Chapter 2: Mistakes in Moonlight

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"Deripie," Kuri said, frowning as the two exited the gates at Kuchiki Manor and started down the darkened street that led northeast, to Shima Adobe, "You look like something is bothering you."

"And what do you think that would be?" the lovely Latina woman asked sarcastically, her eyes flashing, "I don't suppose it could be that I feel badly for that angelito who is being forced into marriage with me. Did you see his face, mì hermano? He is terrified of what we must do on our wedding night."

"And I know you are not so happy about giving to him what you wish you could give to..."

He paused at the scathing look of warning she gave him and altered his words slightly.

", to someone of your choice."

"Is that so wrong?" Aderia argued, "I would get married to a person I chose, if that person was available and the elders would approve, but you know they will not."

"Yes. And Tetsu-hana faces something similar with the Kuchiki council. You know I would do something about that if it was in my power, but some things are just not. We are all going to have to accept something we don't want. We will just have to make the best of it."

"I know that," Aderia said shortly, "Now leave me alone, Hermano. I want to do some thinking."

"Leave you alone?" Kuri inquired, frowning, "But it's late. I'll walk you home, then you can think all you want."

"Do you think I can't take care of myself, burro?" Aderia snapped, "Just go!"

"No gentleman leaves a lovely lady alone in the dark," Kuri argued.

"Hmpf," Aderia huffed saucily, "That's fine, because you are no gentleman! Get out of here!"

"All right. Suit yourself," Kuri sighed in annoyance, "Just be..."

"You be careful! The way I am right now, I'm more dangerous than any mugger."

Aderia turned on her heel and flash stepped away. She continued towards home, her reiatsu blazing and snapping and his lips loosing furious curses under her breath. She rounded a corner, so angry she could barely see and almost tripped over a large lumplike shape in the middle of the trail. She altered course mid-step and turned back, frowning, then making a sound of surprise as she realized that the shape was not a thing, but a collapsed person.

And not just any person...

"Ogano!" she gasped, turning the young man onto his back and gazing down at his bruised and battered face, "Ogano, wake up!"

She infused his body hastily with healing power, searching him carefully and making the cuts and bruises slowly disappear, then he touched his face and smoothed his hair, watching as his eyes opened and blinked, trying to focus.

"Aderia-chan?" he whispered in a confused tone, "What are you doing here? It's so late and it isn't safe."

Aderia gave him a sweet, gentle smile.

"I think I'm doing better than you, pan dulce. You are a mess! Who did this to you?"

"Oh," Ogano said, sitting up slowly, then wincing and rubbing the back of his head, "I don't know. They kind of came out of nowhere."

"You were making a delivery at this time of night?"

"At the end of the day, if there are some things that didn't sell, I take them to the orphanage up the street from here. I was going home," Ogano explained.

"It looks like you are not going to get there tonight," Aderia chuckled, "Why don't you let me help you? You are not going to walk all of the way back home from here in your condition. I will take you to Shima adobe, where I can make sure you are fed and cared for tonight."

"Oh, I will be fine!" the young man tried to argue.

"I won't hear it!" Aderia insisted, "You will let me take care of you and that's final!"

Ogano laughed softly, then flinched and put a hand on his sore ribs.

"Come," Aderia urged him, helping him to his feet.

Ogano leaned against her, placing an arm around her shoulders. They continued down the path for several minutes before Ogano made a sound of pain and stopped them.

"Ah! I feel so dizzy..." he mumbled.

"Well, don't faint," Aderia said worriedly, "I don't think I can carry you and I'm not leaving you here."

"Maybe we can just rest for a few minutes."

Aderia nodded.

"There is a nice place in the park right there."

She helped him to a large oak tree, where the two sat down under the shining moon. Aderia examined the young man more closely, opening his shirt and working for several minutes at soothing his bruised ribs.

"Those animals who did this better stay away from me," she seethed under her breath.

She loosed a longer stream of Spanish epithets as Ogano watched and his lips curved into an amused smile. Aderia looked up at him and paused.

"What is that look?" she asked him.

Ogano chuckled.

"Your language is beautiful, Aderia-chan, even when you are swearing," he answered, smirking.

Aderia sucked in a surprised breath.

"How did you...? You know Spanish?"

"Some," the young man confessed, "I learned bits and pieces growing up with some Spanish speaking friends."

"Oh!" Aderia stammered, blushing, "sorry if I offended you! I was just so angry that those beasts hurt you. You are so kind to everyone and they dared to lay hands on you. It makes me want to destroy them myself!"

Aderia went breathless at the affectionate look he gave her. Ogano touched her face gently and his smile warmed.

"You are such a beautiful and spirited young woman, Aderia-chan. I always look forward to seeing you when you come to my stand."

"I am always happy to see you too," Aderia confessed, "I wish that..."

