So this chapter is going to be in No one's POV because of a bit of randomness.

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It was the day after Family Day, and so far not everything was going the VK's way or Elena's way. Ever since she used her ice magic during the party after her friends left, almost everyone has been avoiding her like the plague. She honestly preferred it that way, because she was not in the mood for any of their criticisms when she knows that they were not to blame for what happened in the first place. She and Audrey had not looked at each other once since the party.

She finally walked into chemistry class, and as she hoped, she saw Evie in the room, looking out the window. She was contemplating on what happened during the party and the aftermath of it.

"Hey, Evie," Elena greeted, making the said girl turn to her.

"Hey," she greeted back, getting up to hug the snow princess, which she accepted. After a few seconds, Evie let go, "Are you okay? I was worried."

"Actually, I've never felt better," Elena said with a small smile.

"Really?" Evie responded confused. After yesterday, she assumed Elena would be in a foul mood.

"Yeah," she nodded before putting her stuff by her seat, "I finally talked to my mom about everything, and it turns out, I've been worried over nothing. My mom just wants me to be happy."

"Aww, I'm so happy for you," Evie said with a smile.

"And the best part is that she approves of Jay," Elena's smile was slightly bigger.

"For real?" Evie asked all giddy.

"For real," Elena nodded, making Evie squeal in happiness, "And as far as asking whose okay, I think I should be asking you that. How are you and the others holding up?"

That's when Evie's happy demeanor fell before she answered, "As well as we can be. No one in the school is going anywhere near us after yesterday. Even Doug won't talk to me."

"I know what you mean," Elena responded, "You guys are the only ones in this school who'll look me in the eye after my magic nearly hurt my cousin," Evie was confused and shocked, "I lost my temper."

"Oh," Evie nodded in understanding before feeling bad, "Sorry we made it worse for you."

"Don't apologize," Elena shook her head lightly, "Besides, it's not all bad. It also means that if I hear whispers about yesterday, they just take one look at me and they shut up," That made them laugh. At least they had something to cheer up about yesterday. Elena moved from her seat to the window, "This isn't fair. Everything was going so well, and then those idiots had to crash everything."

"Elena, it's okay," Evie reassured, "We told you; as VK's, we saw this coming a long time ago. We can handle it."

"I know, I know," she understood, "It just infuriates me that everyone's blaming you for your parent's responsibilities and automatically pin you as the real villains because of it."

"Well, we were raised by them," Evie pointed out.

"And Quasimodo was raised by Judge Frollo, but he still listened to his heart," Elena countered, "Heck, even Rapunzel was raised by Mother Gothel her whole life. She still had a heart of gold, no matter how long she was trapped," Elena put a hand on Evie's shoulder in reassurance to say something, "Evie, I'm going to say this because I know it for a fact; they are your parents, but you are not them. I know, because I've seen the real you. I've seen what's real in all of you. And it's not evil."

Evie did not know what to say to that. She always thought that even being a little evil was the real her, but now that she heard Elena say that, she did not know what was the real her anymore. Elena went to go sit back in her chair, but Evie just stayed by the window, still trying to figure out what to do.

"Well, that's just peachy!"

As soon as night came, all of the VK's got together in the boy's dorm. Evie pretty much told everyone what Elena said to her. Because of that, now it was making them wonder how they were going to handle things. Just after turning Jane's hair back to the way it was and everyone running away, they were bent on getting the wand more than ever. And now, Elena made them feel guilty about it. However, out of all them, Jay was getting the most frustrated, because Elena was his girlfriend and now he's even more confused on what to do. Even hearing that he got Elsa's approval to date her daughter did not make it any easier. He was so frustrated that he collapsed on his bed.

"Guys, I don't know if I can do this anymore," he said, still laying on the bed, "After yesterday, I really don't want to hurt her."

"How do you think I feel?" Mal exclaimed, "I'm the one Ben is taking to his coronation. As much as we need that wand, I'm not exactly thrilled about this either."

"Well, what do we do?" asked Carlos, with Dude by his side on the bed, "No one at this school will trust us, and the only ones who will talk to us are Ben and Elena. What will you do when the coronation comes on Friday?"

"I don't know," Mal said, sounding like she was losing her mind, "I didn't expect any of this to happen."

"None of us did," Evie agreed.

Frustration, confusion, and fear are all that was going through all of their minds. If they go through with stealing the wand, they would be betraying everyone that they started to care about deeply. On the other hand, if they choose not to go with it, they would be betraying their home. Their parents. Their positions as villains. Everything going on, they did not know what to do.

But Jay did.


The following night, Elena was in her dorm doing homework. Homework that's been missing because of the coronation. While the teachers understood her position as the royal advisor and with the coronation going on, she was already starting to get lectures from the headmistress about working out her time. It was easy for her to say. She's the headmistress, while Elena was juggling three different things at once; princess, high school student, and royal advisor. Fairy Godmother didn't even see Cinderella work out her royal duties aside from studying. Her homework was interrupted when a knock came at the door.

