Hello diary! Today is Monday so I got to go to school! School is fun! I am in grade 1. Today in class we where drawing pictures but I had no crayons but my friend shared with me. After school Kevin picked me up and we shared a ham sandwich with mustard! I think Kenny was playing with his friends again but we met him later on and he had Cheesy Poof's! I am addicted to those! He told me his friend Eric had "given" him some so we shared that as well. We didn't get home till late and mommy and daddy where asleep right in the living room again. Kenny and Kevin tucked me into bed and told me to go to sleep but after they left I grabbed you to tell the fantastic day! Goodnight diary

note: honestly I can't believe I am doing this. I must have been possessed by a demon I never intended to post a story here on fan fiction but yesterday like I said I was possessed and I did so and here I am posting a second chapter and I hope you enjoy thanks to The Next Kevin.K and beastlycharizard13 you almost make me believe I don't suck 100 % I hope I can post another chapter by Wednesday thank you all.