~Happy Anniversary~


"Oh my word." Mama Grace says as she takes in the breathtaking views of Bora Bora from our private jet and is sitting next to my mother. Both are looking out the window in awe.

It's Christian and my 7th wedding anniversary tomorrow but we'll have been together for 10 years. I can't believe it's been that long already. We've grown up to the adults we are today together, we have our businesses, our families, our babies, Teddy and Gracie, we have each other and our love will only continue together.

We've decided to invite our loved ones on this trip to Bora Bora. The private jet is packed full. Christian's parents, my parents, his grandparents, Kate and Elliot along with their babies, Ava, Mya, and little Elliot, Mia and Ethan and their daughter, Chrissy. We've also invited Gail, Taylor and his daughter Sophie, Sawyer and Lucy and their children, Zack and Kelly, Ros and Gwen, Welch and his wife Betty, Barney and we've also invited Christian's assistant Andrea along with her husband Dan and their twins, Andrew and Aidan.

Our usual private jet could not fit the 30 plus people aboard so we've rented a larger one to use. We have a surprise in store for our family and friends that I'm sure they will absolutely love. Christian and I just told them it's a vacation trip for us all to enjoy our anniversary together, and it will be, including our surprise. The only ones in on the secret with us are Taylor, Gail, Sawyer, Andrea and Elliot.

"It's... It's..." Mia says trying to find the words to describe the tropical paradise as she looks out the jet's window.

"I don't think there are words to describe this, Mia." Kate says next to Mia.

"Ladies and gentlemen, we are approaching the island and will be landing shortly." Our pilot announces. "Please return to your seats and fasten your safety belts. The temperature is currently 96 degrees and sunny. I'd like to be the first to welcome you to Bora Bora."

It's warmer than when Christian and I came years earlier in December but not by much since Bora Bora has high temperatures year round. We all get back into our seats. All the little ones are already fastened and sleeping in their seats.

Soon the jet has landed and they open the door for us. I look out the window of the jet and see the Jeeps all lined up and ready for us that Christian and I requested. We have four Jeep Wranglers that have four doors and can seat up to 5 people and four Jeep Wranglers that are two doors and can seat 4 people. One of the Jeeps has a closed trailer for all of our luggage that Taylor will drive. Christian also rented an entire island of huts for our loved ones that are arranged on the water so we can enjoy our privacy. There are about 40 huts in total but they are separated by a lagoon with 20 huts on each side so our loved ones can choice whichever hut they'd like. Christian and I will be staying at the house on the secluded isle, that we stayed in on our honeymoon, tomorrow but we're staying in the huts with our family tonight.

Since Teddy is still sleeping, Christian unbuckles him from the big boy carseat we strapped into the jet's seat and carries him while I carry a much lighter sleeping baby Gracie in her infant seat. Everyone grabs a sleeping child and follows us off the jet. The warm breeze feels nice as we step off and into the heat.

"The first one is ours, baby." Christian tell me as he hands me a key so I can put Gracie in the car and out of the heat while he and Taylor pass out the keys to the drivers.

I walk to the first Jeep and click the button to unlock it. We've requested the tops to stay on since most of us have small children, and there are already infant seats installed by a certified child passenger safety technician in the Jeeps that will have children riding in them. Thankfully they are parked in the shade and are cool. Since they are rentals they have a spare set of keys and they turned on all the Jeep's a/c's when we were close to landing to ensure the inside would be comfortable for the children.

I notice Kate and Elliot putting their babies into the Jeep behind ours after I've strapped Gracie in.

"Mama. Mama." I turn around hearing Teddy.

Grace is carrying him over. He's wide awake now. He looks adorable in his jeans, the Hawaiian shirt his uncle got him and his flip flops.

"Nana ride wif me."

"Okay." I giggle taking him from Grace so she can walk around and sit next to Gracie.

"I sit by Nana, not sissy." He pouts and crosses his little arms when I put him in his big boy seat near the door.

"Sissy's seat is already set up in the middle." I explain as I harness him. "But how about you sit by Nana when we ride on the big boat later and when we go to dinner tonight?"

"Big boat?" He's easily distracted. "Wike daddy's?"

"Kind of like daddy's. Is Teddy going to be a good boy so he can ride on the big boat?"

"Yes, ma'am."

I giggle. "You've been hanging around uncle Taylor and Sawyer I see."

I squeal when I feel hands on my ass, grabbing a handful.

"What mama?!"

"Nothing, Teddy. Daddy's just being silly." I kiss his head and shut his door then turn around to face my husband.

"Your ass looks incredible in these shorts, baby."

I grin at him and wrap my arms around his neck as he wraps his around my waist and to my ass. Luckily my butt is facing the door so nobody can see him fondling my ass. He's a pervert. My pervert.

"Behave." I kiss him.

"Are you ready, baby?"

"Yes. Is everything set for today and tomorrow?"

"Yes." He kisses me again and again and-.


"Quit making out and let's go, virgins!" I giggle pulling away from Christian when we hear Elliot.

Christian opens the passenger door for me then walks around to get into the driver's seat.

"Christian?" I ask before he puts the Jeep in gear.


"Can I drive?" I bite my lip so I don't giggle. "I'll arm wrestle you for it."

