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I'm Not My Father

Chapter One: Cruel Beginnings

"Hokage-sama!" cried a doctor as he ran into the office of Hiruzen Sarutobi, the Third Hokage of the Leaf Village.

"Satoshi-san, what is it?" he asked in concern.

"Sir, the hospital has been robbed! Many different vials of donated eggs have been pilfered and we don't know who did it!"

Sarutobi saw that the doctor was almost hysterical so he tried to get him to calm down. "Breathe, man! I need you to report if any of the eggs were of importance!"

Satoshi nodded and took several deep breaths in hopes of calming his nerves. While not as much as he wanted, he was able to speak a bit more calmly. "A few were from some female members of the council …"

"And…?" urged the Hokage.

"Well…there was also Uzumaki-san," anxiously finished the doctor. "She had donated some of her eggs about a week ago since she is the last of her clan."

Sarutobi's eyes widened in shock at the man's answer and he rushed over to the hospital, already seeing some of the Uchiha Task Force on the scene. When they saw the Hokage, they all saluted and he waved them off in light of the situation.

"What have you found?"

"Sir, whoever was able to take these eggs was able to sneak past practically the entire staff. Someone saw the culprit…however…" one of the Uchiha started before he solemnly moved aside, showing a dead body with a silent scream etched on her face and a kunai in her throat.

Sarutobi closed his eyes and gave a silent prayer for the dead nurse before he stepped aside for some other nurses to take the body to the morgue. "Find whatever else you can. One of you fetch Kushina Uzumaki for me as well. I need to see her immediately."

"Sir!" saluted the three Uchiha before one of them left and the other two continued to check the crime scene.

"M-My eggs were stolen?" asked Kushina in shock. "B-But who would do such a thing, old man?"

Standing next to her was her fiancé, Minato Namikaze, who was also picked to be the Fourth Hokage once Sarutobi retired. He too looked concerned as he held Kushina close to show his support.

"I don't know, Kushina, and that's what is so worrying. For all we know, your eggs could be used to create a new group of Uzumaki for another village," answered the older man.

"Is there nothing we can do?" queried Minato. "Could we get some Inuzuka members to try and search for the culprit?"

"We already have a couple on the case, but so far they've picked up nothing. Whoever did this was skilled enough to remove their scent from some of our best trackers." He sighed tiredly, looking older than he really was. "This is all becoming very stressful. First Orochimaru defects from the Leaf, then we find some spies in our own village, and now this…"

Minato's eyes narrowed at this. "Sir…what if all of these events were connected?"

The Hokage tensed at that, thinking over the theory. "It's possible. Orochimaru had many subordinates and people loyal to him. He could've been using these people as spies and had one of them steal the eggs."

"Then let's go after the bastard, ttebane!" cried Kushina heatedly. Her clan's potential future could be in the hands of a madman, and she wanted to get them back from his clutches.

"This is all speculation," Sarutobi reluctantly shot down. "Besides, we have no clue where he went off to when he defected." Seeing her frustration, he continued, "I'm sorry, Kushina. But as of this moment, there isn't much we can do. All we can do is keep sending out tracker teams to try and get a trail."

She frowned at that, but Minato gently squeezed her shoulder for reassurance. Grabbing his hand, she took a breath to compose herself. "You'll keep me informed, right?"

"Of course I will," immediately answered the Hokage. "I'll be sure to tell everything we find to you and Minato."

"Thank you, sir," Minato said before he led his future wife out of their leader's office.

A dark cloaked figure was panting hard as they ran across fields of rice paddies in the dead of night. Strapped to their back was a satchel that gave off little clinks as they moved swiftly.

The figure stopped in front of a rundown house made of rotting wood before they entered inside. Once they did, they made their way to the back corner and kicked aside a piece of broken ceiling, revealing a small seal the size of a child's hand. Crouching, they placed their hand on the seal and activated it, making the opposite corner shimmer away like burning paper and reveal a set of descending stairs.

