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March 21, 2552 CE, Epsilon Eridani System, Orbit Above Imperial Citadel World 'Reach'

The twenty kilometer long broadsword shaped behemoth known as 'The Warspite' was the crown jewel of her Imperial Majesties Grand Armada. The culmination of centuries of technomancy the Star Dreadnought was the singularly most powerful vessal in either the Imperium of Brtiannia or Covenant space and it went where her Imperial Majesty went.

As the glossy black warship dropped from slipspace the regal figure standing before the bridge monitors cocked her head to the side as she took in the image of the besieged planet before her.

"Captain, status of Reach if you would please?" The Captain of the Warspite nodded once before languidly relaying the order to one of the techs, after conferring with the man he sighed before replying to his Empress.

"Your Majesty, Reach is at its limit. The Covenant are drowning our forces in their own blood, it appears to not matter how many vessels they lose to direct fighting or incursions from the Spartans, they just keep sending more ships to replace them. Reach will fall within the next day if nothing changes."

Gritting her teeth the Black Empress shook her head in anger as her ebony tresses swayed with the motion. "Very well, I shall enter the theater myself then, tell all ships still holding the line to break off, I don't want any of our people caught in the blast."

Nodding once he turned away from his Empress as she glared at the massive city sized Covenant carrier displayed on the monitor before closing her eyes and focusing. With a resounding crack the regally gowned woman found herself inside said vessal, as aliens began crying out in fear and rage she took stock of her surroundings before nodding in approval.

"This will do," grinning she thrust the Deathstick before her while bellowing, "FIENDFYRE!" Then, then the Covenant knew no more.

Arya Stark was suffering from an information overload, there was just so much to see in Kings Landing! Sure sure, the place smelled horrible, the guards wore ridiculous gold cloaks, and Prince Joffery kept shooting her acidic glares, but it was all so new and interesting!

Her teacher, one Princess Lillith Baratheon (who kept insisting she just call her Lilly) watched the small girl's antics in amusement for a time before turning to her betrothed, "I do believe she is fit to burst."

Robb smiled as he nodded at this, "Quite so, it is a step up from Winterfell after all, although I could do without the heat."

Lillith scowled at that, she hated this city and actually found Winterfell to be an improvement, although knowing Robb he was probably just trying to make her happy by downplaying his home in preference of her own. It was cute that he would try to accommodate her like that, and despite the effort making him more snogable in her personal opinion it was time to fix that misconception.

"Trust me Robb, the last thing I want is to stay in this horrible city, shit literally runs down the streets, it is unbearably hot, and the city walls keep in more liabilities then they repel invaders. No, I am much more fond of Winterfell despite how shortly I was there."

Both Stark children stared at her a moment before shooting her matching smiles, quickly echoing each other with a "Me too" followed by a bit of laughter as Robb ruffled Arya's hair.

Yay, Stark points earned!

As the Starks settled in at the Tower of the Hand Lillith wandered off to her personal potions lab beneath the Red Keep. Lilly had found the room rather early in her new life when she'd befriended the incredibly bored ghost of one Visenya Targaryen, the rather amusing shadow of the former Queen having taken a liking to the small girl.

It really was quite brilliant that the Baratheons had a bit of the Dragon's blood running through their veins, and that the Targaryens themselves were as crazy as the Black family of Lillith's previous life. Visenya viewed the slaughter of the last ruling family as little more then a civil war within the bloodline and shrugged it off, far more interested in gossiping with a little girl after centuries of being alone.

How could Lillith ever turn the poor woman down? The dividends alone made the entire exercise worth while. After finding the long dead woman's sword and personal meditation chambers she'd quickly turned said quarters into a lab to try and brew some proper potions and make her real ancestors proud.

When one was the daughter of a mad genius and a unrepentant prankster, the Goddaughter of said prankster's best friend, niece to their mutual best friend, and adoptive daughter of a misanthropic Potions Master she had many ideals to live up to. Luckily she'd been Severus Snape's pride and joy and had become a Potions Mistress at the age of seventeen, so her newest prank wasn't going to be much of a bother.

She'd contemplated simply putting her Uncle Jamie under the cruciatus curse for a few hours but after Uncle Tyrion had asked her not to hurt him too much she'd had a rather brilliant idea.

How do you hurt a man who could not help but to indulge in fucking his own sister?

Easy, curse him with impotency when in her presence.

This potion was actually used as a punishment under her reign as Empress for rapists and child molesters, as much as she just wanted the bastards dead they hadn't actually earned a death sentence by forcing themselves on innocents.

This was a Hermione thing that Lilly had resoundingly disagreed with, Avada Kedavra's were waaaaay cheaper then potions but you had to keep the wife happy so she'd come up with this alternative despite her personal feelings on the subject.