"If it's Chad, Audrey or Jane, don't come in," she announced without moving away from her work, "And Audrey, I don't care if you're my roommate. Go stay the night in Jane's dorm, because I'm not moving."

"Can you at least open the door for me?" came a voice she knew all too well and loved.

She smiled at the voice and ran to open the door. Sure enough, it was her boyfriend at the door for her.

"Hey, Stud," she greeted, with a hug, "What are you doing here so late?"

"I got something for you," he said to her.

She smiled and took the box. When she opened it, she saw, "Mini cupcakes?"

"Yeah," he nodded hesitantly. The reason was not that typical romantic gesture where a guy cooks for the girl and he was worried if she would like it. It was because the cupcakes were made with the anti-love potion, to break the spell she was under.

"They look good," she said hungrily. All she had that day was an energy bar for breakfast, so she was famished. She looked at Jay with a hopeful look, "Can I?"

"I insist," he told her, and she dug into the first cupcake. Once she took the first bite, it took Jay a few minutes to say something, "You okay?"

"Yep," she nodded, still eating the cupcake.

"You sure?" he asked again, "Do you still... care about me?"

"Maybe," she shrugged, putting the cupcake back into the box, "I think the anti-love potion needs a little more time to work."

"Probably," he agreed- "Wait a sec!" His reaction made Elena laugh hard, "You knew?"

"About the love spell?" she asked with a smirk before nodding, "Yep, all along."

"Elena, I can explain-" he tried to say, but Elena cut him off.

"It's okay," she waved off before stating her theory, "I'm a princess, you're someone from the Isle; you didn't think it would work, so you had to resort to this."

"Y-yeah, that's it," he stuttered out. It was not the full reason, but it had to work for now, "But how long have you known about the love spell?"

"Since you gave me the cookie," she answered, catching Jay by surprise, "I'm not stupid, Jay. I thought something was off since Mal put my tear in the cookie dough and Ben singing her name gave me some hints. You could say Ben literally sang like a canary, and I figured it out, so I faked eating the cookie."

Jay's head was reeling from her explanation. The entire time since day one, she knew about the cookies being enchanted. All he wanted to know was, "How?"

"Tore a piece off, threw it in the trash, and pretended to chew," she told him like it was no big deal.

"So you've just been going along with it?" he asked, almost sounding a bit sad, "It was all just pretend?"

Elena just smiled, gave him a gentle kiss, and pulled back smiling again, and then she said to him, "Who said I was pretending?"

Jay was now officially speechless. He placed a spell on her to make her fall in love with him for the sake of the wand. Now that he found out her being under a spell was all just pretend, but her feelings were still the same. They never changed at all.

"So you really..."

"For a while," she answered before he could finish, "I've had a crush on you since you came here, and pretending to be under a spell was more like giving me a push to tell you how I really felt."

NOW Jay was really at a loss for words. None of this was supposed to happen. No one was supposed to fall in love with them… or vice versa. The truth is Jay was going through the same thing. He was supposed to do something to get a magic wand to free everyone from the Isle of the Lost. Instead, he joined a sports team, he became a very important member of the team, and of all things he did the one thing that was always told not to do; fall in love. And words could not even describe what an amazing feeling it was.

However, if there was something he has learned about love around here, it was that if you really love someone, you have to put them first. And he loves enough Elena enough for that. So no matter how much it is going to hurt him, he has got to do what's right.

"Well, you wasted your time," he said to Elena, backing away from her.

"Excuse me?" she asked, surprised at his behavior.

"You heard me," he said to her, feeling regret because of those words and he knew they were just going worse, "Your feelings may have been real, but mine weren't and they never will be."

Elena had no idea what to think about what just happened. Why would Jay say all of this?

"Jay, why would you-"

"It was just a joke," he cut her off, "There were leftover cookies, and I was bored."

Elena could not believe what she was hearing. After all this time, she admitted her true feelings to Jay and this is how he responds, by saying he did not have any feelings for her at all. Why would Jay ever say that? But that's just it. Her Jay would never say something like that to her. She knows that. After everything they have done together, none of that made any sense. Ever since their first date, she could tell immediately from the look in his eyes that he has had as much fun as she did, that he was as happy as she was. There was no way that feeling was a lie.

"I don't believe you," she told him.

Jay's body almost tensed up, but he had to keep up as much as he could.

"And why is that?" he asked.

"Because I saw it in your eyes," she responded, "Everything that happened, it was how you really felt. You were as happy as I was."

"This was just a stupid prank that got out of hand," he told her, standing his ground, "Half the stuff that happened wasn't even meant to happen in the first place."

