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STG Report on the Odd Couple

Senior Agent Vinaris to the STG Master

As requested, I've put together an initial briefing document covering everything we currently know regarding the Odd Couple. The name is somewhat obscure, apparently sourcing from some human pre-spaceflight audio/video entertainment show the Illusive Man was fond of. (The Illusive Man has a penchant for naming things after both human mythology and popular culture, apparently – something the Systems Alliance has also shown an affectation for. Baffling.)

As with all reports, by necessity, this document is not all inclusive with details, but instead provides high-order information that can be queried in depth at a later time. Much of the information was gathered via second-hand reporting (see cautions below) and cannot be rated at 100% accuracy. Furthermore, at least Kai Leng is well-trained in both counter-infiltration and espionage, and details of his current thought processes and psychology are conjectural at best.

This file is classified Virshan-Orange. This is the nine hundred and seventh Orange Section file since the origination of the first Special Task Order given by Dalatrass Shiron herself.

Caution: Read FIRST:

All information on both Kai Leng and Theodore Pellham is based on four sources: existing military records, eye-witness accounts, extranet information, and accumulated scans and examinations. Under no circumstances can this file be assumed complete, and as always assume that this file is a baseline of their abilities, not a comprehensive coverage.

While there are certainly other, more powerful figures in the galactic intelligence/espionage scene, very few have been active the twenty-plus years these two have. Keep in mind they were both part of the N7 team that rescued the Turian Primarch, have fought off asari war priestesses, and survived direct combat with P., Tazzik and even Tetrimus. They have far more experience than any STG agent at both direct and indirect combat and are distressingly quick to resort to the most appalling levels of violence.

They have both been instrumental in the deaths of multiple STG agents and should ALWAYS be considered extremely hostile singly. Together, per standing order 9954-thurta-eight, STG units engaging both Kai Leng and Theo Pellham are to flee on sight and request immediate orbital bombardment, either with mass accelerator fire or nerve agents. (Preferably both.)

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Formal Titles: Marine Lieutenant Colonel Kai Allard Leng, Knight of the Order of the Knights of Sol

Nicknames: The Black Wind

Race: Cybernetic human

Age and sex: 47, male

Wealth: Reasonably well-off. Owns private abode on Bekenstein in Raptor Mountains and extensive apartments in Shanghai Arcology. Estimated value of private sword collection at two million credits.

Psychological Summary: Falls into the Intense-Suppressed quadrant of secretive personalities. Prizes secrets and delights in misleading others due to distrust. Extremely anti-social. Emotionally suppressed by conscious choice, known issues with intimacy with women. No pathologies, but possible sociopathic tendencies.

Military Summary: N7 pre-Mindoir Reforms Close Quarters Combat Specialist. Q6 Jump Assisted armor pilot, M4 Honor Guard, and Z4 Guard of Iron ratings also achieved. Extremely high skills in all forms of unarmed, thrown, and melee combat. Capable of sparring with and matching the sword work of most war priestesses. Skilled with mid-range assault combat, known skills with poisons, explosives, encryption / communications systems, and field first aid. Awarded the Star of Sol and multiple other awards for gallantry and bravery.

Education: Standard Alliance officer training. Master's Degree in Encryption and Mathematics from the University of Arcturus (Online). Extensive training and course work in human psychology. Rated Grandmaster of the Blade by Sol Fencing/Kenjustu League.

Employment: Systems Alliance Military (former), currently employed by Cerberus.

Significant Family: Jhal Leng (only child, offspring with Kahlee Sanders). All other known family dead.

Overall Threat Rating: Black-Collapse Four

Historical Notes:

By all reports, Kai Allard Leng was born to lower-class parents on Earth. His early historical records are surprisingly difficult to confirm, but it would appear both Leng's father and mother were enlisted in the SA military. Leng was thus often raised by other relatives or friends. The father, in particular, was a senior soldier reporting to Admiral Grissom. At some point in his early years, Kai took on an affectation of swords due to one of his relatives being a sword master, and learned some of the art from him.

The brutal murder of his parents by suspected anti-Systems Alliance rebels when he was 15 coincided a year later with the death of his aunt and several other relatives in the Shanghai Riots. This is believed to have soured and blackened his outlook on life to a large degree. Smoke inhalation also damaged his throat and his voice was reduced to little more than a raspy whisper. He was forced to endure a period of privation and living on the streets, and while Leng entered into secondary education, he was unhappy with his life and sought out adventure. At some point prior to enlisting into the human military, he became extremely cynical.

