Phantom Rebellion

Chapter 99 Battle Blizzard

By: Major144

Disclaimer: I don't own anything this is just a story for fun.

Maddie and her rescue team neared the Imperial fort. They found a good size hill to crouch behind and spied on the fort as a light blizzard began to set in. Maddie looked at the fort wall with some binoculars and saw a few guards lazily patrolling them. The relaxed nature of the guards was a good sign. It showed that the troops stationed at the base were overconfident and weren't expecting any immediate attacks on the fort or a rescue of the prisoners, which worked to the rescue team's advantage. Maddie looked over at Valerie and nodded her head at her. Valerie nodded her and began to make her way to the fort. She reached one of the walls and shot her grappling hook at it. After making sure the grappling hook was secure, she began to reel herself up to the top of the wall. A Stormtrooper happened to be patrolling the wall, when Valerie reached the top. The trooper took notice of the grappling hook, but before he could alert the other guards or sound the alarm, Valerie shot up grabbed the unfortunate man, and yanked him over the wall. The Stormtrooper didn't have time to scream as he fell and crashed to the ground below. His lifeless body laid on the ground blending in with snowy environment as more snow began to cover his body. Valerie glanced down at the dead enemy making sure, he wouldn't be easily found by any of the other guards patrolling the walls and went down some stairs to begin planting explosives around the base.

Back at the hill Maddie watched Valerie disappear into the base to begin the next phase of the mission. Once the explosives went off and the enemy forces occupying the base were running about in disarray, Maddie would lead the rest of the rescue team to one of the base walls. Once there, Maddie would use her lightsaber to cut a large hole in the wall to allow herself and the rest of the rescue team to enter the base. They would then head to the holding cells and free all the prisoners. Once the prisoners were freed, they would exit the base, head back to the drop ships, and leave the planet. It was a good clean plan and Maddie had faith in herself and the rest of the team to carry it out. What did concern Maddie though was her son, Danny and what he was going to be facing. Maddie could sense the hate coming from Wraith and it unsettled her how that hate was directed and focused on Danny. She remembered laying eyes on Wraith the first time and being startled by how much the female clone looked a lot like Danny. It made sense, since Wraith was Danny's clone, which in a sense made her Maddie's daughter. Maddie truly wondered if Wraith could be truly saved from Vlad and the Dark Side or if killing the clone would be the best course of action for both the clone and the Rebels. She wanted so bad to ditch the current mission and go running to her son's aid, but many lives and the success of the mission were pending on her. Maddie just had to believe in Danny and hope for the best. She went back to watching the base and focusing on the mission.

A few miles away, Danny came across the Yetizs old village and the cave not to far from it. The village was absolutely deserted without a single sign of life within in. Danny walked through the village and towards the cave. He was halfway to the cave, when a dark hooded figure stepped out and faced him. The figure reached up to remove their hood to reveal the face of Wraith.

"Phantom." Said Wraith in greeting.

"Wraith." Said Danny.

"I'm so glad you came." Said Wraith.

"You didn't leave me much choice." Said Danny with a scowl.

"I suppose I didn't, but it was the only way to get you to come to me, so we could settle our issues. Don't worry, I fully intend to keep my word. I won't alert any of my forces about the rest of your little group being on the planet." Said Wraith.

"I appreciate that." Said Danny.

"Now let's settle this." Said Wraith pulling out her lightsaber.

"Look we don't need to fight." Said Danny.

"Oh, but we do. You may not want to fight, but I do." Said Wraith with a cruel smirk.

"Then at least answer me this. Why do you hate me so much? Do you actually hate me or is it because Vlad told you to?" Said Danny with a serious look in his eyes.

Danny needed to know the reason for Wraith's hate in order to best figure out how to best help her, without using force or spilling blood. Wraith looked at Danny with a bit of confusion, before a scowl appeared on her face and she spoke.

"I hate you for simply existing. Your face and you being alive, disgusts me and reminds me that we're related. I may be your clone, but I am far more powerful to you. I shall strike you down and prove my superiority! My master will be pleased by your death!" Said Wraith.

Danny took all these words in and then he spoke.

"Look I get being a clone must be hard for you, but Vlad is taking advantage of your anger and insecurities. He wants us to fight and for one of us to kill the other so will fall into the Dark Side and become his puppet. It's a win-win for him. Vlad doesn't care about you and since, you're a clone he could easily make more clones to replace you."

"That's a lie! I am Vlad's apprentice, he wouldn't replace me! You're just trying to trick me so I'll either let my guard down for you to strike me or turn against my master, but that's not going to happen! You're Jedi tricks won't work on me!" Said Wraith with a mad furious look in her eyes.

"It's not a trick. You can use the Force to sense out my intentions. What I say is true. I don't want to fight you Wraith. I want to help you. You and I are basically siblings and siblings help one another. Please Wraith let go of your hatred and come with me and join the Rebels. We can help you and give you a better life. No more hatred or anger. Just kindness and compassion." Said Danny offering his hand to Wraith.

For a brief moment the two of them just stood there silently. Danny looked into Wraith's eyes and saw conflict and for just a moment Danny thought Wraith might take him up his offer, but then anger flared up in Wraith's eyes and she ignited her lightsaber.

"Nice try Phantom, but I will not join you and turn against my master! Now prepare to die!" Yelled Wraith as she leaped high into the air and swung her weapon at Danny.