Smirking to herself as she entered the lab Lilly ignated the fire beneath one of her smaller cauldrons while waving at the wispy ghost hovering in the corner, "'Ello Visenya, anything interesting happen while I was away?"

The beautiful warrior woman smiled as she drifted towards Lilly, pressing one pale hand to the Mistress of Death's shoulder as she replied, "Not really little one, did your journeys bear fruit?"

Humming to herself Lilly began throwing ingredients into the cauldron as she absently read her notes from a leather bound journal, "I'm betrothed to a hoty, we are to be wed in a few weeks actually. He's a ginger so I'm a bit worried our children won't have souls but aside from that nothing of real importance has occurred. Well, besides from taking his little sister as my apprentice that is. You'd adore Arya I think, she is like me just more innocent and with far fewer sociopathic tendencies."

It said something about the nature of their relationship that Visenya didn't react to any of this other then to raise an eyebrow, "Betrothed? Really? I never thought you'd agree to something like that."

Lilly shrugged off handidly as she began stirring her potion base, "I like him, he's smart, attractive, and most of all is not boring and has a rather interesting castle that I totes plan on turning into a Fortress of Doom. Plus I like most of the family as well, Joffrey can have Kings Landing, I don't want it, I'll turn the North into something that will impress even Tywin and leave a legacy that will last millennia."

Visenya smirked at that, "Ah the Northmen, incredibly pragmatic lot. They took one look at the Fields of Fire and shrugged as they took the knee. They didn't want to surrender to us, far from it, they just knew it was a lost cause and decided to bide their time."

Lillith grinned in turn as she looked up from her cauldron, "It doesn't hurt that Robb has abs for days, I could seriously grate cheese off of...*ahem* Anyway yeah moving on from that my future little brother in law...err...rather good brother was pushed out of a tower window by Uncle Jamie because the poor kid caught him rutting my mother. Saved the kid myself but Uncle Tyrion asked me to not hurt Jamie too much, so I'm making sure his short sword no longer functions as intended."

"HA!" Visenya barked out in amusement, "Well played little one, I shall leave you to it then, if you get bored or wish to converse simply call for me, take care now." As the ghost wandered off Lilly briefly wondered if Arya would be able to see Westeros's many specters, it was definitely something to consider, at the very least she'd have to prepare her for the shock of it all.

Lilly finished the impotency potion in less then an hour, having all the ingredients on hand and not being an overly complicated brew to begin with Bran's revenge was now ready for application. Dipping a ladle into the cauldron Lilly soon poured a measure of the potion into a phial and stoppered it with a bit of cork, summoning Death's Cloak the ancient teenage witch pulled the gossamer fabric over her head and grinned maliciously.

It was time to have some fun.

Calling on the Deathstick Lilly cast sound and smell dampening charms on herself before sprinting out of her subterranean lab while focusing on her Uncle, getting a lock on him she shifted into her Quill form and began winging her way through the Red Keep as an invisible raven. Eventually she found her Uncle Jamie standing at rest before the Kings chambers, by the sound of things Robert was already fucking a whore.

Shifting back into her human form Lilly rolled her eyes at her 'father's' antics and pointed the Deathstick at her oblivious Uncle while muttering 'Imperio'.

Jamie's eyes glazed over as Lilly pulled the cloak off and fished the phial out of her pocket handing it to the man, "Drink this, then return the vial," and Jamie did just that. Slipping the bit of glass back into her pocket Lilly threw the cloak back over her head and cast a quick 'finate' on Jamie, then she was off.

Padding through the castle she searched about until she ran into Arya and Robb play sparing with a couple sticks, grinning she shucked the cloak and vanished it as she approached the bantering pair.

"Hello hello, how are my favorite Starks adapting to the Red Keep?" Both Robb and Arya jumped at her sudden intrusion and exchanged surprised glances, it took all her willpower to not laugh.

"It's...interesting..." Robb started, but Arya being Arya was a bit more blunt.

"We've only been here a few hours and it's already boring, they won't let us do anything without escort." Robb shot his little sister a look that she rather pointedly ignored before he huffed in annoyance and nodded in turn.

"Aye, she isn't wrong," Lilly grinned widely at this as she winked at them coyly.

"Well, would you two like to see the city then, in secret of course? Oh! I can also introduce you to my bastard brother Gendry, he hits shite with a hammer, it's great." Robb looked torn between being responsible and well...being a teenager before he glanced down at Arya's hopeful expression, sighing he nodded briefly before turning back to his betrothed.

"Lead the way," Lilly's smirk turned into a Cheshire cat grin, her future husband really was worth the effort of giving a damn about him.

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