Leng entered the military at 16 by lying about his age, then pushed himself to be the best. Little detail can be ascertained from this military record (see subfile 493-Leng-A for military career notes.) He was involved for seven years with the daughter of Admiral Grissom, Kahlee Sanders. Shortly after the birth of their child and the mission to rescue the Primarch, the two had a severe falling out that ended up in violence.

It is still not known what caused this, but Leng fled with his son and began doing various mercenary jobs. Shortly afterwards, he was approached (along with Theo Pellham) by General Rachel Florez, and entered the service of Cerberus.

We know that both Kai and Pel had contact with Cerberus elements or personnel who would later become Cerberus (namely, the Illusive Man and General Petrovsky) as far back as Shanxi. Kai's own severe dislike of turians and aliens in general contributed to his joining the group.


Kai Leng's primary motivation appears to be the murder of any living thing that irritates or annoys him. He does not fight for money, for power, or for ideals. He fights because he enjoys killing, plain and simple. He does not value life, and has a very low opinion of most beings. He has been captured in recordings as stating that the purpose of life is merely to determine when it is the best time for it to stop, a somewhat esoteric and extremely nihilistic viewpoint.

His secondary motivation is simply to ensure that his son is allowed to thrive and prosper.

Kai Leng does not embrace philosophy and has no use for 'higher causes.'

Organizations and Affiliations:

Kai Leng was inducted into Cerberus early on and is well known as one of its most lethal infiltrators and assassins. Prior to this he taught CQB and battle infiltration for the Alliance as well as commanding a field unit of early-stage Furies. He personally trained several of the most skilled Furies on combat tactics.

Leng competed professionally during his Alliance career in both martial arts tournaments and sword tournaments. While no records of the former remain, his records in the latter (thirty five duels) were all won with not a single loss or technical disqualification.


Kai Leng is the most aggressive combatant STG has ever surveyed. His primary attack methods are not only designed to kill but to leave the target with no capability to retaliate if the killing strike is not successful. His use of a monomolecular sword enhances this danger. He strikes without warning, he does not allow targets to counter attack, he is delighted by blood and pain and becomes more inventive and violent the more he is challenged. More than one STG agent has broken from the sound of the man's almost silent, whispery laughter.

Kai Leng's armament consists of a plasma-forged sword with an energized monomolecular edge known as Silence. This blade has been shown capable of penetration upwards of four centimeters of heavy ceramic personal armor with no resistance. The handle of the blade contains a detachable flashbang/smoke grenade. The weapon should never be underestimated, as Leng has killed literally hundreds of people with this weapon alone.

Leng also utilizes throwing knives, some with explosives in the hilt, others dipped in various contact poisons, and two with mass-effect contained slugs of astatine in stasis. (This is not a typo, although certifiably insane. There are no safe handling procedures or instructions for even viewing astatine. If there were, it would just be the word "NO" scrawled over and over in charred blood.) He also uses a variety of grenades and a heavily modified turian Phaeston rifle converted into a marksman rifle.

Leng uses a photonic cloak device with a duration of sixteen seconds, and wears multi-layered thinshell ceramic battle armor with spidersilk. His eyes and the tissue around them were damaged in the defense of the Primarch so he wears an obscuring cybernetic mask over them, the mask has various viewing modes.

Specific Tactical Methods, Ground Combat:

Long-range: has a tendency to engage in sniping with headshots if possible. If not, will use cloak and cover to close to medium-range. Be advised that detection of him at long-ranges is extremely difficult.

Medium-range: Unless detected, Leng prefers not to fight at medium-range. While he is proficient with his rifle, it is not his primary tool outside of sniping. If detected he will cloak his movement with smoke grenades and use cover and cloaking to continue to close-range.

Short-range: upon reaching short-range, if undiscovered, Leng will perform a single highspeed head strike form stealth. The chances of anything aside from a krogan surviving such is almost nil. Against heavily armored targets or targets in light vehicles, Leng will use explosives to disable and destroy such protection and possibly kill the target. Against krogan Leng will utilize the knives with astatine explosives and immediately clear the area.

If discovered and forced into CQB Leng will attempt to go for disabling blows before attempting any kill strike.

