I stood on the balcony and watched the vampires and werewolves gather in the courtyard. Marcellus and Hayley's plan was foolishly naïve, but I wasn't getting involved. "I need to go." I said to Klaus as he stood next to me.

"Where will you go?" he sighed.


Klaus shook his head. "You can't."

"It's not right," I whined. "I need to be there with him." It was the only thing I could think of to say because I couldn't properly express how the knowledge of Elijah's mental state was eating me up inside. I watched him consider what I was suggesting so I tried to convince him it would be alright. "Your mother can't follow me."

"If something happens..." he started.

"It won't!" I threw my arms around his neck. "I'll be careful."

It seemed to take forever to get to the safehouse. Maybe it was because I doubled back to make sure I wasn't being followed- twice. Elijah must have sensed me coming because by the time I parked and made it to the front door, he was standing on the porch. I rushed forward and threw my arms around his neck with such force he stumbled backwards as he caught me.

"Elizabetta," he breathed into my neck, clutching me to him. "What's wrong? Is it Niklaus? Have you heard from Rebekah?"

"Can't you just be glad to see me?" I chuckled. "I've reassigned myself here to be with you. That's all."

He smiled and kissed me. "Then I'm glad to see you." He ushered me inside.

Camille sat in a chair holding a glass of what was probably whiskey and Trivial Pursuit cards littered the coffee table around a baby monitor. Elijah poured me a drink and I took a seat next to him practically crawling onto his lap. He let me, keeping an arm around him.

"Ooo, I love trivia!" I cooed. I was just happy to be away from the compound.

"Okay, let's get back to it then," Camille picked up a card. "What three European countries begin with the letter A?"

"Albania, Andorra, Austria," I answered promptly. I only beat Elijah because he was busy nuzzling my ear. Egged on by Camille's look of disbelief, I continued to boast. "I could also tell you what four countries in the world begin with the letter D. I love my stupid facts."

"I only have three," Elijah frowned, counting off the countries in his head. "Denmark, the Dominican Republic, and Djibouti."
"Zambia changed its name. It's now the Democratic Republic of the Congo," I said.

"I hate you guys." Camille began flipping rapidly through the cards trying to find one that could stump us. "Okay. Who was the only president to earn a PhD?"

"The tedious Woodrow Wilson," Elijah answered as he poured himself another drink.

I noted that they seemed to be going one for one which means Camille had to be trashed. Drunk Camille screamed fun.

"Who rode Secretariat to the Triple Crown in 1973?" she tried again.

"Ron Turcotte," Elijah answered.

"I knew that too!" I declared, determined not to be outdone.

"No! I refuse to believe that you just happen to know that!" Camille giggled and accidently spilled Elijah's drink. The whisky tipped backwards, spilling all over his forearm. "I'm sorry, Elijah," she handed him a napkin.

Elijah let go of me to sop up the alcohol on his sleeve. But he kept trying to wipe it off like the blood stain at the diner. I put my hands over his, trying to calm him. I startled him out of his trance and he grabbed my wrist, holding it away from him, but our other two hands remained clasped. His eyes were red and if we hadn't been best friends for 900 years I'd fear for my life.

"Eli, let me," I said.

With a frown, he relinquished the napkin. "I'm not as fragile as my brother suggests."

"I know." I rearranged my hands so that I held both of his between mine. I kissed his knuckles and hoped Camille saw that he was not a threat.

His phone rang and he pulled away to answer it. "Rebekah. Where on earth are you?- I see- No- I must have been dialing the wrong number- Forgive me."

"Eli?" I asked. It sounded like Rebekah wasn't where she was supposed to be and it made me nervous.

He asked me to wait for him to call Klaus. "Rebekah's gone."

I listened to hear Klaus on the other end speak. "What do you mean she's gone?"

"I just received a call from Angelica Barker who is still very much herself," Elijah explained.

"Stay where you are," Klaus ordered. "Did Liz get there?"

"Liz is here," Elijah answered.

"I'll handle it," Klaus said.

Elijah hung up the phone and looked towards Camille. "If you'll excuse us."

I followed him upstairs to his room. He said nothing, but stared out the window at the great expanse of land surrounding us. I had gathered the Rebekah was lost after changing bodies and I had no solution to offer. I reached up as I stood next to him and gently placed a hand on the back of his neck. He growled and pushed me away. Undaunted I returned to him and pressed my lips against him. Elijah kissed back and picked me up, carrying me to the bed where he laid me on my back. He crawled on top of me and trailed the kisses down my neck. I let out a sigh of bliss and let him roam around my body before pulling him back so I could meet his lips. He moved his hands under my shirt and began teasing me with love bites. I loosed his tie and tore open his shirt, running my nails down his chest. Elijah growled again and ripped off my shirt and then tugged my jeans from my hips. I laid under him, completely naked as he put his hand between my legs. I gasped as his fingers slid inside of me and as he used his thumb to rub circles against my clit, he bent his head and bit my neck. I cried out and as I hit the euphoric high from the vampire venom, I begged him to fuck me. He pulled away, licking his lips and began to remove his pants. He continued to kiss me and tease me, taking my nipples in his mouth. I begged some more and he finally entered me. I screamed and bit into his neck. He began thrusting, picking up speed and force with each thrust. I stopped drinking and began kissing him again, leaving blood smears across his mouth. Elijah picked up my leg and put it on his shoulder. He pressed deeper into me causing me to moan. My back arched as I was about to cum. With a final gasp, I tightened on him and my release poured out of me. Elijah thrusted twice more, harder than before, and came inside of me. He collapsed on top of me whispering how much he loved me into my neck.