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A reader also once asked if I was using book or movie verse for this. If I remember right, they're both the same, one just happens before the other. I think of this whole story like a what-if, for those who read the book you know about the party Mal wasn't invited to. It was such a big event that shaped the childhoods of Mal and Evie. Fascinating how one changed event could have such big changes.


"Feeling nervous yet?" While Ben straightened his tie in the mirror, Jay came up to his side throwing an arm around the king's shoulders. The son of Jafar was in a nearly matching suit, but not quite equally made and with less colors.

It had been a bit of a surprise how easy it was to convince Jay to dress so nicely for the occasion but considering the fact he was both the best man, and the one to give the girls away, it made sense.

It saddened Ben somewhat that neither of his fiancés had someone remotely resembling a father figure, not just one that was unavailable but one in the whole world. Evie and Mal had no one. All it took was one look at Jay to smash that thought to pulp. He might as well have been their older brother, who better to do it than him?

As for the best man part... Ben didn't realize just how few real friends he had. Oh sure everyone clambered all over each other to be friends with the future king of Auradon, but how many wanted to be friends with Ben?

That was what he liked about the four from the isle. There were no masks, at least not anymore. If they accepted you as one of their own, they meant it. Who'd have thought former villain kids could be the most loyal friends a person could ask for. One of the great mysteries of life.

"Actually I feel pretty good." Ben answered taking a deep breath. It was not every day you magically bound yourself to someone for probably forever, naturally that would come with a little trepidation. But if Ben had to pick one, or two people, to be tied to, it would be his girls.

"Ha. Let's hope it stays that way." Jay smoothed out imaginary wrinkles on the arms of Ben's suit. "Eh you'll be fine your king beastliness."

Much in the way the trio had tried to hybridize their wedding with both human and fairy elements, Evie had done something similar with their wedding clothes. Each of them was represented by a color, Ben's was his family colors of blue and gold, while Evie was also Blue, but Mal was purple.

Ben's suit was the simplest of the three. One of his traditional blue suits with gold thread spun into the edges of the fabric, all hand made by Evie of course, with a purple vest and tie in the exact shade of Mal's hair.

Adding extra flair, the vest had Ben's family crest beast threaded on one side with gold while the other held a matching golden dragon. But the two animals were not roaring at each other, instead they looked almost... peaceful. Only Evie could create a picture of a happy dragon and lion using only thread.

Not for the first time Ben wondered if the queen was allowed to be the royal tailor.

The girls' dresses were another matter. Ben hadn't been allowed to see them but he somehow knew Evie was going to go all out if Mal let her. Which was a given because when Evie turned up the charm there was no force either man or fairy could muster to defeat her.

Evie was certainly going to get what Evie wanted.

"I still think we shouldn't have skipped the bachelor party." Jay scowled, lord only knows what he would have planned for such an event.

"Yeah, sorry, being king keeps me busy." Ben yet again fiddled with his tie, okay maybe he was a little nervous.

"With those two, oh you'll be busy alright."

"What was that?"

"Nothing, nothing at all. Just thinking I can skip the threatening." Jay backpedaled fast but Ben hadn't heard clearly what he said anyway.

"Threatening? What for?" Ben glanced at Jay in the mirror.

"You know the whole shovel talk thing? Don't tell me you never heard of that."

"I know what that is but why skip it?"

"Dude, one's got a deep knowledge of how to poison apples and the other is a magic packing fairy taught from the cradle how to be cruel and evil. You break either of their hearts there won't be enough left of you to stuff in a tin can." Jay explained laughing, only to stop suddenly. "But seriously, be good to them."

"I can't imagine otherwise."

That seemed to satisfy Jay. "Come on, we better be heading down. They'll be ready pretty soon."

"Quit fussing Mal, I'm just combing it." Lonnie hands weren't batted away this time, a scowling Mal allowing the comb to pass through her purple tresses.

The fairy sat there with a pouty scowl on her face that Evie couldn't help but find adorable. Her own hair was finished already and styled but a compromise with her fiancé involved Mal's not being changed in any new or, in Mal's own words, 'crazy' way.

If they weren't both getting married, Evie and Mal would have been the others maid of honor but since neither bride couldn't hold said position, it had been a bit of a problem. It was further compounded by a lack of female friends that weren't imprisoned on the isle. Naturally the brides to be had no choice but to go to the only girl they knew who might care enough.


