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Unbound Tethers

The awful sensation was of falling.

For hours or maybe even days, Zelena tumbled through the abyss of nothingness, her own screams lost in the rumble of noise that pounded against her... body?

Was that right? Did she have a body again? Or was it a mere idea in her imagination? A notion of her subconscious in order for her mind to visualize what was currently happening to her?

Either way, it seemed like the storm and wind, crushing the air from Zelena's... lungs? ... and pressurizing her... flesh?, determined to draw... blood?

It was so confusing for the Wicked Witch of the West.

She had no idea how to describe the bizarre sensation of falling through the fabric of reality when by rights she shouldn't have a body to experience any of it with.

Nevertheless, Minutes and Hours, Dimensions and Space, Zelena fell through them all.

Colours swam around her in a rainbow, dancing around her as they flashed across her... eyes? They were beautiful, and yet so wrong.

Nobody was ever meant to see them.

They meant bad things for those unfortunate enough to cross their path.

Her... green skin? ... sparkled as if a live current of static was running through her, so much so that her... teeth? ... were chattering from the bizarre sensation.

And it hurt.

It hurt so much, it felt as though every single cell in her... body? ... was changing, burning, morphing into something else yet also feeling exactly the same.

And just when Zelena thought the falling would never end, she was suddenly slammed back into reality.

Everything had stopped spinning.

The noises in her... head? ... were gone.

So were her own screams of pain.

Zelena also felt solid again; something she hadn't felt as she fell through everything, or even throughout the evening before she passed through her magnificent time portal for that matter.

Moaning something incomprehensible, Zelena immediately passed out, and darkness consumed her world once more.

A Very Long Time Ago – The Land of Oz – One Month Before The Dark Curse Was Cast.

Zelena groaned as she slowly regained consciousness a long time later.

Her throat felt scratchy and it burned uncomfortably, like she'd been gargling hot desert sand or something. Her eyelids felt heavier than lead, and her head pounded, just like that time when she had rebelled against her adoptive father and gotten into his precious ale during her teenage years. The hangover the next day had been nothing short of torturous.

Though it was a struggle, Zelena eventually managed to open her eyes.

She immediately regretted that action, and promptly snapped her eyelids shut again. Her reasoning for that was simple. There were intense white lights directly above her, almost blinding they were so horribly bright.

A few moments later, after blinking rather furiously, Zelena cautiously opened her eyes again.

She couldn't help but let out a low moan. The lights that seemed to be all around around her were still just as intense. They were hurting her eyes to the point that they were actually watering. Needing to extingiush them so that her poor eyes would have the chance to properly recover, Zelena raised a hand, fully intending to use her magic to turn the wretched lights off.

Instead... Zelena froze, her expression one of utter disbelief.

For one brief moment, it was almost like the Wicked Witch of the West had even forgotten how to breathe, her awed reverie was so overwhelming to her.

Then she snapped out of it, and a soft gasp of surprise slipped past her lips.

Zelena... had a hand.

It seemed impossible, but there it was, the proof literally right in front of her eyes. A hand with bright emerald skin. A hand that she could use to wield her powerful magic. A hand that could rule with an iron touch and crush her enemies into nothingness.

Zelena gasped again, thoroughly surprised, as she thought back to her previous realizations about herself that she'd just had over the last few moments.

She had eyes.

She had a throat.

She had a head that could feel a headache!

Hell, she even had lips that she'd managed to gasp out of, and ears that had heard that gasp of awed surprise loud and clear.

Zelena leapt to her feet - she had feet again! - and let out a joyous laugh of the upmost happiness though it was tainted with her sheer disbelief. Her green skinned hands - green skin and hands - moved to her stomach, and Zelena rejoiced when she found it to be void of a certain stab wound imposed on her by that dreadful imp.

"Ha... ahahaha!" Zelena let out a breathy laugh of stunned surprise.

