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Warning: Hunter x Hunter reference, Hunger Games reference, FNAF reference. Dark fic.

Does anyone know what the PAL region is?

PAL stand for Pokémon Awakens Love. It's a region that supports all six regions known to the Pokémon World. Some people like to go to PAL because according to the media, it was very beautiful. It was very sunny during the spring and summer, many colourful flowers and lush green trees and grasses in the many natural habitats PAL has and all their water bodies are crystal blue, sparkling and clean. The bushes were also bursting with Berries for Pokémon to eat. The general environment a paradise for Pokémon; hence the name. If a trainer is caught abusing Pokémon within this region, it's an immediate death sentence, as PAL takes the welfare of Pokémon, whether wild or trainer, very seriously.

With this in mind, pollution is also considered a crime here. If you are caught tainting the environment in anyway, you'll be sent to jail. And let's just say landing yourself in PAL's Jail is never a pleasant thing…..it's much worse than the jails in other regions.

Trainers are expected to do everything they can to protect their own Pokémon, which is why all the trainers living in PAL have to learn how to fight in one way or another without their Pokémon. PAL contains all the Pokémon in the six regions, and also, sometimes, even Legandaries flock here to relax in this paradise.

Let's not forget those that protect and run PAL. Officer Jennies around the region are nothing compared to them. They are called "Hunters", people that have proven themselves through rigorous examination to be an elite member of humanity. If you can pass the Hunter Exam, or "Exam from Hell" as PAL people may call it (since out of 1,200 applicants, only about 10 pass and get their license, and some actually died in the Exam), you have many benefits, such as 95% of all public facilities can be used at no cost. Furthermore, all such services are provided at first class, unrivalled freedom to travel around the regions, almost no legal responsibility for murder, and so much more.

Most people from the G-Men members are actually Hunters provided by the PAL's Prince and Princess, which is why they are considered formidable. PAL is a principality, which means they were ruled by a Prince or Princess.

Of course, they have Contests and Pokémon Showcases too. However, the Contests are different. Instead of winning five Ribbons and participating in the Grand Festival for the Ribbon Cup, there are two types of contests: Normal and Super. Normal contests are also split into five categories: Cool, Beauty, Smart, Tough and Cute. There are also four ranks: Normal, Super, Hyper and Master.

As for Super Contests, It is also split into the five categories like the normal contests, but the rankings are as follows: Normal, Great, Ultra and Master. You need to win ribbons from Normal rank from a certain category in order to enter the next rank's contest in the same category. To be a Top Coordinator, once needs to win Master Rank in at least one category for either contest type.

And for Showcases, instead of winning three Princess Keys, they had to win five in order to earn the right to participate in the Master Class. Those who win the Master Class tournament would earn the title of PAL Duchess.

In order to earn the right to battle the Elite Four, they must win the Battle Frontier challenge. Their Battle Frontier works differently from other regions in terms of collecting symbols. There are only four symbols altogether, but it's cut into 12 pieces. So in order to get one whole symbol, one must defeat the group who holds the three pieces. The four pieces are called the Flame Symbol, Wind Symbol, Earth Symbol and Water Symbol. There is a special chip inside (placed by one of the PAL Elite) that would fix the three pieces to merge it into one piece without showing that it was once in three pieces once a challenger got all three pieces of one symbol. Due to the fact that the symbols are all cut differently, there is no way the pieces one group is holding can merge with the pieces that is held by another group.

After that, the trainers would register for the Trainer's Tournament, where the winner wins varying rewards and the right to challenge the Elite Four. However, every 25 years, there would be a Quarter Anniversary, where there would be a twist to make battles more exciting and challenging. Since it was there for 60 years, they had two Quarter Anniversaries. During their 25th year, the trainers were required to have a team specializing in one type when battling at all times. The Pokémon type they choose to specialize in must be registered when they register for the Trainer Tournament. The 50th one required the tournament choose their partners and form a tag team, as it was a tag battle, and there would be two winners as one tag team can win.

However, it's also has the most difficult Elite challenge (or be Champion) as the Elite Four of the PAL is also something else altogether. The PAL Elite Four is well-known to have the only members that specialize in two types instead of just one. Each member of the Elite Four are also Hunters, who had at least two stars in their field, and has unique abilities that make them stand out among the other regional Elites. Not only that, the members of the Elite Four are also famous for something else besides their Elite status. The Elite Four members themselves were very well-versed in the art of Mega Evolution. No one could even get past the first member of the Elite Four.

Only one person has managed to defeat all four members and be crowned Champion.

And that is Ashura Red Satoshi Ketchum, better known as Ash Ketchum.

Said 21-year-old boy, or should I say man, since he was now of age, was currently in his high tech office (can be served as a meeting room too) which was complete with computerized talking walls, electronic maps that shows the entire PAL region and a giant rectangular table with control panels, doing his own paperwork. With him was a certain Pikachu, sitting on his shoulder and watching him work.

Ash smiled a little and patted his Pikachu, who let out a coo of contentment. A Lucario was with him as well, sitting next to him, watching the television screen at the far end of the room, which was currently showing a news reporter reporting on a man that was caught trying to smuggle out Pokémon Eggs from the local day-care center, and was caught by a Crime Hunter.

Ash had grown to be a very handsome man: The tips of his hair at the sides were no longer facing sideways, instead it was facing downwards, some were cut to ear length, while others were combed back and were touching his neck. He did not know how his birthmark vanished; he only remembered someone from Team Galactic had burnt his face, and his face was severely damaged, and remembered passing out, but when he woke up, his face was healed, but his birthmarks were gone.

Oh well. He did look better now without them anyway. His skin was now cream-coloured instead of tan (due to spending more time indoors now) and his eyes were usually somewhat half-closed, making him appear calmer and more aloof, which made him even better looking.

"They really should know better than to steal anything from our region, right, Master?" Lucario tried to break the silence by making small talk.

Ash made a non-committal noise in his throat.

Pikachu sighed. He still remembered the incident five years ago…..

"Can't wait to see mum! Right Pikachu?" He asked his long-time partner and best friend.

"Pi Pikachu!" Pikachu replied happily.

Ash smiled at Pikachu, as his house was in sight. He was about to open the door to announce his presence, when he heard voices. He furrowed his brow in confusion, as he recognized those voices.

He furrowed his brow in confusion, as he recognized those voices.

Brock Slate, former gym leader of Pewter City, Misty Waterflower, Cerulean City Gym Leader, May Maple, a Pokémon Co-ordinator from Hoenn, Max Maple, younger brother of May, Dawn Berlitz, Co-ordinator of Sinnoh and daughter of Johanna Berlitz, a former Top Co-ordinator, Iris, a girl who dreamed to be a Dragon Master someday, Cilan, one of the three Gym Leaders in the Striaton Gym and A-Class Connoisseur. His mother was in as well, and she seemed to be arguing with his friends. Wait, was that Trip's voice? Why would he be here as well?

'Now why would they all be here at this moment?' Ash thought. They were supposed to be off on their own journey chasing their own dreams, not be in Pallet Town discussing whatever it is. He crept closer to listen to their conversation.

He immediately wished he hadn't done that.

"But, Mrs Ketchum, he made it to the Top 8 again!" Misty sneered. "He just wouldn't accept that he would never be the top, and we have to tell him!"

"I agree with Misty. He's always using that rat during the battles that led to his loss." Brock said.

"How dare you call my son an idiot?" Delia shouted. "He loves his Pokémon like they are his own family!"

"Well, he's an idiot if he can win by just pure friendship." Iris said scathingly. "He doesn't know you have to have power as well!"

"He was a complete dumbass to use Pikachu against powerhouses like that Latios in the Sinnoh League, although he did defeat that Latios." Dawn added in. "No wonder he lost all the Leagues he participated. Mrs Ketchum, just ask him to give up."

"Yeah, he'll always be that kid who would never win against any of us." May agreed. "He lied to us, he said he'd be the best time and again, but it never happened."

"Perhaps, Mrs. Ketchum, he might stay home with you, which is what you want right?" Max pleaded for Delia to see their way.

