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Chapter 1

Harry flipped the tent flap open and stepped outside, Hermione's wand in hand. His best friend was close on his heels. Whatever that sound had been, a loud crash, it had set them into motion. A kind of high pitched whining followed by a loud thump had pounded through the air as they moved further into the cool darkness of the night. Fear that they had been discovered was never far from their minds.

Fear had become an ever present state for the pair over the last few months. They had been on the run constantly since the event at the home of their one time companion, Ron. His brother's wedding had been attacked, just after the ceremony, by the followers of the madman known as Lord Voldemort.

They had been after Harry who had been plagued by the man's obsession to kill him for his entire life. With the added chance to rampage through the wedding and kill as many attendees as he could, the sociopathic lunatic Tom Riddle, or as he had come to be known Lord Voldemort, had jumped at the opportunity. The three friends of almost six years, had managed, somehow, to find each other and escape in the confusion. Since that day they had hoped many of the others had escaped as well but information was hard to come by in the time following the attack, as they had to avoid any area populated by anyone magical.

So they ran. Always on the move, trying to complete the final mission left to Harry by their headmaster Albus Dumbledore, before his passing near the end of the last school year, murdered by another professor as Harry watched.

They had crisscrossed the country searching for the objects Dumbledore had sent them out to find. After months of searching they had found one, and obtained it at great risk, only to be pursued all the more in the wake of it.

Weeks later Ron couldn't take any more and had abandoned them. He had been frustrated by a lack of progress, lack of food, and their inability to rid themselves of the damn thing they needed to destroy. They had tried to reason with him but in the end, failed. After he had disappeared into the night they realized they could not just wait around for him to come to his senses and return. The chances of them, or him, being captured put too much at stake. So they moved on.

They had settled here, deep in the forest, with every precaution they could think of and use in place. Both of them were exhausted and Harry had been injured during the encounter in Godric's Hollow, with no real chance to recover afterwards because of several close escapes in the winter and early spring. What funds they had were low, enough so they were forced to limit their meager purchases to the barest minimum for them to survive, and scrounge for scraps when possible instead.

Tonight they had not been so lucky. A storm had blown in during the afternoon, cold pelting rain keeping them inside the tent. It had intensified as the day passed till the moment it suddenly stopped, as if someone had flipped off a switch.

A few short minutes later the sound had come. First there was a bang followed shortly by some kind of a whine that ramped up in pitch, then a loud thump, that they could feel physically as it smashed through the air. It had caught them both off guard as neither of them had heard anything like it before. They were both in motion in a flash, and headed out the tent flap.

The sight that greeted them was awe inspiring. A blond man was shrouded in crackling electricity that was lancing down from the heavens, then with a sudden motion his arm was outstretched and the accumulated power arced across the forest toward a another figure that was digging its way out from under a mass of shattered trees.

The figure he had targeted continued to stumble to its feet under the massive electrical assault arcing around him then light flared in the figure's hands as the lightning subsided. The whine returned, as blasts of energy pierced the darkness to collide with the blond man, flinging him deeper into the forest beyond them.

At that point the fight truly began, as the second figure shot past giving them a glimpse of gleaming gold and crimson as he went, flying on pillars of fire that were somehow expelled from his feet.

The pair had seen many amazing things in their short lives; when you live in an ancient haunted castle studying magic nine months a year the unexpected becomes somewhat common place. This however was something entirely different. They watched stunned, as the fight continued into the air, high into the trees, then down. Flashes of light from the second person allowed them to follow the fight's progress, as it made a complete circle around them, till the pair was standing face to face in the small clearing nearby once more.

A third person then made his presence known. Harry's eyes had locked onto his movement almost immediately, as a object sailed out of the darkness, allowing just a moment to look at the man that had thrown it. It was hard to tell from this angle, but he thought the man was tall and carried an almost innate calmness and authority, as he walked up the trunk of a tree that had been felled at its mid point during the combat.

A pair of 'clang's were heard in short order bringing Harry's eyes back to the pair on the ground, and to the object which had somehow rebounded and was headed back toward the third man who yelled, "Hey! That's enough!" Then he jumped from the trunk of the tree, twenty plus feet to the ground, landing easily and walking forward as if it were an everyday occurrence! "I don't know what you plan on doing here, but-"

"I've come here to put an end to Loki's schemes!" bellowed the blond man, who had stepped further out of the shadows, allowing Harry and Hermione to get a better look at him. He was dressed in some form of blue and silver armor with a red cloak draping over his massive shoulders, a large hammer resting easily in his right hand.

"Then prove it!" said the third man still walking forward, adjusting the shield that he had caught effortlessly during his jump and placed upon his right forearm. "Put that hammer down!"