Evie remembered quite vividly both the ear shattering squeal Lonnie had let out when asked and the bone breaking hug she gave Evie and Mal at once. Needless to say the Asian girl was ecstatic and all too happy to take the job.

"You two ready for your big day?" Lonnie finished with Mal's hair and looked over the fairy girl in the mirror.

"Absolutely." Mal answered first without the slightest hesitation. Her lips upturned in one of the biggest smiles Evie could remember seeing on her lover.

There was a time Mal's smile would be a thing of pure terror everyone on the isle was scared of. Something the promised torment and nightmares. Only Evie had ever been allowed close enough to see the deception for what it was. The real genuine smiles were reserved solely for her and her alone.

That was no longer the case. Mal wouldn't hesitate anymore to show happiness, to show how she felt. Yes, Evie was a little jealous those looks were not for her to indulge in by herself anymore but the more she thought about it the more she liked this newer Mal. Such a beautiful sight shouldn't be hid from the world.

"I bet this will shut mother up once and for all." Evie moved to stand beside her fiancé in the mirror while Lonnie moved out of the way so that the only ones in the reflection were the brides. Shifting her voice into a poor imitation of her mothers, Evie continued. "Oh Evie darling you must find you a handsome prince with a big castle."

"Yes one with so many rooms you could get lost in, with lots and lots of mirrors." Even Mal got in on it, with a impression way worse than Evie's causing all three girls to explode into fits of giggles.

"When she hears you married a king, bet she'll faint." Lonnie had never met the Evil Queen but she heard enough about her from the former villains. If all went halfway decent, she probably would never meet her.

"You beat me by one second." Mal sent a mock glare toward their maid of honor.

"Guilty as charged." Lonnie grinned with a shrug, her eyes drifting over to the nearby clock. "Almost show time, we better finish getting dressed."

Evie held a triumphant grin as she sauntered over to their closet. "I think these might be my masterpieces." Rubbing her hands together, Evie opened the doors.

Lonnie let out a low whistle. "Whoa."

Mal was struck near equally speechless. "Wow."

Looking over her shoulder, Evie revealed a smile that nearly dwarfed Mal's from moments ago. "What? It's not every day you get married to the loves of your life."

Ben had to admit, he liked Evie's idea of a wedding a lot more than he thought. Being the son of the king, and future king of Auradon, he had been made to attend more than a few weddings in his time.

They were always ostentatious affairs, everyone would show off their wealth and status to anyone willing to look. Guests from all over would be invited, the bigger the list the better you looked. Sometimes there could easily be hundreds of attendants.

Evie's was nothing like that.

For starters the amount of people actually there for the ceremony only numbered less than twenty. Every single one of them Ben recognized. Most were from school, a few teachers the girls liked as well as some of the people they had befriended during their time here in Auradon. Such as Doug, who had a seat in the front row reserved for being a close friend of Evie's.

Lonnie as the maid of honor was already in place opposite Ben.

Even Audrey of all people was there surprisingly. Considering all the bad blood between them this might have been an attempt by Evie to mend fences. It remained to be seen how successful that was going to be.

More shockingly, Ben's parents were in attendance. He would have liked them to be there but if they couldn't accept who he loved then it was their problem. His girls did tell him about Belle's visit and what she had given them. Ben hoped it meant they would be here, his mother at the very least, but he didn't expect his father. Hopefully he wouldn't cause a scene by objecting later during the ceremony itself.

The only remotely odd guest wasn't all that strange when the context was known. The lizard form of Maleficent sat in her cage in the front row, flanked on either side by members of the royal guard. Ben had to give Doug credit, he didn't seem the least perturbed by sitting so close to the mistress of all evil.

Then there were the decorations. Being the king and future queens of Auradon it would have been no shocker if Evie had gone all out with the place. Ben had seen everything short of literal gold used in the other weddings he'd been to. But did Evie do any of that? Nope. There were flower petals and bouquets of roses scattered everywhere with the occasional cluster of streamers and other things, all in the three colors of the brides and groom. Just simple things like this and nothing all that fancy.

Why weren't more weddings like this? Simple, and just all around homey?

Oh right, that's because many of the people of Auradon were stuck up princes and princesses that demanded nothing less. Heaven forbid they not be the center of attention.

