No one is perfect.
Nothing is perfect
No life is perfect.

There is always a longing, a striving, for something more.
Something that will truly make us happy.
Have you noticed?
Have you seen just how this yearning we have cannot be filled by anything?

I know those
Who yearned for money
They got money
They yearned for love
They got love
They had everything they thought would make them happy
And yet, they were not.

Nothing in this world has ever satisfied me
Nothing in my life ever filled me
So I looked to the future
Towards a husband, a family, a home
And then, I look at my parents
They love each other, but
They fight
They get angry
Just having each other isn't always enough

So I look to riches
I look at the actors, millionares
Singers, but what are they singing?
Songs about hate, songs about depression
Songs about emptiness
Money and fame won't bring fulfillment
So what will?

No one is complete
No one is whole
Otherwise we wouldn't have
Suicides every day
We wouldn't have
Broken hearts, broken souls
Can't you see?

Can't you look at this shell of a world,
An egg that looks so round and smooth
But inside is rotten, spoiled?
The shell may be lovely
But the inside, the core, is decaying

This world is not perfect
We will never lead perfect lives
Are we then cursed
To be forever unsatisfied?

Perhaps some
May forever be
Perhaps many
Will deny this craving they have
The emptiness within
Perhaps they will say
They do not know what I'm talking about
But they have felt it

It's the feeling
That drives us all
To improve ourselves
To get richer
More popular
To look like we're perfect
But we aren't

"What is it worth
If a man gain the whole world
And lose his own soul?"
We're losing our souls

You say there is no God-shaped hole
But then, why do so many feel the need to believe in a god?
Why, through the ages, has the belief in a supreme being survived?
Christianity wasn't supposed to last to the 21st century
Did you know that?
They predicted it would die out
But we are here
And we are strong
And we refuse to become extinct

So many religions died out
So many that we no longer know the names of them
Isn't it funny
That the three biggest ones, ones that have lasted
All trace back to the same place?

You can deny all you want
You can show me "proof" until your face turns blue
Did you know Darwin became a Christian?
Did you know he said evolution could never have happened?

These theories come and go
God has always remained
Yesterday, today
And forever
Filling the emptiness
Within our souls