"No, we're not!" said Mrs. Ketchum angrily. "I think my son has the potential to achieve his dreams if he keeps trying!"

"Mrs Ketchum, I think this is because you love your son, but it's time for him to open his eyes." Trip persuaded.

'Thank you, mother.' Ash thought, smiling, despite feeling the sadness, betrayal, anger and hurt by what his friends said. He still had to hold back Pikachu as it wanted to just charge in and electrocute his friends on the spot with a Thunderbolt.

"Let me go, Ash!" Pikachu hissed. "I want to make them suffer for what they said."

"No, we have something else to do." Ash replied. Clutching to his struggling Pikachu. He dashed off towards the Oak's Laboratory just as Delia shouted, "No, now get out. Mr. Mime, Psychic!" and caused the traitors to be thrown out of the house.

"Ash, my boy! How have you…" he trailed off in shock as he saw the look on Ash's face and the angry Pikachu.

"Ash, are you alright?" Gary asked from behind Professor Oak. Tracey nodded his concern

Ash told the Oaks and Tracey everything he heard, and they were shocked. Tracey even dropped his sketchbook, appalled.

"How could they?" Tracey hissed. "How could they say such a thing?"

Ash grimaced. "I know. That's why I'm going to get away and train- by myself with all my Pokémon. After I say goodbye to my mum, of course. She stood up for me, you know."

Professor Oak smiled. "I'll arrange that."

He took out what looked like a plain old watch. "It may look like a watch, but it has unlimited functions. It can call people, send messages, gives you information of any Pokémon that is scanned from all regions, gives you a map of where you are and how to get to your desired destination, it also has a list of moves the Pokémon you scan can learn, and also allows you to carry all your Pokémon at once. It's called the CommuniDex. Once you put it on, it's keyed to your DNA so only you can take it off. Not even someone disguised as you would be able to take it off. Also, it is waterproof so you can keep it on at all times even when you shower."

"Thanks, Professor Oak." Ash gave a small smile.

"Ash, you have no idea what you are capable of." said Gary. "Go, and make sure to come back and show us what you're made of." This is one of the rare times he didn't say "Ashy-boy".

Tracey smiled. "Yes, I know you can do it."

Ash nodded, took all his Pokémon with him, only to smell something familiar- smoke from fire. He dashed outside, only to look in horror as Pallet Town was in flames. He and Pikachu looked at each other, before dashing towards his house, hoping his mother and Mimey were ok, but saw that the house was on fire. Quickly dashing through the door which has not caught fire, he entered, only to see that his mother dead, along with her Mimey. Blood was seen on her chest, indicating she was stabbed. However, there were other injuries on her body, indicating she put up a fight.

Standing over them were the traitors. Dawn's Quilava was out, indicating it was the one who started the fire, under Dawn's orders.

They spotted Ash, and Trip said, "Hopefully you'll disappear after using your mum as an example if you don't give up!" Max then quickly sent his Kirlia out to teleport them out.

"Shoot, they got away." Ash hissed, as he got to his mother's body, and took the knife out from her chest. Only for the doors to open and the traitors were standing there with the police. To his surprise, Cynthia was there. By their viewpoint, it looked like Ash had killed his mother and just took the knife out.

"There he is! He tried to kill us!" Trip pointed at Ash. Ash stared at them in shock, it was them, not him!

"Yeah, he killed his own mother when she tried to tell him to come home! We all saw it!" Iris shouted.

"And when we tried to stop him, he tried to kill us!" Misty added.

"I…I'm so sorry, guys. I never knew Ash was…" Cynthia was actually coming to Pallet Town to congratulate Ash on the Top 8, but it looked like Ash's personality was all a façade, and his friends helped her see his true colours.

"Cynthia, please, you can't believe them over me, can you?" Ash pleaded.

Cynthia's eyes turned cold. "Arrest him, make sure he gets a life sentence! I won't associate with a criminal anymore!"

Ash's blood run cold. Even Cynthia turned against him? During his anger and hurt, he did not know that his aura was accumulating, and it chose now to activate, and everyone wondered where he went. They realized he had dropped a destroyed fish lure bait given by Misty and one half of the Terracotta Ribbon won at a contest with May. (It was destroyed when his aura activated)

He unknowingly teleported, taking his mother and Mr Mime's bodies with him and landed in an unknown place.

This place was later known as the region PAL.

"Pikachu!" Ash's sharp tone snapped Pikachu out of his reverie. "I've been calling you five times already. What are you thinking about?"

"N-Nothing much." Pikachu replied, sending out a nervous laughter. Ash could understand what any Pokémon is saying without telepathy as he had mastered how to use aura during those five years. It's also useful in combat as he can manifest his aura into abilities. However, this isn't unusual, as all Elite members knew how to use aura and understand Pokéspeech.

"Well, if you say so." Ash replied, going back to his work.

"You're spacing out again." Lucario said to Pikachu. "Thinking about what happened to Master?"

Pikachu nodded.

"If you're thinking about the betrayal, at least some of their Pokémon didn't agree and abandoned their masters just for him, you know As well as the Legendries that followed him on his quest for revenge." Lucario reminded him. "Not to mention them finding out old friends and they agreed to join back here with us."

"Where am I?" Ash asked, looking around at what looked like a royal ballroom with its lavish decorations.

"Welcome, Chosen One." said a voice. He turned to see a white equine resembling a centaur with a grey, vertically-striated underside. The striated pattern has similar recurrences on the underside of its mane, tail, and face. Its four pointed feet are tipped with gold hooves.

"Hello, Arceus." Ash greeted coolly.

Arceus sighed. His Chosen One is as cold as ever, thanks to what had happened to him a year ago. "Well, let's get down to business, shall we?" He nodded, and one by one, the other Legendries appeared before him. The Legendary Bird trio, the Mew duo, the Legendary Beasts trio, the Tower Duo, Celebi, the four Regis, the Eon duo, the Weather Trio, Jirachi, Deoxys, the Lake Guardians, the Creation Trio, the Lunar Duo, Manaphy, Heatran, Shaymin, Victini, the Swords of Justice, the Forces of Nature, the Tao Trio, Meloetta, Genesect, Mortality Duo, Zygarde, and finally, Diancie.

"Hi, Ash!" Latias flew over to him, and nuzzled him. Too bad Shaymin, Meloetta, Victini, Manaphy, Celebi and Mew had the same idea, and tackled him to the floor hugging him.

"Hi, Ash!" they chirped in unison. "Long time no see!"

"Er….hi." Ash nodded to them. "Do you all need something?"

"We've been watching you." said Darkrai. "After the betrayal by your friends and the woman you love and murder of your mother and being framed, we decided it's time for us to step in to help, to thank you for what you have done for us."

"Saving us selflessly, putting your lives just for us…" Shaymin said.

Meloetta nodded. "Which is why we have decided to thank you for what you done. All of us. We have decided to support you in whatever you decide to do."

"After seeing what your so-called friends did, we think it' the least we could do." said Mewtwo.

"Some of us have decided to join you in your quest, Ash." said Mew. "To thank you for all you have done."

"What?" Ash exclaimed, showing some emotion. "But if you join up with me, it's dangerous. Who knows what those villainous teams such as Team Rocket would do if they find out you are with me? It sounds great and all, but you have duties to do, and I don't want it to be interrupted just for me. And you might have to participate in battles if you join with me. And I'm not going to let those villainous teams get their hands on you a second time!"

The Legendries were astounded, as they knew he was really and truly trying to protect them from unwanted attention and forced control, even when he turned cold, it was clear he still cared for them.

"We understand, Chosen One." said Rayquaza. "But we want to travel the world, and who better than with you? We all know you'd take good care of us."

"Since you treat Pokémon as friends, and you did us an amazing favour for all of us." said Celebi.

"Yeah, since you revived me from the Soul Dew using your aura, it has been absorbed in your body so it doesn't need guarding anymore." Latios finally spoke up. He was alive and reunited with Latias thanks to Ash.

"I even told Bianca and Lorenzo I'm going with you to see the world, and they agreed." said Latias.

"I even called your old Pokémon so that they'll come back to you." said Darkrai.