I can't control it anymore and start laughing quietly since Gracie is still sleeping.

"Funny." Is all he says with a smirk on his face as he drives us and leading everyone in our group to the huts we'll be staying at.

"Are we dare yet, daddy?" Teddy asks as soon as Christian pulls out of the airport's private lot.

"Not yet, buddy."

I try not to laugh. He's just as impatient as his dad.

"He gets that from you, ya know."

"No way. That's all you."

"Christian, darling." Grace giggles. "She's right. You are a very impatient man."

"I'm glad Gracie can't talk yet. It seems all the women in my life are ganging up on me."

Christian continues to drive us to the private huts as he holds my hand.

"Tomorrow." He whispers as he brings my hand to his lips to kiss my rings and then the back of my hand.

"Tomorrow." I whisper, smiling back.

We'll have been together 10 years tomorrow.

Soon Christian pulls up to the private parking for the huts and parks, along with everyone else in our group.

Everyone gets out of their Jeeps. Grace gets Gracie and I get Teddy, holding his hand as we walk with Christian to the Jeep that Taylor was driving. Taylor opens the trailer with everyone's luggage inside so everyone can grab their belongings.

"We're leaving in half an hour." Christian announces to our families in his controlled CEO voice. "We have all 20 huts on this side." He points to the side where our huts are between a lagoon that houses 20 more huts on the other side. The huts are shaped like a U with the lagoon between each set of huts. It wouldn't surprise me if Christian rented the other 20 huts out as well, the man loves his privacy.

"Grab your own luggage and meet back at the Jeeps in 30 minutes for our tour of the island via boat and prepare to get in the water because we'll be snorkeling. All the huts are unlocked for you to look around and decided which one you want. After you choice your hut let Taylor know and he will give you the key for that hut. The three huts on the end are mine so don't choice those."

"Why do you need three huts?" Mia asks. "OH MY GOD!" She squeals and blushes when Christian smirks and glances at me.

I blush as well and hit Christian's arm, glaring at him. Our parents are here!


"Teddy! Teddy!" Ava shouts from were they are sitting with the other children, happily admiring the water life below as we ride the boat to the spot where Christian and I went snorkeling. "Look! Look!" She points out toward the water. "Two super, big, giant turtles!"

I turn in Christian's arms and adjust my wide brimmed black hat that matches my black bottom and tropical top bikini to look in the water. I smile seeing the 'super, big, giant, turtles' because it reminds me of my excitement when I saw one on our last visit here. I look up at Christian, still smiling from the memory. He tightens his arms around me and kisses my lips chastely. I have to hold my hat because he nearly knocks it off my head when we kiss.

"I want dat one." Teddy points to the bigger of the two.

"No, that one is mine, you can have the other one."

"Boys are bigga. Not girls. I a man." Christian chuckles behind me when he hears Teddy's declaration of our 3 year olds manhood.

"Okay. You can have the bigger turtle."

I giggle when Teddy 'negotiates' with Ava about the turtles, getting the one he wants, no doubt getting it from his father. Ava and Teddy start coming up with names for their turtles and I giggle even more along with a few others when we hear Teddy say he wants to ride his new found turtle.

We're taking our loved one's snorkeling because we enjoyed it the last time we were here. We're ending our boat tour of the island and are heading to the lagoon where we went snorkeling years earlier. Gracie is much too little to join us so Gail stayed behind to watch her for us along with my mother. Grace was going to stay behind as well but Teddy's bright blue pleading eyes convinced her to join us. The other couples; Mia and Ethan, Welch and Betty, Grandma and Grandpa Trevelyan, Ros and Gwen, went on a glass bottom boat tour of the island in separate private boats instead of joining the snorkelers.

"Us see SpongeBob?" Teddy asks nobody and everybody at the same time.

"SpongeBob lives in a pineapple under the sea, little dude" Elliot says, ruffling Teddy's copper locks that he got from this father. "We're on a lagoon."

"Is wawer." Teddy says like it's obvious that all water is the same.

When he first watched SpongeBob, he would cry if we drank water thinking we were drinking SpongeBob's home until Christian showed Teddy a map and told him the difference between drinking water, ocean water, river water and all the other bodies of water. But he's three. To him, all water is water.

Soon the boat comes to a stop near the waterfall and we give everyone their snorkeling gear as we all strip from our bathing suit covers then get into the water. The children are all wearing safety vests even though they all have taken private swimming lessons and know how to swim. Baby Gracie is in baby swim class now. It's a mommy and me class so that gives us time to bond together while Teddy and Christian do their 'man thing' as they say.

Christian helps me off the boat then I get Teddy from Grace. He jumps into my arms, unafraid of the water.

"Shew!" He wipes the imaginary sweat from his brow. "Dat was a cwose one."

I giggle at him and kiss his head as we make our way to everyone else.

We all swim or walk to where we're going to snorkel and we begin looking at the beautiful tropical wildlife. There are so many colorful fish. Most of the children are just looking down from above the water since you can clearly see under the clear blue water easily without going under. I didn't think they would use the masks but I knew they would want to join their parents and look the part so Christian and I made sure we had enough goggles for all the little ones.

"Mama! Mama!" Teddy shouts while I'm holding him in the water. He looks adorable with his little snorkel mask on. "Lookie! It's Nemo!"