Warning Advisory: Leng is EXTREMELY skilled at stealth and infiltration, and the likelihood of detecting him prior to the initial strike is almost zero. His armor renders him difficult or impossible to see via magnetic resonance, electrical discharge or heat, his shoes are kinetically isolated, and his command of terrain is outstanding. In combination with Theo Pellham, who is excellent at pressure tactics at mid-range and long-range, there is little even a full STG team can do to avoid being destroyed.

Per standing order 9954-thurta-seven, STG units engaging Kai Leng are to flee on sight and request Shieldbreaker assistance.

Physical Abilities:

Kai Leng possesses cybernetic legs, each of which is anchored into support rods in his pelvis and spine. The legs are made of myomer and carbon-fiber, with titanium 'bones,' and each one contains a pulse-disruptor, making him somewhat resistant to most restraint-type biotics (but not warps or physics attacks). Each leg is gyroscopically adjusted for maximum balance as well.

Leng is an N7-level soldier who, despite his age, stays in top physical shape. While his strength is purely normal his speed on foot and reflexes are highly superior, near salarian-level. His cybernetic eye upgrades provide him with complete spectral imaging, low-light, and UV vision, as well as flashbang resistance.

Kai Leng is a formidable martial artist and swordsman. He knows at least a dozen forms of both unarmed and armed martial arts, and is a practitioner of iajutsu, or drawing and striking with a sword in a single blow. He has demonstrated the ability to kill with his bare hands, with knives, swords, guns, poisons and explosives.

Based on his training records, Leng is also an exceptionally talented battlesuit pilot. While he has not utilized such since his departure from the Alliance to our knowledge that does not mean he has not used simulators to keep his skills sharp.

Mental and Psychological Notes:

Leng's IQ per his Alliance records was 139, high in human terms. He is a linear, direct thinker, fully capable of internalizing both emotions and reactions to complete a goal or series of goals. A consummate professional, Leng is known to regularly engage in meditation (both halting and waking) to ensure his control does not slip. His emotional control is great enough that even when the life of his son was threatened he did not show any anger or fear.

That is not to say he is emotionless. When enraged, his viciousness and willing to sadistically wound enemies instead of cleanly killing them rises.

Leng is not strategic, and his tactical thinking tends towards elimination/capture and not other scenarios. When faced with unfamiliar tactics or situations he has the propensity to drop back, hide, and attempt to kill leaders or scouts to sow confusion.

Leng is neither trained nor interested in xenopsychology, and has a stated antipathy for turians. He tolerates but dislikes asari with the notable exception of asari blade mistresses, and hates most other aliens aside from batarians (who he seems to both admire and disdain) and some salarians. He has been recorded expressing admiration of some salarian goals. Unlike most of Cerberus he does not see humanity as superior, he sees everything as inferior to a handful of 'superior individuals' of which he is one.

Leng does not typically display fear or terror responses even when facing certain death, but will readily retreat and fall back if overmatched.

Psychologically, Leng appears very complex. Whatever damage was done to his psyche in his youth has manifested in pure murderous rage, tightly channeled and utilized to specific targets of his choosing. Leng shows absolutely no softness or gentleness with anyone but his son, and displays a disdain and even hatred for life that would be considered psychopathic if it was not so well controlled.

He is polite but also dismissive, highly sarcastic or menacing, and does not appear to have a sense of humor. (As an aside, monitoring him from long-range is distressingly nerve wracking and two of the operatives attempting to do so were killed before we even know he was aware.)

Leng has no real opinion on politics and prefers not to bother thinking about such trivialities. He is of the opinion that he is a weapon, and that weapons do not question the motives of their wielders.

Leng would be considered attractive by most humans (and asari) but has not engaged in any form of relationship of a romantic nature since he left Kahlee Sanders. Leng (and Cerberus in general) have been careful to not place him in situations where he might run into Sanders. Aside from his sword-collecting hobby and dealing with his son, Leng leads a remarkably empty life by choice.

Political and Social Notes:

Given that he faked his own death, Leng has no input into the politics of the Systems Alliance. If forced to identify his beliefs he would probably proclaim survival of the fittest and neo-anarchy.

Leng does not, with the exception of the Illusive Man, respect authority, even if he is respectful to authority figures. In his mind no one can lead until they can convince someone to follow them, and those who lead without such imprimatur is an impostor.


The following advisories are considered mandatory reading.

Close-range and melee combat is strictly contraindicated.

