Author's note: This story takes inspiration from The Veronicas Music Is My Life's story Detective Scooby Doo and the Cesis Murder Mystery.

While this story is a Scooby-Doo crossover with Detective Conan, there are a few points I want to take note of.

First, I'm not really a huge fan of Detective Conan in comparison to Scooby-Doo, due to the suspense in the stories, particularly in the anime series. However, I have to admit that the stories are actually interesting, like how Shinichi investigated the roller coaster murder and how he ended up becoming Conan.

Second, this story takes place after the fall of The Black Organization and Conan received an antidote in the APTX4869, which transformed him back to Shinichi, who then explained to Ran on everything that has happened to him, particularly on the drug that turned him into Conan.

Third, this story is also partially inspired by the Murdoch Mysteries Season 4 episode The Black Hand. In fact, the main murder scene in this story will resemble the murder scene from that episode, and this story will also incorporate some elements from The Superstition Murders! from Batman Issue #8, first published in the winter of 1941, for the sub-mystery of the story.

Finally, this story also features my FictionPress characters William Walter Wu and Elizabeth Lee, both of whom also appeared in my reimagining of Scooby-Doo! Stage Fright!, and it will also cover how the gang and the Detective Duo of Canada met Shinichi and Ran. If you are curious about William and Elizabeth, you can check my Profile for their information.

In the meantime, in addition to English, this story also features dialogue and thoughts in Chinese and Japanese, all of which are accompanied by English translations.


中文 (Chinese), 日文 (Japanese)

I don't own Scooby-Doo or Detective Conan. They belonged to their respective owners.

Chapter 1: A bump at the hotel and the derailment

August 20, 2012

Location: Coolsville, Ohio, United States

(Mystery Inc., William and Elizabeth)

"Ah, so you guys have arrived at the railroad station?" Shaggy asked on the phone as Fred drove the Mystery Machine through downtown Coolsville.

There was a pause before he added, "Like, we're near the police headquarters on Constitution Avenue, so we should be there in about five minutes."

Another pause went by before Shaggy replied, "All right, so we'll see you there, Will." He then hung up.

"So have they arrived, Shag?" Daphne asked as Shaggy put away his cell phone.

"Like, yeah. William and Lizzy have just got off their train from Chicago." Shaggy nodded. "They told me that they'll be at the pick up/drop off area near the main entrance."

"Awesome!" Daphne smiled as Fred nodded.

"I sure can't wait to show them around the city, gang. That one-week stay back in May wasn't enough time for us to give them a full tour of the city, and they both have summer camps to attend throughout July and most of August, so now will be a good time for them to take a tour of Coolsville before school starts in September." Fred nodded in agreement.

"I agree." Velma nodded just as the Mystery Machine approaches Coolsville Central Railroad Station.

Soon, after greeting the Detective Duo of Canada with handshakes and hugs and helping them with their luggages, the Mystery Machine took off for the hotel the duo have booked to stay at, a hotel that is located in the outskirts of downtown Coolsville, near the former City of Glensburg, which ceased to exist as a city in Coolsville County following a municipal amalgamation that saw the City of Coolsville annexing the territory in the mid-1980s.

During the drive, William and Elizabeth both commented on their successfully receiving their pilot's license at camp, and the gang congratulated them on the accomplishment.

Eventually, the Mystery Machine arrived at the hotel, and after unloading William and Elizabeth's luggages, the gang promised to wait for the duo as they go into their hotel to check into their room.

The check in process didn't take long, and the duo were soon on the elevator to the fifth floor, where their room is located at.

As they exited the elevator, William unknowingly walked towards a teenage boy that was walking towards the elevator, causing them to bump into each other.

"Ohh!" William exclaimed when he bumped into the boy. "I'm terribly sorry, mister! Didn't watch where I was going."

"Oh, don't worry about that." The boy smiled, and William thought that he had detected a Japanese accent in his voice. The boy had a familiar-looking hairstyle with a patch of his dark brown hair covering the left side of his face. "I should have watched myself before going for the elevator."

After the exchange, William noticed that the boy was accompanied by a teenage girl with long dark brown hair, who bowed at him and Elizabeth as if to apologize to them about her friends clumsiness.

"Ah, it's okay." Elizabeth smiled as she raised her hand in a calming gesture. "It's not like that they bumped into each other while going up or down the stairs."

"Oh, yeah." The girl nodded as she, her friend and William laughed. Like her friend, William thought that she had a Japanese accent in her voice.