She froze as Ogano's hand touched hers and she followed his eyes up to the lovely moon. She knew she should say something, that she should stop him, but it was as though the moonlight itself had seeped inside her and made her mind spin chaotically. Ogano seemed likewise affected, and he curved a hand around her cheek, then leaned towards her and brought their lips together.

"You are like music, Aderia-chan," Ogano whispered, "and it's so strange. I know I shouldn't be so bold, but my arms want so much to hold you and my mouth to taste yours. I don't know what's happening!"

He tumbled into Aderia's pretty, widened eyes, savaging her equally hungry lips with hard, plundering kisses. She laid down on her back, helping his hands to undress then pressed her bare body against his and kissed him more ardently.

"Oh ángel! ¿dónde has estado toda mi vida?" she panted, running her fingers through his hair as he ran warm kissed along her throat, then dipped his head to press them to an erect, pink nipple. (Angel, where have you been all of my life?)

"Lo siento, mi amor, no puedo detenerme," Ogano apologized, "You are so beautiful, Aderia-chan! I feel like I will die if I don't make love to you!"

Aderia turned suddenly, bringing him down onto his back and mounting him, then attacking his mouth with hard, biting kisses as his body joined with hers.

"I don't know what spell in on us," she managed, sinking into his mouth again, "but I can't stop either!"

The two surrendered to a barrage of wild, unrestrained thrusts that ended with them slowing and locking stunned eyes as their bodies seized and fell into long, pleasant shudders of completion. They remained joined and stealing glances at the moon as their bodies calmed, then sat up slowly, their hearts quickening again as they realized what they'd done.

"Oh!" Aderia gasped, looking down at her plundered body and feeling guilt grip her insides, " ¡Oh Dios mío! What have I done?"

"You did nothing wrong," Ogano assured her, taking her hand and kissing her fingertips, "I knew it was wrong and I couldn't help it. I love you, Aderia!"

Aderia's dark eyes filled with sudden tears.

"But this can't be happening!" she exclaimed, "I am supposed to be getting married to Kuchiki Tetsuya! Ogano, I sorry! What horrible things you must think of me!"

"No!" Ogano insisted, brushing away her tears and kissing a flushed cheek, "Aderia, don't blame yourself. It was my fault! You see, I knew you were going to marry someone else."

Aderia blinked.


"It's true," Ogano confessed, his face going red, "I knew you were promised to someone else and I wished with all of my heart that person could be me. Then, seeing you under the stars tonight, I couldn't stop myself. I don't know why I let this happen, but I love you so much, I can't even be sorry! You must despise me!"

Aderia gave him a sweet, sad smile.

"Ogano, I could never hate you," she sighed, running her fingers through his hair and kissing him again, "You bring music to my heart."

A tear ran down her face and she cuddled up against him, burying her pretty face in his shoulder.

"Mamà told me once that when she met my father, she felt music in her heart, and it wouldn't let her leave him. And even when he was called to the royal realm to serve the king, and she had to stay here without him, she felt that music with her. That heartsong that never leaves her soul. That is what you do to me, Ogano. No matter what happens, I will love you forever. Please forgive me!"

Ogano smiled and a tear ran down his handsome face.

"Aderia, there is nothing for me to forgive. It was my fault. Please don't blame yourself. I just wanted for us to have once. Because you made my heart sing too, and I knew if I was with you just this once, you would stay in my heart forever!"

The two surrendered to a storm of passionate kisses, surrendering easily to another heated joining. They let their bodies calm slowly, then dressed and continued on towards Shima adobe.

"I am sorry to ask, but please don't say anything about this," Aderia pleaded softly, "I just don't know how I could explain..."

"I won't say anything," Ogano said sadly, squeezing her hand, "I don't want to get you into trouble. And your brother would probably hunt me down and kill me."

"I wouldn't let him do that," Aderia replied, managing a soft, amused laugh as they approached the house.

"You will still come by sometimes to the stand, won't you?" Ogano pleaded softly, "I can make myself accept you can't be with me, but...please tell me it won't be too awkward just to let me see your beautiful face now and then?"

"Of course I'll come to the stand," Aderia promised, "We can still be friends, Ogano, even if we can't be together."

"I'm glad," Ogano sighed, squeezing her hand again, "At least that's something."


Kurushimi felt a little guilty twinge as he slipped in through the back gate of Kuchiki Manor and entered the gardens, using the fragrant foliage as cover as he crept towards Tetsuya's bedroom. His fingertips brushed against the charm in his pocket and an unbidden smile touched his lips. He moved closer, watching closely as Tetsuya and his attendant emerged from the nearby bathing chamber, both dressed in sleeping clothes and talking quietly.

"I am sorry, Tetsuya-san," Koji apologized, "I wish that things could be different for you. I know you're not comfortable with this arrangement. Byakuya-sama is unhappy about it too."

"But who can help it?" Tetsuya sighed, "At least, Aderia-chan is a very kind person. She is pretty and I like her a lot. I just...feel sick inside at what I have to do to her. It's too much like hurting her, and I don't want to do that."