Ash knew he lost the battle, seeing he saw what the Pokémon were willing to do to follow him.

"For those who want to come, you can come, but I can't promise a pain-free journey, but I promise, I will do my best to protect all of you, and make sure I'll prove to everyone I'm a good trainer, and take responsibilities for my actions." For the first time, he smiled. The Legendaries cheered at this.

"Then, the ones who would be joining you will be Victini, Manaphy, Mew, Mewtwo Lugia, Ho-oh, Shaymin, Meloetta, Latias and Latios, Darkrai, Zekrom, Celebi, Jirachi, Giratina, Palkia and finally, Dialga." said Arceus. "You'll find their Pokéballs at your bedside once you wake up, along with your old friends."

"Remember, Ash, we'll always be looking out for you."

There was a knock on the door, and Ash curtly said, "Enter."

The door opened to reveal a woman in her early-twenties. She was tall and thin, wore black horn-rimmed glasses, and had her brown hair in a ponytail, with matching grey eyes. She was currently wearing a laboratory coat over her standard outfit, which was a white tank top and a pair of jeans. This was their manager, Phlox DeLaurentis, and also PAL's regional Professor, who studies everything, ranging from relationships between humans and Pokémon to the all-desired Mega Evolution.

"I'm sorry for the interruption, Champion Red." Phlox greeted.

"What is it this time, Phlox?" Ash sighed.

"Well, there is a request sent to us about the Champions Tournament…"

"The Champions Tournament?" Ash asked Phlox. "What's that?"

"Once every few years, the Champions of each region gather in Driftveil City in Unova and compete to see who is the strongest. It's like a get together for the Champions, you know. Only this time, it's to advertise the Pokémon World Championship that is to be held in our region, Ash." Their manager replied. "Which is why instead of the usual six-on-six, this one would be a three-on-three."

"So, what does this got to do with us?" Ash raised his eyebrow.

"They are short one player in the tournament so they requested us to send one of us down so they have enough competitors."

"Who are the competitors?" Ash asked nonchalantly.

"Steven, Lance, Wallace, Cynthia, Alder, Iris and Diantha." Phlox reported. "Alder may have lost his position as Champion to Iris, but he was the only one who once held the Champion status, which is why he is in too."

Ash narrowed his eyes. "Did you just say Iris?" He hissed.

"Yes, apparently she was recently crowned the Unova Champion after defeating Alder." Phlox answered, oblivious to Ash's change of tone. "So who should we send out into the Champions Tournament?"

Ash thought carefully, and said, "Rosaline will go to represent our region."

"Are you sure?" Phlox asked.

"Yes." Ash replied, waving the girl off. "Also, Rosaline will wear a disguise, because we must not reveal our identities until the Pokémon World Championship starts."

"Very well." Phlox nodded. "You know after that we need to head to Luonto City as after that, we'll have the opening ceremonies, right? You have your invitation I sent, right?"

"I get it. And do you mean this stupid letter?" He held out one that was addressed to him, which said:

Dear Red Satoshi,

There is a tournament coming up called the Pokémon World Championship. It is held in the PAL Battle Arena to decide who the best among the best is, and I believe you are more than capable of winning the tournament. Your invitation has been attached to this message. Please hand your invitation in three days' time to the PAL Pokémon Centre near the Battle Arena if you wish to participate.

Yours sincerely,

Phlox DeLaurentis

Manager of the PAL Elite Four

P.S: Glad to know you're still alive, Ash. You were incredibly hard to track down. Congrats on being the PAL Champion, and hope to see you there. By the way, all your so-called friends are there so stay calm and don't give in to your hate –Scott.

P.P.S: You better show up to the tournament or else I'm going to sic my men on you, and drag you there. You must participate in this tournament. Don't let those traitors get to you. –Charles Goodshow.

"Yes, I mean that stupid letter….hey! It's not stupid!" Phlox scowled. "You make sure you are there, or I'll drag you there myself with Charles."

Ash waved her off. "Whatever. Send a note through the Express Mail and tell them we are sending Rosaline as the final player."

Phlox sighed. "Well, just call the others here to make your final decision as to whether you'll attend the Champions Tournament, and I'll pop over and check on the transport arrangements."

Ash shrugged, as Phlox left the office.

"Why did you send Rosaline, of all people?" Pikachu asked. "Even Jude is stronger than her because of his double type advantage."

"Precisely. I want to give them, especially Iris a little reminder than not even the strongest among them cannot overcome the power of the PAL Elites, and even our weakest Elite may be well beyond the level of the other regional Elites." Ash answered darkly. He knew the Champions were the strongest. They were the ones who managed to shine among the other trainers, and are their region's very embodiment of hope.

Pikachu nodded, as Ash went to send a message to his other Elites.

"Nothing like a swim to take my mind off things." A boy with black hair and amber eyes commented. He dived off the dive board that is 10 meters above the swimming pool, and somersaulted into the pool, executing a beautiful jack-knife.

His Purrloin, already in the pool, splashed him, which cause him to shout, "Come back here, Purrloin!" and swim after her. They laughed as they splashed together in the pool.

This is Jude Harrison, a Water/Dark Specialist, and the first member of the Elite. He is a Sea Hunter, whose job is to hunt in seas for animals and treasures. He is the best at swimming among the four of them. He is currently wearing swimming trunks.

"Isn't this the life, Purrloin?" Jude asked, as he floated lazily in the pool.

"Indeed." Purrloin replied. Just then, Jude's CommuniDex rang, signalling a new message. Jude groaned, and pressed a button to read the message. He widened his eyes at the message.

"Change of plans. We're going back to the Plateau." He told Purrloin, as he dried himself, got dressed in one of his outfits which consists of blue shirt with black jacket and a black jeans and called out his Mantine, as Purrloin hopped onto his shoulder. "Mantine, fly us back to the Plateau." Mantine nodded, and they shot off towards the Plateau.

A girl with black hair with hot pink highlights, black eyes as dark as midnight, and wearing her usual outfit- red top with a magenta jacket and a white and pink skirt, with hot pink boots was searching a house with an approved search warrant, her Espeon helping her. Police were outside currently waiting for her instructions.

A criminal nicknamed Long John (due to his height) had just escaped from the police and is on the run. She suspected someone must've hidden him in their houses. Her fifth and current stop was Madeline Clark, his ex-girlfriend's house, though she insisted that she wished Long John would go to hell after they broke up.

She is Rosaline Pyra, the second member challengers have to face in the Elite, the Fire/Psychic specialist of the Elite Four. She is a Crime Hunter, whose job is to crack mysterious cases around the world.

It was nothing out of the ordinary- the bedroom was a single bed with single pillows, blanket, and the like. The bathroom also held all women's products, and the kitchen also did not hold anything ordinary. When she opened the closet, it also held women's clothing and coats. So the house was occupied by a single lady. Rosaline narrowed her eyes when she saw something.

"Are you done?" Madeline demanded. "Can you leave now?"

"Yes, I am done. And I know Long John has been hiding in this place." Rosaline smirked. "Arrest her for being an accomplice!"

"W-What?" Madeline stuttered. "But how?"

"Elementary. One of the coats I saw was too long for a girl your height, indicating the coat was worn by someone else who is much taller, in this case Long John." Rosaline replied, as the police came to take Madeline away.

Just then, her CommuniDex rang, and she read the print message sent by Ash.

"You guys wait for the criminal to show up, and notify me if he's arrested. For now, I'm go back to the Plateau." With that, she summoned her Shiny Moltres, let her Espeon climb on, and flew back to the Plateau.

Another boy, a year or two older than Ash, was assembling what looked like machine parts in a game console. He had brown hair and baby blue eyes. He was currently wearing a simple white T-shirt with a light blue vest, with dark brown jeans, complete with a belt which kept his standard six Pokéballs.

"If I put these together, the electrical current would flow continuously without burning out the minuscule copper wire." He used a drill to put the said machine parts in place. He was currently working on a game stimulator which he felt it would help the others greatly with their aura training. It was highly based on the horror game Five Nights at Freddy's.