"I see him, buddy." I say as I look at the little orange fish that he's pointing at.

It's a joy to see all the children enjoying the wildlife. It's such an educational and fun experience for them. Andrew, Aidan and Zack are the same age so they are snorkeling together within our sight at all times and are near Taylor and his daughter, Sophie. Mya is attached to her daddy like the daddy's girl she is. Teddy is going back and forth between Grace and I. Christian has Ava and Chrissy. Kate has EJ. And Sawyer and Lucy have Kelly. Carrick, Barney, Andrea and Dan are snorkeling as well but without children. It's a beautiful day for snorkeling and I've checked the weather for tomorrow so I know it will be perfect for our surprises.

All the children squeal with excitement as we are suddenly surrounded with tropical fish and start saying the colors of the fish they see. Since Grace has Teddy, I lean against Christian as he wraps his arms around me and kisses my head, and we watch them have fun snorkeling.

"Are you ready for tomorrow, baby?"


"You still don't regret how we did it the first time?" He asks me, talking in code so our family doesn't over hear us.


"I love you. You know that?"

"I do." I turn around in his arms and kiss his lips. "I love you too."

I wrap my arms around his neck and he holds my waist, keeping his hands away from my ass that I know he wants to grab but wont with our audience, and kiss him again with a PG rating.

"Ewwww." We pull away from our innocent kiss when we hear Teddy. He's the only one looking at us but then everyone looks at us when he says. "Daddy's gonna gif Mama babies 'gain."

"What?" Why would he say that?

"Oh, no. That's hurts." I giggle at Christian.

"Heck yeah it does!" Elliot shouts in agreement and soon all the adults laugh remembering the guys going through their stimulated labor.

"Teddy, why do think your daddy is going to give your mommy a baby?" Grace asks him and glances at us.

Christian and I both shake our heads, not knowing why he would say that and to also let her know we are not expecting a baby.

"Aba says kisses gets babies."

"That's what daddy said." Ava blames her father as she points to him.

Elliot laughs loudly. "Can you blame me?" He says through his laughter. "At least she'll never kiss a boy."

"Elliot." Carrick chastises his eldest son and shakes his head.

"Mama!" Teddy squeals with excitment. "Mama!"


"I can't baweve it. I can't baweve it. I waited my whole wife to see dis."

"See what?" Everyone laughs with me as he says he waited his whole life, all 3 years, to see something.


"Patrick." I let everyone know who he's talking about as Teddy points out a starfish. "That's awesome, buddy."

We all continue to enjoy the under water wild life of the tropical island.


After we returned from our boat tour and snorkeling we let our families know we'd like to take them to dinner at the outdoor restaurant that has the fire show and hula girls. The food was great and I loved the show when Christian and I went before. After everyone was ready we loaded up in our Jeeps and followed each other to the restaurant.

We decide to sit at a table on land instead of one in the water since we have little ones and as promised Teddy is sitting near Grace. He also wanted my mother to sit near him so he's sandwiched between his two grandmothers. We're all gathered around a large table with half of our loved ones on one side and half on the other, like a huge picnic table.

I have Gracie in a high-chair next to me and Christian on my other side. Gracie looks adorable with her huge yellow flower headband wrapped around her mahogany locks with copper highlights, a mix of her father and my hair. The headband matches her mainly yellow dress that is covered with tropical flowers and her yellow diaper cover. Teddy's shirt is the same fabric as Gracie's dress. I am wearing a knee high yellow dress and Christian decided to join the yellow parade since yellow is Teddy's favorite color and is wearing a yellow button up with the sleeves rolled up to his elbow. He looks nothing like his CEO usually gray wearing self.

"Ana and I would like to thank you all for joining us on this trip to celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary." Christian says to our loved ones after we've all ordered our food. "We've been together for ten years tomorrow and wanted to share the day with you all. There is a surprise we'd like to share with you tomorrow morning but it's not for the weak of heart so I'd suggest if you're scared of heights to stay back with the children as this is an adult only activity."

Christian and I smile at each other and about the surprises we have planned for our family tomorrow. Gail and is not joining us, I'm sure Taylor mentioned to Gail the activity that is planned, so she is going to stay back with the kids and whoever else is not going with us.

"Well, I'm not sure what you two have planned for tomorrow." Grace says to us. "But I know it can't be that dangerous if Christian is okay with Ana doing it, so I'm in."

I can't control my laughter and soon Christian joins me when we remember saying we're going to die.

"What?" Grace asks. "What's so funny? Is a hot air balloon ride of the island, hiking up a mountain, what?"

"Oh, mom." Christian continues to chuckle. "I can't wait until tomorrow morning."

Elliot may be in on the big surprise but he doesn't know what we have planned for tomorrow but he's all for it and talked Kate into joining us. Mia's afraid of heights so she's staying behind as well as my mother but my dad is all for it. Soon most of the table is in agreement to tag along but Christian wont allow his grandparents to join us, afraid of their old age, but the instructor said you're never too old to skydive. He set his grandparents up with a private spa day for two to relax and enjoy their time in Bora Bora without the thrill of tomorrow's activity.

