Chapter 50

Six Months Later

"Kim, why did you have to wait until I was nine months pregnant before having your wedding?" Trini asked from the corner of the room.

They were in one of the guest rooms at Tommy and Kim's house. Km had decided to have the wedding there since Tommy had a lake behind his house. She had always wanted to get marry by the water. Every ranger known to man was in attendance to see the wedding of the century.

"I'm sorry but this was the day I picked that fit into everyone's schedule." She said as she walked out of the bathroom. She was waiting until the last possible moment before putting on her dress. She didn't want anyone to see her in it until she was ready to walk down the aisle.

"Kim you know that everyone would've thrown things to the back burner to attend your wedding. They all want to see the first power couple to finally get married." Kat said as she walked into the room.

"I know but this date was the day Tommy asked me to our first dance. I had to have this date." She said as she sat down.

"Well if I go into labor it's your fault." Trini said with a smile.

"Well Tommy will at least remember his god-child's birthday because he is not forgetting our anniversary." Kim said as she grabbed a bottle of water.

"How are you going to make that work? He forgets everything." Hayley said as she came into the room to check on everybody. She was in charge of making sure that the wedding part had everything they needed.

"Oh trust me he will remember." Kim said with an evil look in her eyes.

Everyone started laughing then because they knew that Tommy better not forget the day he married his only love.


"Man sit down, you're making me dizzy." Tommy said as he glanced up at Jason who had been pacing for the past ten minutes.

"I'm just nervous." He said as he sat down only to jump up again when Adam came in.

"Why are you nervous? You're already married so what is making you nervous." Rocky asked between bites.

"Trini could go into labor any time. Why couldn't you have had the wedding earlier?" Jason asked as he swung around to face Tommy.

"It wasn't my choice. You will have to take that up with Kim. She was the one who wanted this day. It's the same day that I first asked her out." He said with a smile. He thought about that time again when he lost his Green Ranger powers but got Kimberly.

"Dude, he is thinking about Kim again." Rocky said as he took a drink out of his water. He knew that he couldn't have any colored liquid because if he got anything on him then he wouldn't have to worry about anything again because Kim would kill him.

"What makes you think that?" Zack said as he turned on some music. He had to have something going on in the background.

"He has that I'm in with Kimberly look or at least that's what I called it." Rocky said which erupted the room in laughter.

"Whatever man anyway how many people did you and Kim invite?" Jason asked as he looked out the window.

The guys were in the kitchen waiting on the signal. They would walk out to Can You Feel the Love Tonight by Elton John. Kim had loved it since The Lion King had come out. He let her have her way but he did like the song and felt that it fit them well.

"Well every ranger that has ever been in uniform is out there then you have some of Kim's closest gymnastics friends, then of course my friends that for some reason are not rangers, then our families." Tommy said as he came up beside him.

"There's like 500 people out there." Jason said as he turned to face Tommy.

"No, more like 200." Tommy said with a laugh. The look on Jason's face was the best.

"Do you know 200 people?" Billy asked as he straightened his bow tie for the third time.

"Well since most of them are rangers, I guess I know close to 200." Tommy said as he looked back out over his back yard.

"Are Zordon and Alpha coming?" Adam asked.

"I don't know. I know that Kim wanted Zordon to be here more than anything. Since he has been gone she has talked to him almost every day." Tommy said.

"I know she misses him but we all do. I can't believe that he went back." Rocky said from behind them.

"Well he said that he was needed on Eltar. I hope that he does show up. It would be a surprise to her." Tommy said as he walked back over to the chair. He sat down and looked at the clock.

It was getting close to time since the music had started. He smiled at the song that Kim had chosen to start the ceremony. It was At the Beginning and the perfect song for them.


"The music is starting Kim. You might want to get dressed." Trini said as she looked over to Kim.

"Yeah it won't take me but a minute." She said as she walked into the adjoining bathroom. Her dress was hanging on the door. She smiled as Trini came in behind her.

"Here you go." Trini said as she grabbed her dress and unzipped it. Kim stepped into the dress and pulled it up.

It was an off the shoulder pearly white dress. It had beading to die for.

"What do you think?" Kim asked as she twirled around.

"Oh Kim, it's beautiful like you." She said as she hugged her.

They walked out and saw that Pierre was waiting for them. The guys were on their way down the aisle right now.

"Kimberly, you are more like your mother than ever before." Pierre said as walked over to her to kiss her head.