This is Philip Robinson, a Steel/Electric Specialist, and the third member of the Elite challengers face. He is great at technology and inventing things. He was also the one that helped replicate the CommuniDex for the other members of the Elite at Ash's request. He is an Information Hunter, whose job is to go to great lengths to uncover rare or hidden bits of information. Common activities for Information Hunters like him include searching for rare books, hacking to retrieve protected data, and tracking down people who know desired facts.

"Now, if only I can find a way where we can use our aura to create a conscious so we can get into the game and play instead of using controllers, and make it so that when we get taken out, we'll simply return back to the real world instead of dying in real life…." Phillip knew the game training stimulator would be completed if he could just figure out a way, but his CommuniDex rang, alerting him to a message.

He opened the message, and widened his eyes.

"Ok, back to the Plateau I go!" He summoned his Skarmory and flew towards the Plateau.

A girl, who looked like she is in her late teens or early twenties, was chasing down a man. The man is running frantically for his life. He suddenly screeched to a stop as he ran into a dead end in a dark alley (although it was afternoon), and knew he was cornered.

"Spare me." He stuttered. How was he to know that the girl he was hitting on was a professional assassin?

The girl stood at the end of the alleyway. She had ebony black hair, complete with amethyst eyes and high cheekbones. Her soft pink lips were curled up in disdain, and her eyes were currently emotionless.

She is Pakura Ameyuri, the Ice/Fairy Specialist and the Leader of the Elite. She is currently wearing a black shirt complete with a white jacket, and a short white skirt leggings. The leggings just reached to her knees. She is a Blacklist Hunter, her job is to track down dangerous and wanted criminals, and kill them if she must. She fingered her revolver, sneering at the man.

"Now why should I spare you?" she replied. "The reports say you abuse Pokémon and even try to escape the law. Why do you think they sent me after you? I'm supposed to kill you. And of course, you men always can't resist a woman, which is your downfall."

The man looked around. "Well, at least no one hear would hear you scream." With that, he lunged at her, thinking he can overpower her, but she vanished, and reappeared, slamming his head against the wall. He struggled but her grip was too tight. She shook her head at his idiocy as she positioned the gun at the back of his head.

"Enjoy your time in hell." She smirked, as she pulled the trigger three times. Blood splattered all over the wall, and Pakura flung him aside, disgust on her face. She shook her head as she casually blew on her gun. "They really don't remember I never miss my target."

Her CommuniDex rang, and when she saw the message, she summoned her Togekiss and flew towards the Plateau.

"Well, it looks like we are going to have to leave earlier because Rosaline has to participate in the Champions Tournament which is going to be used to advertise the Pokémon World Championships." Ash was addressing his Pokémon. His old Pokémon consists of Pikachu, Venusaur, Charizard, Meganium, Fereligator, Blastoise, Typhlosion, Snorlax, Kingler, Muk, Heracross, Noctowl, Crawdaunt, Swellow, Pidgeot, Butterfree, Glalie, Garchomp, Seperior, Scrafty, Lapras, Gengar, Sceptile, Torterra, Emboar, Samurott, Krookodile, Leavanny, Gigalith, Seismitoad, Infernape, Floatzel, Unfezant, Gliscor, and Tauros.

And then, of course, there are his Legendaries.

There's also the new Pokémon he caught (read: he saved them, and they followed him until he agreed to catch them). Gardevoir, Lucario, Zororak, all the Eeveelutions, Roserade, Spiritomb, Mismagius, Clefable, Wigglytuff, Gyarados, Salamence, Togekiss, Xatu.

Another thing was, while travelling with Pakura, he had traded 29 of his Tauros in exchange for these Pokémon: Mightyena, Ninetales, Arcanine, Crobat, Elektross, Slaking, Greninja (shiny), Tyranitar, Kingdra, Honedge, Milotic, Metagross, Dusknoir, Gorluk, Beartic, Volcarona, Goodra, Dragonite, Flygon, Houndoom, Scyther, Absol, Aggron, Delphox, Chestnaught, Talonflame, Electrivire (shiny), Drapion, and finally, Blaziken (shiny). So you could tell how big of a team he has.

Last but not least, there's the defected Pokémon, who got attached to his Elite members as they spent time with them. May's Skitty, Glaceon, Blaziken, Dawn's Pachirisu, Piplup and Buneary. Skitty and Glaceon went to Pakura, Pachirisu went to Phillip, Piplup went to Jude, and Blaziken went to Rosaline. He kept Buneary, because it wants to be by Pikachu's side. He almost didn't keep those Pokémon.

"Hey Ash." Mewtwo said, interrupting his aura training.

"What is it, Mewtwo?" Ash sighed, deactivating his Aura Levitation and landing on the ground.

"Do you remember May's Skitty, Blaziken, Glaceon and Dawn's Pachirisu, Piplup and Buneary?" he asked. Ash darkened at the mention of his former friends' names.

"What about them?" he asked emotionlessly.

"Well, it seems like they do not agree with what the traitors said, and wished to join you and your friends in your quest when I told them your current location."

"Yeah, sure." Ash said sarcastically. "And why would I believe them?"

Mewtwo silently handed him the remains of the Pokéballs. "They smashed these themselves, saying they do not want to be with their trainers anymore."

Ash knew Mewtwo is not lying, since he's a Legendary Psychic Pokémon and know what Pokémon are actually thinking.

"Fine, bring them in." he said. "I'll see what they have to say."

When he teleported them back to him, the Pokémon immediately smiled, but their smiles dropped when they saw the look on Ash's face when he saw them.

"You got one minute to talk." Ash said coldly.

"Hi Ash, it's good to see you again." Skitty said hesitantly. "We've been waiting for you to come and take us away…"

Glaceon quickly jumped in. "Yeah, although she won more Ribbons, because of her arrogance, she always lost! And we're tired of her boasting she'll be upgraded the Queen of Hoenn! I wished the day care worker give my egg to you, you know."

"I'm not going to let Pikachu out of my grasp this time!" Buneary declared. "He's more important to me than Dawn! Please say you'll let me see him! I swear, I didn't know Dawn would do this!"

"I spent a lot of time with May, but even I think she's changed, and not for the better, and especially what she did was horrible." Blaziken remarked, looking tentatively at Ash.

"And I'm not going to let her discriminate you. You are a great trainer. Why can't she see that?I've travelled with you, and I think you are good!" Piplup said.

Pachirisu hopped on Ash's shoulder. "Yeah, Dawn even needed help from you to catch me, and she repaid this by trying to stomp on your dreams, even committing a crime she got away with? How dare she?"

"Can we join you and your Elite, Ash?" they asked in unison. "Please?"

Ash knew they were telling the truth, using his psychic powers, and it's not just sweet talk. But he needed to be careful.

"One chance is all I give. I will not hesitate to release you the moment I find out any of you are still associated with them." The next moment, they pounced onto him for a group hug, thanking from for the chance.

"Hey, Ash!" Rosaline called out to him. "We're here!"

Ash went to the rooftop to greet the four members of his Elite, as they dismounted from their Pokémon.

"So what's going on?" Jude asked. "Are we set to go to Luonto City?"

"Yes, but the Champions Tournament is short one player, and we had to send one." Ash replied. "So we're making a short detour to Driftveil City to drop off the participant first, along with all of you, and Phlox would follow you there to help you keep to schedule."

"Who did you send?" Phillip asked.

"Rosaline. Because we won't be introduced until the Pokémon World Championships, so Rosaline would be wearing a disguise. You two make sure you're disguised too, so go pack a good disguise, and we'll get going." Ash instructed.

"You're not going?" Jude asked.

"No." Ash shook his head. He himself isn't going to the Champions Tournament because he had needed to hide since he was branded as a criminal by all the regions except PAL (The Zodiacs and the Elite members believed in his innocence). Although he highly doubted anyone can recognize him in his current appearance, he still thought it would be better if he's revealed during the Pokémon World Championships. Anything can happen during the Champions Tournament….such as their disguise blowing off when there is a strong flying type attack such as Hurricane being used.

The others nodded, and went to get ready, and Rosaline went to check on her Pokémon as she had to battle.

