"No, Dennis, that's enough. I don't want Trump to think I sound desperate for business."

Sighing, Dennis Finch placed the writing paper back on Jack's desk. He glanced at the older man with raised eyebrows. "Do you want me to cancel the order of packaged prunes, then?"

Jack shook his head. "If there's one thing that you don't understand, Dennis, it's prunes. Did I ever tell you about the time that I gave Eve a bad prune? She-"

"I'm sure it's fascinating." Finch rolled his eyes and opened the door to let himself out, grinning at Jack's indignant look. He had worked for Blush for nine years, and no one could say that he wasn't a faithful assistant, but listening to Jack's stories about his ex-wives was hardly the way Finch wanted to spend his afternoon.

His eyes moved across the office to where Maya was sitting, editing articles and pausing every now and then to push a strand of hair behind her ear and bite her lip in thought. He had no doubt that Maya was anything but a Gallo, but it was hard to see a resemblance to Jack. Finch was sure that she got her looks from Eve, but her personality?

It was a subject that Finch tried to avoid. Jack had an intense dislike for most of his ex-wives, and he was quite sure that bringing up the subject would only result in a hour-long rant about the unfairness of the judicial system. He tore his eyes away from Maya, trying to think of something more interesting that the dysfunctional Gallo family.

"Finch, do you know what happened to my answering machine?"

Of course, there was always Nina. Tall, striking, and-at least in her day-gorgeous, she was the opposite of Maya in both looks and personality. "Mmm.I think Jack took it away with your 'orange juice' when you kept scaring the male models away with your messages."

Nina groaned, an annoyed expression taking over her face. "Hey, I said 'press 1 if you're unmarried'. I don't control what they do!"

Finch grinned. "Not unless 1 is the only option you give them."

He smirked at her as she shot him a withering look and sauntered back to her office. Score one for Finch, he thought, pushing the four ceramic cats on his desk and looking around for his stapler.

"God, Finch, don't you ever give it a rest?" Maya's voice startled him, full of amusement.

He hadn't even noticed her get up, let alone realized that she was standing right next to him, her arms folded and a smile playing on her lips. He didn't understand what she meant. "Yeah.well.what do you want?"

Damn. He usually had a response for her, but she had caught him off guard. Stupid Nina.

She shrugged, rummaged through her purse, and pushed a dry cleaning receipt onto his desk. "My dad said he'd pick this up for me after work. I have a yoga class until six."

Finch rolled his eyes. Yeah, I'm sure Jack will pick it up for her, him being such a loving father.oh, and this being poker night. "Great.what time do you want me to stop by?"

Maya looked slightly confused, then shook her head. "No, Finch, you don't have to do it. My dad said that he'd-" She broke off and smiled, obviously realizing what she'd just said. "Oh. Around 6:15?"

"Sure. You get home from yoga class, draw a bubble bath.and I stop by." He smiled lewdly at her, giggling as she rolled her eyes and turned to leave.

"God, Finch." Doesn't he ever think about anything else? He's such a little."It's a blue dress, so don't forget, okay?"

Finch grinned at her as she retreated to her office. "Great! I'll bring the dress, you bring the bath salts.it's a date!" He chuckled as she turned and stuck out her tongue, smiling slightly as she opened the door to her office. No, he'd been wrong. He knew she wasn't supermodel-beautiful like Nina had been, but still.she was pretty. What am I thinking? The sight of Jack's office door slightly ajar pushed Finch out of his daydream. I've never even thought about Maya that way before.

He watched as she stumbled out of the copy room under a huge pile of papers, and he had the sudden urge to go and carry them for her. No, he'd never thought of being with Maya before, and he was certain she'd never had thoughts like that about him. He bit his tongue as he watched Elliott take the papers for her and appreciated her grateful smile; it was a smile that definitely wasn't-that never had been-meant for him. So why, all of a sudden, do I want it to be?