Title: txtm8s

Rating: Rated K+

Genre: Romance/Humor




Today was a really special day for one Kagome Higurashi. Today was her 16th birthday and her parent would give her a cellular phone. A thing that she wanted to possess ever since it was out of the market.

Kagome sighed in pure happiness.




"Mama, do I really need to do this?" Kagome asked her mom as she traced cloth that was covering her eyes tightly.

She was beyond excited right now.

"Baby, come on. It's already time." Her mom said cheerfully. Mrs. Higurashi was happy for her daughter, Kagome. Her little baby was now a fully transformed teenager.

Mrs. Higurashi smiled at her daughter's head.

"It's time for what?" Kagome asked, confused.

What was going on here?

Her mother ignored her question. Instead, Mrs. Higurashi dragged her down stairs. Luckily for Kagome, all of those years that she had lived inside their house, she already memorized the number of stairs on their stairs.

But what if she fell down? That's not a good fortune.




Kagome was taken in circles, even though she already knew their house by heart, she actually didn't know where she was right now.

Thankfully, her mother removed the cloth.

Dark. It was dark inside this room. All lights were off.

What's this?

Ghost hunting? She almost laughed at her lame sense of humor.

She thought this was her birthday and she thought that by this time, she would receive her future cellular phone.

"Mom? What's going on her - -" Then, her eyes widen in fear and shock.

Out of nowhere, fifteen hovering lightened candles appeared and a floating box.

She took a step back as her heart started beating fast. The cellular phone-gift immediately forgotten.

She couldn't scream. Her voice got stuck in her throat. The floating box floated towards her. She took another step back as she stared at the box in horror.

Then she felt someone wrapped 'it's' arms around her waist. Kagome felt terrified.

She was about to unwrapped the arms around her when the floating box pressed 'itself' hard against her stomach.

She only did the logical thing to do. Kagome pushed the box away with all her might and she did notice how the box resisted.

Kagome heard a loud thud on the floor.

The lights were instantly turned on. Confusion placed the fear and shock.

Kagome looked at the place where the box supposedly lay. She almost laughed her heart loud when she discovered an almost unconscious Inuyasha.

Maybe she had pushed too strong for him to survive?

She looked at her surroundings for the first time and was shocked to find that all of her friends were there. They were all staring at her in disbelief.

She turned her head and looked at her back just to see a wide-eyed Souta. Then, she turned her head at her mother with questioning eyes.

"Kagome, we are supposed to surprise you. A surprise-birthday party." Sango interrupted.

"Indeed, Sango. I was surprised." Kagome replied in disbelieving tone.

Was this really her birthday party or what?

"Scared?" Inuyasha joined the conversation and he felt amused. Even though falling on the floor was not so amusing, but spooking Kagome did. He managed to stand on his own feet without any help from the others.

"Of course not!" She sended him a murderous glower. Was he enjoying this moment?

Did he saw her face when the spooky scene started? But what if he saw? Surely, he would tease her to death. But what - -

Kagome was taken back to earth when she saw a flash of white with silver. She followed the white and her jaw dropped.

He was Inuyasha's half brother! Kagome frowned when she stared at him in silent fury.

He always ruined her beautiful days. He was her mortal enemy since elementary. Who gave him the permission to attend her birthday party?

Okay, so what if he was the most popular guy in school? The one that almost all the girls inside their campus talked about?

And the stupid jerk ruined her day yesterday.

She was about to make a scene when her mother spoke.

"Greetings to all who attended the 16th birthday party of my daughter, Kagome. For those persons who want to greet her," Her mother suddenly stopped her speech and walked 5 footsteps away for her safety. Then, she continued.

"You may now." Her mom said with a heart warming smile.

Kikyo, Sango, and Miroku gave her a death-hug and a friendly kiss on cheeks.

"Kag-chan, happy birthday. I hope you'll find a loving boyfriend like me." Sango said as she leaned on Miroku's well-muscled chest. Miroku lifted his left arm on Sango's waist, holding her protectively.

"Oh, I almost forgot," Sango held a small box and smiled.

"Kagome-chan, if you're lonely and need a friend, and trobles seems like they never end. Just remember you're not alone. Any time you need a friend, we will be here. And we would like to thank you for helping to build this relationship and for being there whenever we have our problems. Financial or Personal. . . Happy Birthday, Kagome-chan."

She gave the box to Kagome. Kagome almost cried from Sango's statement but she controlled it. Usually, Sango was not that expressive in terms of emotions.

Kagome accepted the box and gave them a hug.

"Kagome." A cold yet kind voice interrupted their soap-opera scene. They looked for the owner of the voice and found Kikyo.

Kikyo. A kind and simple person towards her friends and good strangers. Inu Yasha's girlfriend.

Kikyo smiled at Kagome.

Kagome smiled back whole heartedly.

They hugged. "Kagome," Kikyo started.

"Always remember, we can never say how far our friendship would go and how long we'll stay together. All I know is that even if I don't see you . . . you'll always remain special for me. . . Happy Birthday, Kagome."

Kagome couldn't control the tears anymore. Her tears flow down freely on her cheeks. She hugged Kikyo tightly before she let go.

"My and Inu Yasha's gift is on the table. Open it later if you want." Kikyo said to her and excused herself.

Sango and Miroku excuse themselves too after Kikyo.

In the end, Kagome was relieved to find out that Kouga and Hojo weren't invited.




The party was officially over. Kikyo, Sango, Miroku, Inu Yasha, Shippou, Kaede, Rin, Kohaku, and Sesshoumaru had already left.

Mrs. Higurashi already gave her the cellular phone and said some touching words that made Kagome want to cry.



When she opened all of her gifts, she found out that Miroku and Sango gave her an Calvin Klein perfume. Inu Yasha and Kikyo gave her a cute teddy-bear pillow. The kids gave her an CD, Final Fantacy XII, and Sesshoumaru (that jerk) gave her an heart-shaped Ferrero Rocher chocolate.

Finally, she reached the box which contained her dream. She opened it excitedly. She gasped and almost dropped the box.

Her mom gave her an N-60 Series Nokia cellular phone! She suddenly wanted to hug her mom for giving her such a cute gift, and an expensive one too. She explored the contents of the Nokia box.

Then again, she gasped.

All of the cellular phone numbers of her classmates were written on a piece of paper.

She right away stored them in her phonebook and texted Sango and Kikyo directly.





AN: This chapter was originally made or updated in the year 2003. The grammar was horrible and it made me want to cry in embarrassment.