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Chapter 7-Fights, Farewells & Funerals

Third Person's P.O.V.

It was a week afterwards that the body of Zaraki Kenpachi was found. His mangled remains were all that was left in the ruins of the King's Court guild. His body was found by a pair of wandering kids, who will always see the body of the broken, defeated man every time they close their eyes.

It wasn't easy to try and determinate who the body belonged to, as the face was quite disfigured due to the third-degree burns he suffered. Much of his flesh had begun to decompose, leaving the cloudy white of bone behind. Luckily, or unluckily depending on your perspective, his guild mark was still visible, through scarred and bloodied. After comparing what little description they manage to write about him, they matched him to his Magnolia citizenship photo, and guild registration. Though Dark, the King's Court took care of their dead. They took the body, and cremated it. February the 13th was a dark day for all of Magnolia, even if they didn't know what it was about.

Orihime's P.O.V.

"From the breath of God he was created. And now, by God's own hand, he shall be taken. Ashes to ashes. Dust to dust. May Zaraki Kenpachi rest in peace, high above with the angels of heaven forever." The Priest finished his solemn prayer, and quietly departed from the congregation. The few members who attended slowly filed out: not many knew my Zaki well, because he never stayed at the guild for long. Soon, it was only the kids, Lucy and I. I took a deep breath, and refused to remember. Refused to remember his large calloused hands, his spiky hair, him dark and emotive eyes, the way he held me tenderly every night…

It was too late. The tears poured out faster than the rain, the two liquids mixing and flowing down my red face. I tilted my head up, and before I knew it, I was yelling at the sky,

"WHY? WHY DID YOU HAVE TO LEAVE?! YOU BASTERD!" Lucy ran to me, and, dropping her umbrella, wrapped her strong arms around me, and held me as we shook with rage, sadness, and uselessness. I wasn't quite sure when Renji and Rukia decided to join us, but there we were: sobbing our pathetic little hearts out, in a decrepit cemetery under the opened heavens.

"Come back, daddy! Who's going to take care of us, and feed us, and get money for us, and read up bed-time stories, and teach Renji-nii how to sword fight?! Come back!" My little Ruki-chan was yelling with me, and Lucy joined, and so did Renji. The pitter-patter of the rain drops were drowned out by our voices, before we finally stopped. The rain soon stopped, and the clouds cleared, revealing a gleaming sun, as it watched over our miserable farewells.

I'll never remember the next few days for the rest of my life. The four of us huddled in the house, only moving to complete to most basic of tasks, just enough to keep going.

What finally got me out of my haze, was when a bald guy knocked on my door.

I'd been making a simple dinner of bread and sausages, when someone knocked. Instinct had me pointing the knife at the door before I knew what I was doing. Calculations ran through my head:

'The door is around the corner, 3 paces from the side wall. The kids' rooms are through the dining room, and are on the right 5 paces. It will take him about 10 seconds to reach the kids, through the dining, therefore this person will definitely come into the kitchen first, especially since I've got the sound of the fire going to cooking the fucking sausages. I've got a small knife in my hand, but 2 large ones in the cupboard. I will take those on the way to answering the door. If I knew the person on the other side of the door, they wouldn't knock. That leaves either some pesky visitor, or one of Zaraki's acquaintances.' My eyes pricked at his name, but I refused to cry, not when I had the kids, and Lucy to defend.

'If it's the second, I can expect him to be strong, quick, or very talented. However, I didn't grow up in District 70 without being tough. The racket might draw Lucy and the kids, so I'll have to make it fast.'

With the adrenalin running through my brain, I temporarily forgot all but the need to protect what was mine. My family, and my home, as shit as it was.

I grabbed a meat cleaver, and a long thin vegetable knife from the cupboard on my right. I quietly stepped to the door, while pleasantly calling out,


I waited a second, before opening the door, slamming it behind me, and pinning whoever it was to the wall opposite the door, knife poised at his jugular. His hairless head had me blinking, but I kept the weapon where it was. He slowly raised his hands in defeat, saying,

"Peace, Orihime. My name is Ikkaku, and I'm here to fulfil a promise. "

Lucy's P.O.V.

In the days following, I frequented the Kenpachi household, making sure they were fed and clean. Today however, I decided that Orihime was functioning enough for me to leave for a while, to train.

As I reached a new training spot, I summoned Loke. He held me, as I hadn't called out any of the spirits over the last few days. I finally calmed down, and explained.

"I need to have revenge on whoever killed him. If they could take down Zaraki, they will be strong. I need to be stronger. No more Lucy Heartfelia. Only Brandy." And I shed the Lucy persona. I let go of her characteristics, and took away her disguise. Loke nodded grimly, and attacked me without warning.

I WILL become stronger. I WILL have revenge on Zaraki. I WILL destroy whoever it was.

And, I WILL make it painful.

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