Soon our meal arrives and the show has begun. The children love the fire show but I make sure to tell them the men playing with the fire have their mommy's permission and know what they are doing. I even point out the firefighters they have on stand-by.

We all talk amicably throughout our meal and enjoy the show. I couldn't be happier than I am right now. I know I will only continue to be happy with Christian and our babies by my side. I can't wait to surprise our families tomorrow.

"Oh, hell no!" Grace shouts when she sees where we are. The huge SKYDIVING sign a dead giveaway of what we're planning.

"Mother!" Christian playfully reprimands Grace for her use of fool language.

I'm stunned. I've never heard Grace use such words.

"Don't you dear 'mother' me, Christian Trevelyan-Grey!"

"Ana and I enjoyed this when we came a few years back and we wanted to share it with the people we care about." He explains as he parks our Jeep.

"Grace, it's really fun and the views of the island are breathtaking from the air." I tell her as I turn around in my seat.

"I know." She says to me. "I saw the views just fine from the aircraft yesterday."

I giggle. That's what Christian said to me when I first suggested skydiving.

Christian opens my door as Carrick opens Grace's door but she doesn't get out or make a move to.

"I'm not going."

"Come on, ma!" Elliot shouts from his Jeep as he gets out next to us. "It'll be fun!"

"Fun my ass!"

"Mom!" Elliot shouts surprised.

"You don't have to come, mom." Christian lets her know. "You can stay here and watch."

"What about you, pops?" Elliot asks his dad.

"I'm going to stay on the ground with your mother."

"Carrick, if you want to kill yourself jumping from a plane, you go right ahead and do it."

"I'll stay, darling." Carrick kisses her head.

"Well, I'm going." Elliot says excited.

"You all are crazy. Clearly you have all lost your damn minds if you think you can fly."

"It's not flying." Elliot insists. "It's falling with style."

I giggle when he quotes Toy Story.

"I'll be sure and put that on your grave."

"Does anyone else want to stay behind?" Christian asks, trying not to laugh at his mother, now that everyone knows what the surprise is for our morning activity.

Everyone else is for it so we begin to walk towards the building.

Christian opens the door and holds it open for us to go inside.

"Christian, if I die doing this, I'll kill you with my bare hands." Everyone stops hearing Grace.

"You're coming?" Elliot finally asks, shocked, breaking our silence.

"Yes." She says walking passed us as we're all in a stupor, standing and not moving as we watch her go inside the building with confidence.

It takes a good five minutes before we gather ourselves and finally follow Grace inside.

"Good morning, Mr. Grey." The instructor and pilot shakes Christian's hand. "I'm Adam Zimmerman. You can call me Adam."

"Good morning, Adam. This is my wife Ana and our family; Grace, Carrick, Ray, Elliot, Kate, Jason, Luke, Fred, Ros, Gwen, Andrea, Dan, and Barney." Christian gestures towards our loved ones that decided to join us today as he introduces them to him.

"Nice to meet you all." He says to us then turns to Christian. "We have you and your group all set up, Mr. Grey. I understand you and your wife have done this before."

"Yes, sir."

"Okay, we'll need to let the rest of your guests know, we take skydiving safety seriously as this is a dangerous activity. We'll give you all a skydiving lesson before we get everyone harnessed up with a parachute and everyone needs to sign weavers, then we'll record you saying you fully acknowledge that parachutes do not always work-"

"Excuse me?" Grace interrupts him. "What did that man just say?"


"Don't you shush me, Carrick. We're all going to die."

"We'll all die together then."

I bite my lip so I don't giggle. That's the same thing I told Christian.

"It's really not that scary, Grace." I let her know. "It is at first when you first exit but after the shoot is open it's really beautiful and fun."

"If you say so, dear." She says unbelieving.

"Besides," Elliot nudges his mother. "if the parachute doesn't open you'll just fall into the water. If you're lucky."

"Lucky me. A shark infested death is much better than my parachute not opening." She says sarcastically.

Mr. Zimmerman gets everyone's signature and films us saying the infamous words about the parachuted not always working then lets us know we can go as singles, doubles, or with an instructor after he gives us a skydiving lesson in a private room. Christian and I choose to go together again as well as Kate and Elliot, Grace and Carrick, Ros and Gwen, and Andrea and Dan. My dad, Taylor, Sawyer, Barney and Welch are all going solo.

After we are strapped safely to our parachutes we load the two planes they have for us. Grace, Carrick, Elliot, Kate, and my dad are in the same plane as Christian and I. The other's are in the other plane and have already taken off while we wait for clearance.

We watch the others jump from their plane and their parachutes open.

When their plane lands ours takes off.

"Oh my lord. Oh my lord. Oh my lord."

"Mom," Elliot chuckles. "it's not so bad."

"I suggest you all keep quiet until we are safely back on the ground."

The instructor hands us our safety googles, a camera we can strap to our wrists, and the ear pieces to everyone with a parachute on their back. My dad is the only single jumper on our plane so he's going to go first, then Grace and Carrick, Elliot and Kate, then Christian and I.

Grace squeals when our instructor opens the door and informs us that we are at 10,000 feet and clear to jump.

My dad moves to the door since he's jumping first, gives me a wink, salutes, smiles then he's gone.

It's now Grace and Carrick's turn.