For a second, the Wicked Witch of the West feared that she was having the most wonderful dream imaginable. Surely it couldn't be this easy after all. She'd never heard of someone existing without their physical body before, but if such a predicament had ever befell some poor unfortunately soul, surely time-travel hadn't been the answer to getting it back again.

After all, she was the only being alive to have ever succeeded at such a feat. That wasn't surprising though. Nobody else was as wonderfully wicked as her.

Still, just to be sure, Zelena swallowed hard, before carefully pinching her arm.

"Ouch!" she hissed, but the scowl quickly melted into a delighted grin.

Zelena had felt that small but sharp pain as clear as crystal, and in that moment, such a small but sharp pain felt nothing short of fantastic.

Her reasoning was simple. That pain meant that Zelena could feel again. It was undeniable proof that she had a physical form once more. Her body was back. And to Zelena, that in and of itself was nothing short of a miracle.

Yet despite her ecstasy, Zelena couldn't deny that suddenly having all her senses back again was a little overwhelming, even for her. Hell, it would be for anyone.

"I'm... I'm real" she whispered in awe, "I'm really real again! I exist! Oh thank Zeus I exist again... I have a body... a body that needs food and water and sleep and clothes to keep warm and hair that needs brushing and skin that needs washing and..."

Zelena swallowed hard as she realised she was babbling to herself.

She quickly became aware that it wasn't just her hands that were shaking, but her entire body was. A strained and slightly hysterical laugh that quickly turned into a sob errupted from her throat, but she didn't give a damn.

If anything, she was just grateful to have a throat for a sob to come out of.

"Oh god... oh god..." she breathed heavily.

Zelena was aware that she was starting to unravel at an alarming rate, that her mind was beginning to buckle under the strain of her recent experiences to the point where she was almost having a panic attack, but the Wicked Witch of the West simply couldn't help it.

If Zelena had thought the trauma of having her body destroyed to the point where it evaporated into nothingness right in front of her incorporeal form was something horrific, quite frankly it paled in comparison to the mind-crippling effects of suddenly having her body restored to normal and having it back again.

She felt like she was quickly spiralling out of control, her relief to be back on the physical plane of existence was so intensely overwhelming.

Not knowing what else to do, Zelena took the only action her deeply troubled mind could think to do under such bizarre and unprecedented circumstances.

She threw back her head and laughed.

After her impromptu hysterical and mildly insane laughing fit, it took nearly an hour of alternating between heavy breathing and frantic pacing for Zelena's mind to begin working its way out of its turmoil, and back to the point of focus where she could almost think clearly again.

It was a good thing too, for Zelena knew she had been on her way to a complete mental breakdown.

At one point however, the green-skinned woman had almost vomited in horror when she foolishly questioned whether or not she was actually even in her own body, or if she'd unwittingly stolen and taken over someone else's.

No body but her own was good enough for the Wicked Witch of the West after all.

Panicking, Zelena had quickly quenched her unfounded fears by cautiously touching and feeling her face and examining the emerald skin of her flesh.

Thankfully, she had quickly determined from some of the physical scars that she carried that she was definitely back in her own body again, but that realisation quickly led Zelena to a rather massive question that she was quite keen to get an answer to.

Namely... how was any of this possible?

The spell that she had crafted and cast was designed to open a portal that would transport anyone who traversed it through the fabric of time itself rather than through the barriers that separated one realm from the next.

No other spell of its kind had ever succeeded, Zelena knew that, but her spell had actually managed to open and sustain a fully-formed portal.

Zelena distinctly remembered that portal opening... twice.

But there was absolutely nothing in her spell's design that included making alterations to the physical or non-physical form of any being that crossed through the created portal, so why had it granted her her body back?

She certainly wasn't complaining, but none of it made any sense to Zelena, and that really grated on her nerves.

Why had the spell she'd dedicated years of research and careful planning and hard work to not worked to her precise desires?

It should have transported her backwards through time itself, not regressed her soul back to a point in her own personal history in which she'd existed by having a physical body and not just as a ghoulish spectre.

