Fandom: Harry Potter
Main Pairing
: Orion Black III/Theia Johnson
Side Pairings: Arcturus Black/Melania Black, Ignatius Prewett/Lucretia Black, one-sided Walburga Black/Orion Black III, one-sided Tom Riddle/Theia Johnson, and mentions of Regulus Black I/Shanti Patil
Warnings: alternate universe; female!Harry (Harriet turned Theia); time travel; het; Walburga Black is a witch and her parents aren't much better; mild language; a large Black family with plenty of Original Characters; Tom Riddle is a creep; bashing of Sirius Black the Second; and mild physical violence

Summary: Harriet Potter wished on to star to save Sirius. She traveled back in time to meet the Blacks of the 1940s, and she became Theia Johnson.

Wish Upon a Star
Chapter XX

Lycoris quickly escorted Theia, Orion, and Lucretia fromthe informal living room before locking the room behind them. This was a good time for an Extendable Ear. With a new project, Theia sat off towards the library. While she didn't know how the Weasley twins made them, she had some ideas.

Without anything to do, Orion and Lucretia followed Theia to the library. They watched as Theia sat down at a desk and she quickly got to work, scribbling across several pieces of parchment. There were a few drawings and a lot of writing.

"What are you working on?" Lucretia asked. She had seen Theia do this once before, when she was working on the sparkling lights.

"Extendable Ear," Theia replied. "Fred and George created them."

"What does it do?" Orion asked.

"Its an eavesdropping device," Theia answered, switching to a different color ink, "that works, unless Impertutable Charm was performed."

Both Orion and Lucretia perked up at the thought. The Extendable Ear sounded amazing.


The three teenagers spent the afternoon together. Orion and Lucretia lost interest in watching Theia after an hour, during which she did nothing but write or draw. Honestly, they were hoping she would create the Extendable Ear before their eyes, as if it was something.

Lucretia turned her attention to homework. Thanks to Theia, Lucretia made quick work of her Muggle Studies homework. Orion decided to read. For Yule, Theia had given him a few muggle fiction books. Due to Muggle Studies class, Orion knew what muggle fiction was, but he had never read a fiction book before. Witches and wizards didn't have fiction.


When Theia entered the dining room for dinner, she was surprised to see Arcturus and Melania seated at the table. With a glance at the couple, she quickly took her seat. Over the next few minutes, Orion, Regulus, Lucretia, and Lycoris entered and each took their seats.

Dinner started off a little awkward with no one talking. The three teenagers were interested in the events that transpired between the older Blacks this morning.

"When is grandfather returning?" Lucretia asked, glancing between her parents.

"Not any time soon," Melania answered. "We haven't decided."

"Hopefully never," Lycoris muttered. "Yule has been getting worse and worse since mother died."

Regulus nodded in agreement as he took drink of his wine.

An awkward silence hung over the group. While no one was sad to see Sirius the Second go, this was an uncomfortable topic to talk about. No one had anything nice to say about Sirius, at this time.

"Think I can see that book, later?" Regulus asked, turning to glance at Theia.

Theia frowned, thinking for a moment before she recalled a pervious conversation about showing Regulus a book in Parselscript. "I'll bring it to the study," she replied.

Slowly, conversation turned to the table. The topic varied, most of it centered around school, work, and war. When the topic of the Second World War came up, Theia sat tense and offering short responses. She didn't want to give too much information away.


"What's going on with Theia?" Lycoris asked, eyeing her oldest brother and his wife.

Theia was an interesting young woman. While she was shy, she didn't let that stop from interacting with others. She was incredibly bright and insightful with a wealth of hidden knowledge. Since Theia was muggle-raised and she was knowledgable in pure-blood customs, her lack of training was glaring obvious during dinner.

When a magical-raised witch encountered a conversation topic she didn't like, she was trained to avoid that conversation by not interacting or carefully catching the subject.

Arcturus and Melania glanced at one another.

"Theia doesn't care for the war," Arcturus replied slowly, turning back to his sister.

Lycoris laughed and shook her head. "A fool could guess as that much," she said. "No one 'cares for the war.'"

"She's convinced it will last for years," Melania sighed with a shake of her head.

"It can't be worse than the Great War," Lycoris declared, a note of bitterness in her voice. Her fiance, Blake Nott, was killed in attack on a muggle village.

"It will be," Arcturus muttered, draining his glass of alcohol. He poured another before drinking it as well. "The second of September of 1945."

Lycoris' eyes narrowed. That was a very specific date, and it was almost four years away. "Are you still planning to host the Family Reunion next summer?" she asked, changing the subject. She would ask more at another time.

"For now," Melania answered. "It might change with the war." They wanted to run the details by Theia before announcing the dates and the locations. With her knowledge and her wards, they wanted to have as safe as a reunion as possible.


After dinner, Regulus found Theia and Orion in the library. Theia sat in an armchair with Orion seated on an arm, leaning across the back of the chair as he looked over his betrothed's shoulder. Watching the young couple, Regulus was filled with a longing for his own family. He missed Shanti and Meissa. Hopefully, he would be able to see them soon.