"Thank you. Is it time?" She asked.

"Yes it is." He said as the girls walked out with Kim following behind them.

They each had their bouquets of white roses walking down the aisle. Kat lead the procession with Angela, Aisha, Tanya, Hayley, and Trini following.

Tommy and the other guys were standing at the altar waiting on the girls. The guys were paired with their wife or girlfriend. Kim's flower girl and ring bearer were next to walk down the aisle.

Kim smiled as her niece threw one petal down at a time even though she had a basket full. The bridal processional started up as the guests rose and turned back to wait for Kimberly's entrance.

"It's time." Pierre said as he presented his arm for Kim to wrap her arm his.

"Lead the way." She said with a smile.

The double doors opened again to reveal Kim in all her bridal finery. Tommy lost his train of thought the moment that he saw Kimberly. She was breathtaking and she was walking toward him. He couldn't believe that this strong, independent, and beautiful woman wanted to marry him and all his faults.

She had her faults too, God Bless her, but that was the reason he loved her. He smiled as she got closer. He saw her smile as she got closer to him. She finally came to stand with her stepfather in front of him and the preacher.

The Dinos were all trying not to cry as their teacher, mentor and teammate married his other half. They saw the smile that had formed when the doors opened and knew that this was going to be a great start for Dr. O and Kim.

"Dearly Beloved we have gathered here together to witness the joining of this man and this woman in holy matrimony. If any of you here today can show just cause why this man and this woman should not be married speak now or forever hold your peace." The preacher said as he paused.

Everyone kept their mouths close because Jason was glaring at the crowd. He dared anyone to speak up. He would tackle them here and now. Tommy and Kim were getting married today no matter what.

"Who comes to give this woman to this man?" The preacher asked after no one spoke up.

"Her mother and I." Pierre said as he took Kim's hand that had been resting on his arm and gave it to Tommy.

Kim handed her bouquet to Trini and joined hands with Tommy while Pierre sat down next to a crying Carolina. She was so happy for her daughter but she wasn't the only momma crying. Tommy's mother was tearing up a box of tissues that her husband had brought with them. He knew that his wife would be like this since her boy was finally marrying Kimberly.

"Do you Thomas, take Kimberly to be your wife, to have and to hold, in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer, to love and to cherish, until death do you part?" The preacher asked.

"I do." Tommy said loud enough to for the back row to hear.

"Do you Kimberly, take Thomas to be your husband, to have and to hold, in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer, to love and to cherish, until death do you part?" The preacher asked her.

"I do." She said just as loud as Tommy causing everyone to laugh.

"Thomas and Kimberly have written their own vows that they want to share with everyone. Thomas please go ahead." The preacher said.

"Kimberly, you have stood with me through everything that the world has thrown at us. I have loved you from the moment that I saw you from across the Youth Center. You were there for me during my ups and downs. When I thought that I lost you, my world was black but then you sashayed back into my world and lit it up again. I was lost the moment that I saw you again. You are my Pink Princess forever and ever." Tommy said as he looked deep in Kim's eyes. They had each kept their vows a secret from everyone.

"Now, Kimberly." The preacher said to her.

"Tommy, you have been my knight in shining armor more times than I could count. You have stood with me against the world. I knew the moment that I saw you that I was lost. You were my quiet strength and the one who push me toward my dreams. When I lost you, my world lost its light but then one phone call from you back me back as if I had never left. I didn't stand a chance against you and knew that I wanted nothing more than to be back in your life. You are my White Knight forever and ever." She said through her tears.

Their friends knew the trials that these had faced. They had overcome a lot to be where they were standing today pledging their lives to each other.

Inside the house, there were two beings. Zordon and Alpha watched as Tommy and Kim exchanged vows. It was the happiest day in ranger history. The Falcon and the Crane would never be separated again. They were together forever.

"The rings." The preacher asked as Trini and Jason handed them to him.

"Thomas, repeat after me, with this ring I thee wed." The preacher said as Tommy grabbed Kim's ring.

"With this ring I thee wed." He said as he slid the ring on her finger where it belonged.

"Kimberly, repeat after me, with this ring I thee wed." The preacher said once again.

"With this ring, I thee wed." She said as she took the ring from the preacher and put it on Tommy's finger.

"And now by the power vested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife. Those that God hath joined together let no man put asunder. Tommy, you may kiss your bride." He said as Tommy wrapped his arms around Kim and hoisted her up to kiss her square on the lips.

