The walk to his office felt like an eternity, when in fact it was no more than 30 seconds. Why was she so nervous? She asked herself over and over inside her head. When she finally reached the office she seen him, sitting there working on his Dell laptop, putting the world to rights. She leaned on the glass door watching him, not wanting to disturb him, he always looked so serious when he works she sniggered to herself. Out of the corner of his eye he could see the fiery redhead watching him. "Its time" he thought.

He lifted his head up and smiled, he had now closed the laptop and stood up walking towards his table with his beloved Macallen 18 placed upon it. He poured 2 glasses of the Scotch and walked towards her handing her the glass,

"Hey" he said softly, guiding her to the sofa. She responded back with the usual "hey yourself" while taking the glass from his hand and obeyed him by launching herself down on the sofa. They both sat in silence for a few minutes sipping away at the Scotch, neither knew how to start this awkward conversation. Donna knew Harvey was never going to bring up the subject therefore it was all down to herself. She gulped the last of her drink to give herself some dutch courage and started the discussion,

"So… when did they start? Where? And most importantly why?" she aimed at him. "Typical Donna" he thought, she could never ask 1 question, and it often ended up in double figures. He didn't know how to answer without mentioning it was all down to her, obviously she never meant for this to happen but with his mommy issues and him feeling more alone than he had done in the past 12 years they had started. He closed his eyes for a few seconds, tilted his head back and inhaled then exhaled loudly.

"A day or two after you left, mainly the office, because I was alone a feeling I haven't felt for over 12 years" he mumbled just loud enough for her to hear, he decided it was best to be clear with her and straight to the point otherwise it would end in a screaming match between the pair and quite frankly he was sick of the way it ended each time they had spoke. He was trying to bury the hatchet with her, he really was. "So…" he gave her the Specter smile "now I've answered my questions, I think its time for your deposition" he joked.

She realised she couldn't push him any further, for the first time in 12 years he had opened up to her voluntarily, without any arguments. Although he gave her the bare minimum information she could not believe how easy it was, and judging from his face it was the truth. Now she was completely thrown of balance, twice in one day this man had surprised her, she was either losing her 'Donna' ability or this man had changed, and for the better. Donna 1-1 Harvey. Shit.

"Fire away, Reginald" she giggled while making her way to the decanter filled with the amber liquor, her back turned to his. Harvey stood up and followed in her path, he grabbed her by her waist so she was now facing him with an empty glass. Her heart was beating twice as fast, or maybe 10 times as fast, she was hoping he couldn't see her heart practically beating out of her chest. He took the glass out of her hand and placed it on the table, "what do you say to finishing this deposition at my place over a bottle of red wine? It's close to 7pm and we'll be back in this place in 13 hours time".

She needed to be on top of her game and be more 'Donna-like', "as long as anything I tell you will be off the record" that's more like it! Donna 2-1 Harvey. "Ha!2 can play the lawyer game" she giggled to herself. "I'll get ray" Harvey announced while reaching for his phone out of his inside pocket.


To anyone else they looked like the ultimate couple, but they were both too blind to see it. He was too scared of hurting her and she was too afraid that he would hurt her. As they walked into his apartment she threw her oversized, designer handbag on the kitchen counter, it was the handbag Harvey had bought her after they found out Stephen Huntley was behind the killings on the Ava Hessington case.

"I'm going to jump in the shower, feel free to get changed into something more comfortable, you know where everything is" he told her before walking towards the bedroom. He needed time to think, he didn't know why he brought her back here, was he finally going to tell her HOW he loved her? Of course he wasn't, because he didn't know how you could love someone. He got undressed and stepped into the shower, he couldn't hide in there forever, and he had to start thinking about what was going to happen.

Donna kicked off her Roberto Cavalli heels, poured 2 glasses of wine and made her way to the bedroom to get changed. Why had he invited her back to his condo? She was not prepared for this at all, maybe she could just run now… say something came up regarding Rachel's wedding venue? It was too late; she heard the shower stop and him step out. Shit. He walked into the bedroom with just a towel wrapped around his waist, she was stood there staring. She could not take her eyes off his toned torso.