It was a relatively short ride (30 minutes by car) from their Plateau to the train station. They rarely travelled in a car, only one owning one was Pakura, and the only three who had driving licenses was Pakura, Ash and Jude. The station were fortunately, not swarming with reporters and they made their way to the doorway. The doors closed behind them and began to move at once.

Although Ash had travelled by train many times due to his Hunter duties, the speed always took his breath away. This train was a high speed model that average 250 miles an hour, and they would reach Driftveil City in less than 16 hours.

The train is also much fancier than even a first class plane. They were each given their own chambers that had a bedroom, a dressing area and a private bathroom with hot and cold running water. There were drawers filled with fine clothes, and Phlox told them for now, they could do whatever they want, wear whatever they want, as everything is at their disposal, and just meet for supper in an hour.

Ash peeled off his outfit, which consisted of a black t-shirt with a long-sleeved dark blue jacket and dark blue pants, complete with a necklace that had the eighth musical note attached around his neck, and took a hot shower. He sighed in relaxation, as all the paperwork really wore him off. Then again, as PAL's current Prince, he had to make sure his region is running well, and maintain connections. He dressed in a pair of jeans and a dark green shirt.

He retrieved his necklace, and remember how music had become important in his life. When he and Pakura were still travelling together, she would whistle or sing complicated songs whenever boredom befalls them. He admitted to himself that her voice was beautiful, high and clear and so filled with life, which is quite a contrast to her personality. Music had always calmed Ash down whenever he was on the verge of an emotional outburst, or in the middle from a nightmare (for early parts after the betrayal) at that time. He bought this necklace as a reminder. He sighed when he was reminded of Cynthia, as despite what she did, he is still in love with her.

Phlox came to collect him for supper, and he followed her through the narrow, rocking corridor into a dining room with polished panelled walls. There's a table where all the dishes are of course, highly breakable. The other Elites were sitting there waiting for them, and Ash noticed someone was missing.

"Where is Paku?" Ash asked.

"Last I checked, she wanted to take a nap." Phlox replied. She sounded irritated about her absence. Who wouldn't? She is the least cooperative Elite member among the five of them.

Ash just gave her the "ok…" look and sat down, ready for supper.

Ash staggered to another compartment after a while, the one that contains the newspapers and magazines, while his Pokémon went to sleep first. He thinks it's a good time as any to check up on the traitors via TV, to see what happened to them during the five years, besides Iris as she apparently became Unova Chmapion (but not for long, not if Rosaline had to say about it in the Champions Tournament). They did receive in invitation to participate in the Pokémon World Championship, so he figured he'd take a look at his victims….er, competition.

He turned on the TV, grabbed a magazine, and fetched a notebook. He listened, read and wrote down notes at the same time.

Apparently, Max had participated in the Ever Grande Conference and made it to the Top 4 and Runner-up for the Lily of the Valley Conference.

'Wonder if he'd win if he tried the second time, like me.' Ash had won all six of the Pokémon Leagues within three and a half years, participating in average two in one year (as they happen on different dates, he can register in them). How did he go from region to region so fast?

Simple. His teleportation allows him to teleport anywhere he wants, no matter the distance, as long as he had been to the place before (more energy is used the further the destination is however). As he couldn't use his Kanto to Unova Gym badges again since it was registered before thus making it invalid, Pakura kindly lent him her Badges to use, since despite collecting Badges during her journey, she had never participated in any Conferences.

Only for Kalos did he use his own Badges, for Kalos was the only region he never travelled before being uh…betrayed. So, Kalos was the only region he had won on first try (but it was commendable as by the time everyone knew of his winning streaks).

After winning Unova (the sixth League), he was torn between taking on one of the regional Elite challenge or taking Pakura's suggestion on taking the PAL Battle Frontier, winning their Trainer's Tournament and taking on PAL's Elite challenge, as PAL had no Champion yet, and that was when Pakura revealed herself to be their Leader. After a day of thinking, he decided to give up the regional Elite Four challenge, and decided to take on the PAL Elites, and after finally defeating Pakura, the championship crown was his (along with the title PAL Prince).

May continued to be known as the Princess of Hoenn, and apparently won all five Ribbons from Johto, participated in their Grand Festival, but lost in the Top 8. She also competed in the Sinnoh Grand Festival, but she lost in the semi-finals.

Her fellow Coordinator, Dawn, won the five Ribbons from Hoenn, and got Top 16 in the Hoenn Grand Festival, and also from Johto, but he knew for one she didn't win the Wallace Cup she announced she wanted to take part in, as the Aqua Ribbon wasn't part of the list of Ribbons she got in Johto, and secondly, the person who won that Aqua Ribbon was his very own Leader Pakura. She got in the Johto Grand Festival, but lose in the semi-finals.

Ash listened as the TV reported Cilan was offered to take an exam to become an S-Class Connoisseur. However, Cilan said due to the upcoming Pokémon World Championship he's participating in, he would take it after the competition was over.

Brock, of course, became a trophy winning Breeder, earning popularity in his own region. He is aiming to be a doctor as well, and to be known as a popular Breeder in the other regions as well, according to Kanto news, and reporters wish him the best of luck.

Misty herself was doing well too. She had joined her sisters into water performing and her Gym is now well-known due to the good battle they give as well as the exotic water performances given. She had discarded her old hairstyle and her hair was now at shoulder length, and she had combed it forward, with some spikes, which made her look better than he last saw her.

And how is Trip? Well, well, it looks like he had runner-up in the Indigo League Conference, and he tried Johto as well, but got to the Top 8.

"Looks like they all are doing well." Ash said to his Pokémon. "Wonder how long their good fortune would last once they arrive in PAL." Of course, he was out for revenge. But could he get revenge against Cynthia? Ash sighed, and put down his notebook.

Unbeknownst to him, someone was watching him from the glass panel in the door leading to his compartment.

'I knew it!' Pakura thought, watching Ash's movements with her eyes narrowed. 'He still loves that blonde slut!' She wondered how come nice people like her fiancé gets killed, but mean people like Cynthia never do. She doesn't understand what Ash sees in her. Sure, she is beautiful. But she only cared about her public image, as she just called the authorities on him instead of hearing him out. Doesn't he notice?

Pakura stalked back to her compartment, to go order some warm milk from an attendant. There is any number of them on the train, cooking on them, waiting on them, guarding them, as taking care of the passengers on the train is their job.

Meanwhile, Ash nodded. He had enough information for now, and it is time for him to retire for the day. After he brushed his teeth, he changed into a pair of pyjamas, and climbed into bed, being careful to avoid Pikachu and Lucario. The sheets were soft, silky fabric, and a thick comforter gave immediate warmth.

'Always giving the best hospitality, our region.' Ash thought, as he let the train rock him into oblivion.

Rosaline was disguised as a wandering trainer in her teens, as they knew that they would be reaching the station soon, and they had to say goodbye to Rosaline and Phlox (they would be watching the Champions Tournament in television in Luonto City). She was checking on her Pokemon as she was the one who was sent to represent their region. They stood in silence as the train sped on. As the tunnel went on and on, Phlox had to hold Rosaline's hand to soothe her nerves, and Rosaline gave her childhood friend a weak smile.

The train slowed and bright light filled the compartment as the train finally pulled into the station.

Phlox pulled out her schedule. "You all know after this tournament, we all have to hurry back to this train to Luonto City, right? We have to get there before the other guests do- we're the hosts after all!"

"Yeah, I get it." Rosaline replied.

"Why did they hold the Champions Tournament so close to the Pokémon World Championship?" Jude sighed.

Phlox shrugged.

"Wait, you're not going?" Phillip was surprised.

Pakura shook her head, indicating she wanted to accompany Ash there.

"Rosaline, it doesn't matter if you lose this, what we want is for Iris to make a bet on her Champion position, and if she loses, make her give it back to Alder." Phillip said.

Ash turned to his friends, surprised. What are they planning?

"Don't worry, she will be out of that position before she could even say 'Champion'." Rosaline said confidently, knowing why she didn't want Iris to remain as Champion.