"Elliot." Graces says like it's his turn and nods towards the open door.

He chuckles as he and Kate make their way around Grace and Carrick to the open door and jump.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!" We hear Kate's high pitched scream.


"Oh lord, what was I thinking." Grace says after she hears their screams.

"Mom, it's do or don't time."

"You and Ana go first, darling." She says sweetly. "It's your anniversary. I think you should go first."

"Come on, mom, it's fun."

"Are we jumping, Grace?" Carrick asks her.

"Oh, alright, fine. Let's do this."

They walk to the opened door as best as they can since they are strapped together.

"On the count of three." The instructor says. "One. Two."

"Wait!" Grace takes a deep calming breath. "Okay."



It's finally our turn so Christian and I stand and walk to the open door and just like last time the instructor nods to Christian and he jumps without warning me. I'm going to kill him if he does that again!

"Aaaaaah! Christian! Oh my god!" It's just as much of an adrenaline rush as the last time we did this.

"I LOVE YOU, ANASTASIA!" He shouts over the wind.

"CHRISTIAN!" I grin as we fall. "I love you too!"

I see Grace and Carrick who now have their parachute open and Grace talking amicably but obviously not what she's saying. I assume it's something about dying or killing us when we all land safely on the ground. Elliot and Kate also have their parachute open and my dad is closer to the ground with his parachute open.

I squeal as Christian opens ours and we're pulled back.

I begin taking photos of the landscape and photos of our family as well as selfies of Christian and I like I did last time. It's still a beautiful and breathtaking view of the turquoise waters from the air. We drift closer and closer to the ground as I continue to take photos. We see our family waiting for us to land as we're the last ones in the air.

"I think my mom is going to kill me." Christian says when we land when we see her glaring at us with her arms crossed.

"Christian, I'm going to kill you!" Grace shouts as she walks towards us and we try not to laugh.

"Hey, I didn't tell you to do it. I said you could wait."

"Yeah, like a chicken."

Everyone laughs as we take off our harnesses.

"Did you enjoy it, mom?" Christian asks her as we walk back to our Jeeps. He has one arm around her shoulder and his other arm around my waist as we walk.

"Surprisingly, I did." She admits.

"Good." He kisses her head when we arrive at our Jeep. "Because Ana and I have one more surprise for you all."

"Oh, no." Grace shakes her head. "I'm not doing anymore of your surprises."

"Trust me, mom. You are going to love this one." She doesn't look convinced. "You all are free to enjoy the island but we'd like you to meet Taylor and Elliot at the boating dock at 5 o'clock. They will take everyone where the surprise is."

"Is it a restaurant?" Grace asks since we want them to meet around dinner time. "Because I will go if it's a restaurant."

"No, mom, it's not a restaurant, but you are going to want to be there."

"Alright, darling. I hope I don't live to regret dancing with the sharks." We laugh at her daring assumption.

Christian and I say our see ya laters to our family then get into the Jeep. Grace and Carrick ride back with Elliot and Kate. Christian and I are going to pick up Teddy and Gracie so we can take them to our private island to get ready for our next surprise after we have lunch together as a family.

"Ya know," I say as Christian drives. "maybe we shouldn't have surprised them with the skydiving first. They're less likely to want to come to our next surprise." I giggle.



After taking my family to lunch, I brought them over to our secluded isle. I helped Ana get the kids ready then I got myself ready. I'm just wearing dress pants and a with white button up and the sleeves rolled up so they wont know what the surprise is until they see Ana. I'm standing outside walking the beach while I wait for our family and friends to arrive. They are in for one helluva surprise. The real reason we brought them here.

I can't believe 10 years ago today, I literally ran into Ana and we fell in love. She's my lifeline, she's my everything and I'm hers. So much has happened in the last 10 years and I can't wait to experience the next 10, 20, 30 years and more with her by my side for the rest of my life. It's not everyday you meet your soul mate when you're 15 and 17 like we did, but I'm so fucking glad we did. I can only imagine how my life would have turned out without my girl and it's not a life I want to imagine at all. I'm living a dream and I never want to wake up from it.

I'm standing at the spot where we first made love during our last trip to Bora Bora. Our belated honeymoon where we created our son. I can't believe how fast the kids are growing. I'd love more but I'm okay with the two we have. If we're blessed with more, well, the more the merrier.

I turn around hearing the boats coming that Taylor and Elliot are driving as they bring our loved ones.

"Where's Ana?" Carla asks as I greet them.

"She's inside with the kids getting ready but the surprise is outside so we'll just wait awhile out here until she's ready." I let her and the rest of our loved ones know.

Everyone is talking and laughing happily as we wait for my wife. It's nearing time so I need to send Ray inside to get Ana and when I see movement in the house and Gail come out with Gracie wearing her pretty pale pink dress and large sun hat, I know it's time. I put so much baby sunblock on Gracie, she could be a poster child for the product. Gail stands in the shade with Gracie with a smile on her face. I know Taylor told her what's happening.

"Ray, would you check on Ana?" I ask him away from prying ears as I know the ladies would jump at the opportunity to check on Ana.

"Sure, son."

When Ray walks into the house, I walk into the shallow water and wait with Elliot. We're not wearing our shoes but our pants are getting wet.