Nodding to themselves, they went down the stairs and walked through the dimly lit underground halls of the hidden base. On the walls were strange designs that looked like the movement patterns of serpents. The figure paid those designs no mind as they entered a large open room that had a large snake statue at the end and a man sitting on the statue's head.

Said man had pale skin that was almost white, smooth black hair that fell to his mid back, and yellow eyes reminiscent of a serpent with purple markings around them. He wore plain grey garbs with black pants and a thick purple rope belt tied in a large knot behind his back. His ears had blue tomoe-shaped earrings and he wore a black polo neck underneath his tunic.

The man took note of his new visitor and smirked. "Ah, at last. I take it you didn't have any trouble?"

"None at all, Orochimaru-san," replied a male voice as the figure lowered their hood to reveal an average man with brown hair and black eyes. "Someone saw me, but I took care of them before they could utter a word. As promised," he then removed his satchel and handed it to the snake-like man, "the eggs of various donors. I didn't see any clan eggs save for one, so I grabbed eggs donated by council members to make up for it."

"And which clan offered their eggs?" asked Orochimaru as he checked the condition of the glass vials, making sure they weren't damaged. A couple were, but they were unimportant.

"Just the Uzumaki, who I discovered was the last one in the village. Apparently, she was petitioned to give some of her eggs in the event she perished on a mission or before she could sire a child."

"Uzumaki, eh? Kukuku," chuckled the Sannin as he pulled out the vial with Kushina's eggs. "How wonderful. I'll be sure to put these eggs to very good use." The snake man then pulled out a bag stuffed with ryo coins and tossed it to the other man. "I appreciate your services."

"It was no problem. If you'll keep offering pay like this, I wouldn't mind taking on a few more jobs in the future. Until then," the man bid before he left the base.

As he watched the man leave, Orochimaru smirked cruelly. "It would've been a wonderful way to get more jobs done, but I can't have any loose ends who know about my whereabouts." A dark brown snake slithered out of the shadows and brushed Orochimaru's leg, making his smirk grow a fraction. "Take care of him for me, my pet."

The snake tasted the air for a moment before it slithered off, obeying its master's request.

Once the snake left, Orochimaru made his way to one of his base's many labs and set down Kushina's vial on the desk of the scientist in the room. "Keep those eggs ready for me. I plan to use them within the week."

"What will you do until then, my lord?" asked the scientist as she put the eggs somewhere safe to keep them from dying out.

The man chuckled darkly. "I'll be seeking out a carrier for my future heir," he answered as he left, disappearing into the dim hallways of his hideout.

A couple of weeks had passed since the incident at the hospital, and Kushina was currently looking at the results of a test she had requested with a fond smile. "So…I really am pregnant?" she asked her nurse, who smiled warmly at her.

"Yes, you are Uzumaki-san. Congratulations."

"Thank you. Is there anything I should know for the pregnancy?"

The nurse nodded and pulled out some papers filled with information before handing them to the redheaded woman. "Yes, everything you will need to know will be on those sheets. It will explain the cravings, potential mood swings, and even how your body should naturally adapt to the fetus growing inside you. It will also explain the best diets to ensure that the baby will be healthy when it is born. As for the birth date, it should be sometime near October."

The Uzumaki nodded in thanks before she left the hospital with a spring in her step. She was beyond happy that she would be having a baby, and she knew that Minato would be just as happy. Their wedding, which would be held in secret with only a handful of people knowing, was going to happen within the next month, so she wanted to surprise her fiancé with the news of their future child before then.

Unknown to her, in a certain underground base was another woman who was sitting before a doctor. "So…it's finally happened?" she asked, hiding her despair. She had been taken away from her home after it was destroyed in a freak earthquake. The man who took her seemed kind when he offered her a home, but she soon realized that she was taken with the man so that she could be a carrier of his future child.

"Yes, the eggs were safely and successfully planted inside of your womb along with Orochimaru-sama's seed. Based on the tests, the eggs have been fertilized enough to begin the growth process. As for the date of birth, I'm estimating sometime around mid-October," answered the doctor as she showed the results of the tests.