Theia and Orion were engrossed in a book, and they hadn't noticed Regulus. Wanting to let the young couple have sometime to themselves, he glanced around the library. A pile of parchment on the desk caught his attention. While he was no expert, Regulus recognized wards when he saw them.

With a frown, Regulus reached out and grabbed some of the parchment. He glanced over the parchment, studying the wards and the runes and the notes. It didn't take him long to recognize the arrangement of runes.

He had seen these a few weeks ago when the Gringotts team installed the Repelling Wards on Shanti's house. Regulus would do anything and everything to keep his daughter and his lover safe.

His frown deepened as Regulus studied the different designs. There were several notes about improving the original Bombing Wards. Regulus recognized the looping cursive as Theia's handwriting. The parchment, also, held his brother's handwriting and Melania's handwriting and another person's. Theia's handwriting was only on the piece of parchment entitled Original Bombing Wards, and the notes included information – designed by Hector Jones and released in December of 1946.

Eyes narrowed, Regulus scanned the handwritten notes. Both Melania and Arcturus had a decent grasp on Ancient Runes, passing the NEWTs Exam with an Outstanding, and they each had a basic understanding at Warding. Most of the handwritten notes were painstakingly detailed. While Regulus was no expert, he could tell these notes were made by an expert.

Dropping the pieces of parchment onto the desk, Regulus turned his attention back to Orion and Theia. He watched as Orion leaned over Theia's shoulder to point something out in the book and whisper into her ear. Theia laughed, glancing over her shoulder at him. They shared a smile.

Curiosity getting the better of him, Regulus turned his attention back to the desk. He looked over the rest of the parchment, skimming quickly. Some of the parchment held details for something called the Extendable Ear. According to the notes, it was a device invented in 1995 by Fred and George Weasley. It was designed to eavesdrop on conversations through walls, floors, and most wards.

Glancing over at Theia, Regulus' mind was whirling. When he first met her in August, he didn't think too much of her. She was Melania's ward, placed in her custody after the death of her godfather. Then Orion announced their betrothed, which was surprising news. It was assumed Orion would marry Walburga, for whatever reason Sirius the Second and Cygrus the Second agreed upon.

Personally, Regulus was thrilled to learn his nephew found someone else and he dared to defy Sirius the Second. It was something Regulus wished he had done sooner. He met Shanti a few weeks after his father announced his betrothed to Lux Malfoy. While Regulus wanted nothing to do with Lux, he was too scared to say anything.

Luckily, Lux had enough courage to defy her family. She fell in love with a muggle-born, Marcus Bell. The couple married in secret and they had three daughters, Ivory, Melody, and Ebony.

With a sigh, Regulus turned his attention back to parchment in his hands. He returned the pieces to the desk when a small black dairy with a celtic knot caught his eye.

His eyes widened and he froze. Why would Theia have a Black family grimoire?

Families that used grimoires had special ones commissioned. The Black family had several different designs. The black one with a celtic knot was for a high ranking family member. It covered school years.

Regulus couldn't think of anyone else who the grimoire could belong to. The last time someone was given that grimoire, it was Phineas Black the Second, his deceased uncle. According to various family members, Phineas was a promising young wizard and promising Heir Black. Unfortunately, he died at the age of eighteen on surprise attack in Diagon Alley. The same attack killed Regulus' grandparents.

For Theia to have this grimoire was truly something.

Overwhelmed, Regulus quietly left the library. His mind was whirling with everything he had just learned. If only he could talk to Great-Auntie Isla.

Great-Auntie Isla was his favorite ancestor.


It was late when Theia left the library. She spent a few minutes waiting for Regulus when Orion showed up. They quickly got into a discussion about muggle fiction. For Yule, Theia had given Orion a few books that were considered classics, all with magical theme of some kind: Macbeth by William Shakespeare, The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien, A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, and Dracula by Bram Stoker.

Orion decided to read Dracula first. Professor Bell had mentioned muggles had their interpretations of vampires, werewolves, dragons, and countless other magical creatures, including witches and wizards. In fact, Professor Bell had mentioned Dracula before.

After reading the first two chapters, Orion wasn't convinced it was a muggle fiction book. He had read a few biographies like that – complete with journal entries and newspaper articles – with more information about the person.

"It's the epistolary style," Theia promised with a smile.

"Epistolary?" repeated Orion with a confused frown.

"It's a story format told through letters, dairy entries, newspaper articles, and ships' logs," explained Theia, remembering a lesson from grade school.

Orion frowned. While he decided to trust his betrothed, he wasn't completely convinced. For the time being, he would finish reading the book.

Before leaving the library, Orion read another three chapters. No matter, this was fascinating book.

After Orion left, Theia turned her attention her research on Isla Estrella. There wasn't much in this library, which made sense because it was Melania's. This property hadn't been in the possession of the Black Family for long.

Writing her limited findings in her grimoire, Theia made a note to look through the libraries at Grimmauld Place and the Black Villa. Hopefully she could find more information over the summer.

This fanfiction story is a part of If Wishes Were Upgrades Collection, which is a series of unrelated oneshots and multi-chaptered fanfiction stories based off of drabbles from If Wishes Were Boggarts.

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