Zelena shook her head in confusion.

She simply wasn't coming up with any answers to her ever-growing list of questions. But she was determined to get some, and that meant that it was time for her to stop freaking out over suddenly having her wonderful body back, and time to start figuring out just what the bloody hell was going on.

The first thing that Zelena realised was that she wasn't completely sure where exactly she had emerged from the portal that may or may not have been a time portal.

The Wicked Witch of the West rectified that by quickly glancing around at her surroundings.

Her jaw dropped and her eyes widened in surprise.

Zelena had not just been dumped in some random spot in the middle of nowhere as she'd originally suspected might be the case, but she had actually emerged in a place that not only was she very familiar with, but had actually lived in before.

She was, for lack of a better word... home.

Zelena was home.

Not only was she back home in the Land of Oz, but Zelena was in the actual building where she'd built an existence for herself, a place for her reside in as she forged her magnificent time-travel spell, the place where she'd worked tirelessly to claim back the life that she deserved from her ungrateful sister.

Zelena was back in her castle in the Emerald City.

To be even more precise, she was in the exact chamber where she had first met Walsh or the Wizard of Oz as most knew him as, and where she'd also first met Glinda, only for her friend, her sister in all but blood, to eventually turn on her by choosing that wretched little farm girl over her.

Zelena clenched her teeth in frustration.

Not only was this place filled with memories tainted by lies and false hope and the sting of betrayal, but this emerald-tinted dump was most certainly not where Zelena was even meant to have ended up.

Her time portal was supposed to have transported Zelena to the Enchanted Forest at a specific moment in history when her mother had been but a young woman. That was the entire point. She was supposed to arrive somewhere in the vicinity of Prince Leopold's castle so that she could kill Princess Eva before she opened her big mouth, thus keeping her mother's secret safe and allowing her to marry Leopold, and never abandon Zelena in the woods in the process.

Erasing Regina, Snow White, Emma Swan and Henry Mills from existence would have been quite a nice little bonus for Zelena too.

So why the bloody hell had she ended up in her own castle back in Oz?

It literally made no sense at all.

Still, at least now Zelena had the answer as to where she was. That in itself was something at least. Now if she could just figure out exactly when she was...

Zelena bit her lip, lost in deep thought, as she tried to figure out a way to work out the current date from little to no information to go on. It wasn't like she was working a time-traveller's watch or something equally as ridiculous after all. So how was she going to do it?

The answer came to her in a flash.

Zelena was back in her castle in the Emerald City, in the exact chamber where she'd spent many an hour honing and practicing her sorcery. It was in this room that Zelena stored the most useful of her magical trinkets that she'd collected over the years, as well as the ones she'd taken possession of when the Wizard of Oz became her loyal pet.

And it was one such trinket that would provide her with all the answers she sought most right now.

Her magical spy-glass - a brilliant mirror that could peer into the other realms of existence, and even play back moments of the past for the present to witness, if so desired. It would be able to inform Zelena exactly where she was in the fabric of history, all it would take is a simple wave of her hand and...

Zelena froze on the spot, her eyes widening in unadulterated horror.

It would take a wave of her hand... and the use of her magic.

Her magic... which resided inside her pendant, the one that Glinda had gifted to her all those years ago. The pendant her wretched sister had defeated her with by tearing it, along with all of Zelena's superior magic, away from her.

That little bitch... she had absolutely no right at all doing that.

Zelena suddenly felt sick to her stomach. Her emerald-skinned hands flew to her throat, and she yelled out in outrage as she confirmed that awful fear she'd just allowed to bubble up inside her to be an actual reality.

Her pendant... was not around her neck.

Panic flooded her body, and once again, Zelena found it extremely difficult to breath.

"No, no, no, no!" Zelena gasped, clutching at her chest, her breathing laboured and her eyes almost bulging out of her skull in terror, "This can't be happening... THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING!"

Her screams echoed all around her chambers.