– STG – STG – STG –



Formal Titles: Marine Captain Theodore Pellham, Senior Squire of the Order of the Knights of Sol

Nicknames: The Black Hammer

Race: Full-conversion cyborg human

Age and sex: 48, male

Wealth: Very well off. Three homes on Earth (Seattle, Vancouver, Isle of Perth) and multiple apartments in several locations. Wealth is not in one account (or identity), but estimated at four to six million credits in cash and four more in investments.

Psychological Summary: Falls into the Affable-Hateful quadrant of destructive personalities. Places the highest value on living well, showing peers personal strength, and defying expectation. Takes pleasure in pain and suffering of others who he feels deserve it. No pathologies, but very possible sociopathic tendencies.

Military Summary: N7 pre-Mindoir Reforms Assault Specialist. A7 Infantry, D5 Bomb Disposal, L7 Engineering Support (ELC/HVAC) and O4 Combat Engineer.

Education: Standard Alliance officer training (low marks). No other formal education. Multiple technical school certifications. Demonstrated skills at engineering (both engine and combat style).

Employment: Systems Alliance Military (former), currently employed by Cerberus.

Significant Family: Two brothers, one aunt, and at least twenty illegitimate children. Four grandchildren. Family is aware he did not actually die and keep in loose contact with him via proxies.

Overall Threat Rating: Black-Collapse Two

Historical Notes:

Unlike his partner, Theo Pellham group up in a large, supportive family that was tangentially connected to several important or noble families as servants and bodyguards, including the Grissoms. His life took a turn for the worse when his father was killed in one of the many uprising of resistance groups on Earth opposed to the Manswells, and Theo thereafter felt nothing but disdain and hatred for those who were, in his eyes, traitors.

Pellham's history becomes very murky up until he is associated with Kahlee Sanders, participating in the first N7 special forces trials that ended in such spectacular failure. Assigned to N7 duty, he made a name for himself in demolitions, heavy assault, and surprisingly, turian diplomacy. After the Primarch incident, he faked his death along with Kai Leng and joined Cerberus.

We know that both Kai and Pel had contact with Cerberus elements or personnel who would later become Cerberus (namely, the Illusive Man and General Petrovsky) as far back as Shanxi. Pellham dislikes asari, salarians, and batarians, and thus joining Cerberus was probably not difficult.


Theo Pellham's primary motivation is greed and ego. He wishes to be wealthy, influential, and seen with both respect and fear. Despite his staggeringly high intellectual potential he is extremely psychologically shallow in this regard.

We have not identified any other driving motivations. Pel disdains politics but can follow them, dislikes the very concepts of morals yet has his own code he will not violate, and claims utter and total amorality yet does not tolerate acts of true sadism upon the weak. Unlike Kai Leng he does not value or appreciate strength in others.

Organizations and Affiliations:

Theo Pellham was a top-notch assault soldier with a feared reputation among both Alliance Marines and turians soldiers. His surprising ability to perform low-level to mid-level diplomacy with turians aside, he did not participate in many other SA programs prior to entering service with Cerberus.


Theo Pellham is aggressive, fond of heavy ordinance and high explosives, and an extremely skilled marksman. He truly enjoys combat and does not confine himself to predictable styles, but has shown favoritism for traps, ambushes, and other methods by which he can utilize anti-tank, anti-ship and other completely inappropriate weapons on infantry units or even unarmored targets.

His primary armament is, like Kai Leng, a heavily customized turian Phaeston rifle converted to a heavy marksman rifle, and a custom-built Sabre battle rifle converted to explosive rounds. He also utilizes grenades, various det-cord devices, and is fond of turian lance cannons. He is known to use on some occasions elcor heavy missile launchers and super-heavy elcor anti-tank recoilless rifles.

He wears customized, very highly modified Terminator armor (the first Mk I run) which has been updated dozens of times over the years.

Unlike Leng, Pellham rarely if ever uses stealth tactics. He is skilled at such but prefers to draw attention. The most common reason for this is that an enemy focused on surviving the terrifying rain of death Pel is throwing has almost no chance of detecting Kai Leng approaching.

Specific Tactical Methods, Ground Combat:

Long-range: Will almost always engage at the longest ranges possible with heavy ordinance or sniper fire, to cover Kai Leng's approach or to decimate forces before they can get in range themselves. This fire is EXTREMELY accurate and will be heavy enough to outright kill even Shieldbreakers if he has enough time to setup – he has at least once setup ambushes utilizing deconstructed and hastily erected weapons from a cruiser.

