Title: txtm8s

Author: Slytherin Prince

Genre: Romance/Humor

Disclaimer: I don't own Inuyasha.

Warning: Some words aren't appropriate for 13 and below. Rated K+.




The nerve of this person! Kagome thought with an angry frown. She just sent her guessed number a message and the person behind the phone replied saying 'Where did you get my number?'.

Kagome's first instinct was the person behind the cellular phone was a kind- hearted person, maybe he or she wanted to know her more.

She smiled at that, but when she replied the 'I just guessed it', the person on the other line replied an unexpected answer.

'I have no time 4 liars. Just find another person. You are wasting time.'

Kagome wanted to throw the cell phone away. Never in her life, as in, never. Never! Her parents never said that kind of words to her, and even her friends and other relatives.

She was a kind girl; everybody loves her.

Well, except Sesshoumaru, that was.

But the devil shouldn't be in her head this time; she should keep her calm. She should keep patient.

Control yourself, Kagome thought while glaring at her cellular phone.

Kagome's patience did not fail her. She got her new text-mate believe in her even though he was still a little suspicious. She had known that he was a he.

That was because he said so. Just believe in the owner was Kagome's theory for the day. She had to believe in his messages because he was the only one who replied to her with that kind of character. Cold and arrogant. She liked that kind of character. It's just too bad to be true that the kind of Sesshoumaru was spreading.

Wait! Kagome thought as she fell on her bed. Did she almost say that she liked Sesshoumaru? What a word! Maybe some stone hit her head and she had a suddenly false-amnesia?

Well, she didn't think that she would think of that thought in time. Maybe fate was only playing at her.

But what was she thinking?

"What the hell." she said out loud.

Kagome laid her tired body in her soft bed, trying hard to erase the beautiful face of Sesshoumaru and his character inside her head. She was just having a good thought of her new friend and the face of Sesshoumaru popped out of nowhere in her head.Her mind was spinning and her head hurt. In the past 5 years, when she first met Sesshoumaru, she already knew that he was such a big pain in the ass. Kagome almost called him a girl.

She was now officially crazy.

But when her cellular phone beeped three times, the pain suddenly disappeared and she immediately jumped out of her bed.

And she snatched her cellular phone on her small table near the bed.

When she opened her inbox, she got disappointed to find out that it was not her new friend. It was Inuyasha, questioning her if she was already dead or what.

She just ignored his lame joke and went to bed. Her friend was not replying to her anymore.

And she wondered why.



"Oi! Why are you not sleeping?" Inuyasha questioned his big brother with a hint of sleepiness. His eyes were half open and walked towards the refrigerator. Sesshoumaru just raised an eyebrow towards Inuyasha and gave him a bored look.

He was not in the mood to speak with his idiotic brother now.

He just wanted to kill the one who gave his number to the person that kept on bugging him.

"You should ask that question to yourself." Sesshoumaru said while watching Inuyasha opened the fridge. He knew that his brother was easy to get pissed and get angry.

And now he was using his technique for him to be able to send his brother away from him.

"Whatever you say." Inu Yasha said with a smirk on his face, still holding his cellular phone. He was still waiting for Kagome's reply. He closed the refrigerator after finding out that there's no more chocolate.

He walked pass Sesshoumaru and didn't say another word. He walked upstairs and went straight to his room.

Sesshoumaru felt relieved when Inuyasha was out of his sight.

He really needed time to think, but it was already midnight.

Maybe he would ask some help to detect the user behind the phone to his father.

Tomorrow, Sesshoumaru thought as he walked upstairs and went straight to his room.