"Uh… Yeah! No!" said the one dressed in the crimson and gold armor. They could now make out a glowing triangle in the center of his chest. "Bad call! He loves his hammer-"

A back handed blow of the hammer connected with the armored person, sending him flying back into the woods, as the blond man yelled, "You want me to put the hammer down?" He leapt forward, covering the long yards to the third person in one jump, the hammer pulling back, electricity arching around its head, to deliver the mightiest of blows as he descended from his leap.

Not liking the look of things, Harry began to move, instinctively placing the strongest shield charm he knew before himself and Hermione, to block the attack's effects. Light and sound smashed through the small clearing, shattering Harry's shield within the blink of an eye as the impact of the weapons crashed outward from the two men in lightning, magic, and sound.

Slowly three men rose from the rubble, each taking a long look at the destruction they had caused around them, the third man finally breaking the silence. "Are we done here?" he asked with no small amount of sadness, that pointless destruction like this could happen because of the two men's egos.

Tony looked around at the crushed landscape and sighed, Pepper was going to make him write a really big check for this mess, he just knew it. It was going to take a couple of minutes for Jarvis to check his suit's systems before he was ready to trust them completely. They had taken quite a jolt from Pointbreak's lightning, a 400% charge had been held by his armor's internal capacitors, something that it was in no way designed to handle no matter how briefly (he should look into that at a later date), and several readings were at below optimal output because of system wide damage that it caused.

Still he was impressed with the suit, if he did say so himself.

One by one subsystems began to come back online, till a warning started flashing in one corner of his vision, and the voice of Jarvis, the suit's artificial intelligence, spoke to him in its British butler's cadence. "Sir! I detect two people to your right, thirty-five yards, under a great deal of debris. Both are injured!"

A holographic overlay in red appeared inside his visor, of two figures underneath a pile of limbs obscuring them from vision. "Oh… hell," he said under his breath, "Nat! Land! We have two injured," he said over the radio to the jet that was now hovering above them just above tree top level.

Jarvis spoke again. "I am scanning both subjects, one is female, her injuries are extensive but not life threatening at the moment. She has several lacerations, a puncture wound, a probable concussion and one broken arm. The other is male, his wounds are more serious, he also has a number of lacerations, one severe puncture wound, a number of broken bones, as well as burns; he is in need of medical treatment as soon as possible."

Both of the other men allowed Tony to take the lead as he began clearing away the fallen limbs, and the jet settled into the newly widened clearing. The woman that had been piloting the craft was soon jogging down the back ramp, emergency medical bag in hand.

Tony slowly cut away the last branch with the small hand laser mounted in the back of his gauntlet; he nodded toward the unconscious teens. "That is the best I can do, I don't have any medical training… Jarvis, contact the Heli-carrier, have them get someone from their medical team to consult once we get them on board."

"Right away sir!" chimed the AI.

Steve knelt next to the male's body, setting his shield to the side. "I've had some medic training… but most of it is out of date."

Natasha sighed, as she dropped the bag and sat a small expandable light source next to her shining across the victims. "You'll be my nurse then, let's get them stabilized and to a hospital-"

The boy's eyes fluttered open and he groaned. "No…" he said weakly, "No hospitals… they'll find us… kill us. Kill everyone…" He swallowed, "to get to us… to me..." He tried to push away only to cry out in pain when he moved his impaled left shoulder. Blood began to gush from the wound.

"Ebat," the red headed woman cursed in Russian, as she tried to staunch the flow. "Don't move!"

Tony turned toward Thor. "We need to get your brother, Pointbreak… I want to be ready to go the second they are."

The blond nodded slowly. "Aye, man of Iron. The youths should not suffer for our mistakes any more than they have." With a swirl of a hammer and burst of jet fire they rose into the distance.

Steve kept handing things as Natasha asked for them, using the small penlight she had given him to read the labels quickly. In between he tried to keep the young man calm, awake and talking, "What's your name, son?"

"Harry…" he croaked. "Who?"

Steve smiled as he slipped off his cowl, hoping that a friendly face would help keep him calm. "Steve, it's nice to meet you Harry." Harry's eyes moved to the woman injecting something into his arm. "Her name is Natasha… Harry what is your friend's name?"


"Ok." He nodded. "How about last names?"

Harry shook his head. "No…" He gasped, "He'll find us! Can't…" He tried to move again and gasped in pain.

Natasha hissed, "Be still! I need more packing!"

Steve groused but nodded as he handed her more gauze packing. "Harry, we are going to help you. Is their anyone we can contact…"

"No…" he replied. "All in hiding or dead." He tried to push them away again.