"I see," stated the woman, gently placing a hand over her womb. "Thank you…"

"Be sure to eat and rest well so that Orochimaru-sama's child will be born healthy," warned the doctor before dismissing her patient.

The woman nodded absently as she left the office and made her way through the halls and to the small room that was "given" to her by Orochimaru. Sitting on her bed, she kept her hand over her womb and her eyes began to get misty. Slowly, realizations began to dawn on her and she believed that the "freak earthquake" was really a jutsu used by the snake man so that he could persuade any survivors into joining him. Along with herself, only two young men had survived and they were now under Orochimaru's employ.

They would live and die as servants of the very man who killed everyone else from their small village.

Tears rolled down her cheeks as fear crept up on her. She was carrying the man's future child, who would no doubt be raised cruelly by Orochimaru so that he would grow up to be a worthy "heir" to his legacy. And she would no doubt be killed after her "services" were used up.

Burying her face in her hands, she wept for herself, for her lost friends, and for the unborn child who was already planned to have a life only of use for a cruel man. For what felt like years to her, she wept and prayed to the Kami for some way to escape her fate.

Taking time to wipe her tears and compose herself, she began to see what she needed to do; she would have to escape this place somehow. It would be hard, nearly impossible since she had no ninja training, but she knew she had to try if she was to save herself and the child beginning to grow within her.

So, with her mind made up and with a determination that some ninja would be jealous of, she began to plan her escape.

She was panting hard as she snuck across the rice paddy fields, her form enshrouded in a dark cloak to blend in with the darkness of the night. To her fortune, the night had a new moon, so there was no lunar glow to give away her position.

She gasped quietly and ducked behind some brush when she heard voices approaching. She clutched where her beating heart was, waiting anxiously for her pursuers to pass. Her heart hammered against her chest and hand as she heard them land beside the brush for a moment before leaping off into the trees.

A soft breath of relief escaped her lips before she slowly got up, checking to see if the coast was clear. When she saw that it was, she took off again, a hand pressed gently against her slightly grown stomach. It had been a long three months of waiting and enduring, but her patience and resiliency paid off when she was able to knock out her doctor and take a cloak before leaving. She had spent the months familiarizing herself with the base, slowly memorizing it like the back of her hand so that she could flee.

And flee she did, heading south in hopes of finding a sanctuary. For hours, she ran and kept looking out for anymore pursuers. She even had to go through a large valley with a waterfall and two humongous statues of men standing across from one another. Paying the statues no mind, she kept moving and ran through dense forests.

By the time dawn began to break through the horizon, she saw large gates and stumbled to them, too exhausted to keep running. She finally collapsed when she was half a mile out, making sure to land so that the baby wouldn't be harmed. To her growing fortune, she was discovered by the gate guards and they reached her prone form just before she lost consciousness.

A few days had passed since she collapsed, and she woke up to a white ceiling and the comfort of a hospital bed. She weakly looked around and saw that she had an IV tube in her and various monitors keeping track of her condition.

A nurse walked in at that moment and smiled warmly at her. "Welcome back. How are you feeling?"

The woman groaned and answered tiredly, "I feel exhausted… Where am I?"

"You're in the Leaf Village. The night watch found you collapsed outside of the village gates a couple nights ago, and they deduced that you weren't a potential threat after a quick search of your person. The baby growing inside of you is fine also, which is great to see." The nurse gently patted the woman's shoulder with her smile never fading. "You're going to be just fine."

As she went about checking the various monitors, the pregnant woman gave a small laugh as tears welled up in her eyes, rolling down her cheeks in absolute relief. 'I did it… I escaped,' she thought to herself as more tears fell.

"Ma'am, you need to stay here!" ordered a doctor to the woman as the Kyuubi raged outside the hospital. The night was October 2nd, and the escapee of Orochimaru was due within the following week. A barrier was formed around the hospital as a last line of defense against the rampaging Bijuu and its chakra saturating the air.

Her life in the village had been a peaceful one these past few months. She had a home, she had a job that made sure to accommodate to her pregnancy, and she was happy. She had plans to live a good life and to raise the child within her with love so that he wouldn't become like his father.

The sex of the child had been discovered months ago, and she had decided to name the boy Naruto due to the massive gusts that had been happening that day. She believed that her son, even if he wasn't truly hers, would be just as great as the natural maelstroms of the world; though a part of her still found the other meaning of his name to be a cute joke for the future.

As she watched the fox from within her room, she saw the Fourth Hokage, being given the positon just a few months ago, teleport the beast away from the village after slamming down on it with a massive red toad. She and the other villagers felt relief at seeing the fox taken away.

But she mourned as well when it was revealed later that evening that the previous Hokage had given up his life to seal the beast away into the Fourth Hokage's own son.

"Alright, one more time! Push!" urged the doctor as the woman cried out and used the remainder of her fading strength to push out her son. The doctor used that moment to fully remove the baby from the womb, crying out, "It's a boy! Congratu- What on earth?"

His confused query got everyone's attention, and they saw the reason why. The baby had pale, almost white, skin and black hair on his head. However, under the light, they saw a bit of red mixed in. The child also had strange black markings around his eyes, making them more serpentine in appearance.

The woman's breathing was labored as she weakly reached out to the doctor. "L…Let me see him…please…"

The doctor was still in shock at the baby's appearance, but he slowly brought the newborn over to the dying woman. It was the price for her good fortune in her eyes that she would contract an illness just days before the child's birth. The strain of the birth was too much for her, and the illness capitalized on that enough to leave her with maybe minutes left to live.

"Naruto," she whispered out with a loving smile and tears falling down. "My precious boy… I'm so sorry I can't be there for you… I wish I could…" She gave a weak laugh as the baby boy leaned into her, seeking warmth even as she was losing it. "I love you so much… Grow up to be a great person. Don't let what your father did determine who you are…" She used the last of her strength to put all of her love into a gentle kiss to his temple. "I…love…you…"

The next thing the doctor and nurses heard was the sound of her flat lining.

"How could this have happened?" Minato asked to himself, but aloud as he stared at the sleeping child of one of the village's biggest traitors. "How could a child of Orochimaru slip into this village?"

"No one would've known about it, sensei," answered a man with silver hair, a face mask, and his headband covering his left eye. "How many people would've thought to check if this boy had Orochimaru as his father? It would have to have been done by someone that paranoid."

The Fourth Hokage sighed as he rubbed the bridge of his nose. "Any information on the woman?"

"She was a resident of a village that was destroyed almost a year ago. She was found collapsed outside the gates nearly six months back and she was allowed to stay when it was determined she wasn't a threat. Other than that, she was clean. She was known as a kind and friendly woman with a couple of friends, but none close enough to want to care for her child."

"I see… This is going to become a big problem in the future. It's bad enough that people are still a bit wary of Bolt-kun for being the new Jinchuriki, but now we have the child of the snake born amongst us."

"What will you do, sensei?" asked the Jonin.

"I'll do what is done for all orphan-born children; he'll be under the care of the hospital for a few months before being placed in an orphanage. When he's old enough, he'll be offered a chance at the Academy." He took a small breath to finish his thoughts. "He may be the child of Orochimaru, but that doesn't mean he'll grow up to become his father. If we play this right, we could let him grow up without that kind of influence."

"The villagers won't like this; especially Anko."

"I know," sighed the blonde. "But I won't let past actions judge the innocence of a baby. He deserves a chance like every other child. Inform the staff please, Kakashi."

The Jonin nodded and went to speak to the head doctor. Left alone with his thoughts, Minato watched as the child of a traitor began to fuss and cry out, as if he was aware of what kind of life he would have. Closing his eyes, the Hokage turned away from the window showing the nursery and made his way back to his office.

"And stay out, you freak!" yelled a shop owner as a pale-skinned, fourteen-year-old teenager was thrown out of his store.

