For The Sake of Gaia

Naruto x Garnet

Story Start

The sky was thickly blanketed by dark, stormy clouds that were just part of the ferocious weather contributing to the violet waves. Waves rose only to curl and crash back into its lower mass. Foam was laced atop of the violent waters, a sign of constant crashing. Such violence. Within the waters was a small boat with a sail becoming tattered and the rest of the body becoming chipped.

The small ship was then pushed off the wave by a bossy wind, and it flew and landed gruffly back on the water. The two females inside were struggling to keep the ship and course steady. One of the females appeared to be a little girl, with raven hair and brown eyes that were almost black, complimenting fair skin. She appeared to be a little less than six-years-old. Fear was in her wide eyes and she seemed to struggle to keep her hood on for a moment, thought more concerned with the confusion and terror that was going on. The other female resembled the younger, only looked far older. She was struggling to keep the ship on course, her eyes widened and mouth opened-to scream?

The fair skinned woman awoke from the nightmare with a jolt and gasp. She rubbed her deep brown eyes and moved the raven hair from her forehead. She stared out the window she had fallen asleep in front of. She stood up from the chair she was seated in and moved closer towards the partially opened window for a better breath of fresh. She caught sight of a flock of white birds soaring, watching them fly to freedom with a longing gaze.

Her slender arms reached for the windows and she closed it, sighed, and pulled herself away from it, her dress rustling from the movement. She moved in front of a full-length mirror-just for some last-minute check-ups to be sure that she looked okay. She wore a long white dress, flowing, and designed with blue-green threads, mostly on the top of her gown, making an intricate pattern on an elegantly simple dress. She wore a small little headdress of silver that had a small pattern of what looked like flowers. Her hair was tied in a very low ponytail a little below her waist, the holder of the ponytail being of gold-craft. All throughout the castle preparations were being made for the festival.

The afternoon proceeded with the sun slowly dipping, letting the blue-sky age, with a rich golden hue of sunlight illuminate the landscape with a visual array of dazzling colors. He was lazily sitting upon the top of a sky-vessel as it puffed out ivory clouds. Unlike how many stories portray a lack of inertia or the fact there was a lot of noise is space despite the fact it wasn't true the young man on top of the ship had a particular ability that allowed him to stay on top of the vessel. He was there because of the special mission given to him by Regent Cid.

With a yawn he stretched and went further up, sticking to the vessel by focusing the energy known as chakra to his feet. Putting his hand over his face to protect from the harsh stinging winds he caught site of a majestic Alexandria. The City that shared the same name of the summon creatures, whether by the name Eidolon or Espers those holy creatures were often the most powerful of the summons. Naruto decided to head inside the Prima Vista, the name of the vessel with the mermaid front piece with gracious wings.

He came inside and noticed members of Tantalus were gathered. The grunts were tired and out of breath. Marcus, a red bandanna wearing man dressed more fit for a pirate and there was Cinna, a chunky and bare-belly chef looking guy with a hammer. Then there was the large bearded man of red-orange hair. Apparently the meeting was set to go.

"All right, Baku started after laughing, with a seriousness sliding in and erasing the traces of his brief merriment. "Let's get this meeting started already." Baku had walked across the room, to the door, and into the other room. Blank, an orange hair and dust topped young man (the most capable of the grunts as far as Naruto was concerned) entered the room. They all then moved straight into the room Baku had entered. The meeting began. He sat at a table, everyone gathered 'round-distanced, but still they were gathered. Baku had a model of Alexandria castle in front of him, he held up a hideous doll that was loaned to him by Cinna. It was a doll of the Princess or so was said.

"Okay, here's the plan. Tantalus, the most infamous band of daring thieves (that's us) is headin' to the kingdom of Alexandria.'' Naruto lightly snorted and rolled his eyes.''Our mission: To kidnap the heir to the throne, Princess Garnet."

"I'll take it from here, so listen up!" Cinna stood up and pulled out a mini-version of the Prima Vista. "Our ship's about to dock at Alexandria, and when it does we'll put on our costumes and perform 'I Want to Be Your Canary,' the most popular play in Alexandria! Break a leg, Marcus! 'Cause you're playin' the lead."

"Leave the actin' to me. Of course, the real kidnappers'll be Blank and Mr. Uzumaki over there.'' Marcus jerked his finger to the blond standing off to the side. He wasn't a member of Tandalus, it was just a simple job to which Naruto needed an air vessel which he lacked.

"I'll distract the audience from backstage with these little buggers." Blank pulled out an oglop-an annoying type of bug found all over Gaia. He frowned in disgust at the creature before putting it back in a jar within a pouch he carried with him. "I can't stand oglops! But, I'll manage so don't worry about me. Then that'll be your cue, Uzumaki."

''Okay.'' he nodded.

"That's right," Baku grinned. "You're going to kidnap the most babe-ilicious beauty in all of Alexandria, Princess Garnet."

Down and below in the city there wasn't a single person that didn't notice or stare at the flying vessel in awe. Wide eyes and fingers pointed. One little person in particular with large yellow eyes and a bad ass hat in particular stood out. He was a preadolescence, maybe about nine or ten years of age with puffy striped pants and blue jacket. His face though was shrouded in a cloud of darkness.