Soon the door opens and my heart stops when I see her.

It's not a dream. It's not a dream. It's not a dream. I keep repeating in my head.

The goddess standing on the deck of the private house on the secluded island of Bora Bora dressed in the beautiful white flowy gown, is mine.

She's real and she's mine.

Everyone immediately stops talking when they see Ana, Ray, and Teddy walk out of the house and stand on the deck. They all have the look of surprise on their face when they see what Ana is wearing. A wedding gown. They look at me, standing next to my brother in the water, then look at Ana, then me, then Ana. They finally figure out what is going on and watch with smiles on their faces and tears in their eyes as they gather around when Ana makes her way to me.


"Are you ready to walk mama down the aisle to daddy, Teddy Bear?" I ask our 3 year old son as I kneel down to fix his bowtie.

Teddy looks adorable with his dress pants, his little bowtie, suspenders and white button up that I've rolled the sleeves up to his elbows. I'm wearing a beautiful white beach wedding dress that has thin straps and covers my breasts like a bikini top would then flows loosely down to my feet. We're barefoot since Christian and I are renewing our vows in the water.

Gail just took Gracie out so I know Christian will be sending my father in shortly since we don't want Gracie to be out in the heat for long.

"I guess." I giggle at him and ruffle his hair, making it just as unruly as his father's.

"Let's wait for papa."

"Otay, mama."

I hear the door of the house open and my dad call my name.

"In here, dad!" I call to him as I stand up.

"Annie, Christian said-" He opens the bedroom door that Teddy and I are in and stops when he sees the way we are dressed.

I smile at my father.

"Walk me down the aisle, daddy?" I ask him with tears in my eyes.


Since we're already married we don't need anyone to officiate our vow renewal but we've asked Elliot to do the deed.

"Ladies and gentlemen," Elliot says when Ana, Ray and Teddy finally reach me, standing in the water. "I would ask you to be seated, but you're standing in or near water and you're not wearing your bathing suits, however, if you would like to get your bums wet, please be seated."

Everyone laughs at Elliot as he is completely serious.

"Even though she was already given, who gives this woman to be remarried to the same man she married..." He trails off.

"How long you virgins been married?" He asks me quietly so nobody can hear him.

I chuckle at my brother. "7 years."

"7 years ago today." He continues like nothing happened. "Who gives this woman away?"

"I do." Teddy says giving everyone a laugh.

"Teddy." Ana says appalled but is giggling. "You'd give mommy away?"

"Only to daddy."

"Her mother and I do." Ray says laughing at his grandson as he hands Ana over to me and picks up a too cute for words Teddy to watch with the rest of our friends and family.

"As many of you know," Elliot gets started.

I told him he can be funny but I also want him to be serious about this because our family really wanted us to have to whole big wedding the first time. Renewing our vows on the day we met 10 years ago with our family and friends here to witness it will please them a great deal.

"10 years ago today, my baby brother knocked poor little Ana down on a track field at their old high school. If you ask the pair of them, they will tell you they fell literally in love that day."

Everyone laughs a little, but it's true, we did fall in love that day.

"I've been asked to help renew their vows. The vows that these two hold near and dear to their hearts just as all of us married couples do. Now just to warn you a little, I don't know what I'm doing but I would gladly of did whatever I needed to do if they weren't already married to legaliy marry them today. With that said, there wont be a ring exchange since they already wear them and wouldn't take them off no matter how much I begged and pleaded so I could include it in this little ceremony. I don't blame them, though, I would never take mine off either." He grins and winks at Kate. "Once it's on, it's on."

The kids begin playing in the water so I signal to Elliot to wrap it up.

"Alright let's exchange vows, shall we? You do have vows to renew right?" He asks us quietly as he leans toward us.

"Yes." We both say and laugh at Elliot.

"Ladies first." Elliot says and everyone's attention including mine is on Ana.

"Christian, I love you." She says so sincerely as she holds my hands and I hold hers. "I love you more than I can even explain because there are no words for the way I feel when I'm with you. They way you make me feel. I don't know how you do it but I only hope I make you feel the same because there is no place I would rather be than wrapped in your arms. I love laughing with you, I love trying new things with you, and I even love and hate and love fighting with you. I can't believe you actually knocked me down 10 years ago today." She giggles. "It doesn't seem like that long ago. I don't regret a single day with you and if I had to choose, I'd still choose you and do everything we've ever done the same way we've done it. Because I love you and the memories we've made together."

"I love you, Anastasia." I begin my vows to her as wipe a tear that has fall down her cheek with my thumb after she's said her words to me. "I promise to continue to love you, to be spontaneous, cherish each and every moment with you, be willing to try new things like jumping out of planes at 10,000 feet in the air," I glance at my mother and laugh a little before I continue. "always take time for us, dream with you and encourage you to chase your dreams, to laugh with you, to fight with you, to cry with you, to hold you close to my heart. I loved you then, I love now and until the end of time I will always love you. Only you."

"Christian and Ana, do you two take each other to be your one and only? Again."

"We still do." I say.

"And always will." She agrees.

"Within tens years, together they have found a friendship, started a beautiful family, and built a long lasting marriage." Elliot says to our loved ones. "You and I have shared their lives and their love with them. We've all watched them grow into the people they are today. It is my great honor to announce the newly remarried, Christian and Anastasia Grey. You may kiss your wife."