"Swear it, on something you care about." Jude said.

"I swear it on my life." Rosaline promised.

"On your family's lives." Pakura insisted.

"On my family's lives." Rosaline nodded, as they left the train with Phlox, waving goodbye to Ash and Pakura.

Once the train doors closed, Ash turned to Pakura. "What was that about?" He gave her a suspicious look.

"I know you're mad at the four of us for planning this behind your back, but we agreed if she loses her position before the Pokémon World Championships, it'll be a huge psychological blow to her, which would be part of your revenge. Besides, we don't want that little girl to be in the VIP Box with us when we watch the Championship matches."

Ash nodded. Pakura had a point there.

"Well, least we won't be alone. I hear those….not so important trainers would be arriving in PAL via ship or plane as we speak. Since we do have a few hours to kill, we might as well watch the first match of the Champions Tournament." Ash said, as they both headed to the television room. They clicked on just in time to see Rosaline and Iris facing each other on the battlefield, only Rosaline was addressed by Fiery Phoenix, which was her nickname in PAL.

Iris looked different from when Ash remembered. Her long deep purple hair was now tied in a different way: Her hair was in one long ponytail that reaches to her butt, the sides were looped back and tied back, and the top of her hair above her ponytail was tied like iris blossoms.

She was also wearing a new outfit consisting of a white and carnation-pink dress with flowing ribbons and frilly ends, with very large and long sleeves with bright pink cuffs. She wears small golden crown upon her head with two emeralds encrusted within the triangle-shaped sides. On her feet she wore white sandals with a round green gem encrusted in the center of each shoe. Supposedly, it was royal garments, similar to that of a princess, but in Ash's opinion, Pakura looked much more than a princess than Iris ever could.

"You're not a Champion? Why did they even let you in?" Ash could sense a hint of condescension in Iris' voice.

"Well, I am a member of the PAL." Rosaline replied. "Tell you what, why don't we make the stakes up a little?"

"Like how?" Iris asked, snorting.

"If you win, I'll give you information on where to find Legendary Dragon Pokémon such as Latias or Latios in our region. Legendary Pokémon do flock to our region as well. I might even give up my Key Stone to you so you can use it to Mega Evolve your Pokémon."

Iris' eyes lit up with what Ash thought was greed. Information on locations of Legendary Dragon Pokémon and Rosaline's Key Stone? It's like her birthday and Christmas rolled into one.

"But if you lose, you give up your Champion position and give it back to Alder." Rosaline went on.

"I accept." Iris said. There was no way she can lose. She's the Champion!

"Alright, then, battle begin!" The referee announced.

"Dragonite, one more Earthquake!" Iris called out. Rosaline was using her second Pokémon (switched out) and hadn't lost any Pokémon, while Iris was down to her last Pokémon.

"Delphox, throw him off with Psychic before he can reach the ground and use Mystical Fire!" Rosaline called out. Delphox nodded, and did what he was told. When Dragonite was plunging towards the ground, Rosaline shouted, "Finish off with Giga Impact!"

Delphox hit a falling Dragonite, who flew and hit the wall behind Iris. He slid down with swirls in his eyes.

"And Dragonite is unable to battle! Fiery Phoenix is the winner!"

"Well, you lost, so from now on you're no longer the Unova Champion." Rosaline said.

"What? You can't do this!" Iris shouted.

"Yes, I can. Because you agreed to the bet, to give it up if you lost. And the audience here can vouch for it." Rosaline said, as everyone nodded, backing Rosaline, as she was telling the truth.

"At least she isn't Champion anymore." Lucario cheered.

I became the very best,

(Ash's Pikachu defeating Pakura's Sylveon and being crowned Champion)

Like no one ever was.

(Ash succeeding his Hunter mission of infiltrating a base and taking the blueprint)

I have to prove my innocence,

(Ash glaring at his former friends smirking down at him)

And find out who I trust.

(Cynthia and Pakura both smiling at him)

I will do what I must do,

(Ash facing off against a silhouette)

Fighting for my rights.

(Ash defeating the traitors, and Cynthia was stepping back in horror)

Each Elite to understand

(The PAL Elite Four standing in a pose)

The power that they have

(Ash's Elite Four showing off their abilities)

P-A-L! It's you and me

(Ash and Pikachu standing over a mountain that overlooked PAL. The wind was blowing in their faces, and they were smiling.)

I know it's my destiny

(Ash accepting the task Arceus assigned to him)

Elite Four, oh, you're my best friends

(Ash's Elite Four all nodding at him, saying that they got his back)

In a world we must defend

(The Elite Four surrounded by the villainous teams' grunts, and they prepared their weapons to fight back)

Chosen One, a heart so true

(The Legendaries all smiling at Ash)

Our courage will pull us through

(Ash turning his back towards the regional Champions, shunning them, and walking away, while they stare in shock and sadness), (Jude looking out into the lake), (Phillip narrowing his eyes in anger), (Rosaline clutching to a ring she wore as a necklace), (Pakura standing at the background as she sadly watched Cynthia and Ash together, but someone handed her a knife. As soon as she touched the knife Pakura dispersed into petals. The blood stained knife dropped, unnoticed)

You teach me and I'll teach you

(Pakura travelling with Ash in the Kalos region, teaching him weapon and hand-to-hand combat), (Ash sitting Pakura down one night telling her about battle strategies and combinations.)

(P-A-L) Gotta get them all

(Ash listens impassively as the judge sentences the traitors to a life setnence)


(Ash running past everyone, and jumping towards the sky with Pikachu)

By the time Rosaline was crowned the winner of the Champions Tournament, Ash and Pakura had reached their destination.

The Champion and Leader stepped into the Luonto City train station, and exited, making their way towards their destination just as the sun rose, and they were greeted by Gou, a League Official. In addition, he is a member of the Battle Frontier (holds one piece of the Earth Symbol) and a Zodiac from the Hunter's Association.

"Hello, Prince Red and Princess Pakura. I've been awaiting you." Gou said in his official business-like tone, bowing to them. "All of you are to register at the Pokémon Center for the tournament. The opening ceremonies and the tournament would start at 8pm. As for your rooms, instead of staying at the Plaza hotel with the other participants, you guys will be staying at a tower connected to the Battle Arena along with the other region Gym Leaders, Elite Fours and Champions. You'll be staying at the 14th floor, also the highest floor, and here are all the keys to the rooms available, so you can choose whatever room you want, and change rooms if you so wish to."

The Battle Arena had a tower designed exclusively for the Gym Leaders, Elite Four and the Champions of the regions, mainly to keep them safe away from the paparazzi. This will be their home until the tournament ends. Each region has two entire floors (except for PAL since they don't have Gym Leaders). They just simply step on an elevator and press the number the League Officials told them beforehand. Easy enough to remember.

The walls of the elevator were made of crystal so that they can watch the people on the ground floor shrink to ants as they shoot up into the air.

Each of them would be given their own rooms which consist of a bedroom, a dressing area, and private bathroom with hot and cold running water. There are also so many automatic gadgets that Ash was sure he won't have time to press all the buttons. The shower alone had a panel with more than a hundred options he can choose regulating water temperature, pressure, soaps, shampoos, scents, oils and massaging sponges. When a person stepped out on a mat, heaters come on that would blow dry their body. Instead of struggling with knots in wet hair, one can just place their hand on a box that sends a current through their scalp, untangling, parting, and drying their hair almost instantly.

There is also a closet full of clothing designed to fit any taste, the windows zoomed in and out on parts of the region at his command. Ash would only need to whisper a type of food from a gigantic menu into a mouthpiece and it appeared, hot and steamy, before him in less than a minute.

There is also a desk, TV and computer with fast Internet Connection. There is also a place where they can place all their Pokéballs.

Gou directed Ash to his room, and as Gou talked, Ash learnt that Gary, Paul, Tracey and Professor Oak are going to arrive soon, though only Gary and Paul are here to participate in the tournament. He told Ash he had duties, so he left Ash to his own devices.

"Come, let's go register first." Ash said to Pakura. She nodded, and she followed him to the Pokémon Center to register.

