Fandom: Harry Potter
Main Pairing
: Orion Black III/Theia Johnson
Side Pairings: Arcturus Black/Melania Black, Ignatius Prewett/Lucretia Black, one-sided Walburga Black/Orion Black III, one-sided Tom Riddle/Theia Johnson, and mentions of Regulus Black I/Shanti Patil
Warnings: alternate universe; female!Harry (Harriet turned Theia); time travel; het; Walburga Black is a witch and her parents aren't much better; mild language; a large Black family with plenty of Original Characters; Tom Riddle is a creep; bashing of Sirius Black the Second; and mild physical violence

Summary: Harriet Potter wished on to star to save Sirius. She traveled back in time to meet the Blacks of the 1940s, and she became Theia Johnson.

Wish Upon a Star
Chapter XXV

In the days following the gatherings at Black Villa, Theia was busy looking over her new books and diaries. She had a list of questions she wanted answers, and she didn't know where to start. Her days were spent in the library. At times she was joined by Orion and Lucretia, who would work on their homework or read. Other times, she was joined by Regulus or Lycoris or Melania or Arcturus.

"Make sure you're ready," Arcturus reminded her one evening. "We're scheduled to remove the basilisk from Hogwarts in a few days."

Theia's eyes widened at the reminder. That had slipped her mind. She knew it was coming up – in the beginning of the New Year, on the first of January.

With the reminder, Theia changed her focus. She spent her time reviewing what she remembered about the Chamber of Secrets, drawing a map and labeling things.

"Can we go to Gringotts?" Theia asked Arcturus other breakfast two days later. It was just the two of them.

Arcturus said nothing, looking at her and silently requesting an explanation.

"I want to check the Slytherin Vaults," she explained. "I want to know if there are any records pertaining to the Chamber." She handed him the map and her notes. "This is all I know, but I've always suspected there was more."

Taking hold of the parchment, Arcturus looked over the map before skimming the notes. "We will after lunch," he told her. Holding the items up, "May I keep these?"

Theia nodded. "Feel free to make more copies," she told him.

Arcturus nodded.

A moment later they were joined by Orion. He greeted his father before pulling Theia into a kiss, that left her blushing, and he took a seat next to her.

"Morning, gorgeous," he greeted with a smile. It grew as he watched her cheeks darken. Pleasure filled him at the sight of his blushing betrothed. He loved that he had this kind of effect on her.

"Good morning, Orion," Theia responded with a smile.

Unable to resist, Orion placed another kiss on her lips.

"Orion, watch yourself," Arcturus scolded his son.

Orion pulled back from his betrothed with a frown. "Of course, father," he replied.

"Remember to mind your manners in public places," Arcturus added.

A familiar twinkle entered Orion's gray eyes.

Theia smiled upon seeing it. She loved it when she could spot similarities between Sirius and his relatives – especially between Orion and Sirius. It made her heart ache at times because she knew things would change.

What kind of man would the new Sirius be?

Theia knew he would be different. This time around Sirius would be her son. She would make sure he had a different upbringing and he had a loving and supportive family.

What she was most interested in was how Sirius' appearance would change. Theia wanted it to remain the same. She loved how closely Orion and Sirius resembled each other.

"Would you care to join Theia and myself on a trip to Gringotts?" Arcturus asked, turning to his son.

Orion quickly agreed before asking, "Why are we going?"

"I need to check the Slytherin Vaults," Theia explained, "for information about the Chamber of Secrets."

"Can I come?" Regulus asked, excited and eagerness in his voice. His eyes were wide and pleading.

Arcturus said nothing as he looked to Orion and Theia. It was her choice. Personally, he saw a benefit of bringing his brother along. Regulus was a talented Curse Breaker when he was younger. These days, he worked as an Unspeakable and he spent most of his time traveling.

Looking into his wide and pleading gray eyes, Theia found herself helpless to resist. She simply nodded.

Regulus grinned as he hopped into his seat. "When are we leaving?" he asked, eagerly.