I grin at my beautiful wife and wrap her in my arms as our family cheers when I kiss her soft lips. I lift her out of the water and hold her to me as she kicks her feet back grinning into our kiss. When I set her back down, I kiss her lips twice more before I pull away, grinning at our loved ones.

"Ana and I would like to thank you all for joining us on this surprise vow renewal trip to Bora Bora. We have dinner and cake inside for everyone."

I lift my wife from the water and carry her, bridal style, towards the hut with our family following us.

When we enter the main room, I set her down then go into our room to change my pants since they are soaked from the water.

When I return to the main room, Gail, Carla and my mom begin setting up the food, buffet style on one side of the room along the breakfast bar. Gail keeps the cake in the refrigerator, we'll bring it out when it's time. It's a little too warm to have the cake sitting out and we have the back glass sliding doors wide open so it looks like the back deck and main room are all the same room.

Ana is fixing Teddy's plate, Kate is feeding Gracie, Elliot has EJ. All the kids and adults are eating and laughing as they talk about the surprise we just gave them. We may not have done the whole shebang with how got married 7 years ago, but I'm happy to share this moment with our family and friends 10 years after I met the love of my life.

I walk to the IPod docking station I have set up for us to play music while we enjoy ourselves. Ana immediately stops what she's doing and turns around when she hears the start of the song I'm playing. Nobody in this room knows the meaning of this song except her and I so they continue to talk and laugh as I walk up to my beautiful girl.

Soon her beautiful is being heard through the speakers and everyone stops what they are doing immediately recognizing her sweet beautiful voice.

I just want you close
Where you can stay forever

"Ana, is that you?" Kate asks her.

"Yeah." She smiles at me with tears in her eyes.

"Dance with me, Mrs. Grey." I hold my hand out for her.

She looks back at my mother who nods to let her know she will help Teddy with his food then accepts my hand.

I lead her to the middle of the room and dance with my wife, the love of my life of the last 10 years. It's just like 7 years ago in our apartment. We're dancing in our own little bubble, smiling at each other with love in our eyes. I gently kiss her lips as we sway to and fro, back and forth, spinning around and around.

When the song ends everyone claps as we stop dancing and kiss once more.

"Wow, Ana." Carla says. "I didn't know you could sing like that."

Ana blushes as everyone in the room is in agreement that she has a beautiful voice.

I grab my mom to dance with her so Carla takes over helping Teddy even though he's done eating and wanting to play with his cousins. Ana and Ray follow us to the middle of the room so we can share our mother/son and father/daughter dance together. As we're dancing, I see Gail take out our cake because I told her after we dance with our parents we'll serve the cake.

"Are you having a good time, mom?" I ask her as we dance.

"Yes, darling." She smiles. "Regardless of you and your wife trying to kill me earlier, I am."

I chuckle as we move around the room.

"I was the same way at first." I tell her. "When Ana and I first came here, she wanted to go skydiving. I thought she was crazy and had a death wish. I told her I would go if she didn't tell anyone I cried for my mommy, but it was surprisingly fun, although..." I chuckle remembering our last trip here. "She was the one scared shitless when we were in the plane, ready to jump."

"I'm lucky I married your father."

"Why's that?" I ask thinking she's going to give me marital advice.

"Because I would have needed someone to represent me when I strangled you and Ana."

I chuckle again.

"You enjoyed it, though. Skydiving." I clarify.

"I wont admit to that." She enjoyed it. She told me earlier. "What I will admit to is how happy I am for you and Ana. You two have come a long way these last 10 years. Thank you for sharing this with us. I understand weddings are for the couple." She gives me a small apologetic smile. "But I still wanted to be a part of it and I'm so glad you two did this for us."

"They are also for loved ones to enjoy. That's why Ana and I decided to sort of renew our vows. It's been ten years since we met and I'd marry her everyday if I could. I love her, mom. More than anything. I love her, Teddy, and Gracie. They mean the world to me."

"I know, sweet boy. I'm so very, very glad you are happy."

"Aw, mom, don't cry." I wipe her tears.

"Happy tears, darling. Happy tears." She tries to fight her tears but I can see they are about to fall uncontrollably.

"Switch!" I shout out.

My mother looks surprised and everyone looks around, wondering what the fuck I'm talking about, then they all laugh when I leave my mom to dance with Ray. Ana and my mother then dance together until the song finishes, which doesn't take long since it was almost over.

After we finish our dances the music stays on, playing random songs from the IPod and some of our loved ones begin dancing. I know we said we would do the cake when we finished dancing but I haven't ate yet and Ana only had a few bites before I pulled her away to dance so we're going to eat first.

I've finished eating but I got carried away, talking with the guys.

I notice Ana kneeling by our two tiered cake, talking to Teddy. I can't see his face but I know it's our son by his unruly copper locks. I wonder who he gets that from? I walk over to them and hear Ana talking to him.

"Teddy, did you eat some of the cake?"

I can now see him, and sure enough, he has frosting all over his face. I look at the cake and see a small hand print in the back.

"No, mommy." He says very sweetly.

"Are you sure?"

"I diwn't." He shakes his head.