"I know you don't," Koji said bracingly.

"But it has to be. There's no way out of it," Tetsuya sighed, "Not for Aderia-chan and not for me. I just hope she can be happy being married to me. I will try to make her happy."

"I know you will," Koji encouraged him, following him into the bedroom.

Kuri moved closer, then waited outside the room until he heard Koji wish his master goodnight and his footsteps retreating from Tetsuya's rooom. He inched forward then, stepping up carefully onto the wooden walkway and grateful for the breeze that covered the little creaks as he approached Tetsuya's door. He smiled at there being no sign he had been noticed, and slipped into the room, pausing so his eyes would adjust and then walking softly towards the bed.

"Kurushimi-sama," Tetsuya said suddenly, freezing him in place, "what are you doing here?"

Kuri stared at him in silence, his words disappearing for a moment as Tetsuya sat up in his bed and looked up at him through saddened eyes.

"Don't you think this is hard enough without you haunting my dreams at night too?"

Kuri continued to stare at him, lost for words as Tetsuya climbed out of bed and approached him.

"I have to be asleep, don't I?" Tetsuya went on, standing in front of him and reaching up to touch his handsome face, "Because you would never break clan rules and come into my bedroom on the eve of my engagement to your sister, and make love to me, knowing that we can't be together, would you?"

Kuri slid his arms around the younger man and held him tightly, burying his face in Tetsuya's still damp and sweet smelling black hair.

"I don't mean to dishonor us," Kuri said, finding his voice again, "but I felt bad at having done as I did, and I wanted to apologize."

Tetsuya smiled and Kuri's heart skipped painfully.

"If you only wanted to apologize, you would have waited until morning to do so," he reasoned, "You didn't come here to apologize."

"No," Kuri sighed, "I came here because you are too beautiful for me to resist!"

He plunged into Tetsuya's mouth, wanting to cry at how soft his flesh was and how good he tasted. He ravaged every inch of that sweetness, then left his mouth to bite and suck gently at the pale skin of his throat to open his yukata and run kisses along his collarbone, then to taste a proud, pink nipple.

"Kurushimi-sama!" Tetsuya panted as the elder man lifted him off his feet and carried him to the bed.

He laid Tetsuya on his back and fell down beside him, diving onto his lover's waiting body and devouring every inch of exposed flesh he could. Tetsuya tried hard to keep silent. He bit hard at his lips and clenched his hands tightly where they held on to Kuri's shoulders. He felt a questioning touch on his thigh and spread them wide, earning a sound of enthusiastic approval from his secret lover. Tetsuya blinked in surprise as something was set around his shoulders.

"To make sure I don't impregnate you," Kuri said shortly.

"That would be awkward," Tetsuya agreed, watching closely as Kuri's fingers prepared him, "I wish that things could be different. You are amazing, Kurushimi-sama!"

"Tetsu-hana," Kuri chided him, "I believe I told you to call me Kuri-kuri. Are you defying your future brother-in-law and clan leader? I shall have to punish you severely."

He took hold of Tetsuya's slender wrists and held them down, glaring into the younger man's eyes until Tetsuya was brightly flushed and his heart was pounding.

"I shall punish you by making love to you until you cannot stand!" Kuri promised, entering Tetsuya in slow, unhurried thrusts that stole the younger man's breath away, "I hope you are prepared to pay the price for your sin."

"Oh!" Tetsuya gasped, raising his hips to meet Kuri's hard, fast thrusts, "Kuri-kuri-sama!"

Their words disappeared into a hailstorm of wickedly beautiful undulations. Kuri's mouth came down on his just in time to swallow a hard cry of intense pleasure as the two climaxed together, surrendering to gripping shudders of completion. Kuri collapsed against Tetsuya's shoulder, remaining buried in his body and stealing drowsy kisses as he began to drift off. He came awake again a short time later and noted that Tetsuya seemed to have fallen asleep. With a guilty smile, he started to climb out of bed, then stopped as a soft hand touched his arm.

"Kuri-kuri-sama, do you have to leave?" Tetsuya whispered, "I know it isn't right, but...I wish that you could stay with me. I haven't been with anyone in a long time, and it is such a comfort to not feel lonely. Will you stay with me tonight?"

"Hmm," Kuri sighed, "I know I shouldn't...but...I can't say no to you, my flower. So, if you will use your powers to make sure I am not seen leaving in the morning, then yes, I will stay with you tonight."

The smile Tetsuya gave him, warmed Kuri to the core, and he found himself falling deep into Tetsuya's blue eyes and surrendering easily to the desire to join with him again. It was nearly morning when the two parted from their final heated joining, panting hard and deeply sated. Kuri curled his body tightly around Tetsuya's and kissed him on the forehead.

"You are a true beauty, Kuchiki Tetsuya," he whispered, "I know in my heart I will love you forever!"