It was the very worst of Zelena's nightmares coming to life around her in an instant. For years she had prayed to every god that she knew of that she would never lose her pendant, that she would never be without it. Her magic resided inside that precious jewel, her power and all her dreams along with it.

She couldn't have lost her magic. She just couldn't have.

Damn fine Wicked Witch of the West she'd be, if she couldn't even transform her enemies into flying monkeys or any other equally degrading creatures. Without her magic, Zelena was afraid that she would finally become exactly what she'd been terrified of turning into her whole life.


When her adoptive mother had died when she was just a child, and her adoptive father let his hatred and contempt for her to be known, Zelena had always feared that she would never amount to anything beyond a woodcutter's daughter. It was that fear that her magic stemmed from, the desire to prove herself fueling it. But Zelena had always had to suppress her magic because the man she'd had the great displeasure of calling her father had despised it and everything about it.

So when Zelena had finally left and could then use her magic freely... well, it changed her.

It set her free in a way that nothing else ever had.

Now she was terrified that without her magic, she would end up back where she started. Weak and pointless. Zelena couldn't do that. She simply couldn't do it. She would quite literally rather die if given the choice.

"No... this can't be true" Zelena growled hysterically, almost insanely, to herself, "I won't let it. I WON'T LET IT!"

Her scream reverberated around her.

The whole room seemed to spin for a moment, and before Zelena could continue her furious tirade about the universe's latest injustice against her, something happened that stopped her outrage in its tracks and sent her mind reeling.

With an almighty burst of energy, a torch on the wall suddenly burst into flames.

Any words that may have been on Zelena's lips died in her throat immediately as her emerald eyes widened in awed surprised at the sight of the magical fire. Cautiously, she approached the solitary burning torch, peering intently into it.

Could that have been her?

Emotions fueled magic and the thought of losing her magic had made Zelena very emotionally back there...


That was impossible.

Not just unlikely but actually impossible. It couldn't have been Zelena that conjured those flames, because Zelena's magic resided inside her pendant. It was what made her magic so powerful, and without the pendant, she was powerless. That was what Glinda had warned her about, and Zelena knew for a fact that the Good Witch of South had not been lying to her.

Without her pendant, Zelena did not have magic.

That was a fact.

But then, where had the fire come from? Who had conjured it if not her?

Zelena frowned and pressed a hand to her forehead as she felt a migraine coming on. She truly was having one hell of a day. Between being defeated by her sister and her band of idiot hero friends, to being stabbed in a jail cell by the Dark One, to becoming a ghost that no one else could even see and hear, to falling through her magnificent time portal into what she presumed was the past, to having her body back again, and now discovering the loss of her beloved magic.

If Zelena was anyone else but the Wicked Witch of the West, she'd probably be rolling around on the ground weeping and begging for mercy by now.

As it was, she was resilient if nothing else, and right now Zelena wanted answers.

"Right... let's be logical about this" the Wicked Witch muttered to herself as she tried to puzzle her predicament out, "There's no one else but me here, so realistically, no one else but me could have lit this torch... but how? Without my pendant, my magic is null and void... so how could it have been me without magic?"

Zelena simply couldn't make heads nor tails of it.

She bit her lip as she frowned deeply, lost in troubled thoughts. It simply did not make the slightest bit of sense. Without magic, there was no way that Zelena could have lit that torch, but without her pendant that was the vessel for her magic, how could she still possess that extraordinary gift?

Was it really possible...

Zelena swallowed hard, hardly allowing herself to have hope.

Whilst there was nothing more in the whole of Oz that Zelena would love more than to still have her magic intact, if she truly did still possess her sorcery, especially whilst not wearing her beloved pendant around her neck... the ramifications of that would be... gigantic.

It would quite literally change everything for her.

Was it too much to hope for? After all, things had not been going Zelena's way as of late. Things hadn't really ever gone her way throughout the course of her entire life come to that. Was that changing? Were things about to go her way now? Could Zelena's hopelessly awful experiences of that tragic day really have led to something so much more wonderful than she could ever have dreamed of becoming reality?

If Zelena now had her magic without it being tethered into her pendant... a glorious chill ran through her at the thought. Her magic unbound would be nothing short of a total game changer.

It would quite literally allow wicked to finally win at long last.

But revelling in the maybes of this situation would do no good right now. Zelena needed to be sure before any further action could be taken. After all, the Wicked Witch of the West had never and would never allow such important matters to rest on maybes and could-bes. So swallowing nervously, Zelena raised her hand, and stared deep into the flames in the torch before her.

Focusing with every ounce of strength that she possessed, Zelena clenched her fist.

The flames were extinguished immediately.

For a split second, Zelena just stood there, gaping in shock at the now lifeless torch. She could hardly dare to believe that the miracle she had just witnessed was actually even possible. She almost forgot how to breathe even, so stunned was her mind at the reality before her.

Then it truly hit her.

A gasp of utter disbelief slipped from Zelena's lips.

It... was true. It really was true.

Her magic wasn't bound to the pendant anymore!

Oh it felt... it felt... it felt like nothing short of a blessing. Zelena threw back her head and let out a long and loud gleeful laugh of joy that anyone would be hard pressed to match in all their living days.

Zelena twirled on the spot, euphoria filling her very soul, her essence, everything.

She could scarcely believe it, and yet she could not refute the evidence right in front of her eyes. Her magic wasn't tethered to her pendant anymore, and that meant that she was truly free of its restrictions.

For a moment, the Wicked Witch of the West feared that meant that her magic was no longer as powerful as the pendant had nurtured it to be, but Zelena immediately realised that she would know if that was the case. She would be able to feel it if her magic had weakened, but that just wasn't the case.

Her magic was just as strong as ever, and it was nothing but a true miracle.

The only question was, how was this miracle possible?

It should never have been able to happen, for the price of magic in the pendant's case was the lose of the magic with the lose of the pendant, and whilst that was true back in Storybrooke, that hadn't happened to Zelena now. So why not?

And yet no sooner did the emerald skinned witch start pondering that question, did the answer come to her, quite literally as if by magic. It was the unique events of that most peculiar evening that had caused this. Events that no other sorcerer in the history of magic had any comparable situations to.

The answer was quite simple.

This untethering of Zelena's magic from the pendant was the combination of her magic being violently and unnaturally torn away from her by Regina, along with her life force fleeing from her crumbling body thanks to the Dark One Dagger, and her essence crossing through the fabric of time and space due to the opening of her time portal.

Three events that had never occurred before in history.

The forceful strain of all those unique events had caused the tether between the magic and that pendant to rupture, and cannonballing through time had shattered the tether completely. And since it was her magic that opened the time portal, it was her body that the magic chose to return to after she passed through the portal after Emma and Hook.

Zelena could scarcely believe it, but she knew it to be true.

Who ever thought that she'd actually get something so wonderfully wicked out of being robbed of her magic, murdered, and sent into the past all during the course of one dreadful evening?

At that realisation, another joyous laugh bubbled its way from Zelena's lips.

She conjured three small fireballs in the palm of one hand and tossed them, watching happily as the emerald flames danced harmlessly through the air before they disappeared as Zelena used her magic once more.

Oh... Zelena truly didn't believe she'd ever felt such euphoria as this before.

She felt like she could move every mountain in Oz right now. She could evaporate every drop of water in every single river throughout the land. Hell, her magic felt so overwhelming immense at the moment, Zelena truly believed that she could even bring this realm's moon crashing down if she so desired it.

It truly was such a wonderfully wicked feeling.

Just because she could, Zelena poofed a large cupcake into existence, iced in deliciously wicked green icing. Relishing in the fact that she had teeth that could chew and a tongue that could taste and a stomach that hadn't consumed anything in far too long, the Wicked Witch of the West began tucking into her magically summoned treat.