It took much restraint on Ben's part not to laugh at how his own thoughts sounded so much like Mal just then. He certainly would have been laughing, if it wasn't for the fact he was standing at the altar about two minutes away from getting married. So he settled for grinning like a loon.

When the music began, Ben snapped himself back to attention and awaited his brides entrance.

And what a sight they were.

Evie and Mal both wore the same strapless long skirted dress with identical veils made of some type of see-through gold fabric. There were only two differences between them, the first being the change of color while the other was the position of the shimmering thread. Mal's was mostly purple, with swirls of blue perfectly mixed into it without standing out too much, both garments trimmed in the same shining gold much like Ben's suit. Evie's was the reverse with blue being the primary and purple the secondary. Ben couldn't tell if the fabric was actually sparkling or if it was his eyes playing tricks on him.

As Jay led the two down the aisle by the arm, Ben couldn't remember the last time he'd seen his fellow tourney teammate looking so proud.

"So, here you go." Being his standard blunt self, Jay took up his position as Ben's side.

Now that the brides and groom were all in place, Fairy Godmother stepped forward with wand in hand. "Join hands." The trio did so without missing a beat. "Dear friends and family, we have gathered here today..."

Ben wasn't listening to the elder fairy all that much. Not his fault the two most beautiful girls in the world were standing less than a foot away.

Now that they were closer, Ben noticed a few other things. Like Evie's tiara for example. Being his girlfriend, she could have had her pick of any piece of jewelry in the kingdom. But as far as she was concerned, all of that was trash compared to that plastic fake tiara Mal had gifted to her years ago.

Mal's hair and feet stood out too. The former was no different than her usual appearance, which led Ben to believe Mal must have bargained something to get out of Evie's 'beautification' as she once called it. The latter Ben could see poking out from beneath the bottom of her skirt. Instead of heels or other footwear Mal hated, she wore her boots. The sight brought a chuckle to Ben he was thankfully able to muffle.

Mal's hearing had been better than everyone else's so of course she heard him. When she glanced toward him the fairy sent a smile his way along with a mouthed 'love you'. Leaning closer to Mal, Evie did the same.

Something else that caught Ben's eye was the pattern sewed into their dresses. What from a distance looked like random shifts of color and golden lines was anything but. Not only did you have to be near to the girls, but they had to be standing as close to each other as they were now. Each dress formed part of an image but Ben couldn't see it in detail since he was standing beside the girls and not in front of them.

"Now if I'm not mistaken, the brides have something they would like to share." Fairy Godmother stepped back, motioning to Evie and Mal.

The brides hissed back and forth with hushed tones for a few heartbeats. What Ben could make out they were having trouble deciding who should do the talking.

"Ben, we lived our whole lives on the isle until a few months ago." Mal finally stepped up to speak for both. "For the longest time the Isle of the Lost was our home. But it wasn't until we came here, til you brought us here, we found our real home. We lived on the isle for sixteen years, but in these last few months with you we've lived more than we have in all of our time there." Ben didn't miss Evie whispering the words so Mal could repeat them. It did sound like something Evie would say. "What we mean to say is... we've never been as happy without you as we are with you. I love you." The last three words were spoken as one by Mal and Evie.

More than a few awws came from the crowd.

"I don't really know how to follow that." Ben chuckled nervously, a few snickers coming from the assembled people. " I guess all I can say is bringing you four here was the best thing that has ever happened to me. I can't think of anyone else I'd like to spend forever with. I love you both."

Coming back to the fore, Fairy Godmother moved on with the ceremony. "Do you, Evie, take these two to have and to hold, to love in sickness and health, through the highest of highs and lowest of lows, until the end of time?"

"I do." Evie was almost on the brink of tears as she delivered her response.

Fairy Godmother repeated herself two more times, once for Mal and Ben each. Their reply was just as sudden as Evie's.

"Then by the power vested in me, I now pronounce you man and wives." Fairy Godmother tapped each of them on the head once with her wand, a faint shower of sparks covering each in turn. As soon as they were gone, Evie and Mal's respective veils lifted by themselves.

The moment the lights vanished, Ben felt... something. It was a strange sensation he hadn't felt before but could now. Whatever it was allowed him to know Evie was about three seconds away from fainting if somebody didn't stop her. Not only did he manage to catch her, but Mal had moved to do the same at the exact same time, as if she knew too.

