Hey guys. This is my Marshall x Everest story, my favorite pairing. This story is not related to my other story, but my heart cryed out for this. This is a short story , probably 3 chapters. Here goes the first one, enjoy it.

He knew why he was there, in a frozen hell, tired, almost passed out, but most of all, afraid. All he could do is keep searching, he couldn't give up, not because somebody was forcing him to do it, nobody even knew where he was. He just wanted to do it, because there was something even stronger than his fear for death. His bravery was growing more and more with every step he took. He felt that he was getting closer...to her.

Since the first time he saw her, Marshall could feel something growing on his chest, it felt so good, so beautiful, that always that he was around her; he felt even more clumsy than usual. He knew what it was, but couldn't accept it, like he felt inferior to her, like he wasn't made for her. All he could do was feel sadness in his heart. But he didn't know that the real sadness will arrive soon.

Marshall was sitting next to a big tree in the front of the lookout, looking at the pups play their games. It all seems so happy, nothing could ruin this day. Until Ryder had to call them.

-"Pups, to the lookout, quickly" They could feel fear in his voice, so they ran as fast as they could. Marshall felt like something was ... –"Something's wrong…" he thought before stand up and ran to the lookout.

It looks very serious. Even Marshall felt it, so he walked slowly to the elevator to make sure that he couldn't kick anybody. –"Strange…" they thought as the elevator went to the top.

All the pups were dressed in their suits. Chase was in his Super Spy gear and Marshall was in his EMT gear. They all lined up in front of the big screen and a worried Ryder.

-"Pups, this is an emergency. Jake called me from his mountain; he was on an exploring trip with Everest. They were getting closer to a cave, but suddenly a snow storm started and both were out of sight of each other. Jake says that he can't find Everest anywhere." The pups all gasped hearing that, except for Marshall, who was stunned. He couldn't even move,the fear filled his body. Just even thing than something could happen to Everest made him think the worst. –"Ryder, we have to find her!" said Marshall getting everybody's attention. –"And we will, Marshall. I need you all to come with me. We will find her no matter what! PAW Patrol is on a roll!" Ryder said before jump to his pole. All the pups slid down the slide, Marshall was the last one, before jumped he took a deep breath and said –"No matter what, Everest…" as he followed the others.

They all arrived; they saw Jake sitting in the front of his cabin. All the pups jumped off their vehicles, Ryder walked over to him. He seems really worried, his hands and legs were shaking for the cold and his face gave them a look of fear and sadness.

-"Jake, what happened? Ryder asked,

-"I don't know, it happened too fast. All I can remember is me, running away from the storm, leaving Everest alone…" After he said that, Jake started to cry out loud.

–"Its ok Jake, you couldn't do anything, is not your fall." Ryder said as he hugged Jake. -"Where is the last place that you remember?" Ryder asked.

–"*snif* A cave, a few miles away from here, is close to a river. Just in the entrance, the storm made me run away from there; maybe… Everest is still in the cave!" shouted Jake.

–"Ryder we have to find her, but the storm is getting worse by every minute".

–"What are we waiting for?!" Everybody turned to see an angry Marshall, almost in tears yelling at Ryder.

–"Marshall, I know that you're worried about Everest, but you heard Jake, this storm is getting worse, we can't risk us to lose another pup, is too dangerous." Ryder said trying to calm down the Dalmatian. –"But if we don't do anything she could-…she could-…something could happen to her…" at this point, Marshall already had tears rolling down his cheeks. Ryder gets closer to him so he could calm him down. –"If something happen to her…I don't know what I'm going to do. Please, Ryder. Please..."

-"I'm not saying that we won't look for her, but now this is too dangerous. Please, just wait until tomorrow, ok?"

–"*snif* ok…" whispered Marshall as he moved away from him Then, they heard a loud noise coming from the forest. –"We better get into the cabin, the storm is coming here. Tomorrow should be fine to start searching" all the pups nodded in agreement, except for Marshall.-"She can't wait until tomorrow". Anyways, they all entered the cabin.

That same night, Ryder woke up in the middle of the night, -"I better get some drink so I can go to sleep aiga-"but suddenly, he heard a trucks engine start, he ran to the closest window only to see Marshall driving to the forest.

– "No, Marshall! Come back here" he get his pup pad and tried to call him, but he get no answer. –"Ryder!" he turned to see Chase standing up next to him. –"I heard something that woke up me, what happened?" –"Chase, Marshall ran away. He tries to find Everest!" –"What?! Ryder, we have to get him back" –"Wait Chase! Remember, the storm is growing stronger, is too risky." –"But Ryder, what should we do?!". Ryder didn't know how to answer. He couldn't risk any other pup, but Marshall was in danger. –"I don't know…"

I do love Marshall and Everest, their stories makes me so happy so I had to write my own one. I hope I have done well.