"But it did," she countered, "Jay, are you really telling me that not once have you ever felt the same way to me?"

Jay was almost losing it, "Just understand that you and me together... it will never happen."

Elena was starting to get frustrated, "Why are you doing this?"

"Elena, look at me!" he snapped, startling her, "I'm a kid from the Isle of the Lost, you're next in line for your family's throne! I'm the son of Jafar, you're the daughter of Elsa! You're royalty! And I'm just a thief! You expect me to believe that it can just work out like magic between us!?"

"It did for Mal and Ben!" she yelled back, "How is it any different!?"

"For one thing, he's under a spell too!"

"He knew!"

Jay was taken back by that. Ben knew about the spell too?

"What?" he breathed.

"The spell washed away from him during their date to the Enchanted Lake," she told him, and then placed both of her hands on Jay's left one, "Despite that it's gone, he didn't feel any different about Mal."

Jay was not sure what to do now. Ben has been doing the same thing that Elena was, hiding the fact that the spell they cast broke, or in Elena's case, never happened, but their feelings were true. They were all in love.

But Jay still had to think about Elena and the future. He knew exactly what the future was; she had to find someone who was worthy of her. And it wasn't him.

"Well, we're not Ben and Mal," he said, "It won't work between us like that."

"What are you saying?" she asked, hoping it was not going to be the answer that she thinks it is.

Jay was not going to be happy with what he was going to say either. If anything, he wishes that everything he said to her, he could just reverse time and take it all back. But he knew he could not do that. After all, it was better this way.

"They were right," he said with a tear falling down his cheek, "Your friends, your cousin... Elena, this has to end."

It was like the sound of glass resonated in the room. Something fragile just broke somewhere around them. Except it wasn't glass. It was Elena's heart breaking completely. It was broken before from Andrew, but those were measly cracks. This time, it was in a million pieces.

"No," she said, shaking her head, "No, no. Jay, please tell me you're not-"

"It's over," he whispered, letting go of her hands and moving to the door, "I'm sorry."

"Jay, no, no," she said as she started to cry, "Please, don't do this. Please, stay-"

Her heart shattered when the door closed. Tears started running down hard on her face as she fell to her knees. She had heard about breakups through classmates, her family, and even through her demon roommate, Audrey. At first, she thought of it as nothing but melodrama. That they could do better. Her aunt, she should've been more careful. Audrey, she was just being a brat to stay on top of things, especially when it comes to dating the king of all of the kingdoms. But now she knows how it feels to separated from someone you love. It was like a piece of her love was ripped out of her heart. There was someone who made her happy. She felt a kind of happiness that she never thought that she felt before and now it was gone. He was gone.


She slowly looked up and saw Ben standing by the doorway. She did not even hear the door open. The minute she looked up, Ben could tell from the tears running down her face and the devastated look on her face that something had to be wrong. The second he saw her like that, he went right to her, kneeled down and pulled her into a brotherly embrace. She cried into his shoulder with everything she had. For the first time, she has truly experienced a broken heart.

Mal and Evie's door opened. They both looked up to see a tear-stained Jay. The minute they saw him, they knew exactly what happened.

"You didn't," said Mal in pity.

"I had to do it," Jay responded with a strained voice.

After a small pause, Evie asked, "How did it go?"

"She never ate the cookie," he answered, shocking everyone in the room, "She put it together and pretended to eat one. But she really does love me."

There were no words said after that. They now know that Elena faked eating the love potion, but her feelings were true. And yet, Jay still ended it with Elena. It was no wonder he looked so upset. Evie got up from her chair and went to hug Jay. Jay responded immediately and let tears ran all over again on her shoulder. Mal slowly got up and lightly rubbed his back in comfort. Hearing that was making Mal start to think; If that's how it was with Elena, she can't give Ben the spell. Not yet anyway.


Classes were over for the day, and a few people noticed something was missing. No blonde in blue, no frosty trails anywhere; Elena was absent from school. And of course, Elena rarely misses school and Audrey said she had the room to herself last night, so something had to have happened.

Andrew knew that she and Ben were close, so he decided to go ask and see if he knows where she could've gone. He knocked and his door and Ben opened it with a small smile, but it slowly dropped when he saw who it was.

"Hey, Ben," Andrew greeted. All Ben did was go back to his desk in silence.

"Come on, you're not talking to me either?" Andrew asked in annoyance. Ben still didn't respond. He just got back to his homework. As much as Andrew should get him to stop with the silent treatment, it was far from his biggest priority right now, so he decided to wave it off, "Fine. Whatever. At least answer one question; have you seen Elena? No one has seen her at school all day, and she's not in her dorm room."

Now that was something that Ben was compliant to answer to, but of course, he did not remove his eyes from the paper he was writing on, "She was upset and didn't want to hear it from Audrey, so she stayed in one of our guest rooms."