"Steve… not now! I can barely control the bleeding as it is," she growled as she grabbed another injector and sank it into Harry's arm. "I hope that puts him out! I can't stop the bleeding if he keeps moving! And I can't take the chance of giving him more sedative, he's already had over ten grains more than I should have… He should have been unconscious by now!" She worked furiously for several minutes then sighed, wiping her brow. "I've done all I can for him at the moment. Steve I need the stretchers off the jet! Get them while I try to help the girl."

He gave her a quick pat on the shoulder as he ran toward the jet.

When they were on board Tony, sans armor, took over the piloting, leaving Natasha free to oversee the kids. Under the lights of the Quinjet the blood covering both of them made him wonder how they had even survived. The boy… Harry, Steve had called him… He had burns, some second some third degree… he had been the worst, he must have been standing in front… He'd taken the brunt of the blast. He didn't know how, but he needed to make this right…

"He's seizing!" yelled Natasha. "Doc? What do I do?"

Tony turned his attention back to his controls, trying to find a way to get more speed. He keyed the microphone. "Fury, I've got this thing redlined, I want you to have that trauma team ready! E.T.A. thirty-five minutes. If I can coax any more out of this thing I'll let you know."

The disembodied voice of Nick Fury, director of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Supreme Headquarters, International Espionage, Law-Enforcement Division), came over his headset. "Stark! Why in the hell are you bringing two civilian kids to my ship? They could have already been in a trauma center! Hell they could have been in the best trauma center in Europe by now!"

Tony growled back, "Damn it Fury! You weren't there! That boy was willing to tear himself apart rather than go to a hospital!" His fingers ran across the controls, shutting down nonessential systems and rerouting power. He had designed this heap, he could sure as blazes figure out a way to make it go faster! "He was scared! He said everyone they knew were either dead or in hiding! Whatever these two are running from has them scared to death!"

"That is not our problem Stark!" The man on the other end of the radio responded. "We have enough on our plate dealing with whatever Loki is up to!"

"Just get them stabilized…" Stark said. "I'll make arrangements for them at Stark tower till this thing with Loki is over… Nick… this is our mess… my mess… I… I need to help them."

The unseen man grumbled. "Fine! We'll get them stabilized then they are off my ship!"

The line went dead. "Jarvis! Contact Happy, we need medical suites for two set up at the tower… monitor their progress, and have him get whatever you think we need. Then have him contact the best doctors… Burns, trauma, neurologist… whatever…. Tell him I want them to have the best care."

"As you wish, sir," the voice answered.

In the rear of the Quinjet things were not going so well. While Natasha Romanov, otherwise known as the Black Widow, was very well trained and proficient at injuring the human body, she in fact had little training in the actual healing of said body, other than the standard S.H.I.E.L.D. medic training. Even with The Iron Man suit's AI helping with monitoring Harry and the doctor directing her they had almost lost him.

"How many units of plasma do you have?" the doctor asked.

She finished placing the last contact pad sensor as she answered, "One, and he's almost finished it…"

"Have you stopped all the bleeding?" he continued.

She nodded. "Everything I can find…"

The doctor looked over the readings he was receiving. "He'll need a transfusion… Do you know his blood type?"

"No, si-" she began.

"Sir," replied the AI, "Ms. Romanov matches his blood type, and Captain Rodgers is a universal donor…"

"Then Romanov first then…" he said. "Best match first… Captain I'll need you to monitor them and…"

Natasha looked panicked. "N-no… I can't…" She looked across the table at Steve then back at the screen. "We can't give him my blood… it's not safe…"

"Ms. Romanov." The doctor removed his glasses, and gave her a steady glare. "He needs a transfusion immediately, and according to Stark's computer you are the best match… The Captain may be a universal donor, but it is best if he has as much of his own type as possible…"

She looked down at the broken form of the boy in front of her, and her mind was made up. There was enough red in her ledger, she had to try no matter the cost. "Ok doctor, you've made your point." She began removing her gloves and weapons to gain access to the veins at her elbow.

Tony glanced at the clock as he lined the Quinjet up for the landing approach. He had cut almost five minutes off the flight time. The engines might need to be rebuilt, but it would be worth the cost.

Cycling through the landing procedures he brought the powerful jet in almost without a single bump. He slapped the ramp release and began the parking and shutdown cycle, then pushed away from the console in a hurry to see what was going on with the kids.

The scene inside the hold was chaotic, as the med team swarmed the jet and prepared to transport them inside. He stepped in front of his suit, the plates began to flex and slide across each other opening for him to enter. When the visor snapped closed and the display flared to life, he asked, "Jarvis, what's their status?"

"Sir, Mr. Harry has had a transfusion from both Ms. Romanov and Captain Rodgers… He is stable at the moment… as is Ms. Hermione. They will begin transport to Sick Bay in just a few moments."

He nodded to no one. "Alright let's get you to the vault, then I'll go talk to the doctor."