"Alright, good luck to both of you." Nurse Joy said, as they registered for the tournament. As they registered, Ash heard a voice he never want to hear again.

"Max, slow down, the tournament isn't going to go away." said a certain brunette co-ordinator.

"No, I've got to register quickly so I can get to my training and book the best rooms in the hotel." A bespectacled kid answered.

Ash and Pakura looked at each other. Pakura hastily took Pikachu off Ash's shoulder in case they recognize him using that Pikachu.

As they made their way back out, unfortunately, Max bumped into Ash.

"Hey! What do you bump into me for, apologize!" Max demanded. The girls behind him were drooling over his appearance.

'Yup, I was right. They don't recognize me.' Ash thought.

"There you are, guys." Charles nodded to Lance and his Johto Elites, who closed the door behind him. The meeting room was filled with all the other regional Elites and Champions, and Alder was in the meeting room, as he is the Champion again. "Now, before you go to Luonto City, I might as well tell you about the PAL Elite members, as you won't be seeing them until the opening ceremonies. I've just been sent the information by Phlox."

The Johto Elite nodded, as they sat down at the remaining seats.

"Now, I want you to throw away all you know about each other, because these Elites are different from a typical Elite Four member. They are all at least Champion-level. Nobody, and I mean no one, even got past the first member."

"Are they that powerful?" Sidney questioned.

"You know the person who won the Champions Tournament earlier against Iris, Cynthia and Steven? She's one of the weaker members." Charles said.

"You're kidding!" Cynthia shouted.

"No I am not. The rank list given to me says so, and Phlox never lies. You can imagine what power the stronger members will hold, especially the Champion." Charles answered, as the others shuddered at the implication.

"Are they users of Mega Evolution?" Diantha asked.

"Yes. According to Phlox, they are able to Mega Evolve more than once and more than one Pokémon in a single battle."

"Is that even possible?" Glacia was surprised.

"These people are also famous in other aspects, so you might know them, but of course, what you didn't know is that they are members of the PAL Elite." Charles crossed over, and turned on the screen, and a video of a boy in a quiz competition appeared, where he answered questions of various topics promptly, and taking away his opponent's time.

"Phillip Robinson, 23 years old. He is a genius inventor, and very good at making and playing games as well. He is also a game show contestant, always winning lots of money participating in them, and knows how to answer questions quickly without using any cheats. Winner of the Grand Slam three years ago, where he had competed against other game show winners as well. Very good strategist in battle, specializes in Electric and Steel Pokémon, and real tech-savvy." Charles said. "Nicknamed Genius Boy by many."

"Man, he had made a lot of stuff the world hasn't seen yet." Steven mumbled. He knew as he had longed to use some of Phillip's inventions that was featured in magazines or newspapers for his journey collecting stones, but it was apparently not on sale, and if they wanted to use, they had to negotiate with Phillip, but no one would find him in public outside an event.

"What is his Elite rank?" Drake asked.

"If I remember correctly, he is the second strongest member, behind the Leader." Charles said, as he clicked to the next video, which shows a girl in an author's convention. She was smiling and signing her books for her fans.

"Rosaline Pyra, 22 years old. She's a bestselling fantasy author and she is also a Mahou Shoujo manga writer and she's a Pokémon history expert. She illustrates her own books and designs her own book covers, as she is a famed artist as well, won fifteen art competitions straight in a row. Specializes in Fire and Psychic types, and of course, is the one who won the Champions Tournament earlier."

"Oh My God! It's her! I love her works!" Shauntal gushed. "She writes so well, I have every single one of her books and manga."

"So they sent her?" Alder asked.

"Yes, they did." Charles replied. "Nicknamed Fiery Phoenix, she will be a strong opponent."

"Her rank?" Cynthia asked evenly.

"Third, technically fourth, according to my list." Charles said.

'Impossible! How can I, one of the strongest Champion, lose to her?' Cynthia thought, clenching her fists.

"She is pretty cute." Siebold commented, as Charles moved on to the next person, who was walking down the red carpet wearing a tuxedo.

"Jude Harrison, right?" Lorelei recognized the boy.

"Yes, he's 25 years old, making him the oldest of the group." Charles explained.

"You're kidding." Aaron said.

"No I am not, he's a very famous actor and he does his own stunts unlike most other actors, winning many awards. He is also supermodel as well, a variety show host, and is also a famous Net Idol, having his own blog." The video changed to Jude telling one of the guests (an actress) in the show not to worry, as she had answered the question correctly, and the girl stood back to the trap door, only for it to open, and she fell into the sea of sponges. Jude chuckled, as he said, "I lied. You were wrong."

"He is also an S-Class Pokémon Connoisseur, which means he has his own shop in PAL. Needless to say, that shop has lots of business." Charles finished. "He is known as the Entertaining Socialite and the Merman by fans, which means he had two nicknames. Specializes in Water and Dark type Pokémon."

"Should've known he is a Water Master when we heard the Merman." Drasna said.

"His rank is fourth, and technically third." Charles said.

"Why did the PAL Elite swap Rosaline and Jude's ranks the other way round?" Lucian asked.

"Don't ask me, ask the Leader or the Champion." Charles shrugged, as he introduced the fourth member, who was shown making an elegant performance, presumably during a Pokémon Showcase.

"Wow, she's beautiful!" Will exclaimed, and the other guys had to agree, as they too were stunned by her beauty. Cynthia glared at the girl in the screen.

"Glad you think so. Pakura Ameyuri, 21 years old. She…."

"Oh My God! Pakura Ameyuri? She's a member of the Elite?" Wallace interrupted.

"Something wrong, Wallace?" Steven asked, as Charles nodded.

"I can't believe it!" Wallace exclaimed.

"What's wrong Wallace?" Steven practically shouted.

"Oh…sorry. You see, Pakura's a Top Coordinator just like me, but she's labelled as a legendary one."

"Like Dr. Abby?" Glacia asked. Dr. Abby was give the title of Legendary Coordinator in Hoenn for winning the region's Grand Festival in her first year with just her then-Skitty, but then retired right after that.

"No, Pakura's in a whole new level altogether. What made her stand out among the other Top Coordinators is that she is famous for winning six Grand Festivals in the six regions straight in a row, and having Master Rank victories in all categories, which makes it a total of 40 Ribbons she won in her region. Counting the Ribbons she has to win in order to enter the Grand Festival in the other regions that makes a total of at least 70 Ribbons she has won in a short span of six years, making her the best of the best. That's including the Aqua Ribbon she won at the Wallace Cup back in Johto. I watched her win without losing any points, not even in the finals!" Wallace explained to wide eyes.

"Wait a minute, she's also the former Kalos Queen. Won that title when she was only 12, making her the youngest winner ever. Had that title for three straight years before she gave up Pokémon Performing." Diantha said.

"Not exactly. She went on to participate in PAL Pokémon Showcase, and won the title of PAL Duchess. She is now the current PAL Duchess." Charles said.

"Is she…?" Caitlin asked.

"Yeah, she is the Leader, and strongest among the Elite Four. She specializes in Fairy and Ice Pokémon, which means fans occasionally call her Dragon Slayer, but more often, they call her PAL's Princess, because she is the Princess of PAL.

"So PAL is a principality?" Bruno asked, and Charles nodded

"Wow…imagine the power she has in that region." Karen murmured.

"Yes, she will be a lethal opponent. And finally, the Champion." Charles said, as the video changed to a boy defeating Pakura's Sylveon with his Pikachu, and Pakura looking on with shock. When the winner looked up, he was revealed to have black hair that was combed down and cream-coloured skin, with calm brown eyes. "Red Satoshi, 20 years old. First person to be able to defeat all four of the members, which makes him their very first Champion. Had won all six Pokémon Leagues during the years, and was the one who shut down the villainous teams, earning him the title of 'Silent Hero'. He is also the current PAL Prince. Imagine the power he has, being able to defeat all four of the PAL Elite members. He is someone you should look out for."

"Wow, he's handsome!" Phoebe exclaimed.

Cynthia looked at Ash's face, and nodded in approval. He would be hers.

