*Authors Note*

This is my second Fan-Fiction ever done and It's basically Battle Royale on an A.U with my friends from a group chat.

Please do not correct me or anything, English is not my primary language and I'm not perfect at it. Please excuse me if I make any grammatical or spelling errors.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed.

Prologue/Chapter 1: Before The News

Location: Tokyo, Japan.
Weather: Sunny.

And we begin the story off...A beautiful day on the city of Tokyo, the graduating classes of Japan we're all transferred to the Top School on the whole country, John F. Kennedy. It was a 12th grader only class. Their final year before graduation. Several of them know each other, several of them don't. Each one of them have life decisions, and these decisions are going to affect their life. *Enable scene switches*

"Mom do I really have to go to school?" Mojo said grunting in disgust.

"Yes. You have to by law." His mom said.

"God dammit. The first day of 12th grade wont be great..." Mojo whispered.

"Get ready now." Anthony told Brandon across his bedroom.

"In a minute!" Brandon yelled back.

"Rowen, prepare your bag it's time for school." His dad said.

"Dad! Let me just go!" Rowen said rushing out of his house."

"Is this really the first day?" Forever was talking to AJ next to the stop sign waiting for the bus.

"I guess so, it won't be so bad, right?" AJ grinned.

"Ethan! I'm here!" Mighty said running to his area.

"Oh. Good you're here. I was waiting." Ethan said scratching his head.

"So What? It's the first day." Alex said.

"I don't care, you're coming with me whenever you like it or not." Marie said calling him out on his window.

"Here's the bus!" Ribsor said calling Absol out.

"Let's go." Ribsor and Absol we're the first ones on the bus.

The bus headed towards each and every single students, ranging from the south of japan to the northern area. It passed through camps, city, countries, It was going to become a daily thing for them. They had to be awake early to get on the bus to arrive lately, the school was strict sure, but it sure had it's transportation. It had chill music and air conditioner.

"Move it! I'm passing by!" Sharilyn said pushing people away from her way.

"At least ask for permission." Lukey shakes her head.

"I don't care." Sharilyn replied back.

"Cunt." Lukey whispered.

"Hey, Lukey calm down. Let's just relax. It's our first day remember?" Grace said smiling.

"Right...just need to calm down." Lukey said.

"We'll you two sure do talk a lot." Imma butted in.

"Who let you talk?" Mojo looked at Imma.

"Oh. Goodie two shoes here." Imma said.

"Screw you Imma." Mojo replied in anger.

"Ladies, Ladies. Stop fighting" Snoop laughed.

"Snoop, your impressions suck stop trying." Jaydia laughed at him.

"These people are weird." Sandy was sitting next to Bailey.

"You think? I'm glad we're not near them. Ugh." Bailey complained.

Aj looked at them and snickered. "They wont see it coming." Aj was aiming a prank on Sandy.

"Dude you're gonna get in trouble." Gotan said.

"Why is this place so cramped? I hate buses!" Devin cried out.

"This bus is a crying machine. Complain complain more." Green was disgusted.

"You think anyone gave a fuck Green?" Marie told him.

"Hostile much baby?" Green said.

"No." Marie said.

AJ finally pulled his prank on Sandy, throwing his gum at his hair and ducking under the seat.

"What the HELL! Gum on my hair?!" Sandy cried out.

"Chill out, let me just take it off you." Erich was next to AJ behind them.

"Did you do it Erich?!" Sandy asked him.

"No. I promise." He said.

"Hmmm...Thomas do you think it's gonna be fun this year?" Mastro said looking at him.

"We'll. This year has so many new transfer students, dunno if we're gonna get to meet the cool ones" Thomas aid.

"By cool you mean me?" Benquisha laughed.

"You? Cool? Funny joke haha!" Yoshi laughed even more.

"Your voice is freaking annoying don't you dare speak again mister." Ninjohn snapped at him for no reason.

"Seems like this class is gonna be filled with enemies. Ironic." James told Brad.

"Ironic? It's obvious from the start. Last year was like this." Brad said.

"Hey guys, you passed?" Devin said.

"Rick and I luckily passed. Don't know how." Brad said looking at Rick from the distance.

"Looking off, we all live in such weird places. I mean I love living in the country but, the suburbs. Why?" Samnala talked to Rowen.

"I live in the city luckily. Not so boring and annoying." Rowen said.

"How? Lucky." Kevin heard their conversation and talked to them.

"Brandon. Stop being so hyper." Anthony said trying to calm him down.

"Does Brandon ever chill?" Alex said.

"We'll...he's my brother and we'll...sure he's different but I don't know sometimes." Anthony said.

"I don't know anyone in here besides Imboo...But he's busy talking to Sharilyn and Ethan on the back." Naegis thought to himself.

"Isn't is true Sharilyn is dating Snoop?" Mighty gossiped with Rowen who decided to sit next to her.

"Yeah...that's what they say, but do you really think it'll work out like ours?

"We'll...I don't know..." Mighty blushed.

"Is that gossip I hear?" Marie said stalking them from behind.

"Is no one on this bus ever sitting still?" Rowen was embarrassed.

"It has space as hell, Anyone could of heard you silly." Marie chuckled.

