Phantom Rebellion

Chapter 103 Takeover

By: Major144

Disclaimer: I don't own anything this is just a story for fun.

On one of the upper levels of the Capitol, Jazz patiently stood in a lobby waiting for Wraith to arrive. Jazz was both excited and nervous about showing Wraith around and teach her how politics worked. This was a huge opportunity to help shape the future of the Empire and help bring certain problems to light. Jazz believed that this was the first step to bringing peace and stability to the Amitrax System. She looked up ahead and saw an elevator door opening up. It had to be Wraith.

"This is it Jazz. Your moment to shine and really help shape the future of the Empire." Thought Jazz to herself as she put on a smile.

The elevator doors fully opened and out stepped a young girl, who must have been Wraith. Jazz got her first real look at Wraith and she was very surprised by her appearance. Wraith looked like she was either 12 or 13 and she had snowy white hair and green eyes that reminded Jazz a whole lot like her younger brother Danny. As Wraith got closer, Jazz could see her better. Wraith's facial features and bone structure looked almost identical to Danny, which made Jazz wondered if Wraith was somehow related to her and Danny. Danny got his looks from Jack Fenton's side of the family and it was quit possible that Wraith could be a cousin or some other kind of relative from Jack's side. Jazz decided it would be best to learn about Wraith first before she asked any personal questions about her background. Wraith walked over to Jazz and stopped.

"Welcome to the Capitol, Wraith. My name is Jasmine Fenton, though you can just call me, Jazz. I will be showing you around the Capitol and explaining how our politics work." Said Jazz as Wraith stood before her.

"Where is governor Lancer? I thought I was supposed to meet him and that he would be the one to show me around the Capitol and teaching me about politics." Said Wraith looking around the lobby.

"I do apologize for that. Lancer is tending to some other matters and has assigned me to be your guide and teacher." Said Jazz.

"Very well then. Let's start the tour and lessons." Wraith.

Jazz lead the way to various rooms and parts of the Capitol as she explained the purpose of each place as well as the politics and discussions that took place in them. Wraith listened and paid attention, but Jazz could see that the younger girl was board. Wraith's board expression reminded Jazz of Danny's own board expression, whenever she talked about her job and politics. It was like looking at a younger female version of Danny. Jazz thought about going to her office and ringing Danny up on the hologram communicator just to see Danny's reaction at the sight of Wraith. It would be an interesting situation, but Jazz decided to focus on her work and duty first, before calling her brother up. Jazz continued on with the tour.

In another part of the Capitol, Youngblood and his crew were stealthily killing any unfortunate guards they encountered. A few human members of the crew stripped the armor and uniforms off the dead guards, after they cleaned them off and began to help some of the other pirates unload some explosives and heavy weapons, including some turrets from the delivery vehicles that had brought them to the Capitol. Youngblood oversaw this and then he got into an elevator along with Meglar, Assistant, and a half dozen other pirates. The elevator went up heading towards the top floor where governor Lancer's office was.

Elsewhere Jazz was showing Wraith the Capitol's cafeteria. It was there that Jazz decided to ask Wraith some questions.

"So, General Vlad Plasmius is your adopted father?"

"He is." Said Wraith.

"Did you have any parents that raised you before Vlad?" Asked Jazz.

"No. Vlad is my only parent and he is grooming me for the future. One day I will take his place as the military leader of the Amitrax System." Said Wraith.

"I see he already has some big goals for you." Said Jazz.

Wraith just simply shrugged.

"Jazz! There you are!" Called Johnny as he suddenly came jogging towards Jazz and Wraith, followed by Kitty and Shadow.

"Who's that?" Asked Wraith.

"My boyfriend Johnny, though I have no idea who the two people behind him are." Said Jazz.

"Hey Jazz, I'm glad I found you and I see you have the kid with you. Look this might sound a little crazy, but we need the Capitol like right now." Said Johnny looking nervous.

"What for?" Asked Jazz.

"There's no time to explain right now. I promise I'll explain everything once we're all out of this building and far away. Just trust me on this." Said Johnny giving Jazz a pleading look.

"Is there some kind of trouble?" Asked Jazz.

"You can say that." Said Kitty.

"We should go alert security then." Said Wraith looking serious.

"Probably a useless thing to do at this point." Said Johnny.

"And how exactly would you know this?" Asked Wraith eyeing Johnny.

"And how do you know there's some kind of danger in the Capitol?" Asked Jazz with a glare in her eyes.

"'s...complicated." Said Johnny looking very uncomfortable.

On the top floor, Lancer was going over some files, when his doors suddenly exploded and Youngblood and his men stormed into the office. Lancer found himself staring down the barrel of a blaster, Youngblood had pointed at his face.

"Hello governor! The names Captain Youngblood!" Said Youngblood with a grin.

"Captain Youngblood!" Cried Lancer in fear as he recognized the name of the notorious pirate.

"Good. Now that you know who I am lets get down to business. I'm taking over this building and I plan to strike a blow or two to the Empire. Do exactly as I say and I promise no harm will come to you. Understood?" Said Youngblood.

Lancer nodded his head and Youngblood put his blaster away.

"Good man. Now I want you to use your codes or whatever and put this place into lockdown." Said Youngblood indicating the computer on Lancer's desk.

Lancer quickly went to his computer and put in the lockdown code. All around the Capitol metal shutters closed over all the windows and doors. The people in the cafeteria saw the shutters close over the windows.

"What's going on?!" Yelled Jazz.

"We're too late!" Cried Johnny.

The intercoms turned on and Youngblood spoke through them.

"Ahoy people of the Capitol, this is your new captain speaking. The names Captain Youngblood and me and my crew have taken control of this here building. Everyone here are officially my prisoners and I can do whatever I want with you! Just do as I say and you may live through this day, but if you resist me, you will meet a foul and terrible end!"

Jazz, Johnny, Kitty, Shadow, and the other people had freaked out expression on their faces, while Wraith had a small smile on hers. Perhaps today wasn't going to be boring after all.

To be continued.