Medium-range: At medium-ranges, Pel engages in cover and maneuver fire, mixing in burst fire with strikes of heavy ordinance. He likes to draw attackers into pursuit, allowing him to lay mines, traps and other explosives to destroy cover and make enemies attempt to close-range. Once at the shorter aspects of mid-range they will be forced to endure extremely accurate burst fire and grenades.

Short-range: Pel has noted weaknesses at short-range, as most of his armament is as harmful to him as to the enemy in close. He is proficient but not outstanding at CQB – however, he is also good at drawing enemies into that range and allowing Leng to dispose of them from stealth.

Warning Advisory: Reports cannot convey the sheer weight of firepower Pel likes to throw at enemies, or how accurate it is. He is capable of headshots with a lance cannon at well over a thousand stanlengths, and can maintain pinpoint accuracy with long bursts out to five times the engagement radius of most battle rifles. His use of explosive or exotic ammo, along with hammer-field rounds, means opponents that cannot find durable cover will not be able to close to engage.

Per standing order 9954-thurta-seven, STG units engaging Theo Pellham are to flee on sight and request Shieldbreaker assistance.

Physical Abilities:

Theo Pellham is 38% cybernetic, including one arm, spine, ribcage, heart, and portions of both legs. He also has subdermal armor plating over his torso, shins, and titanium armor insert plates in his skull.

Despite his age he retains a great amount of physical strength, exceeding N7 physical requirements by quite a bit given his age. He has vast amounts of stamina and legendary pain resistance, and will shrug off even near-lethal wounds with single minded focus to kill his enemies. Despite his bulk and muscularity, he is extremely agile (if not fast) and surprisingly handy with a turian omni-axe in close-range.

He is not a martial artist but is an experienced, dirty street brawler. CQB is … not recommended.

He is also a very skilled driver, both of conventional ground vehicles and aircars.

Mental and Psychological Notes:

Pellham's IQ per his Alliance records was a staggering 166, near genius in human terms. Despite this, his lack of formal education and brutality gives him the aura of a common thug – a misperception he encourages, as it has caused many to underestimate him.

He is an indirect, circular thinker, who focuses on details and not direction. He obfuscates most of what he is really thinking with gross antics and blunt statements, while carefully observing those around him for clues to use. Emotional and highly competitive, he is somewhat less than professional when truly angered, but has a good grasp on his emotions.

Pel is neither strategic nor tactical, but prefers to engage enemies based on perceived threat and, amusingly, ability to talk 'trash.' He can be baited if presented with a challenging opponent, but he rarely falls for such when it is a trap.

Pel is extremely familiar with turian psychology, battle tactics, and culture. His distaste of them is muted by resentful admiration for some turian aspects, something he appears to suppress quite savagely. SA records indicate he had an emotionally compromising relationship with a turian female while engaged in the SA diplomatic program REACHBACK, but details remain sketchy at this time.

Pel has not and apparently will not deploy in combat operations against the turian Hierarchy. This may be related to the above. With other aliens he is a mix of dismissive and uncaring.

Pel displays normal fear responses, but is very good at concealing such.

Psychologically, Pellham is simple. He has simple goals and simple pleasures and does not deviate from such to fit anyone else's perceptions. Despite his complex mental state, his psychology is mostly muted resentment and a feeling he is entitled to 'better.'

He is crude and violent, sexist and often openly abusive verbally, but can downplay such, even to appear charming or somewhat shy. He has a barbed sense of humor (though not quite so sharp as Kai Leng) and a penchant for practical jokes.

Pel remains a hyperpatriot in terms of thinking humanity should lead the galaxy, but has soured on the Systems Alliance, calling them 'sick' and 'a bunch of old men.' He still admires the Commissars. He is not exactly a family man but has made sure every one of his illegitimate children was always well-fed, cared for and had access to proper education and healthcare. He reacts with EXTREME violence to threats to his children.

Pel is highly sexually active, but does not consider his partners anything but 'fun.' He has never had any sort of long-term relationship with a female. Modelling suggests the turian female he spent a long amount of time with might have fit into this model and his rejection of this internally amplified his racism.

Political and Social Notes:

Pel was highly active in politics as a low-level ward organizer for Earth First until his faked death. Since then he has not participated, but there is little chance his views have shifted.


The following advisories are considered mandatory reading.

Long-range combat should be only undertaken from surprise: Unless a unit is heavily dug in with kinetic fortifications, getting into a shooting match with this walking armory is ill advised in the extreme.