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Chapter Two:


Not only did we have a newborn but we have a newborn that was protected by the most fierce vampire to ever live. It's just like me to think of that after knocking on the door that led to Jasper's study.

I know I'm brilliant, hold your applause until the end, please.

Because knocking on the beast's lair wasn't enough of a thrill to me I had to say something stupid. Sometimes I don't know where the stupid shit that comes out of my mouth comes from. Not to mention there was a newborn in there. A newborn that the Major couldn't control with the normal means. Meaning that we were essentially useless against her.

And cue applause.

I took a step back from the now ominous looking door, trying to contain my fear. I knew the Major could feel it. That didn't make me feel any better. Why did I just tell myself that?

A few more seconds of silence and I would go in. I'll just walk right in. I can do it. I'm not scared. Yeah, right, Pete. Keep telling yourself and it might become true.

Thankfully, a loud growl tumbled out of the room and I practically sighed in relief. Before turning on my heel and marching my Texan butt right out of there.

Or tried to until my lovely wife blocked my way.

"What are you doing, Peter?"

I gave her a duh look, "Getting the hell out of dodge. Maybe in a little while they'll both calm down enough for someone to go in."

I left the 'someone other than me' out of that statement but she heard it as clearly as if I'd said it out loud.

She put her tiny hands on her sexy hips with a stern look, "Get your butt in there, Peter Whitlock! You need to deal with them. You're the only one here that can."

I sighed tragically, "Do you want me to die?"

She gave me a little grin, "If you do it right now. I'll do that thing you've been begging me to do for the past year."

I perked up and gave her the signature Whitlock grin, "I'm on it, ma'am!"

I rushed back to Jasper's study with a stupid grin plastered on my face and knocked cheerfully.

"Major, open up! We need to get your lady fed before y'all can get to the good stuff!"

I barely waited a few seconds before pushing open the door and walking in, keeping my emotions purposefully upbeat. Think about Char, think about Char, think about Char…

Ares was crouched in the corner, purring to his mate softly as she ran her hands through his hair. He glanced back at me and a trill of fear spiked in my stomach before I focused my girl. Think of Char, think of Char, think of Char…

Low growl reverberated out of his chest and I bared my neck, despite my instincts telling me to run. Well, more like screaming at me to run. Think of Char, think of Char, think of Char… Oops, too much!

Ares spun around and back up the little bit into a corner, his black eyes trained on me as he roared at me. God dammit! I thought of Charlotte too much. Now I'm horny as all hell. He must think I've got it bad for his little girl.

I slowly got onto my knees and spoke softly, "I'm not feeling it for her, Major. I was thinking of my girl. You know her, her name's Charlotte."

The little bit peaked up over Ares's shoulder and her ruby red eyes zoned on me. There was a beat of a second where I flashed her a smile and her eyes turned from curious to furious.

She jumped over the Major's shoulder with a snarl and I just watched her, completely shocked. She grabbed me by the arms and twisted them behind my back as her momentum carried us through the wall behind me and the exterior wall. We fell to the ground with little bit atop me and my face in the grass.

It occurred to me that I couldn't get out from under her if I wanted. She was on me in such a strategic way that no matter how I moved it would only end bad for me. How did she know about this hold? Did the Major teach her while they were huggin'?

No, there was no time. And we all would have heard if he told her.

Well, I guess I'm screwed. Yes, I, Peter Whitlock was defeated by a three minute old newborn all because I'm afraid of the Major. As I should be. He's a scary dude.

I was there when he went berserk all those years ago. Scared the shit out of me and I had the sense to get the hell outta dodge. Not this time, though. This time I walked right into this shit and I ain't got no one to blame but my own stupidity.

I sighed into the dirt making the Major and the little majorette on top me growl. Yeah, they're mates alright. I guess I'mma stay here 'till she gets bored and goes off to fuck around with the Major.

Then, as if the world decided it was 'make Peter feel like shit' day, my Charlotte walked out followed by the rest of the Cullen clan. Just let me die in peace. This is so humiliating. I fucking told Char that it was a bad idea to go in there. Why did I do it?

Charlotte and the Cullen's gasped and I raised my head to give her a look. Now I remember why I did it. She better deliver, I ain't gonna go through this with no reward. This shit's traumatizing!

Little bit snarled and shoved my head back down into the earth before twisting my arms to the point just before they would snap off. This is not what I had thought today would go like.

"Everyone stay back," I heard Char order the Cullen's.

That's right, baby. Now start talkin' to Ares.