Most of the room exploded into cheers and applause as the trio shared their first kisses as husband and wives.

While the wedding itself was private, the reception was much more open to the public. So far it wasn't being an issue. Although the brides were former villains, the groom was king. Whether it was out of respect for the wedding day or the king, or maybe even fear of Mal's retribution, no one disrupted the party.

The groom and brides had a bit of time before the first dance of the night, so they took to greeting the guests and visitors who hadn't been invited to the wedding itself.

"Evie darling!" Of all things Evie expected that night, Snow White coming up to her was not one of them.

Truth be told, Evie was so excited about the whole day, the possibility of Snow White coming hadn't even entered her mind. There was always a mild worry about encountering her step-sister whenever she was Ben's date to royal parties, but ever since the first one she'd slowly stopped thinking so much about it.

All the worry and anxiety came rushing back with the fury of an avalanche.

The closer Snow White got, the more panicked Evie became. Ben and Mal were nowhere to be found, she was on her own. If Snow White attacked her she didn't know what she'd...

Whatever thought process Evie had, that was still functioning, short-circuited when her step-sister stopped before her and kissed her on both cheeks. Gently gripping both of her shoulders in her hands, Snow White looked at her up and down. "My how you've grown! You make such a beautiful bride."

"Wha... but... you..." Evie stammered in a pathetic attempt to form coherent thoughts, let alone words. Why was Snow White being so nice to her? As far as Evie knew they were supposed to hate each other, but Evie always found it difficult to hate someone she'd never met. Didn't help that Evil Queen was the only person who ever talked about the princess.

"Something wrong Evie?" Snow White asked curiously.

"What are you doing here?" Evie at last managed to blurt out, only to mentally kick herself immediately after for sounding so rude.

"Why here for my sister's big day." Snow White smiled. "I'm sorry I missed the first part, I arrived late."

"I didn't even know you got an invitation." Evie thought she knew everyone who was coming. But it was Mal who...


"Don't get too mad at her." Snow White either read minds, or had a spot-on inkling of what Evie was thinking. "I may have been a bit... persistent in my attempt to finally get to meet you in person."

That last part stood out to Evie. Her step-sister shouldn't have even known about her existence. "In person?"

Snow White's smile fell a little as she opened her handbag and rummaged around until she pulled out a photo. It was old, well worn, but someone had taken great pains to preserve it. It was obvious from the creases that it had been folded and unfolded many times over its life.

"That's..." Evie's voice hitched when she saw the picture.

A baby lay snuggled in a crib, wrapped in a blanket covered with designs of red apples. The crib itself was made to look like the infant was sleeping in the courtyard of a large castle. Evie had seen this particular one many times before. Back on the Isle of the Lost it still sat in a storage room of Evie's previous home.

"I got this in the mail over sixteen years ago." Snow White's gaze had yet to lift from the image. "I think our mother was trying to rub it in my face she had a daughter who was 'the fairest in all the land'."

Hearing the 'magic mirror voice from Snow White of all people was too much. Evie burst into giggles, Snow White even joining in. "Don't tell me she still does that."

"All the time." It was amazing how a common joke could lighten Evie's mood considerably. "Every day."

Folding up Evie's baby picture with loving care, Snow White returned it to her handbag. "I keep this with me everywhere I go, in the hopes that one day I'd get to meet my long lost sister. I tried before but never got anywhere."

"What do you mean?"

"I... petitioned King Adam and the council to take you from the isle." Snow White sounded almost ashamed. "I know it would mean taking you from your mother, but I also know how horrible it was there. Most here would like to just look away and pretend it didn't exist, not me. Not when my own sister is trapped there for a crime committed before she was born." While she sounded guilty before, the turned to rage the more she spoke. "No child should be punished for the sins of their parents."

"I think Ben agrees with you." Evie supplied.

"Indeed he does, it wasn't until he was about to be king anyone was willing to do anything. For sixteen years I was ignored and brushed off, and Ben managed it in one day." Snow White laughed softly. "But I don't care, you're here, and that's what matters."

"If they had taken me from the isle... what would you have done?" Evie had a feeling she knew what the older woman was going to say. But it would feel all the better to hear it.

"I would have raised you myself to be what you've always been to me, my baby sister."

Evie's hand's flew up to cover her mouth to hide her gasp. It felt a lot better than she thought to hear it. