P.E. so I change into my work clothes now that way I can go straight there and get shit done.

I pack my shit up and walk out of the building.

"Bye, Christian." Some random cheerleader purrs.

I nod once. I don't fucking know her.

I throw my bag in my car and drive to the Lincoln's.

Thank fuck my parents didn't take my wheels. I guess this public school wont send a bus to pick me up in Bellevue since I'm the only one attending from that far out. I could ride the city bus, but thankfully my mother talked my father into letting me keep my car, on the conditions I only drive to school and to the Lincoln's.

Where the fuck else would I go?


I pull up to the Lincoln's and get out.

I walk up the front steps to knock but there's a note on the door for me. It basically says get the fuck to work, in a more formal, nicer way.

I walk around the back of the house and see there is a shit load of rubble and debris. Great! They must have remodeled their basement or something.

Fuck! This is going to take days, if not weeks to clear.

I put on the work gloves that are on their patio table and get to work.

I really don't see how this is going to teach me a lesson. If fuckers wouldn't touch me, I wouldn't have to kick their ass.


I've been out here working for an hour, fucking sweating my ass off.

I'm done for today so I take off the work gloves then my shirt and use it to wipe the sweat off of my face and neck.

Hearing a door open and shut, I look up.

A young beautiful brunette walks out of the Lincoln's home. She doesn't notice me and I can't see her face, but her backside does not disappoint.

I let my eyes greedily fuck her body.

Damn, she's like a goddess, and fuck I'm getting hard.

She walks down their driveway and climbs inside a car. I can't see who is driving, but that girl is seriously sexy as sin. Well, from what I could see.

I hear the sliding door open so I look away from the empty road that I've been starring at to see Mrs. Lincoln coming outside, carrying a pitcher of lemonade.

She elegantly sets the tray on the patio table and pours a glass. She turns around and walks over to me, smiling.

"Thirsty, Christian?" She hands me the glass.

I've been out here working all this fucking time and she just now brings me something.

I accept the glass and drink it fast.

"About fucking time."

I put the glass down on the table after I've finished drinking and wipe my mouth, then turn around to face Mrs. Lincoln to let her know I'm going home.


What the fuck?!

Mrs. Lincoln grabs my face with both her hands and kisses me hard, but I quickly push her away.

"Get the fuck off of me!"

She tries to slap me again, but I catch her hand, stopping her.

What the fuck? Why the fuck did she do that?

"I know about your touch issues."

I quickly drop her hand and stagger backwards, afraid she will touch me. I'm sure my mother told her, but why is she telling me she knows?

"I can help you."

"How?" I look at her suspiciously.

"Follow me and I'll show you."

She walks back into the house, leaving me confused and standing in the yard.

Mrs. Lincoln isn't a therapist, how the fuck can she help me? Only one way to find out.

I follow her.

She leads me to a bookshelf and opens it like a door, then we walk down some stairs, into the basement.

What the fuck?

It looks like a fucking dungeon down here.

It's a black and dark purple color room. It has whips, chains, belts, paddles, canes, and many more weapons and torture devices hanging, ready for use. There is a bed with black leather covering it, a giant X on the wall with cuffs at each point, a chest of drawers, I'm sure have many more torture devices inside, and a cage in the corner with a chain and collar attached to a bolt on the floor.

"You're a sadist?" I ask, but it's pretty obvious she is.

"I'm a Domme." She corrects me.

"What the fuck does that mean?"

"I take pleasure in control." She tells me. "I want you to willingly submit to me. This is consensual."

I raise my brow at her. Consensual? I look around the room.

"How will this help me?"

"I will train you, teach you control." She explains. "By giving up your control to me, you will feel free, from responsibility, from making decisions. You wont have to worry about all of that, Christian, I will make those decisions for you."

"Why would I do that?"

"To please me." She says like it's obvious.

"I still don't see how this will help me." What would I get out of this?

"By pleasing me," She breathes, making her voice sound husky. "I will please you."

Please me? Sex?

"This room doesn't look like it's used for pleasure. It looks like it's for torture."

"This room is much more about pleasure, I assure you."

I snort, but she ignores me and continues.

"There are rules and I want you to comply with them."


"They are for your benefit and for my pleasure. If you follow these rules to my satisfaction, I shall reward you. If you break them, I will punish you, and you will learn."

"Punish me? Why would I let you punish me?" I've been abused before. Why the fuck would I willingly let her hit me?

"It's all about control, Christian, trust and control."

"And if I don't want to do this?"

"That's fine."

I look at her suspiciously because I don't believe her.

"I may be explaining this wrong." She laughs like we're not in some torture room. "There is a lot we will need to discuss. You will have safe-words, hard limits, a-"

"Hard limits?" What's that?

"Yes, what you wont do, what I wont do. We will need to specify before we begin."


I still don't see how this will help me. I don't want to get beat, but how will I know what I wont like sexually? I'm still a virgin for fuck's sake.

"Are you agreeing?" She sounds excited.

"No. I don't see how this will help me."

I turn around and walk up the stairs then I walk outside and grab my shirt off the ground where I dropped it.

I continue walking towards my car, ignoring Mrs. Lincoln who is calling my name and telling me to stop.

"Christian!" I hear Mrs. Lincoln call me again. "Christian, wait!"

When I get to my car, I open the door but her hand shuts the door, blocking me from getting inside.

"I said, wait!" She looks taller and sounds more stern than before. "I haven't explained it very well. I know you were turned on, I saw your erection through your pants after I kissed you." The fuck that was caused by her! It fucking wasn't! "Trust me, this will work."

"How do you know? Have you done this before? What about Linc?"

"What Linc doesn't know, wont kill him. I've done this before, yes, but I assure you, nobody as young as you, however, I want to help you. Besides, you're of consenting age."

I can't believe this is happening.

"Just research BDSM and I will answer any questions you may have." She tells me.


I jerk open my car door, causing her to stumble, then I get inside and start my car.

"Think about it." She practically begs me. "I can help you, I assure you."

"No." I repeat, putting my car in gear.

"If you tell anyone, they wont believe you." Is the last thing I hear her say before I drive away.

Christian 17

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