"Ares, we need to get your mate fed. She must be in pain."

Good, honey. She's so smart. I love her so much. You know what? Fuck what I was gonna have her do to me, I'll do whatever she asks me for twenty four hours if she gets me out of this without me losing any limbs.

Major didn't respond so Char moved onto the person atop me, "Hey, sweet pea. Could you get off my man? I know he's an idiot-yeah, he must of scared ya. Don't worry I'll take care of him. Why don't you go to the guy over there? Yeah, he's safe, I promise."


Then, miraculously, little bit got off me. I didn't move right away, waiting for Char to give me the all clear. She knew the drill. I heard two sets of feet runnin' off but didn't move.

After about five minutes Char gave the okay, I jumped off and wiped out my mouth. I had gotten some nasty ass grass up in there. Tasted like rabbit.

I gave Char a look, "I told you so."


"Hey, sweet pea. Could you get off my man? I know he's an idiot-yeah, he must of scared ya. Don't worry I'll take care of him. Why don't you go to the guy over there? Yeah, he's safe, I promise."

I stared at the woman in confusion. Something in me wanted to ignore everyone and everything and kill. Then go and fuck said hunk of man meat that I had hugged earlier. He was just watching me. He was ready to step in if I needed help but letting me do my own thing.

The instant my eyes landed on him the beast in me forgot about the guy beneath me. She just wanted to curl up. She wanted to curl up in his arms and purr like a kitten when only a minute ago she wanted to rip everyone else to pieces.

I was by his side in less than a second; I laid a hand on his chest and just stared at him for a while. He's stunning. Honey blonde hair and piercing golden eyes. He looked like someone I used to dream about.

I sniffed his shirt's collar and my throat was instantly in flames. I jerked and a hand flew up to my neck. It burned like I had just swallowed a light match. I whimpered at him and he wrapped his arms around me before grabbing my hand and taking off into the forest.

I followed him without backwards glance, my throat in such intense pain I could barely concentrate on moving. I whimpered again and the man, Ares as the woman and the man I had pinned called him, growled at seemingly nobody before scooping me up into his arms and running.

I gazed up Ares's perfect face and sighed. He's truly an angel went from god to save me from hell. I'm pretty sure I would follow him to the ends of the earth without any other words than follow me.

After a few more seconds of running Ares finally set me down before putting his hands on my shoulders. I gazed up at him adoringly and he pushed me back into a tree gently with a small growl before taking off.

I stared after him but obediently didn't leave my post. I didn't have to wait long before Ares came running back with a cougar as big as him limp in his arms. It took less than a fourth of a second for me to react to the scent of the still hot blood.

I launched myself off the tree and latched onto the cougar, taking long pulls from its body. I moaned in ecstasy before looking up and meeting Ares's eyes as I took another pull from the cougar.

His honey colored eyes were now pitch black and a constant low growl was rumbling from his chest. Once the cougar was dry I dropped it and stood up fully, meeting Ares's eyes and licking my lips.

Abruptly, his growl turned into a purr as he grabbed my chin and yanked my face up toward his. I stared up at him in confusion as he slowly leaned down, his eyes never leaving mine.

Slowly at first, his tongue darted out and took a quick swipe of blood from my chin. A moan erupted from me and I jerked in surprise. H smirked down at me before taking another swipe before committing and taking slow, languid licks.

He moved down to my neck and got the remainder of the blood off of me but he didn't stop. He continued to lap at my skin like it was the sweetest of blood before moving down to my chest.

Another moan slide out of me, this one of my own volition as Ares lowered me to the ground. With a soft tug my shirt was gone and he lapped at my breasts gently as I cried out in pleasure.

"Ares," I breathed as I pulled his head down further into me.

Before I could react he had my hands pinned above my head and he was smirking down at me. I whimpered at the loss and he purred at me soothingly before resuming his ministrations. As he licked further down my stomach my pants and panties suddenly disappeared and he put his tongue where no one had ever touched me before.

I cried out in pleasure and jerked my hips upward into his mouth. I more felt than heard his purr of satisfaction as I reacted before he switched the hold he had on my arms to one hand before pressing my hips down into his mouth.

He stroked me gently with his tongue as he continued to purr into me and I began to quiver, starting from deep inside me, building stronger and stronger as he kept up his strokes. Finally, I exploded and he lapped at my liquid greedily before, within less than a second he was as naked as I was, positioning himself against my entrance.

I moan and withered below, greedily anticipating when he joined himself with me. I looked up with hooded eyes to and meet Ares's eyes. They were as black as night and as soft as velvet.