Their mamas were crying even more now that they were married.

"For the first time, allow me to introduced Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Oliver." The preacher said as everyone rose.

Tommy and Kim turned to face the crowd. They looked back at each other and turned to face the crowd once again. They walked back up the aisle amid cheers from their friends and families.


Kim leaned over and kissed Tommy as they circled the crowd. They had already cut the cake, had their first dance, and had tons of pictures taken. Kim looked around but couldn't find Trini anywhere.

She whispered to Tommy that she would be right back and went in search of her very pregnant best friend. Tommy smiled as she walked off and continued talking to Andros and Jason. They were rehashing some old battles. Everyone who wasn't a ranger had gone for the night. It was after midnight now. Zordon and Alpha had finally come to celebrate as the last non-ranger left.


"Trini, where are you?" Kim yelled through the house. She walked into the living room when she heard gasps of breath. She looked over the couch and saw Trini in the floor.

"Trini! What happened?" She said as ran to her side and knelt down next to her.

"My water broke 15 minutes ago." She said between gasps of breath.

"Okay let me get Jason. Time your contractions." Kim said as she jumped up and ran to the French doors leading to the back yard.

"TOMMY! JASON!" She yelled as she ran back over to Trini's side. All the rangers ran into the house with Tommy and Jason leading them. They knew that scream and knew that something was wrong.

"Kimberly? What's wrong?" Tommy asked as he came into the living room. He saw Kim kneeling next to Trini.

"Trini's in labor. Jason, please sit down. I don't need to you to pass out on me now." Kim said as Jason did as he was told. He looked over at his wife and grinned.

"Okay guys move the cars so that we can get Kim's SUV out." Tommy ordered as he watched them run outside to do his bidding.

"Her contractions are four minutes apart and they are very strong." Kim said as Jason stood up. He knew that he needed to get Trini's bag for the hospital.

"Where are you going?" Tommy asked.

"I'm going to get Trini's bag. Please bring her out to Kim's car." He said as he ran to his truck to get Trini's bag.

"Okay Trini, put your arms around my neck. Kim, grab your keys." He said as he knelt down next to Trini. He scooped her up and walked outside with her as Kim dogged his heels with her keys in hand.

They had been prepared for this since Trini's due date had passed two days ago. Tommy put her in the car and jumped in the passenger seat as Jason got in beside his wife. Kim cranked her car and pulled out on two wheels. She had the shortest route already planned.

"I'm sorry Kim for ruining your wedding day." Trini said between contractions.

"Trini, hon, technically my wedding was yesterday. You did not ruin my day. I'm not that selfish that I can't share my day with your son or daughter." Kim said as she flew into the hospital's ER.

Jason jumped out and ran over to Trini's side. He picked her up and ran into the ER.

"We'll park the car and be in, in a minute." Kim said with a smile. They were still in their wedding clothes but Kim didn't care. She was going to be an aunt.


"How are they?" Kat asked. All of the rangers were in the waiting room, waiting on the birth of the first ranger baby.

"Trini and baby are great but Jason has almost passed out like twice. It shouldn't be too much longer. They said that Trini should have the baby soon." Kim said as she leaned into Tommy's side. She hoped that Trini had the baby soon.

"Family and friends of Trini Scott?" The nurse said as she walked into the waiting room. She was in shock at the number of people that stood up when she asked.

"Yes that's us." Kim said as she and Tommy stood at the front of the group.

"Okay well mother and baby are fine. Daddy is a little pale but he is doing much better on the oxygen." The nurse said.

"What did she have?" Kim asked.


2 Days Later

"I can't believe it. He's so cute." Kim said as she leaned back in the chair with little Nicholas. Jason and Trini had settled on Nicholas since there wasn't any ranger named that they knew of.

"It's your turn now. Give him a little sister." Trini said as everyone laughed. All the rangers plus Zordon and Alpha were at Jason and Trini's house.

"Yea I'll try." Kim said with a laugh. They all sat there and continued to talk until one by one they all left leaving the new parents with their son.

"Can you believe it Kim and Tommy are married and we have a son. Life is good." Jason said as he held his new son. He sat down and began to explain the history of the rangers to his son. He wanted his son to know about his uncles and aunts and how they all became friends.

"It all started with me and your Aunt Kim. We were the best of friends from birth." He started as Trini looked over at her husband. She knew that she was a part of the tightest group of friends that ever walked the Earth.

They were the Power Rangers.


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