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Kuudere: Leave The Heart Alone.

"I don't even need a Senpai" Kuudere-chan said as she gazed at the white walls that surrounded her small room. "I don't care about who Senpai is dating" She said in a monotoned voice, showing complete disregard for Senpai's love life as she continued to sit in this small room.

"Why would i waste my time on something as unimportant as a Senpai?"

Just her, four walls, a ceiling and a floor. That's all she needs. That's all she wants. No Senpai. No boy from America who'd would help her get Senpai. No heartbreak. No love.

It wasn't needed. All she needed was this room. These same walls in this one, tiny room.

"I don't really care at all" She said as she lubricated her eyeballs by blinking "Blink" She said.

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Yanderedev: Woes Of A Game Developer.

The time was 12:01 AM. Saturday.

Alex sighed in annoyance as he scrolled though his inbox. "Delete. Delete. Spam. Stupid question. Another stupid question. Do you people even read the FAQ?" He groaned at his computer screen as he looked over and addressed the abundance of dumb e-mails that had been sent to him over the course of just one day.

How was he supposed to get yandere simulator up and running if his fans kept sending him all these stupid e-mails again and again and again?! Just let him work in peace!

He's had thoughts about just shutting down his e-mail address entirely. But that'd be a dumb move. How would volunteers who could actually help with the game be in contact with him? How could he communicate with voice actors and composers? No. best to just deal with the negative.

"OMG! Yanderedev! Yanderedev! I read a fanficion about a male yandere who loves Yandere-chan! You should put a male character in the game who loves Yandere-chan!" An e-mail read.

"Fuck that!" He said as he practically slammed on the delete key. Stupid Fanfiction writer. He admitted it was a good story after reading it, even if it was a little rough in the beginning. Not to mention all the typos and errors. Yet, it was not a part of what Alex wanted to create! It wasn't his vision! So it doesn't go in the game! Ever since then, he's been getting requests like it was necessary. He'd ignore them all though. It's not made to be there.

He had no problem with the writer of the fiction. He actually felt a little humbled that someone would take the time to make a story based on an incomplete game and barely flushed out characters. If he had to pick a favorite from that story, it'd most likely be Yandere-chan.

He never expected someone would be able to take a cold and unfeeling sociopath and make them lovable like in that story. Though it was not the character Alex created, it was kinda cool seeing someone else give their own interpretation. That's what Yandere-chan was made for in the game anyway. She was intentionally designed to be a blank slate for the player to project onto. So if a writer wants to write about her gaining emotions and becoming normal, why should Alex stop them?

Anyways, time was wasting. Alex sighed in exhaustion as he closed his inbox and opened the program that would allow him to begin adding new lines of code to his game. He typed and typed on his keyboard for hours. The thing clicking and claking as the keys were pushed down under the weight of his fingers.

After a considerable amount of work was put into the next build of the game, Alex threw himself onto his bed and slept. The only thought going through his head was the fact that he'd have to wake up the next day and do that all again. But it was worth it. He's not stopping till this game gets done.

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Yandere: Give The Heart What It Wants

The time was 8:09 AM. Sunday.

Yan-chan yawned with a smile on her face as she awoke from her restful slumber. She turned over to the opposite side of the bed to see Jayson Stone next to her, still deeply in sleep.

Her smile grew even longer as she watched over him, hearing the gentle sound of air going in and out of his body as his lungs expanded and contracted. It was a rather wild night for the both of them, so it was understandable as to why he'd still be asleep.

After giving the sleeping boy a quick kiss on the forehead, she silently crawled out of his bed.

She saw his red sweater laying on the floor and put it on, zipping it up so that it would cover her nude chest before finding her panties and putting those back on too.

She then sat at his desk and pressed the power button on his laptop, bringing it to life.

It had been some time since she moved out of her house into his. She was happy about how accepting her family was to allow her to live with him. Mother loved the idea but father was understandably hesitant. He eventually came around though.

After the laptop's start up sequence was finished, Yan-chan started the web browser and connected to a video streaming website.

"Yes!" She said silently when she found that the game developer she had been following had finally posted a video regarding characters that would be in his game. The reason she was so excited about this was because she had written a fanfiction about the game. However, the story she made did not accurately represent what she felt was loyalty to the source material. So she suggested that she'd rewrite it once the names of the official characters were released.

As she watched the introduction video, she kept a small notepad by her side as she wrote important information she'd need to remember about the characters that were being displayed in the video. As she wrote her notes and watched the video, many ideas about what to do with these characters rushed into her mind. She flipped through a few pages of the notepad, going passed certain notes she's already written in regards to new things she'd add to the characters along with other miscellaneous things. She doubted whether she'd be able to include everything, as some of this doesn't really fit the context. But hey, we'll roll with it. See what works and see what doesn't.

After watching the video several times over, she closed the web page and opened the text editing program required to write her new story. She cracked her knuckles and stretched before she began typing on the keyboard, writing the new story.

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