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Castiel was busy in the room which was formally his, packing the remainder of his boxes. He was moving out of Gabriel's apartment and into the one he was going to share this Dean. And this time he did so with his family fulling behind him.

He had taken Dean to meet Anna and her husband, which they had found out was also the boy Poppy had grown up with. It really was a small world. Either way, Anna was pleased to have Castiel back in her life, and she liked Dean. As such she had started insisting they they spent their free Sundays with her and her family, including her children, and when Dean mentioned that he liked to see Sam, Jess and Mary on those days they were included. As such there had become a strange meet up of Winchesters and Novak's at least once a month, add in Gabriel and Poppy, who sometimes had Charlie along with them and the family was complete. Dean had even started bringing Jo when Charlie was going to be there, not because he thought they would get together, but more because he like to think of his partner as the sister he had never had. She was family to him. She watched his back and he watched hers, simple as. Luckily no one seemed to have a problem with this, in fact Sam and Castiel were decidedly friendly to the woman who made sure the man they both loved in there different ways came back to them after each shift.

And so now Cas was finishing up in the move to Dean's, and Gabriel was standing at the door way to his room, thinking it was strange how he was going to miss his brother considering he had only been there for little over a year. It was strange because they had gone nine years without talking, and now he was worrying about going a few days. Damn it, he was being sappy, and he was Gabriel he didn't do sappy. But it seemed Castiel knew him better than he thought he did.

"You are welcome to come a visit me and Dean anytime you wish Gabriel." Castiel said from his position by the wardrobe as he finished packing the last of his stuff.

"Not sure your fiancé will be happy to here to say that Cassie. He can cook remember? Me, I'm not so good." Gabriel replied flippantly, he liked to use the fiancé word as much as he could though. He still couldn't quite believe that Cassie and Dean were in engaged, no he could believe it, what he couldn't believe was that it was Cassie who had proposed. That he hadn't expected, but then it seemed neither had Dean or Castiel it seemed, apparently he had suggested them getting married in bed one night, of course the next day they went ring shopping for the both of them and they liked to come up with some romantic proposal for others, but Gabriel knew the truth. But that was Cassie and Dean for you, they didn't need all the showboating, they just needed each other.

"Well it's a good thing that you've got yourself a girlfriend then isn't it?" Castiel responded with a smile at his brother. He had sampled Poppy's cooking and it was good, not as good as Dean's, but he could well be biased on that.

"Oh yeah." Gabriel replied, not mentioning the fact he had brought himself a cook book so he could get better for her. Poppy worked so long hours after all.

But there was still a twinkle in his eyes which made Castiel straighten and stare at him with crossed arms. There was something Gabriel was not telling him and he would not leave this apartment until he share it with him.

And Gabriel seeing Castiel's look knew he couldn't keep the secret any longer, the other secret, not his attempt at getting better cooking skills, this was a secret he wanted to share with Castiel. As such he pulled out of his pocket a jewellers box.

"At least I'm prepared to pop the question." He said when he saw Castiel eyes widen at the sight of the velvet covered box.

"Can I see it?" Castiel asked with joy in his eyes. That was the only problem with marrying a man in his mind. He doubted Dean would have been happy to receive a beautiful diamond ring, though he had managed slip an engraving on the inside bands they both now wore, an engraving which declared their love for each other above all others.

Gabriel seeing his brother excitement opened the box to reveal a stunning diamond set in the centre of a flower, the petals depicted with a yellow gemstone.

"Yellow roses are her favourite flowers." Gabriel said, sounding, remarking for him, unsure.

"It's beautiful. Poppy will love it." Castiel stated completely sure of that sentence. It seemed that everything was going right for the both of them. He had his Dean and Gabriel had his Poppy. They were happy and there really was nothing more they could wish for.

There was suddenly a sound of a horn outside the building which Castiel recognised as being from Dean's impala. As such he grabbed one of his last boxes and Gabriel grabbed the other. With that they left Castiel rooms, though it was that no more, and made their way to Dean and to the rest of Castiel's life, though at least this time it wasn't a permanent goodbye they were saying.

Dean was smiling when he saw the man the loved come out of the building, it would not be long now until Cas would be able to say his apartment, no their apartment, was home in truth and Dean couldn't wait. They had so much life in front of them, together. They had their wedding, and maybe the idea of having a kid, he would like that. Having a little Novak-Winchester running round to play with his niece and any future children from both Sam and Gabriel. Yes, life had never been so perfect. He was so damn glad he had allowed Gabriel to persuade him to make Castiel take a chance him. Because that chance was leading to more happiness than either of them had ever had imagined. It really was a happy ever after for all.


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