"Upset? Why?" Andrew asked in concern.

"Jay broke up with her last night," Ben responded.

"He WHAT!?" He yelled in anger and frustration, "I knew it! I knew he was only going to break her heart! This is what happens when no one listens to me! This guy-"

"-did it because of you," Ben cut off, finally looking up from his work.

"What?" He asked in a confused manner.

It looked like Andrew really needed help figuring it out, so he put down his pencil and turned his chair to explain, "Last night, Jay tried to tell her it was only a prank, but Elena could see right through him. He lied. He broke up with her because he believed the stuff you and the others said at the party the other day."

"So even you think it's my fault?" Andrew asked accusingly.

"No, I know it's your fault," Ben countered firmly, surprising Andrew, "Jay started thinking that you were right. That Elena deserved better, so he broke up with her to give her the life she deserves."

"Oh, yeah?" he scoffed, "And how do you know that? How can you tell that guy even remotely feels bad?"

"Because I was there," he answered in a heartbeat, once again, surprising Andrew, "I was on my way to Elena's dorm room about the Coronation tomorrow when I saw Jay leaving. He started crying after he shut the door. After he left, that's when Elena told me what happened. Now she's not coming out of her room and Jay's not talking to anybody," he started to stand up from his chair, "You know Elena's been telling me how happy she is with him? When was the last time you've ever seen her smile that big around a guy? She was really happy with Jay. Did you really not care about that?"

"Of course, I care she's happy, but-"

"Then all you had to do was leave her alone," he cut off again, before sitting back down, "Not that it matters anymore since it's over between them."

At that point, Andrew was not sure what Ben wanted him to do. What's done is done, so why do something?

"What do you want from me?" Asked Andrew.

"Nothing. You've done enough," Ben replied, finishing his work before getting up from his chair. He went for the door, but then stopped where he was and turned back to Andrew, "You know, I really hope you're happy. She's not dating a kid from the Isle anymore."

"Well, I'm relieved, but I'm not trying to hurt anyone," he responded.

"Like you didn't hurt her enough after the party?" Ben countered, and Andrew went pale when he heard Ben say that, "Yeah. Your mom and Elsa told me everything. How could you have said all that to her?"

"It was an accident," he tried to say, "I was angry-"

"That's no excuse and you know it!" Ben growled, "You knew how sensitive Elena was about all of that, and you still used it against her. And you know how Queen Elsa knew about it? Jay told her that he saw Elena running in tears, and felt like there was nothing he could do. That's why he went to Elsa. If someone like Jay can be that considerate to your own cousin, then maybe he's more worthy than you gave him credit for. But hey, why am I telling you this when you obviously don't even care?"

"Hey," he halted Ben from talking, "I love Elena like she's my sister and you know that. I'm not proud of what I said, and I swear I tried to apologize for it. And if it makes you feel any better, it got me grounded for a month," Ben just kept his stern look up like it didn't make him feel any better. Andrew just sighed and said the first thing he could think of, "Alright, already. I guess I can apologize again-"

"That's not going to work," Ben cut him off one last time, "This isn't a RomCom movie. You can't expect everyone to be happy again that easily."

"What do you want me to do then?" Andrew nearly whined in frustration, "I don't know how to fix this."

Ben went up to him with his stern look still on his face, "You interfered with Elena's relationship and now she's going through her first broken heart. You can't fix this one." And finalizing the conversation with that, he walked out of his room to go check on Elena, leaving Andrew alone to reflect about everything from his actions to Elena. And none of it was feeling good to him anymore.

Dinner time came that night. The VK's were not there like it was the last few nights and Audrey, Chad, Jane, Lonnie, and Andrew were sitting at the same table chatting away. At least, 4 out of 5 were. Andrew was just moving his food around his food with his fork.

Ever since that talk he had with Ben about Elena and Jay, it was all he was starting to think about. All he did was try to protect his family. Then again, maybe telling Jay that her crown being good enough for a thief was actually uncalled for. And when he thought about it, Elena did look happy. But so did his mom before she was betrayed. He could not let it happen again to his cousin. Then again, they've been here for about a month now and they really did nothing wrong.

He had to really think back to all of them. Mal did steal someone's boyfriend. But it was Audrey and everyone could see that she was not the most supportive girlfriend. It was mostly about supporting her. Besides, Ben technically dumped her for someone else. It was not exactly Mal's fault that Ben made that choice. Jay might have enjoyed hurting people, but that was the whole point of Tourney; to tackle the enemy. They probably did not have any sports teams on the Isle of the Lost, so it must have been different for him to be a part of a team. That enjoyment could have just been him having fun. Chad also called Evie was a gold digger and a cheater. Andrew was not really sure about the gold digger part, but Evie did use her magic mirror to get through her homework, but it was also Chad's homework. Andrew found out from the chemistry teacher what happened when he heard about Chad's suspension from the team. The Isle probably did not even have a chemistry class like that. And Evie is really smarter than she looks, so the mirror was barely even necessary. Thinking about all of this, were they really villains?