Between mouthfuls of delicious spongy goodness, Zelena laughed a giddy little laugh.

With her magic unbound from the tethers of her pendant, the emerald skinned witch of Oz could barely even begin to contemplate the possibilities that were open to her now. So many doors were open to her now that had been closed before because of her magic's situation. There were so many new opportunities.

Opportunites to cause an unfathomable amount of fresh suffering.

Even since Glinda had given her that pendant and warned her of the dangers, Zelena had always felt a small degree of discomfort owing to the fact that her greatest asset could also prove to be her greatest weakness one day.

A weakness she'd clumsily allowed her sister to exploit back in Storybrooke.

Zelena couldn't and wouldn't deny that she had cherished her pendant from the moment she had first received it. It had nurtured her magic until it was so far beyond the strength it could ever have hoped to have grown too naturally.

In turn, it had pushed Zelena to strive so much further than any other witch had been able to without such a miraculous force of power. She'd achieved so much because the pendant had been harnessing her magic for her. Hell, it was what enabled her to be powerful enough to banish Glinda across realms and create a time portal when no other sorcerer had even managed such a feat.

But that powerful miracle came with a steep price.

Zelena had always been terrified that some day her greatest weapon would transform into her undoing, and by the gods that fear had become reality in a way that Zelena never even saw coming. She knew that in terms of magic, she far outranked her younger sister, but the pendant itself was what allowed Regina to get the upper hand on her.

That wasn't a lucky break her sister would ever get again.

With her magic now unbound from the pendant's tethers, Zelena knew with the upmost certainty that neither Regina nor anybody else would ever get the better of her like that again.

Her magic was free, and thus so was Zelena.

Now it was time to use that magic she loved beyond anything else, and finally get the one thing Zelena craved above all.

It was time she got her revenge.

Meanwhile, far away from the Emerald City, in the furthest reaches of the northern parts of the Land of Oz, far past Gillikin Country, beyond the Forest of Gugu and the Ruby Palace of Gayelette, hidden in the depths of the valley beyond the mountains - there stood a crumbling castle; its turrets and its battlements broken and fractured long ago, buckling under the most powerful force of nature known to exist.


Time had withered this ancient castle. Strings of decaying ivy had overgrown one of the once impenetrable walls, and the fiercely defensive moat had long since dried up. Heavy cracks eroded up and down the primordial stones that were barely still clinging together. The place was nothing more than a decrepit ruin.

And yet, despite the castle's pitiful condition, to this day it still housed one occupant.

A witch.

One so immensely evil and vile that words could hardly paint an accurate picture that expressed her truly hellish nature. The darkness that resided in her heart was unnatural and overwhelming. It consumed everything in its path like molten lava.

Truly, she was the most treacherous and villainous being to ever set foot in Oz.

And yet, the woman was no ordinary witch. Her dark magic was so powerful, so well-practiced and honed into a weapon of such destructive energy, that this witch was quite possibly the only person in the entire realm of Oz that sensed exactly what had just occurred, how the impossible had actually just been achieved.

This witch... knew that the barriers of time itself... had just been broken.

She could scarcely believe it, but she knew that she was not mistaken in what she'd just sensed through her powerful magic. The witch knew that the impossible had been done. Not only that, but the witch knew exactly which individual in Oz was responsible for abusing the precious... no, the sacred gift of magic in such an audacious and offensive manner.

Outrage that she could barely even contain bubbled its way through the witch's blood, like a horrendously agonising poison mixed with deadly volcanic fire.

In an instant, the witch came to a very important decision. One with the potential to alter the course of history and the lives of generations to come. But it mattered not to this particular witch. She had no concept of mercy and she was a far-cry from a hero.

Her twisted mind was made up.

For having the outrageous nerve it took to break one of the three laws of magic, for blatantly defying the will of the gods, and for having the sheer audacity to not only open a time portal, but actually enter into said portal and traverse time itself; there was only one course of action that could be taken now.

Zelena would pay with her life for this insult.

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