"Teddy, look in that mirror behind you." Ana tells him and lifts him so he can.

Teddy turns around to look in the mirror, seeing the frosting mess on his face.

"Oh." He says like he's caught. "Oh," He says turning back around to face his mother. "yes, I guess I dib."

Ana giggles as she puts Teddy back down and cleans his face.

"It's not nice to lie Theodore Raymond."

"I sowy." He pouts.

"Give mommy a kiss and I'll let daddy know you're ready for some cake." He kisses his mother then quickly runs to play with his cousins.

Ana stands and smiles when she sees me standing behind her.

"Teddy's ready for cake."

"I can see that." I chuckle. "Let's cut our cake before he has any accomplices."

I look over my shoulder at our son who is dancing around with Ava, Mya, Chrissy, Kelly and Sophie. Gail has taken Gracie and EJ into our bedroom for a nap with Carla's help. Elliot and Grandpa are trying to teach Zachary, Andrew and Aidan a magic trick. And the other adults are having a great time, mingling.

"Everyone." I call their attention. "Ana and I are going to cut the cake. We didn't do this when we first got married because we didn't have a cake. Since we've done the whole vow renewal, we thought we'd share everything else that a reception would entail, including the cake cutting."

After everyone gathers around us, I stand behind Ana and as she holds the knife, I hold her hand and together we cut our cake, away from where Teddy sampled it, of course. We'll save that piece for him. We put the slice of cake onto a plate then cut two smaller pieces that we will feed to each other. I pick up my piece that I will feed to her and Ana picks up hers then turns around to face me. Very gently, Ana feeds me my piece. Mmmmm, it's delicious. Here, baby, have some. I feed her the piece I have just as sweetly.

"More?" She asks me.

"Of course." Always.

She picks up a small piece and feeds me, smashing the cake in my mouth as she laughs. She squeals when I grab her and kiss her with cake all over my face and getting it on hers, I even give her a little tongue action but it makes my dick stir so I pull back. Her eyes are darker now, I know that look, it's time to wrap this party up so we can enjoy the after party in our bedroom.

After Ana and I clean ourselves, we serve everyone cake. I see my mom holding Gracie so she must have woke up. I relieve my mother of baby duty so she can enjoy some cake. As I'm feeding Gracie some cake, I notice it's dark enough outside so after I finish with her I tell everyone to meet us outside.

Taylor, Sawyer, and Elliot help me with the lanterns as everyone comes outside with their cake to see what's going on. Ana takes Gracie from me and I hold Teddy's hand along with our lantern as we walk to the water's edge. Taylor, Sawyer and Elliot have passed out lanterns to every adult and is lighting them as I light ours.

"Fire hot!" Teddy exclaims holding his mother's hand while she holds our daughter.

"Yes, Teddy." Ana says. "It is very hot so we can't touch."

"Daddy, don't touch it!"

"I'm being careful, buddy." I assure him.

Soon our lantern lifts and floats up into the nights sky. I pick up Teddy and wrap my arm around Ana as she holds Gracie then watch as our lantern is followed by our family's lanterns and soon the night's sky is full of lanterns.


"Yes, Teddy." I agree with him, looking at his mother. "Mommy is very pretty."

"Not me, Christian." She giggles. "He's talking about the lanterns."

"Well, you are still very pretty." I kiss her sweetly.

"Mama, is dis is de end?"

"No, Teddy." She tells him, looking at me. "It's just the beginning."

We walk back towards the house together after the lanterns have floated away.

Our loved ones can here in their personal huts and enjoy a tropical vacation or they can return to Seattle tomorrow with my parents, Teddy and Gracie. They are going to watch our children for us while we enjoy an extra few days on the island.

Since it is so late, my mother takes her grandbabies into the house and to a bedroom the children will share to put them to sleep. Ana offered to help but her mother told her to enjoy the rest of our day and helped my mother. Before my mother went inside she showed Ana and I a picture she took of us with our backs facing the camera as we stood near the water watching the lanterns and holding our babies. It's a beautiful picture and Ana wants to blow it up and hang it on our mantel.

Ana and I are now laying in the sand together as everyone else does their own thing.

"I love you, Anastasia."

"I love you, Christian. I don't think I could possibly love you anymore than I already do but somehow, I love you more and more every single day. You've given me so much, more than I could ever ask for, with Teddy and Gracie and your whole loving family. I was an only child whose parents divorced when we met and now I have more love than I can ever imagine possible. I'll never get enough of you." She kisses me.

"Oh, baby." I kiss her gently on her lips. "I'll never get enough."

The End.

Christian 27
Anastasia 25
Teddy 3
Gracie approximately 9mths

Children's Ages In This Chapter From Oldest To Youngest

Sophie 10 (Taylor)
Andrew 9 (Andrea/Dan)
Aidan 9 (Andrea/Dan)
Zack 9 (Sawyer/Lucy)
Ava 7 (Elliot/Kate)
Mya 3 (Elliot/Kate)
Kelly 3 (Sawyer/Lucy)

Teddy 3 (Christian/Anastasia)
Chrissy 3 (Mia/Ethan)
Elliot Jr. 2 (Elliot/Kate)
Gracie 9mths. (Christian/Anastasia)