"That's right." Imma said.

"Imma no, enough." Alex said.

"What am I doing wrong?!" Imma asked.

"Nothing but butting into conversations is wrong." Alex said.

"But that's what mari-" Imma tried to say.

"Shut it." Marie said.

"This school is gonna be a mess Brave, I'm awfully scared." Grace said.

"They wont judge you chill." Brave said.

"It's true. Just listen to Brave for once." Lukey said.

"For once?!" Brave was mad.

"It's not a trusting contest now." Lukey said.

"Hey, we're almost here." Absol said pointing at the window, seeing how more population was being reached.

"Oh, I'm not ready!" Ribsor was shy.

"Come on Ribs. It won't be so bad." Sharilyn said.

"No!" Ribsor denied.

"We'll I'm ready man, and you better be because I won't be alone for the rest of the school year." Absol said.

"I won't." Ribsor said.

"Kids. Sit down now before you get in trouble." The bus driver turned off the music and told them.

"Wha why?" Mojo asked him.

"Look. Even if you have the rights to stand up, I could get in trouble with the principal to please, don't." The driver said.

"Pfft whatever." Snoop scoffed.

Eventually the bus reached it's destination, dropping everyone off.

"The last year huh?" Imboo said looking at the distance.

"Last year or not. Let's make it worth it." Sammy gave Imboo a friendly punch.

"Ha yeah. I have to agree." Ethan said.

"Hey guys first day of school?" Ninjohn said rushing to them.

"Duh." Mighty said walking by.

"We are going to be late so just step it up." Melli said.

"We'll we're all gonna end up being in the same class. It's a senior only school. Incredible." Imboo said.

"Might as'well go anyways." Ethan shrugged.

Suddenly Samnala passed by, looking at weird posters of gruesome blood and top rules of the school.

"W-Wha? Is this real?" He asked himself.

Sammy looked to Samnala's side and said "Something doesn't look right here..."

"What's the commotion about?" Anthony said looking at the posters.

"I think It's those." Brandon pointed at them.

"Oh Brandon, don't look." Anthony covered his eyes.

"Let me see!" Brandon chanted.

"No, It's too much for you." Anthony scolded him.

"Aw..." Brandon whined.

"We're probably late for class come on." Anthony headed inside with Brandon.

*Camera switch to inside the school*

"Lockers? Again? Sweet." Melli looked at his own locker.

"We'll..." Alex opens his locker and sees it's dirty.

"Ha!" AJ pointed and laughed at Alex.

"You won't be laughing after you check yours." Alex snickered.

Aj opened his locker next to Alex's and it was dirty as hell.

"Are all of these dirty?" Aj grunted.

"It appears so." Jaydia said putting her backpack on her locker.

"As long as they don't get stolen, don't really care." Mighty said.

"It doesn't have locks Mighty." Grace said.

"WHAT?" Mighty yelled.

"Don't yell you ass!" Naegis complained.

"Ugh!" Mighty was absolutely upset.

"Calm down." Sharilyn said.

"It's not like anyone want's to steal your textbooks weirdo." Ethan said.

"Right..." Mighty said.

"Hey Grace let's go before it's late." Lukey passed by with their textbook.

"Oh right, see ya there guys." Grace said leaving with Lukey.

"Sharilyn hurry the hell up." Snoop said impatiently looking at her.

"Why so rushy bro? Just chill and let's go now." Sharilyn chuckled.

"Incredible." He replied back.

"Devin. Are you excited for the first day?" Thomas asked him.

"Kinda am...Kinda not. Debatable." Devin told him.

"Hey guys." Kevin waved at Devin and Thomas who was walking to class with Sammy.

"First day..." Naegis said putting away his backpack on his locker.

"School seems clean. Legit. Surprised." Mastro said.

"It's not like there's thugs here." Green said.

"You think?" Bailey commented on his statement.

"How about shut the hell up maybe?" Green said.

"Bitch." Bailey said on his breath.

"Class is right there!" Imboo told Marie pointing to the classroom.

"Hmm...great." Marie smiled.

"Where is Lukey?" Yoshi asked Brad who was following him.

"He's probably at class." Brad told him.

"What if he's not?" Yoshi was worried about Lukey.

"Just, Let's go it's not your problem." Brad was anxious to go.

"FINE." Yoshi said.

"That Yoshi...I just want to beat the living hell out of him." Ninjohn whispered on his breath on his way to class.

As the small group of students head to their proper classroom, they successfully arrived to class. It was a huge classroom inside the huge 2 floored building. It had 45 seats, it had textbooks and pencils on the counters, it was clean and had a smart-board, and of course, our fellow teacher. Ethan was extremely embarrassed every-time he looked at the teacher.

"Hey guys!" Lord said entering the classroom and seeing how everyone arrived early.

"Hey lord, kinda late?" Absol chuckled.

Brave followed up behind Lord and greeted everyone.

"So this is it." Brave said...

"Ethan you never told us..." Mighty looked at Ethan with a serious face.

"I know..." Ethan sighed.

"Ha! Incredible." Imboo laughed at Ethan.

"The teacher has news for us, sit down Brave! It's really important." Jaydia said looking at him.

The camera zooms out of Brave and ends the first Chapter.