After telling each other to have a nice day, William and Elizabeth made their way down the hallway while the two Japanese teenagers made their way into the elevator.

As they made their way down the hallway, William commented, "咦?剛才我不小心撞到的那位日本男人看起來很熟悉。" (Eh? The Japanese gentleman I just accidentally bumped into looks quite familiar.)

"是不是我們以前有看過他嗎?" (Is it because we've seen him before?) Elizabeth asked.

"可能是吧。" (Maybe.) William replied as they arrived at their hotel room.

(Shinichi and Ran)

Meanwhile, after accidentally bumping into a teenage boy with short, black hair and wearing glasses, Shinichi and Ran got onto the elevator.

During the elevator ride, Ran commented, "新一,剛才不小心撞到你的那位男人看起來有點熟悉。" (The gentleman that just accidentally bumped into you looks a little familiar, Shinichi.)

"是啊。總覺得我們以前有看過他的。" (Yeah. It seems like we've seen him before.) Shinichi replied. "而且我好像在他講話的口音中有聽到一個臺灣的腔調。" (And I think I may have heard a Taiwanese accent in his voice.)

Ran nodded as the elevator reached the main floor of the hotel, after making their way through the main lobby, the duo exited the hotel from the main entrance.

Seeing a brochure promoting the city's newly-opened gondola lift, Shinichi suggested, "另外一方面,要不要去搭骷史城的新的觀光纜車線?" (In the meantime, want to go for a ride on Coolsville's new sightseeing gondola line?)

Seeing the brochure, Ran nodded. "好啊!現在我們只需要知道要怎麼去。" (Certainly. We just need to figure out on how to get there.)

After consulting the electronic map of Coolsville on their smartphones, they figured that they can take the Light Metro at the nearby Mooresburg St. Station to Morris Park, the park where the gondola terminal is located at.

With that in mind, the duo proceeded to Mooresburg St. Station.

(Mystery Inc., William and Elizabeth)

As the gang waited for William and Elizabeth to come out, Shaggy spotted two familiar-looking figures exiting the hotel.

"Say, like, that guy with the dark brown hair looks familiar." He commented as the two figures walked down the sidewalk.

"Who, Shag?" Daphne asked.

Shaggy pointed towards the two figures walking down the sidewalk, and Fred raised an eyebrow.

"You're right, Shag. It seems like we've seen him before, although I can't remember when or where."

Before Velma, Daphne and Scooby could comment on the matter, William and Elizabeth exited the hotel and got onto the Mystery Machine.

"I hope you guys didn't wait long." William commented as he closed the door.

"Ah, not really, Will." Velma replied.

"So where should we go?" Elizabeth asked excitingly.

"Like, perhaps we should go to the Malt Shop for a snack." Shaggy suggested. "Scoob and I are a little hungry."

"Oh, Shag." Elizabeth teased. "You and Scooby always think about food, eh?"

"Yep. Those two never changes when it comes to food." Daphne nodded as Fred shifted the van into drive.

(Shinichi and Ran)

Meanwhile, a few miles away from the nearby Mooresburg Rd. Coolsville Light Metro station, an automatic light metro train set travelling eastbound was approaching the station.

Both rail cars were sparsely occupied by passengers, and some of them were waiting for the train to pull into the station's platform and get off at the station when something unexpected happened.

The first car jumped the tracks as it approached the track switch, leading it to derail and causing shaking inside the car.

"Oh my goodness! What's going on?" Some of the panicked passengers shouted as the train went off the tracks.

Seeing that the train is approaching a stopped westbound train, the passengers quickly raced towards the back end of the car before the collision.

In the chaos of trying to get to the back of the rail car, no one has noticed a man was still seated in his seat at the front.

All of the passengers at the station watched in shock and horror as the approaching eastbound train collides with the stopped westbound train.

Among the people watching the drama unfolding were Shinichi and Ran, and before any of them can get a sense of what to do, there was a scream.

"Somebody call 911!" One of the waiting passengers shouted when everyone saw the reason why there was the scream.

In the badly deformed front end of the eastbound train, was a man sandwiched between the two badly deformed frames of the two collided trains and covered in shattered glass. As Shinichi looked on, he can tell that the man is dead.

Uh, oh. Looks like there may be work for Shinichi/Conan. What will happen next? And how will the gang meet the famed Tokyo High School Detective?

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