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That no good best-friend stealer


I walk into the house with my Barnes and Noble bag bouncing against my leg. I toss my keys into the bowl by the door and head up the grand staircase to the empty rooms, and my bedroom. If this wasn't the house my family has lived in for generations, I'd sell it. It's just so damn big. I live here, alone, and I have ten bedrooms and seven bathrooms. It sucks to clean.

Walking into my room, I place the bag on my black comforter and begin to gingerly take my new novels out, the plastic crinkling slightly. I carry them over to my desk and set them down. I walk over to my bookcase and just stare at it. I need to find the perfect place for them.

As my tawny eyes rack over the abundant spines of my books, they land on one that make my chest ache, then another, and one that makes my fingers itch, and my blood boil all at once.

I pull all three out and bring them to my bed. They land with a plop as I toss them there and climb on after. The first is a manuel on how to be down to earth. A manual Clary bought me for my 15th birthday. I smile and chuckle slightly. That was the last birthday I spent with her.

I nudge it aside, and see a photo album. It's full of pictures of Clary and I. Pictures of us as babies lying in the same crib, in the bathtub in our naked glory, Halloween costumes. Then there are pictures I took of us. Clary sitting on my bed in her pajamas the night of one of our many sleepovers. A picture of her at her first art competition. Pictures of her at the beach, playing in the waves, not caring about her hair, or the sunburn she would obviously get.

I laugh at this. The next picture she's sitting on her couch, beet red, with three fans around her and her skin caked in aloe. She's glaring at me behind the camera, but after the picture, she came up and hugged me, getting the sticky gel all over me. We laughed so hard.

The last picture in the album is of her sitting on my old swing set, blowing me a kiss. The sun illuminates her hair and her creamy skin. That was the day before he came and everything went downhill. I take a minute to admire my ex-best friend before closing the album and moving to the third and last book.

It's a yearbook. His senior yearbook for Idris academy. He skips all the sports pictures, and club photos and goes to the one picture that makes him want to rip his hair out and throw up, and cry all at once, even after all these years.

It's the superlatives, and his Clary is there with someone. The caption says 'most likely to get married'. There is a small caption that says, 'These two are the best friends Idris has ever seen. They are inseparable. We totally ship it, so they will definitely get married and make the cutest babies.' The boy standing next to her was the one that ruined everything. The one that stole Clary from him. The memory ender, sleepover killer, friend stealer, Simon Lewis.

I slam the book shut and throw it across the room. Its' hard cover makes a smack sound and makes a dent in my pristine white walls. I growl, even that is his fault.

Deciding I need coffee, hot and strong coffee, I grab my jacket and pound down the steps. I snatch my keys and slam the door. Mounting my bike, I speed down my driveway.

This isn't the first time this has happened, and it will not be the last.

An: Sooooo, Jace and Clary=best friends ever until Simon came along. Now, he doesn't speak to her, so he naturally blames Simon. Next chapter will be Clary's point of view. Hope you like it so far. Please review!