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Best friends and former teammates Jason and Tommy were sparing like old times in Tommy's basement. They were evenly matched but then again they always were, since the moment they met. They shared one of the most elite titles, a title that no one outside of a select few knew anything about. They were Power Rangers. Jason had retired long ago and Tommy had thought he had but the Black Dino gem had other plans. He knew that he would have to tell his other friends he just didn't know how.

"Jason, how can I tell the others that I am a Power Ranger again?" Tommy asked through grasps of breath. Jason was always the one that gave him a workout. Everyone else seemed to be in a dance with him.

"I'm not sure Tommy. You know the one person that you need to tell first," Jason, who was also out of breath, said.

"I know. She is not exactly happy with me right now," Tommy said while grabbing a towel.

He knew that Trini knew about his and Kim's fight since Kim told Trini everything. He also figured that Jason knew because Trini would take it out on Jason since Jason was his best friend.

"Why?" Jason asked as he grabbed the last towel. He knew that Kim and Tommy had fought but Trini did not say what it was about only that she was mad at the both of them.

"I make a remark about her ex-boyfriend," Tommy replied as he pulled on his shoes. He knew that going into the ex territory with Kim was a bad move since he wanted her back.

"Tommy!" Jason yelled. He was mad at Tommy because Trini had taken it out on him. Tommy was the reason he was sleeping on the couch instead of with his wife. He would think of a way to pay Tommy back later.

"I know but she was making some remark about Principal Randall being my girlfriend," Tommy defended. He was in a bad mood the last time he had talked to Kim. He had been trying to get closer to her but she was keeping him at a distance and he had blown up on her.

"What did she say?" Jason was somewhat amused at his friend's love life. Tommy had been trying to get back with Kim for a few years now ever since the Forever Red mission. Tommy had taken one look at Kim who came with Trini to rip him to shreds and Tommy had fallen for her all over again.

"She yelled at me and then hung up the phone. The next thing I knew was that your wife was yelling at me on the phone," Tommy shuttered at what Trini had said.

He along with all the others who had served with Trini was scared of her except for maybe Kim. They all knew that Trini could cause a major wave of destruction of necessary. She had ripped him up one side and down the other.

"Sorry bro. My wife did not tell me that she had talked to you. She was mad at me the other day. I did not know why. She called me a jerk and told me to beat the crap out of you," he said.

Jason knew that Trini had only told him that because she knew that if she had done it then he would be looking for a new best friend and that they would never get Kim and Tommy back together since he would be six feet under. His wife was a terror when she was mad. He loved that about her though.

"Well that was nice. I guess no help from that camp," Tommy said. He threw the towel into the basket in the corner. He would have to do laundry later.

"No, but you do have help from me since she is my little sis," Jason stated as he threw his towel on top of Tommy's in the basket.

"I know. Jase, I just want one more chance with her. She is my first love and I know that she still loves me like I love her," Tommy said as he ushered Jason out while pulling the door closed.

"Maybe you will get that chance one day," Jason said as he walked out of the front door and headed to his truck.

He knew that his wife was planning to get Kim to come and visit. They had been working on Kim coming for a while and finally Kim had time. She was also moving in a few months but she wasn't sure where. She knew that she wanted out of the city and Trini and he had suggested Reefside or Angel Grove. They knew if she at least chose Angel Grove, she would be close enough to them and Tommy. Jason just hoped that Trini could get Kim here. This all hinged on his wife.


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