The boy watched as the man slammed his shop door closed, cringing at the force behind it before sighing and standing up. The teen had blood red hair that looked black in dark areas and violet eyes surrounded by black serpentine markings. His hair fell to his shoulders and was fizzed around the edges, giving it a messy look. He wore a dark blue-gray robe with gray lining and a fur collar and a tattered gray-blue cape emblazoned with white fire at the end. Beneath it, he wore no shirt, fingerless opera-length black gloves wrapped in studded red-brown leather straps, baggy black pants, and red-brown sandals. (1 & 2)

This was Naruto Fuyōna, an orphan boy who was kicked out of the orphanage after being "gifted" with his surname four years ago. He was known as "unwanted" amongst the potential adopters and by the staff themselves, so they gave him a name befitting of it. The boy didn't care and was ironically happy to be given a name that he could, hopefully, pass down one day.

The young teen was not well liked amongst the village for his looks, for they reminded the village way too much about his father; the identity of which he found out when he visited the library and read up on famous Leaf Ninja. The things his father had done had frightened him, and he wanted nothing to do with the man.

While he was scorned for his father's past deeds, Naruto was actually a kind boy with an open mind about the world. His dream was to visit new places and learn new things, and to meet new people who would hopefully accept him for who he is and not who his father was. He had many interests, but his biggest was mixed into the ninja arts. While many aspiring ninja and kunoichi were more interested in the main three branches of shinobi arts, he was intrigued with the difficult art of fuinjutsu and how it could be used. Sure, he liked the other arts, but not as much as he did sealing.

It amazed him how versatile it could be, and it awed him that it was able to contain the massive Bijuu who were believed to have been unstoppable in the past.

Another thing he liked, though it didn't start out that way, was snakes. At first he feared them since they were associated with his father, but over time he grew to like them. He would get occasional visits from the reptiles whenever he was off on his own, and they kept him company whenever he felt lonely.

He brushed off the dirt from his clothes from being thrown out before he sighed to himself. "I guess I won't be getting breakfast today," he muttered before he made his way to the Academy for class.

Along the way, he ignored the people actively keeping their distance or giving him distrusting stares. He had grown up with it for years, so it wasn't anything new to him. There were some people who were at least civil with him, like a Dog-masked ANBU who checked in on him occasionally. Sure, they didn't really spend time talking more than necessary, but it was nice to be treated normally instead of how he was used to.

When he approached the Academy gates, he made his way past the happy families bidding their children farewell for the school day. He did his best to ignore them, but he couldn't stop that stinging pain in his heart whenever he was reminded that he would never have a moment like that. His father was a criminal and his mother died birthing him.

He didn't even know if the woman loved or despised him when he left her womb.

Entering the classroom, he took his usual spot in the back corner close to the window. He had an entire row to himself since even people his age feared him. He sighed at how much a parent can influence a child, and a small part of him wondered if his father influenced him at all even though he never met him.

"Alright class, settle down," called out Iruka Umino, the teacher of the hopeful graduates. "Now, as you were told, this first week will be used to get you all used to how your last year at the Academy will go. We also will have the clan children joining us this year since their first years of study were done with their clansmen. So, please welcome the new students joining you for this final year."

The other students watched as the heirs of the ninja clans walked in. Naruto didn't pay much attention to them since he was under the belief that they would hate him just like everyone else.

However, he did hear their names; Choji Akamichi, Shino Aburame, Hinata and Hanabi Hyuuga, Kiba Inuzuka, Yakumo Kurama, Shikamaru Nara, Sasuke Uchiha, Bolt Uzumaki-Namikaze, and Ino Yamanaka. Once everyone was seated, the day went by without fuss, though he did catch a few side glances in his direction.

When the lunch period rolled by, Naruto went off on his own while everyone else went to hang out with their friends. Sitting against a shaded area beneath a tree, he pulled out a single apple that he had snuck from an unsuspecting fruit vendor and began to eat while pulling out a small book on sealing he borrowed from the library.