"This will be a three on three battle between Red Satoshi and Max Maple. Substitutions are not allowed. The match ends when one side is out of Pokémon. Trainers, choose your Pokémon." Brock announced.

It all started when Ash refused a battle and was about to leave for dinner with her, but Max started to hit on her once he saw how beautiful she was, and asked her out on a dinner date, and she said nothing, but look at him in disgust. Ash interrupted saying, he agreed to a battle. Max claimed he would win and take her out on a date after that, and here they are.

"Mightyena, I choose you!" Max said, as he sent out a Mightyena, who growled at Ash.

"Xatu, lend me your aura!" Ash chose the Psychic Mystic Pokémon.

"Dark Pokémon is immune to Psychic moves!" Max shouted. "Well, at least this will be easy."

Pakura frowned, but said nothing.

"You may have the first move." Ash offered.

"Mightyena, let's start this off with Toxic attack!" Max commanded.

"Take it." Ash said, and toxic badly poisoned Xatu.

"Perfect. Now use Crunch!" Max cried.

"Dodge and use Signal Beam!" The Signal Beam hit spot on, which pushed Mightyena back.

"Use Take Down!" Max shouted.

"Dodge by flying up and use Miracle Eye!" Ash told his Xatu.

Xatu flew up, and his eye sparkled as he stared at Mightyena.

"What kind of move is that? It didn't even affect my Mightyena one bit." Max sneered.

"Now use Psycho Shift!" Ash shouted out.

"It won't even affect my Mightyena one bit. Take it!" Max asked his Pokémon to take it to prove that it won't affect his Pokémon. Surprisingly, his Pokémon glowed purple, indicating it is badly poisoned.

"What? How?" he demanded.

"Miracle Eye removes a Dark-type Pokémon's immunity to Psychic-type attacks. Which means, your Mightyena can be attacked by Psychic moves now." Ash explained. "Surely a smart aleck like you would know."

"You…That's why you asked Xatu to take the Toxic attack!" Max accused.

Ash smirked, and nodded. "That's right."

"Mightyena, use Take Down, one more time!" Max snarled.

"Dazzling Gleam!" Ash countered.

There was a sudden powerful flash that made those watching the match cover their eyes. When the light died down, Mightyena was down with swirls in its eyes.

"Mightyena is unable to battle, Xatu wins!" Brock announced.

"Gallade, I choose you!" he sent out the same Ralts he had befriended only this time he had evolved to one of his final forms, Gallade.

"Gallade, use Power up Punch!" Max shouted.

"Dodge, and use Future Sight!" Ash countered.

"Close Combat!" Max shouted.

"Xatu, dodge it again." Ash said calmly.

Xatu used his wings to fly up high, avoiding Gallade's barrage of punches and kicks.

"Now, Xatu, Air Slash!"

"Dodge it!" Max shouted, as Gallade jumped to the side to avoid it.

Ash calmly said, "While he's dodging, use Air Slash, followed by Aerial Ace." This time, both attacks hit Gallade, and since it's part fighting, those moves were super effective, knocking him out.

"Gallade is unable to battle, Xatu wins. Max, send out your last Pokémon."

Max got angry, and sent out his last Pokémon. A Banette appeared.

"Banette, use Shadow Ball!" Max cried out. Banette created a black ball in front of its mouth and fires it at the Xatu. Just then, an attack came from the sky, hitting Benette.

"What the?" Max was surprised. "What happened?"

"Future sight happened. Now, use Ominous Wind to blow the Shadow Ball back to it!" Ash said.

"Dodge it, Banette!" Banette dodged it, but that was what Ash is waiting for.

"Xatu, get behind Banette using teleport and use Confuse Ray!" Ash said. It hit Banette dead on, and Banette is confused.

"Benette, use Shadow Ball again!" Due to confusing, Benette damaged itself.

"While it is confused, use Psyshock!" The Psyshock fainted the Banette instantly.

"Banette is unable to battle, Xatu wins!" Brock announced. "The winner of this match is Red Satoshi."

"Come on, let's go." Ash said to Pakura, and they left for the Tower, where delicious smells of their dinner were wafting from the dining room. They set up dinner for their Pokémon first, before sitting down for their dinner, which was chicken and chunks of oranges cooked in a creamy sauce laid on a bed of pearly white grain, mashed potatoes, rolls shaped like flowers, and for dessert, a pudding the colour of honey.

Ash and Pakura were eating dinner in the Tower together (their Pokémon were also eating at the living room), when his CommuniDex rang.

"So, how did it do?" Ash asked, the moment he answered. Pakura looked up from her mashed potatoes, listening to every word.

"I won the tournament. Might make a good start at our publicity to the world." Rosaline replied.

"You won, huh?" Ash said to Rosaline. "That's great!"

"Did anything happen while we were gone?" Jude asked Ash, as they ate their dinner in the train. Thank goodness the train also provided dinner for their Pokémon.

"Yeah, something did. Ran into one of the murderers of my mother." Ash spat angrily.

"What happened?" Phillip enquired.

"Challenged me to a battle, but I refused. We were about to leave when Max noticed Paku, and he started hitting on her, asking her out on a date, saying a girl like her needs a great, handsome, manly trainer like him to take care of her. The other male traitors also started drooling over her. Got mad at him hitting on one of my friends, so I decided to battle him. Won with only my Xatu, he was weak."

"Well, we can't argue that Pakura isn't one of the most stunning, sensuous people on the planet." Jude shrugged. "So, we shall see you when we reach?"

"Sure." Ash nodded. "We'll need to prepare for the opening ceremonies once you reach."

"We'll send you a message once we reach, alright?" Phillip said. "We'll meet at the prep place.

Ash nodded, and closed the CommuniDex.

"We'll meet our prep team in an hour's time." Ash informed Pakura. "Finish your dinner, and after our downtime, we will go to the Remake Section at Aquamarine's Style, where everyone would be prepared for the opening ceremonies."

When Pakura came out of the bathroom, much to her shock, her fiancé Shiki was lying on her bed, crunching a bag of potato chips she had bought a few days ago.

"How's your day?" he asked. He had messy black hair with purple eyes. He need not wear glasses as he had enhanced eyesight but wears them anyway. Pakura had always believed that he was one of the most handsome men in the world—if not, the most handsome one. She was lucky to have a fiancé like him.

"Could've been worse." Pakura muttered, as she sat on the edge of the bed. "I could tell by his eyes when he walked past my room that he still loves that Cynthia woman, you know. After what I did to help him forget her. I even helped heal his face so he doesn't have to look like a burned bread." She sighed.

"Hey, you still have me, right?" Shiki was smiling.

Pakura shrugged, but nodded. Shiki was the only person to whom she could pour out her sorrows. Shiki would often drop by for a chat. She supposed he used teleportation to get in to her room. She didn't mind. At least she knew someone was looking out for her.

"So what are you going to do about it?" Shiki asked. "He's your regional Champion."

"What else can I do?" Pakura muttered. "Maybe help him and this Cynthia girl get together."

"Make sense." Shiki nodded. "Don't fall in love with him. Remember, you have me."

"I'll never!" Pakura retorted.

"Never is a very strong word, Paku." Shiki said knowingly.

"I have a feeling something would happen that has something to do with that Sinnoh Champion." Pakura sighed.

"Something wrong, Mewtwo?" Ash asked, as he prepared to take a quick shower before meeting his other Elites.

"Bad news, Ash. The five leaders, Giovanni, Maxie, Archie, Cyrus and Ghetsis escaped from prison, along with their most trusted guards this morning, including those from Team Flare. They are coming for you and your Elite. Tell them to stay on guard."

'Knew I should have killed them like I did Lysandre.' Ash thought. "Alright, got it."

"Oh and one more thing." Mewtwo said.

Ash looked up. "Yeah, what?"

"I just want to tell you to find out who you can truly trust, and be careful of the quiet one." With that, he returned to his Pokéball.

He understood the first, being wary of who he trusts, as the other regional guests are coming, and he knew most thought he was a criminal. But be careful of the quiet one? What does that mean?

Ash shrugged, before going for a shower. He'll think about it later.

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