Danny quickly pulled out his own lightsaber and ignited it. He blocked Wraith's attack and the two were face-to-face as they locked lightsabers. Danny stared into Wraith's face, which smiled nastily at him as madness danced in her eyes. Wraith shot her leg up and kicked Danny in the chest knocking him back a little, before she followed up with a Force push that knocked him onto his back. Danny gasped in pain and quickly rolled out of the way as Wraith tried to stab him and jumped to his feet. Wraith rushed at him swinging her lightsaber at Danny, who quickly went on the defensive and blocked all of the attacks. After a few seconds of blocking, Danny deflected one of Wraith's attacks and used a Force push to knock Wraith onto her back and used the Force to knock her lightsaber from her hand.

"Give up! This fight is pointless!" Yelled Danny pointing his lightsaber at his downed opponent.

"Never!" Yelled Wraith as she shot both her hands up and unleashed a wave of Force that sent Danny flying back and crashing to the ground.

Wraith jumped to her feet, grabbed her lightsaber, and took off running towards the cave.

"Come and get me Jedi!" Yelled Wraith as she disappeared into the cave.

Danny let out a sigh as he got to his feet and ran into the cave after Wraith.

Back at the fortress, Valerie had just finished up placing the last of the explosives around the base and was was sneaking around some parked ships and was fixing to push a button on the detonator she carried, when she was suddenly confronted by Dash, Kwan, and Klemper who pointed their blasters at her.

"Well look at what we have here boys! It's a Rebel and one of the dangerous ones. Command is going to be pleased with us once we bring her in." Said Dash.

"What's she got in her hand?" Asked Kwan.

"Just a little surprise." Said Valerie as she pressed the button and set the explosives scattered around the base off.

Ships, walkers, a few buildings, and the communication tower exploded sending the base into complete chaos as all the Stormtroopers and officers ran around in confusion. The explosions momentarily distracted Dash and his two companies and allowed Valerie to pull out her blaster and hit the three Stormtroopers with a stun blast knocking them all out. Valerie took off running to go join Maddie and the others.

As soon as the explosives went off, Maddie and the rest of the rescue team sprung into action. They reached the wall and Maddie cut a hole in it with her lightsaber, allowing entry into the base. The rescue raced to the building with the holding cells and went about freeing Frostbite and the other prisoners. They were joined up by Valerie and they ran out of the fortress together as the Stormtroopers and officers ran about the base putting fires out. Maddie was happy that the mission was a success, but she still worried about Danny and what he was dealing with.

"I'll come find you soon." Said Maddie to herself as she lead the others to the drop ships.

Miles away at the cave, Danny was walking around using his lightsaber to light his way as he hunted for Wraith. Danny used the Force to locate Wraith and came across a large chamber. He looked at one wall and recognized Clockwork's cave drawing of himself, though now there was a big black slash mark going across the drawing's face. Wraith stood besides the drawing and faced Danny.

"I learned from the prisoners that this drawing foretold your coming to this planet. Now it is telling about your death!" Said Wraith as she pointed both her hands at the celling.

The entire cave began to shake and then a bunch of large stalagmites began to fall from the celling towards Danny! Danny quickly shot his free hand up and stopped the stalagmites in midair a few feet from his head using the Force. Wraith ran over to a large stalactite and sliced it with her lightsaber, before she used the Force to send it flying like a missile at Danny! Danny quickly swung his lightsaber at the flying stalactite and sliced it in half making it fly right past him and smash into the cave walls. Wraith charged at Danny with her lightsaber and Danny put the hovering stalagmites between himself and his enemy. The clone let out a angry snarl as she slashed through the obstacles, only to see Danny leaping high into the air and coming down at her fast! Wraith raised her lightsaber and blocked the attack, but the force behind it was enough to send her skidding back several feet. The girl felt her anger grow as she focused her attention on a massive boulder and she used the Force to lift it high into the air and hurled it at Danny with incredible speed! Danny quickly stopped the incoming boulder in midair using the Force. For several seconds the boulder hovered in midair as both Danny and Wraith pressed on it with the Force. Both fighters pushed on the boulder with all their might, until cracks began to appear on it and it exploded sending shrapnel everywhere and knocked both Danny and Wraith to the ground.

Danny groaned as he stumbled to his hands and knees covered in cuts and bruises. He looked over at Wraith who seemed to be dazed and had a nasty gash on her forehead. Danny pushed himself to his feet and went over to Wraith. He squatted down and ripped off a stand of fabric from his shirt and wrapped it around the wound on Wraith's forehead. After that was done Danny picked Wraith up from the ground and carried her out of the chamber and out of the cave. Danny carried Wraith to one of the abandoned houses and place Wraith on one of the beds. It was then that Wraith started to come to and she looked around at her surroundings in confusion and felt the makeshift bandage on her forehead.

" this? Why did you bring me here and tend to my injury?" Asked Wraith looking at Danny.

"It's called an act of kindness. Like I already told you, I don't want to fight you and I want to help you." Said Danny.

"We are enemies! I don't want or need your help! Now let's fight!" Yelled Wraith as she stumbled to her feet and reached for her lightsaber, but couldn't find it.

"I left it back in the cave. You can go back and get it. I'm leaving now, but I want you to take everything I said to heart. I meant every word I said. I care about you Wraith and I want to help you and for you to join the Rebels, but I'm not going to force you to do that. I'm going to let you decide what you're going to do with yourself. I'm giving you the right to choose, which is something Vlad won't give you. I'll see you later." Said Danny as he began to walk away.

Wraith thought about attacking Danny, with the Force, but she felt a bit of a migraine coming on and decided not to push herself. She just sat back on the bed and thought about what Danny had said. Danny's words angered her, but she was strangely intrigued by them. Wraith thought about the choice Danny had given her to join him, but decided to dismiss it. The fight hadn't gone the way she expected, but the war between her and Phantom wasn't over yet and she intended to win it.

Danny made it back to the drop ships and reunited with his mother. They all loaded up and then left the planet. The mission a complete success.

To be continued.