He cooed down at me all while continuing his purring. Suddenly, he swooped down and pressed a firm kiss to my mouth as he thrusted into me. A burst of pain that was quickly replaced with lust as he slowly pumped in and out of me.

I moaned out and reached up to hook my arms around his neck, bringing his head down for another kiss as I moved my hips with his. His purr grew into my mouth until I was purring back at him as I instinctually moved with the soft rhythm he had set.

Soon I felt that pressure deep in my again and I tossed my head back as his pumps became deeper and more gently, pulling the moan out of me, "Ares!"

Something warm shot into me as his purr erupted into a roar of satisfaction and he gave one finally thrust before leaning forward and clamping down onto my neck. Pleasure flew through me at the bite and I exploded, again.

He was still for a moment before pulling back and looking into my eyes. His eyes had changed. Instead of all black they now only had black irises.

He grinned down at me predatorily, "Hello, darlin'. I'm the Major. That guy before was Ares."

I blinked up at him, "What?"

He licked the mark where Ares had bit me and a shot of lust went through me, "Jasper, the guy who'll come after me went through a traumatic experience and developed me and Ares."

Another lick, "Ares just claimed you and now it's my turn."

He nipped the where Ares had bit me and I almost jumped out of my skin as an almost electric shot of lust went through me.

The Major gave a low chuckle and, with one swift move, both pulled out of me and flipped me over so that I was on my hands and knees. He pushed my legs apart and swiftly pushed in making me moan out.

He chuckled again, "You like that, my mate? Hmm?"

I moaned in response and pushed myself back into him, loving the sounds of our skin slapping together with every thrust of his hips.

I pushed backed further, "Major, harder!"

He paused for a second before with a vicious growl thrusted into me so hard I had to catch myself with my arms. I screamed out in pleasure and growled back to him, "More!

He gave a breathless laugh, "That's right, my mate. You definitely were made for us, alright."

Then he pounded into me so hard I saw stars. The continues rocking and slapping of our bodies together began to pull something so powerful out of me I literally convulsed and exploded onto him as he roared his final release. He clamped over the same mark Ares had made and shot warm fluid into me.

I felt him kiss the fresh bite mark and sent a new wave of lust crashing through me, "Now, it's your turn to mark us."

My turn? I had enough lust pumping through me to do several more rounds. I quickly moved off Major and turned around. Waiting for this Jasper to get here.

We were both on our knees facing each, butt naked. I watched as that Major's eyes faded from black to the golden color of the people back at that building. Jasper had come to meet me.

I waited a few seconds impatiently waiting for Jasper to get here so I could take care of the remaining lust I had remaining in me.

Suddenly, Jasper blinked and his eyes meet mine. His lust then shock hit me and I smiled at him nicely.

"Hello, Jasper. I'm Bella."

He blinked at me before flinching back, his mouth flapping uselessly and his cock growing more erect by the second.

"Why are you naked? Why am I naked?"

I frowned at him, "I just mated with Ares and the Major. Now it's your turn."


S-She what? Mated with Ares and the Major? I don't think so. She must be crazy; she wouldn't survive being with either of them. She looks so fragile and tiny but has the most luscious curves I've ever seen.

It kinda reminds me of the girl in school today. The one the Major said was my ma- Oh my God this is my mate! She's so beautiful too. But what am I gonna tell Ali? She'll be heartbroken but she'll understand. I would do the same for her if she found her mate first.

I looked back to my naked mate who was kneeling in front of an equally naked me, who is also kneeling. She must have been so terrified s she and my alter egos joined. I can't believe I did that to my own mate.

"Um, Be-"

She suddenly jumped onto me and tackled me back onto the dirt. She grinned down at me and pressed a firm kiss on my lips with her soft lips. I tried to push her back, sure this was just her newborn instincts telling her to be with her mate before she pinned both my arms down with her newborn strength.

I tried to struggle, I really did but what normal male would deny a beautiful woman such as herself as she positioned herself over your fully erect dick. Not me that's for sure. If she wants to so bad, so be it.

I moaned out at being so suddenly submerged into her warm, silkiness and thrust up into her as she purred down to me encouragingly.

"Come on, Jasper. Cum for me," she bent down to whisper seductively in my ear.

She bounced on me enticingly and I gave one final thrust up before clamping down onto Ares and the Major's mark and at the same time she bit into my neck. Claiming me as her mate as I claimed her as mine.

She pulled back and smiled down at me softly, "Hello, Jasper."

I grinned up at her, "Hey."

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