The wheel carriage lumbered on as was its wont as the outside temperature grew cooler and the signs of life became more sparse, Lillith Baratheon couldn't help but be reminded of the grounds surrounding Hogwarts as she observed the passing countryside. Sighing she turned to take in the visage of her 'Mother' with disdain; truthfully 'The-Girl-Who-Lived' felt pity for Cersei Baratheon nee Lannister, but she still hated the bitch.

When her patron and many times removed Grandfather Death offered her a chance to explore a new world Lillith had jumped at the chance to explore something new, after all being nine hundred years old kind of blunted the edge of ones average day. Through her use of the Philosphers Stone she'd stolen her first year at Hogwarts she and her best, most loved friends had lived long happy lives, that is until a terrorist attack took them all from her. She'd been alone, for Goddess be damned three decades she'd existed in the twilight when the offer had been made. She'd jumped at the chance to move on regardless of her misgivings.

Lillith Dorea Potter wasn't overly fond of her Grandfather truth be told, he had no people skills and he treated her Great-Grandmothers Morrigan and Morgana as if they were petulant children, but he liked Lillith, alot. So he'd given her access to a new world with new challenges, gifting her the powers of His Hallows she'd been reborn in this world and left to her own devices to find her way. After living in this world for sixteen years she'd already decided that her many times removed Grandfather was getting a penalty kick straight to the bollocks, no hesitation at all.

"Lilly whats wrong?" Myrcella stared up at her big sister with wide green eyes, Lily Potters eyes, her eyes, shaking the thought off she grinned down at her little sister as she pecked her forehead earning her an embarrassed squeak.

"Nothing at all my Little Lioness, I am just wondering what the Starks will be like, father always speaks so highly of his dear friend and I cannot but hope we will all be as close as they." Before her little was something Lillith was still coming to terms with having in abundance, before she could respond her "Mother" broke in the conversation.

"Your father will likely parade you about as if a slab of meat to entice the wolves, don't be surprised if you're sold off to the marriage block my dear daughter," Lillith turned to Cersei and stared at the bitter woman in contempt. She was well aware that the bitch was shagging her Uncle Jamie and that her siblings were actually half siblings, the fact of the matter was it didn't matter to her at all. Really after dealing with the blood prejudices of the Wizarding world a bit of incest didn't shake her love for her siblings especially since she loved her family regardless of what happened outside of their control. Except for Joffery, little creeper reminded her way too much of Voldemort's insanity to be under her Aegis, of course that meant he was her bitch mothers favorite.

"And if Lord Starks sons are as just and kind as he is perpetuated to be I shall count myself lucky, mother," she despised calling Cersei that, her mother was Lily Potter, a mad genius who gave her life for her only child. This...thing who drank herself into oblivion on a daily basis was nothing to her, her "Father" wasn't much better but at least he went out of his way to show his favored child how to properly crush a mans head in with a warhammer.

Still starring at the Queen her sudden smile caused Cersei to blanch and turn away, that was always a plus, the woman was truly a coward, not that it really mattered to Lillith one way or the other. The overly proud woman replied to her eldest child with a hint of malice as she stared out the window,

"We'll see how long that optimism lasts after your wedding night and your maidens blood is shed, dearest," it was meant as an insult but Lillith only snorted in response. Really, she hadn't been properly shagged in over forty years, if someone wanted to scratch the itch, they were welcome to it as far as she was concerned. Ignoring Cersei for the annoyance she was Lillith turned back to Myrcella and grinned widely earning a smile in return,

"Why don't you go see if Tommen wants to help us do a bit of painting, perhaps we'll make a small gift for our hosts that is from the heart?" The little blonde smiled demurely as she nodded quickly and ran off to find their little brother, walking past Cersei Lilly didn't even bother saying a word to her as she entered one of the ridiculous wheel carriages side rooms. She paused in bemusement when she realized the room was occupied by her half naked uncle, sighing she began shaking the drunken dwarf until his mis-matched eyes met her own.

"Oi...I don't remember bedding a woman that looked like my niece..." Lillith raised a brow at that before shaking her head lightly, pulling her little uncle up she tossed him his pants while shuffling about the empty bottles littering the room.

"You didn't bed any woman last night Uncle Tyrion, you and Uncle Jamie found a case of mead and that was it for you for the night, how's your head?" Much to her amusement the small blonde man grimaced all of the sudden as he grasped his forehead,

"I had thought it was fine until you brought notice to it, dear niece you are a vindictive witch," giving her favorite family member a wide smile she curtsied once as she dipped a hand into one of her many hidden pockets.

"More true then you'll ever know dear uncle, here, one of my remedies but you better not get completely lost in your cups tonight or there shant be another for a fortnight," grinning widely he accepted the offered vial with a bow. Lillith had known how to brew a hangover potion since she was nine, being the Goddaughter of Sirius Black rather guaranteed that little skill even with the foreign herbs of Westeros.

"And once again my dear lady you prove why you are my favorite of Cersei's children," without a thought he popped the cork and downed the vile tasting potion, shuddering a moment his eyes eventually fluttered open as he let out a satisfied sigh. "What would I do without you my dearest?" Lillith chuckled as she pointed to the open door,

"Probably smack around Joffery for being a little shite, wouldn't make the pain go away but it would make you feel better, now get, break your fast and you can rejoin me when my siblings return." Offering her a mock bow Tyrion left her as she shook her head slowly, honestly if it wasn't for the small man and her bastard brother still in Kings Landing she'd probably have gone insane from boredom...well...insaner really.

As Myrcella and Tommen entered the room hands fulls of paints and wrapped parchments Lillith couldn't suppress her wide grin, Goddess damn it all did she love these two, and Death help any who would harm them.

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