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Tuesday 14:23

Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado Springs

".So basically they want us to hold some kind of competion in the form of an. er. trial. The one who wins the trial will have the opportunity to claim a prize." Daniel explains to General Hammond as the whole of SG-1 is debriefing him about their mission to PXH-568.

"In which case we could ask for an amount of Tridialium." Sam adds enthusiastically, she couldn't wait to get her hands on this new alloy they discovered.

Jack O'Neill frowns, he knows the two scientists of his team are already dreaming about what they could do with this metal. Still, some things just didn't feel right here. "Ok, that's all really nice but who says we're going to win? With all respect Daniel, you have a lot of knowledge about ancient cultures but what about law? I don't feel like losing this *trial*. God knows what they're going to ask as their prize." Unintentionally his gaze goes to Major Carter who is sitting next to him. Not that he knows for certain that the Tridians would claim a person of his team but he wasn't about to go risk it.

General Hammond nods. "I'm afraid I'm with Colonel O'Neill on this one. We can not risk losing."

Right away Sam and Daniel's faces drop. "But sir, this is our one chance to get to this alloy. We never before came across this and chances our we never will. This Tridialium is as powerful as naquada but it is a lot more stable. Actually, I think both substances are related."

"Carter, that's all sweet and dandy but is it really worth the risk?" Jack would like to know.

Sam turns towards him and looks at him seriously considering his question. "I think so, sir." She then turns to Hammond again. "Sir, if this alloy would be widespread, I'm sure the Goa'uld would use it. But we never ran into any technology based on Tridialium."

"That doesn't mean there isn't any." O'Neill points out right away and looks at Teal'c.

The Jaffa nods in agreement and breaks out of his silence. "I can not say that I have heard of this metal before. But there are a lot of things Apophis has kept a secret from me. I am sure this could be one of them."

"Exactly!" Sam cries out a bit too enthusiastic. "Sir, we do not want to run the risk that the Goa'uld do know about this and maybe even use it to their advantage. Imagine coming across any kind of technology when aboard a mothership and not knowing anything about this." She looks at her CO and General Hammond pleadingly.

Jack lets out a soft moan and rubs through his already dishevelled hair. "Cater has a point." He says not happy to admit it, especially when he sees her beaming next to him over her victory.

Hammond seems to realise the importance of getting their hands on some Tridialium as well. "Dr. Jackson, what do we know about these people and their culture?"

That right away sets off the young enthusiastic archaeologist. "Well, sir. From what I can tell their culture shows some resemblance to the Phoenicians. Only, they have evolved A LOT. I think it's safe to say that they have reached about our technological level. Only just like the Phoenicians they are a maritime culture and the law. well it seems that their whole culture turns around it. Even more than ours, sir. Which explains this trial that they proposed to us. It's really interesting, apparently a good insight in the law seems to have taken the place of money. It's really unique."

"Daniel, stick to the point." Jack interrupts him as he notices the young man is dangerously starting to ramble on.

"I see." Hammond says and frowns as he tries to weigh their options. "Dr Jackson, do you think you could win this trial?"

Daniel pouts his lips thinking and pushes his glasses back. "Honestly, sir. I have no idea. They provided us with all their lawbooks and I can translate them but. well I'm an archaeologist, not a lawyer." The tone in his voice making it clear that he doesn't like not being one right now. "We could give it a try."

"A TRY?!" Jack cries out. "For crying out loud, Daniel. If we lose this, god knows what they'll demand!"

Daniel opens his mouth to ask the Colonel if he has a better idea but General Hammond cuts him off. "Colonel O'Neill is right, Daniel." Jack grins triumphal at that. "However, you and Major Carter have a good point as well." Now the two scientists are grinning. "But I think I have a way to solve this. This briefing is closed. SG-1 you have the rest of the day off. I expect you all back here tomorrow 10:00 hours. Dismissed." With that Hammond gets up and right away goes into his office, not giving his officers a chance to ask him any questions.

SG-1 remains around the table, looking puzzled at each other.

"What was that about?" Sam asks confused.

Jack shrugs. "Who knows, but at least I don't think we have to learn Tridian law." Daniel looks disappointed at that but Jack chooses to ignore it. "So anyone feel like a movie?" He asks grinning. Well if they had the rest of the day off, they better make the best of it.