Unknown to him, a pale-eyed girl was watching him from her position next to her younger twin. She had long brown hair that reached her waist and was tied with a white ribbon around her shoulders. She wore a tan colored, long-sleeved kimono shirt with red-orange flames designed on it with a matching knee-length skirt. She also wore a white obi around her waist and red sandals. (3)

"Hanabi-nee, are you alright?" asked Hinata to her elder twin.

"I'm fine," she replied simply, still giving glances in Naruto's direction, raising a brow when a small garden snake poked around from behind the tree and slithered up to him.

To her intrigue, he didn't freak out like many people did and gave the snake a smile before letting it go up his arm. The smile itself was small, but it was real and it made her cheeks flush a bit at how handsome it made him. Watching as he put his book down and stared petting the snake, she smiled faintly.

Hinata looked to her sister and then to who she was looking at before her expression became worried. She had heard the rumors about the pale-skinned teen and who his father was, and she was concerned that Naruto would end up like Orochimaru. Of course, she wasn't above the benefit of the doubt, but she still worried about what people could do after she and her sister were almost taken away years ago.

Next to her was her best friend since childhood and not-so-secret crush, Bolt. He had been told to give Naruto a chance by his parents, even if his father looked a bit unsure of the notion. Looking at the teen, he wondered if he could really end up the way people feared he would. A part of him understood a bit of what Naruto was going through since his status as a Jinchuriki was concerning to certain people, so he didn't want to judge someone with a life he probably could've ended up living.

"Hey Scales!" he called out to Naruto, using a nickname associated with snakes.

However, Naruto ignored him since he believed that it was another person trying to get under his skin. Instead, he focused on the snake wrapping itself around his finger.

Bolt's brow twitched before he called out louder, "Oi, I'm talking to you!"

"I understand that," replied Naruto calmly, still playing with the little snake. "That doesn't mean I need to listen."

Officially annoyed, the son of the Hokage walked over to him. "Look, how about you have lunch with us instead of by yourself?"

Violet eyes looked up and met cerulean, raising a brow at the notion. "Why?"

"Well," began Bolt while rubbing his head, "it's gotta be lonely eating by yourself, right? I'm sure Hinata-chan and Hanabi wouldn't mind."

Naruto turned to the Hyuuga Twins, one of them nervous and the other curious, before turning back to the blonde. "Thanks for the offer…but I already ate. Besides, lunch's over."

As soon as he said that, the bell rang and he stood up, brushing off any dirt and grass on his clothes before letting the garden snake slither off his finger. With that done, he made his way back inside with the other students. Taking his usual spot, he got ready for the teacher to resume the lesson…

But the sound of someone pulling out the chair next to him made him turn to see the elder Hyuuga Twin taking a seat. "Uh, can I help you?" he asked in confusion.

"No, I'm just taking a seat. Is that a problem?" she asked with a slender brow raised boldly.

A bit flustered at her dauntless look, he shook his head and turned his attention back to the teacher giving the lesson. He made sure to take notes and pay attention as much as he could, but the girl next to him made it hard to focus.

"I'm Hanabi," he heard her say softly, turning to see her looking directly ahead at the teacher.

He blinked curiously before he replied, "Naruto Fuyōna…"

She nodded just enough for him to see it as she wrote down notes. Thinking it was over, he turned back to his own notebook and resumed writing. "It's nice to meet you, Naruto-san."

He blinked again before a small smile appeared on his face. This normally bad day suddenly seemed not as bad anymore.

1 & 2~ His hair is like Ichigo's after he trained in the Dangai Precipice world while hit outfit is Menma's from the Naruto movie Road to Ninja

3~ Hanabi is in her The Last movie outfit and will be Hinata's elder twin by a few minutes

And there we have it; the first chapter of this attempt at a Naruto/Hanabi story! So, as you read, in this Naruto is the son of Orochimaru with the use of Kushina's donated eggs! As of now, no one but Orochimaru knows who Naruto's real mother is and they believe that the nameless woman is Naruto's true mother.

Over time, the truth will come out and problems will arise, but through it all Naruto will press on and prove that he is not his father. As for his last name, Fuyōna, that literally means "Unwanted" which is what the matrons at the orphanage gave him as his surname.

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