"Fine anything?" he asked while rubbing a towel over his hair, "errr, n-no i was just about to look" she stuttered back to him. He was now pulling out a change of clothes for himself, Calvin Klein boxers, a plain grey tee and navy sweatpants. "I'll get changed in the living area, give you some space in here" he said before walking off to the lounge. She wanted to remain presentable but how could she when she would be dressed in oversized baggy sweatpants and an oversized hoodie. She opted to go with a pair of black Calvin Klein boxers herself and a 'Harvard University' hoodie. "Perfect!" she rolled her eyes at herself in the mirror and made her way to meet Harvey.

"So, you and Mitchell? What happened?" he asked as she made her way over to the kitchen counter were he was standing with his glass of wine. She sat down facing him, she did not know what she was going to do, she could lie and say he turned out to be gay and was using her as a cover up or she could tell him the truth. She decided to go with the latter as he had answered her honestly when she asked about his panic attacks.

"Well… you see err, the thing is… I err sort of still had feelings for someone else, and I didn't want to string him along" why was she so nervous? Why did he have to make her feel this way! "He was starting to get pissed off anyway, saying the hours I worked were too long". Harvey knew she still had feelings for him, with everything they had been through how could you turn them off overnight? However, she wanted everything and he wasn't sure he would be able to give her that without screwing it up as he always did.

"Do the feelings have anything to do with your ex boss? Who happens to be the best closer in New York?" he gave her a playful smile while pouring some more wine into her glass. "You're such a jackass, Harvey! You know that don't you?" she laughed whilst sipping the wine. This was all going too smoothly, he had opened up without a fight and she told him again about her feelings and he didn't put his wall straight back up.

"I take it you don't have a date now for the anniversary of Pearson Specter Litt on Saturday?" he questioned, hoping the answer was a no. The anniversary wasn't exactly the day Pearson Specter Litt was formed, it was formed in the days of Gordon Schmidt Van Dyke however they kept the same date each year. Usually the firm would hire out a huge function room and put on a free bar, Harvey and Donna went together every year, except one year when he let her down for Zoe and she had to go as Louis' date. "Because I was thinking, if you haven't got a date we could go together. You know… like old times" he smiled at her. She couldn't believe what she was hearing, she was pretty sure she was about to have a heart attack.

He knew her answer, it was all over her face, and she was even blushing. With that he took the wine out of her hand and placed it behind her. He leaned it slowly, "this is it" he thought. He kissed her lips gently, he was about to pull away until she flung her arms around his neck. Things started to get heated quite quick but he knew he couldn't take her to bed, if they were going to do this he wanted to do it properly. He pulled away, looking into her eyes. He was happy and so was she. "Donna… if were going to do this, I want it to be done properly" she was shocked, she was literally handing him sex on a silver platter and he wasn't accepting. He had changed. "You know I love you and you know how bad I am in relationships I screw everything up, I'm willing to risk it with you but I want to make sure we do things properly. How about you take the bed tonight and ill take the sofa, ill get Ray to pick you up tomorrow morning to go home and get ready for work. Then tomorrow night we'll go out for a meal… a date?" he continued. She had froze. "Who are you and what have you done with Harvey Specter?" she teased, this was a big deal for his and they both knew it.

She accepted being his date for the firm's anniversary and also accepted to go on a date with him, just the two of them. They laughed the rest of the night, talking about old memories and Donna's favourite of Harvey accidently spitting a shrimp into her mothers hair at that awful dinner party. It was creeping up to 11:30pm and they were both getting tired. Now at the sofa Donna stood up and made her way to the kitchen to leave her glass in the sink, "Harvey, I'm going to go to bed. You can err… join me if you like. Don't worry, I wont pounce on you while you're asleep" she chuckled whilst extending her arm for him. Harvey's heart stopped, he was secretly wishing she would but he needed to be firm. If this was going to work it has to be done right. With that he stood up and accepted her invitation by grabbing on to her hand as she led him into his bedroom.