Adjusting his hat and clutching his ticket he started heading north to the narrow street, not all quite sure where to go. Confidence had barely begun to settle within the little guy when he suddenly he felt a sharp impact from behind that deterred his balance. He fell forward on his belly, his ticket slipping from the grasp of his ruby-gloved hand. He closed his eyes and the brief pain and shock evaporated, then he heard a soft voice from behind. It was a girl's voice, by the sound of it. A young girl.

"Oops, sowwy! Are you awight?"

He got himself up, and looked at the girl. His eyes didn't allow him to express himself well, but he was trying to express that he wasn't angry. All he knew that he was 'different' from most people and it took effort to express himself. It was the look in people's eyes that said it all.

"Here, you dwopped your ticket!" She said and she handed it to him. He took if from her, thought of saying thanks, but she was off with a small "Bye-bye" as a parting.

He took a few more steps down the street, kids passing by him as he tried to ask one of them for help. Then once more he smacked into another person ''Oww! Why you-get outta my way!" It was a boy, probably about his age, and he sounded gruff. The pointy-hat kid got up, looked around but the only glimpse he got of this person was the back of him, not bothering to turn around and help him up or apologize.

The pointy-hat kid had eventually come to a guy named Mick after deciding to wander around and such. Mick told him to go to the Town Square and go to the ticket booth, which was in a large tent. He thanked the man called Mick and hurriedly went on his way to the tent. The Ticketmaster was there and greeted him merrily. "Can I help you, son?"

"Uh..umm," started the timid little one. So excited at being so close to seeing the play he couldn't even respond 'Yes, sir,' so he just silently showed the man his ticket. However, to the kid's dismay, the Ticket Master frowned and looked over the card as if it had something troubling on it. "What's this!" Said the Ticketmaster. "There's something odd about this ticket. Why, it's another fake! I've seen so many today."

The child as he hung his head in despair. Fake? Why would someone do something as horrible as sell him a fake ticket? I hadn't done anything to deserve it. "Now, now," a voice broke in to his sorrow. The Ticketmaster continued, "I know just how you must feel. Here, I'll give you these. Do try and cheer up." The Ticketmaster gave him some cards. Well, this cheered him up a little. He wasn't very good, only playing a few times mostly with grandpa, but with more cards surely he would get better.

The little traveler couldn't help but feel a little dejected. Disappointment filled him as he wondered the alleyway.

"Hey, you! Shrimp!" called a familiar voice. "You're the one with the phony ticket aint'cha?" It was that rat kid that ran into him and didn't apologize! "I saw the ticketmaster tell you it was fake!" The rat-kid smirked.

The young mage admitted it was fake.

"Ha, I knew it! Hey, I'll let ya see the show...if you become my slave! So, what do ya say?"

"All...right." The young mage was a bit uncertain. But, then again, it's not like he had anything to loose and he really wanted to see that show. And he doubted that the little kid wasn't serious as meaning a literal sleeve. "Awesome!" Said the rat-kid. "Now for you're first assignment."

Night soon fell and while Naruto's clone took his place Naruto looked around town. Out of the corner of his eye he swore he saw some kid with a bad ass hat and a rat kid scrambling across the roofs. He sighed and continued going about the business of buying items. He couldn't help it, but he sensed something was amiss besides the kidnapping plot of course. Though he was soon shooed off as the only people who could have their shops opened were those with prime seats. The show would be starting soon. So he quickly went about to getting in place. As he closed in the sound of audience clapping filled his ear.

At the show, or the outskirts, Vivi the black mage and Puck, the name of the rat boy slinked behind the last row of chairs, behind the nobles. As they turned around to situate themselves and finally gaze at the stage-on-the-ship, the orchestra ceased it's practice and the audience clapped. Vivi and Puck clapped along with the crowd.

Above on the balcony, where the royal throne was holding a large woman in colorful adornments, was a smaller chair next to it, which sat the delicate Princess Garnet. Her head was lowered in a growing sorrow. She already had a plan. The princess lifted her head and briefly glanced at the Prima Vista. As she made up her mind to escape upon the ship she couldn't help but think about breaking the heart of her mother and her people.

Steiner watched as the orchestra started flipping through pages to finally start the show. The audience was clapping. He smiled. Surely the princess must have been excited considering how the performance seemed to be on the forefront of her mind. He looked at her, to absorb in her reaction at it beginning to start. He was shocked to see her sad expression, mingled with a small tinge of anger. His face dropped. However, he recollected himself. Deciding that she would surely cheer up when the performance began.

Steiner rose his sword, the reflection slid off the silvery side. The signal to begin. The orchestra's music suddenly resounded and fireworks went off and confetti snowed the audience. The orchestra's pit lifted to display a stage with a scene of a castle. Queen Brahne was quite taken with the music, she rose from her seat and danced with the utmost glee.

The music and excitement ended, leaving Vivi and Puck wide-eyed and wondering what more amazing things were to come. Then, onto the stage stepped a purple-bearded man dressed in a fancy and colorful robe. "Ladies and Gentlemen," he began. "Tonight's story takes place long, long ago. Princess Cornelia is torn from her lover, Marcus. She attempts to flee the castle only to be captured by her father, King Leo..."

Naruto finally relieved his clone of its duty. He caught sight of the raven haired beauty. 'She seems...sad.' he couldn't help but noted.

''Oi, mercenary. The show's about to start!' one of the Tantalus members called out to him.

With a nod informing the other man that he heard Naruto went about getting into character.