"After lunch," Arcturus replied. "While we're at Gringotts, you might to reactive your license."

Frowning, Regulus stared at his older brother.

"I'm not at liberty to say, but you will want it very soon," Arcturus told him before opening The Daily Prophet.

Theia frowned as she followed the exchange. She was missing something. Hopefully, she could get some answers later. A good source would be Orion, Melania, or Lycoris.

Regulus said nothing as he glanced around the table before his eyes landed on Theia. After a moment, he grinned. "I'll write Shanti," he announced. "She'll be interested."

"I knew you would figure it out," Arcturus said as he turned a page in the newspaper. "If you can, floo-call her and have her meet us at Gringotts."

Regulus nodded, hoping Shanti would bring Meissa with her.


After eating breakfast, Theia and Orion retreated to the library. They sat down in front of the fireplace. Orion was reading Dracula while Theia organized her grimiore, reviewing the notes she had the Chamber of Secrets and basilisk. If she couldn't find anything in the Slytherin vaults, then she wanted to forge something.

"What's this about a trip to Gringotts?" Lucretia asked as she entered the library. She stared down at the betrothed couple with a raised eyebrow, demanding an explanation.

"I need to visit the Slytherin vaults," Theia explained, closing her grimiore, "to look for information pertaining to the Chamber and its contents." She shrugged. "If we can't find anything then I'll need to forge it."

"When are we leaving?" the younger girl asked, sounding a little eager. "I'm joining you."

Orion's eyes narrowed as he stared at his little sister. Why did everyone keep inviting themselves along? He was hoping to spend the day with Theia. It would be easy enough to ignore his father, but his father invited Uncle Regulus along and Regulus was bringing Shanti and his daughter. Now, Lucretia wanted to come. If this kept up, they would be leaving the Coastside Cottage with Melania and Aunt Lycoris.

Theia shrugged. "Sometime after lunch," she answered.

Lucretia beamed before plopping down in an armchair next to the couple. "How do you want to pass the time?" she asked, resting her chin on the back of her hand as she smiled at the couple.

Theia returned the smile. She wanted to spend some time with Orion, but she didn't have the heart to tell Lucretia that since the younger girl wanted to spend time with them. "I was going to look over my homework," she said.

Sighing, Lucretia nodded. "I should've guessed that," she muttered. "Can you look over mine first?"

With a nod, Theia agreed.

Smiling at the older girl, Lucretia jumped up from her armchair to grab her homework from a nearby desk. "Thank you, Theia," she said, presenting it to her, "you're the best."

"I'm happy to help," Theia told Lucretia with a kind smile. It was crazy that she was now such a good student. If only Hermione could see her.

As she looked over Lucretia's Transfigurations essay, she felt a pang as she thought about her best friend from her old life. While she was loving her new life as Theia Johnson, she missed aspects of her old life as Harri Potter. Those aspects were limited to friends and a few possessions, like the Cloak of Invisibility or the Marauders' Map. She didn't mourn the change in her identity as being Theia Johnson allowed her more freedoms.

Silence fell between the group. Orion wrapped an arm around Theia's shoulders as he continued to read Dracula while she worked on reading over Lucretia's essays. Every once in a while, Theia would pause to scribble something down on the parchment.

While Orion and Theia were busy, Lucretia picked up a random book on Enchanting as her eyes would drift over to Theia's grimiore. Curiosity burned deep inside her as she stared at the older girl's grimiore. What was in there? Lucretia knew it had to be something amazing for her father to give Theia a grimiore. It was rare for a pureblood family as old as the Blacks to allow an outsider to create one. Whatever knowledge she possessed, Arcturus wanted to keep within the family.

Lucretua sighed as she forced herself to look away again. Maybe if she asked, Theia would be willing to share.


With the teenagers busy, the adults took some time to attend to their own matters. Melania reviewed her investments, glancing at the list of companies Theia provided her with, as she sipped on a jasmine tea. A few feet away, Arcturus was going over the various letters he received. He had scheduled a meeting with Caelum and his wife for the following week at Grimmauld Place. He had received a few letters from other family members, like his own father and Aunt Misapinoa. They were demanding a family meeting. Arcturus was surprised to receive one from his Uncle Cygnus. The man was interesting in joining them – as a family, including Theia – for dinner one night before the teenagers returned to Hogwarts.

"Dearest," Arcturus said, turning to look at his wife.

Melania looked up from her books to glance over at her husband. Wordlessly, she met his gaze.

"What do you make of this?" he asked, passing her the letter from Uncle Cygnus. The letter caught him by surprise. He hadn't expected to receive anything pleasant from the man after refusing to betrothal Orion to Walburga.

Taking the letter, Melania read over it twice with a frown. "I believe he is genuine," she answered, passing the letter back, "though I don't know how honest or sincere he is." She sighed, thinking back to the man's words about Theia at the family Yule celebration. "He seems interested in Theia, but I don't know why."

Melania sighed, again, as she remembered her own exchange with the man. "I might have contributed to that interest," she continued to say. "I made the mistake of telling him about Theia being our espérance." Shaking her head, she added, "It spilled out."

Arcturus tensed as his wife spoke. He wasn't sure what to make of this. "We'll make it through this," he told his wife, staring down at the letter. "I will invite Uncle Cygnus for dinner on the second."

"Are you sure?" Melania asked with a frown. That was the day they would begin the exploration of the Chamber of Secrets.

"No," Arcturus replied in honesty, "but we need to invite him over."

Melania nodded. "I'll handle the arrangements," she promised.

Arcturus sent his wife a loving smile.


Taking his brother's advice, Regulus used the fireplace in the family room to floo-call his paramour. He wasn't sure what to call Shanti. She was the love of his life, but he was forbidden to marry her. Marrying her would result in his automatic disownment and it would create a giant family feud – like the one Hydrus Black and Cygnus Black the First barely managed to avoid.

Regulus was lucky that Shanti undertook. She didn't demand a ring or something. Instead, she opened her London apartment up to him and she allowed him into her bed and into their daughter's life.

Shanti deserved a better title than girlfriend or partner. She was his everything. Since they weren't married, Regulus couldn't leave anything to Shanti or Meissa upon his death. He had left a letter with specific instructions for his older brother or Orion to follow upon his death. Through Lord Black, Regulus knew Shanti and Meissa would be look after and provided for.

"Regulus!" Shanti Patil greeted him with smile. She was a beautiful woman with dark skin and lean build. Her brown eyes sparkled with love and her dark hair was pulled back in a long braid. "I didn't think I would hear from you for another week."

Regulus smiled at her, his heart swelling with love at the sight of her. "I wanted to know you and Meissa were available this afternoon," he said.

Shanti frowned, raising an eyebrow. "Why do you ask?" she asked.

He took a moment, debating how to answer that question. "I was hoping to see you and Meissa," he replied with a small smile. "I've missed you." He sighed, "And my brother recommended we renew our license at Gringotts."

The woman frowned. "We don't have any plans," she stated, "and Meissa's missed you." Her silent 'So have I' hung between them.

Regulus stared at her, feeling nothing but love and gratitude towards this amazing woman.

"Why does Arcturus want us to renew our licenses?" she asked, her frown deepened. Shanti had stopped working as a curse breaker a few years ago when she was pregnant with Meissa.

There was a knowing look in Regulus' eyes. "I can't say," he replied, "and Arcturus can't officially tell me, but believe me, you'll want in on this."

Shanti nodded, trusting him. Even if she renewed her license today and passed the re-qualification exams, she hadn't practiced in years and there was no guarantee that she would be chosen for whatever Regulus knew was coming.

"Trust me," he told her. "I can get Theia to look at your profile."

Staring at the head in her fireplace, Shanti agreed to meet him in Diagon Alley that afternoon to renew her license at Gringotts and to spend time with him.

Regulus ended the call with a large smile.

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