"That's gotta be cold by now, the way you've been stirring that food the whole dinner hour," Chad said to him. Andrew looked down at his plate and saw that his food lost all its steam. It must have gone freezing cold, but that was not bothering Andrew right now.

"Do you guys think it was okay, what we did?" He asked the group.

"What are you talking about?" asked Jane.

"What happened at Family Day," He answered her, "I mean, when you think about it, they weren't doing anything bad, so do you think maybe we were being a little hasty with them?

"Don't you start it either," Chas said to him demandingly, "Okay, Ben and your cousin are naive enough to let them be here. You don't need to follow that."

"I know, but I just think maybe we overdid it," said Andrew.

"So, what do you care?" Audrey asked in a snobbish tone, "You didn't seem to mind when you were telling off Jay."

Andrew just shrugged, "I don't know. I guess I didn't think about what could happen."

"Oh, yeah? And what's that?" Audrey asked in the same tone.

Everyone was now looking Andrew for an answer. Because of the staring, he had no choice but to tell them.

"Ben told me that Jay broke up with Elena yesterday," he answered.

Strangely enough, everyone at the table was shocked to hear that.

"Seriously?" Jane said incredulously.

"No! Why?" Lonnie asked in a stunned voice, in a way that she was far from expecting that to happen to them.

"Because of what I said at the party," he answered to both of them, "Elena hasn't been out of Ben's guest room all day because of it. I'm feeling kinda guilty."

"Don't even," Chad halted, "She's got no one to blame, but herself. That breakup is actually an improvement on their relationship."

"Isn't that a little mean?" Jane asked them.

"Quiet, Plain Jane," Audrey commanded to said girl, then turned back to Andrew with a not-so-friendly grin, "Andrew, trust us. She'll come to understand that the relationship ending with her and Jay is for her own good. You know we did the right thing."

As much as Andrew wanted to believe it, he just couldn't bring himself to. After what happened to Elena, he just did not know what was the right thing, "Then why does it feel so wrong?"

No one could answer what Andrew just asked. Audrey and Chad were just looking at him like he had to be kidding. Jane and Lonnie were just contemplating on what he said. They were only thinking about the safety of Auradon. But have they really been evil? And hurting others in the process, was it really worth it?

"I'm not hungry anymore," Andrew said as he stood up to leave. As he was leaving, he thought about what he should do, and what he was going to do about it.


The next day still was not any better. Elena was still laying around in Ben's guest room upset about her break up with Jay. Ben was nervous all day because tomorrow was the day he was going to become the new ruler of Auradon. Mal was also nervous, but because she had to break Ben's love spell and get the wand to please her mother, but she was having her doubts. As were the other VK's. Jay was also having his head in the clouds about what Elena. He really wanted to stay with her, but he had to keep her out of danger. Meanwhile, Andrew had something to take care of, and he had to do it before tomorrow.

"It's the day before the coronation," Chad told Andrew as he followed him, "I need to pick up my suit before it's too late."

"It's 5 o'clock, and that store is open till 11," Andrew responded to Chad as they walked up a set of stairs, "I think you and the designers can wait a few minutes."

"Well, where are we going anyway?" he asked.

"I need to do something, and I need a witness," Andrew answered without stopping.

Chas just listened to his suddenly odd friend and just followed him. It took them a couple of hallways, but Andrew got to where he needed to get to. He knocked on the door and the person who answered it was not who people were expecting; the son of Jafar.

"Who is-"

"Look, here's the deal," Andrew intervened before Jay could finish those three words, "I know you're mad at me, so is Elena, Ben, and your friends, and I really don't blame you, but I have something to say."

Jay was honestly surprised and confused at the fact that Andrew showed up out of the blue. For all he knew, he probably had more to say about his background. If that was what it was, Chas was unaware of it. He was actually surprised and upset at the fact that he was at the VK boys dorm.

"What are we doing here?" He growled.

"Hush," Andrew said to the prince before turning back to Jay, "Listen, I heard you broke up with Elena the other day, because of what happened on Family Day. Mainly, because of what I said," Jay just sighed at that and leaned at the doorframe with his arms crossed, "The thing is, Elena and I are cousins, but I think of her as my sister. I'm only trying to protect her from getting hurt and everything, but I think I've done that already. The truth is Elena doesn't really care about a lot of boys. She's always been kept to herself. Then ever since you came, she's been different," Jay furrowed his eyebrows at that statement, "Okay, maybe not that different. She's still a sarcastic tomboy, but she looks happier than normal. Look, I'm not trying ruin your life. It's just that Elena is very important to me, and I want to keep her safe. But doing that made her angry and upset. I shouldn't have interfered with you two, and I apologize."

Chas was stunned to silence at what he was witnessing. Why would Andrew suddenly apologize to him after what the VK's did to them on Family day? Andrew was not sure about that either. He just wanted to make it up to Elena. After a moment of silence, Jay finally said something, "Is that it?"

"No," Andrew shook his head, "I don't want her to be any more upset than she already is. That's why I'm here to fix this. Get back together with Elena, and I promise not to come between you guys again."

And at THAT statement, Chad thought Andrew was out of his mind.

"Are you crazy!? You can't-"

"Chad!" Andrew yelled to silence said prince.

Chad was unsure what stunned him the most; Andrew apologizing to Jay or telling him to be quiet. Andrew could care less about that. All that mattered was fixing Jay and Elena.

"Here's the thing," Jay started to answer, "I'm not mad at you. If anything, it's better this way."

Andrew was very confused. Because of the breakup, Jay and Elena have been miserable. Andrew thought that if he actually gave some kind of blessing, they could get back together and Elena could be happy again. And now that he is actually doing that, Jay suddenly tells him that it's better off this way?

"What do you mean?" he asked.

Jay just got off of the doorframe and explained, "Before I came here, everyone on the island, including me, thought this school was filled with a bunch of Miss Priss Diva's they call princesses. That this place was filled with nothing but pampered spoiled brats who live the life others want. That all changed when I met Elena. She's nothing like you guys or the people from the Isle of the Lost. She was a free spirit. She always made us laugh when we needed to. And I've never met anyone as loyal as her. She's not the kind of princess that everyone here wants her to be, but that's the best part about her. That's just Elena."

Saying all of that made the thief think all about the stuff he said and more. He started thinking about Elena and all of her best qualities. Her confidence was definitely something that would make people think that she was from the Isle of the Lost. She was so outspoken about she thought and when she was honest. It may get her into trouble, but he really admired how she speaks her mind without hesitating. He remembered how there were times where she made everyone laugh. She never tried to do it out of disrespect. She was just trying to make things a little fun for everyone. The most amazing thing about her was her smile. Her smile could nearly light up a whole room. There was something about it that made it so full of life. To sum it all up in one, Jay loved everything about her. It was taking his entire willpower not to cry right now.

Andrew was at a loss for words from hearing everything Jay said. He has never heard anyone talk about Elena that way before. Everyone's been gossiping about how different she was from all the other princesses, and that is far from a compliment. Even Mason thought so before she dumped him. Ben was the only one willing to talk to her because she reminded him of his mother and how Belle stood out from a crowd. They were both the black sheep of their own social standards. This time, Ben was willing to make sure she was not alone. No one else was willing to do what Ben did, and it was sad just watching it all happen. Now he's hearing Jay be the first one to say that Elena being different is a good thing.

"You really think that way about her?" he asked the VK boy after a moment of stunned silence.

"Yeah, I do," Jay nodded, "She's a strong girl with a heart of gold, and a girl like that deserves the best in life. It's not with me. I'm just a thief from the island, and she deserves better. So you were right; it's better she's not with someone like me."

Andrew tried to back up that claim with something else, but he was failing, "N-no, I wasn't trying-"

"See you tomorrow," Jay said before closing the door.

Needless to say, this whole scene just made Andrews guilt rise dramatically. After all that has happened, he was far from expecting any of that from Jay. The worst part is that it showed how very wrong he was about said boy. He leaned on the door contemplating all of their misconducts.

"I really am the bad guy," he said, mostly to himself.

"Look, who cares?" Chad waved off "You didn't want them to be together in the first place."

"That was a mistake," Andrew said to the boy who he was starting to wonder was even his friend, "I've never met anyone who gave Elena the benefit of the doubt like that. I was wrong about him."

"Whatever, man," he blew off again, "In any case, it's over between them. Nothing you can do about that."

What hurts about what Chad said is that he was right. Jay and Elena are broken up, and it was all his fault. There was nothing he could do to fix this. Unless...

"Maybe there is."

Andrew got off the door and opened it, finding Jay sitting up on his bed with headphones and Carlos doing his homework with Dude laying next to the chair he was sitting in. Carlos jumped in his seat from the door suddenly opening. He saw Andrew and Chad walking over to Jay and Andrew took the headphones off of Jay, "Go talk to her."

"What?" Jay wondered what just happened.

"Go and talk to Elena," the prince of Arendelle specified, "You obviously really love her, and I don't want you guys to break up on our account. Besides, Elena could care less about us and so should you."

Jay sighed, "Andy, it's more complicated-"

"First of all, only Elena can call me that," Andrew cut off, "Secondly, if it's that hard to understand then try telling her that. You know she'll listen."

"You don't understand," Jay said to him.

"You're right, I don't," Andrew agreed, "What I do understand is that I was an idiot for thinking you were too dangerous for Elena. But now I see that I've never met anyone who could've been a more suitable match for her."

"Pardon?" Chad asked in shock.

"Yeah, I said it, Charming," Andrew said to the stunned prince before turning back to Jay, "Listen, I don't know what's really going on with you, but the way I've seen it, Elena has never felt this way about any other guy before you showed up. Now based on everything you told me, you've never met a girl like Elena on the Isle, and the thing is, you're never going to meet a girl like Elena anywhere. If I were you, I wouldn't lose that."

Jay was slowly taking in what Andrew just told him. When he broke things off with Elena, he was doing it for her own good. He had to protect her somehow and it seemed like the only way. In fact, it was the best way to try and protect her. What else could he have done? Well, there was one other thing.

"Excuse me," Jay said, getting up and leaving the dorm.

"What did I miss?" Carlos spoke for the first time.

"Long story," Andrew said with a happy tone.

He actually happy about what he did. Which is more than they can say for Chad. The spoiled prince just grabbed Andrew by his arm and dragged him outside. He closed the door the minute they were out of the room.

"What have you done?" Chad growled out.

"Something I should've done," Andrew answered with no regret, "And I'm glad I did it before it was too late."

"And you couldn't have left that alone?" Chad asked, still not happy.

"Look, I'm not on board 100%," Andrew said, "but I want Elena to have the one thing that I've been neglecting; to be happy. And so long as he makes her happy, I'll get over it."

That was the whole point of what he did; to put his cousin's happiness first. He was happy to have done it now before it was too late. He was only hoping that Elena thought so too.

"They're villains!" Chad nearly yelled, "Did you forget that?"

"Yes," Andrew nodded, "Because looking back, they did nothing wrong."

"Nothing?" Chad repeated incredulously, "In case you forgot, Mal stole Audrey's boyfriend."

"Ben dumped her for Mal," Andrew corrected, "There's a difference."

Chas huffed and tried something else, "Jay enjoys hurting others."

"That's kinda the point of playing Tourney," Andrew shrugged.

"And what about Evie?" Chad brought up the blue princess. He did not think that Andrew could have actually found something to back that up, "She only goes for princes. And she's been cheating on her homework and tests."

"Actually, Chad, I talked to the coach about your suspension from the team, and it turns out you were not completely honest with me," Andrew countered, because he did have something, "You saw Evie's mirror as an opportunity, and charmed her to do your homework since her first day here."

Chad nearly paled at hearing that. His plan to take Evie down to and leave him in the clear was just exposed. He could not let him get to him, so he played it off like whatever, "So what?"

"So you can take your words and choke on them, that's what," Andrew told the prince, shocking him, "At the end of the day, you're no better at cheating than she is."

"I'm nothing like them," Chad growled through clenched teeth.

"We've been cruel to them based on our own assumptions when they've done nothing to us. How does that make us heroes?" Andrew said to him, without even realizing that they were the same words that Elena said to him.

"Looks like you forgot whose side you're on," Chad told the boy with a pointed finger, "You've got to be out your mind to be giving them a chance."

Andrew just leaned into him and said, "Then call me crazy."

Chad was at a real loss for words at that. It was almost like he did not know him anymore. The problem was that he probably never did.

"You can go and get your tux now," Andrew said with a smile before walking away, but stopped to tell Chad something, "By the way, that suspension of yours, Elena tipped off the teacher."

With that, Andrew walked away with a smirk and a stunned prince left behind. It was the first time he has ever felt really proud of what he did. And he would do it again if he wanted. As he was walking, he noticed Lonnie leaning on the wall to the stairs. It turns out that she heard everything that happened, and she was as proud of his actions as he was.

"Nice work," she complimented.

He smiled at what she said and asked, "Is it bad that I might've enjoyed doing that?"

"Probably not," Lonnie shook her head

Andrew nodded in confirmation. It was nice to know that someone was proud of him so far. And now... he was hungry. And he could use a companion, "Wanna grab some dinner?"

"Sure," she smiled.

Andrew and Lonnie walked down the stairs to get food together. Unknowingly, hand in hand.

In one of the guest chambers, Elena was still laying on the bed. Her eyes were red and blotchy from her constant and repetitive crying, and she had the tear stains on her cheeks to prove it. She barely ate or slept, because it was like no matter how many times she stopped crying, a new batch of tears started where she left off. Her heart was barely even patching itself up, but it was like when Jay came to her mind, it kept tumbling down like blocks. Her mourning was interrupted by someone knocking on the door, but she was not ready to see anyone yet.

"Go away," she said through a scratchy throat. The knocking still kept coming, "I said go away," she tried to say a little louder. But the knocking just kept coming. She finally gave up and just got out of the bed and marched to the door, "I just sa-" She stopped herself before she could tell that person off. Because of all people, it was her ex-boyfriend.

"Can I come in?" Jay said with hesitation.

Elena could tell with one look that something was not right with Jay. He seemed hesitant about something.

"What's wrong?" she asked in concerned.

Jay just shrugged and said, "Everything."

"Right now, we have until tomorrow."

They sat on the bed together as Jay told her his other option; the truth. He sat by her and told her everything. Their parents plan, the wand and how they were going to use it to set free the villains and rid the world of all things good. It was all mind reeling for Elena to suddenly find out.

"So the love spell…"

"Was to get you and Ben to take us to the Coronation, so we could get to the wand easier," he finished in guilt hesitation.

Elena's head was spinning in circles right now. Hearing everything that Jay just said made perfect sense of everything. It explains why Evie always looked so hesitant about being close friends. It explains the love spell being cast on her and Ben. In fact, it explains why ever since they came here they always brought up the wand and its magic. Everything made perfect sense.

"I honestly wasn't expecting that," Elena whispered to herself. She had a whole other theory for what they were up to. Now she was unsure what to think, "Why are you telling me all of this now?"

"That's honestly a good question," he just shrugged.

He really was not sure what made him want to do this. If anything, Mal would probably kill him for telling Elena the truth about why they were really approved by their parents to go to Auradon. He broke up with Elena for their own good. Now he has ruined that protection by spilling everything about why.

"So what are you going to do now?" Elena asked after some awkward silence.

Jay sighed at that question, "I don't know anymore."

"Anymore?" Elena repeated curiously.

Jay thought long and hard to put into words why he might have changed his mind about he planned. Only because he and his friends had different reasons why.

"Everything here is way different," Jay started out, "People are a little nicer, we're getting opportunities that we never thought we'd get, not to mention the parties that go on here. We didn't expect ourselves to like it here so much. This is probably the most difficult choice we've had to make. What do you think I should do?"

With the choice he had to make, it was clear he wanted some advice on what to do. Unfortunately, that was something that Elena could not do for him. This was a decision he had to make for himself.

"I can't answer that for you," Elena shook her head lightly, "We all have to face moments where we have to decide what's right. Just do what you think is."

That was easier said than done. Where he came from, the only right thing there to do was to listen to their parents or they were in for it. For Jay, it was either do what their parents say and get praised for the first time, or do the right thing the Auradon way and maybe even stay in Auradon. Everything was too complicated to think about what was right because it was unclear what was.

"Are you mad?" he asked nervously.

Elena should be mad. She should be furious. For trying to use her, she should slap him in the face hard enough to lose a few strands of hair. For trying to spell her, she should be casting him in ice and leave like that forever. For coming here for the wand, she should be going to Ben to warn him of their plan. However, she could not bring herself to do any of it. Because being mad would mean that she was lying too.

"Surprisingly, no," she answered.

Jay was beyond shocked. He thought she was mad because she should be.

"Why not?" he asked, "Elena, I used you to get something that could set free my father. I lied to you about half of what I said when I got here. Why don't you hate me?"

"Because I know how it feels to want to make your parents proud," she answered, "I'm not exactly thrilled about it all, but I get it." Now she wanted to know the next part, "Is this really why you broke up with me?"

"It's part of it," Jay answered, "My dad is one of the top worst villains in the world. You saw his face when I said we were dating. He looked livid about it. I can't even imagine what would've happened if we told him in person. I just wanted to protect you from him."

"And hurting me made it easier?" She countered with another question.

"I'm sorry," he apologized in frustration, "I didn't know what to do. I still don't."

Elena knew that. That was why she could not be mad at him. He was at war with himself on what to do. And who can blame him? This was nothing like Quasimodo or Rapunzel. This was them actually going against their real parents. It actually made her feel bad for them.

"You'll figure it out," she said to Jay, holding his hand.

Jay was hoping he would because one choice tomorrow could change everything. He just had to figure which one.

Elena - Outfit 9: Descendants

Elena - Outfit 10: Descendants

And the truth came out.

Take my advice on this, because while it does seem naive, it's important to know at least: For some people, forgiveness isn't easy to happen. But sometimes, if you know to know what happened fully, you should at least be willing to listen to both sides. Otherwise, you'll just be angry at that person for the rest of your life without knowing the full truth.

And I really need to catch up on my social media, because about a month after the last chapter post, I found out Dove and Ryan split six months prior to the engagement. I had absolutely no idea. On the bright side, I saw that she's dating Thomas Doherty, who's playing Harry Hook, and one of the cast members from The Lodge. She is so lucky.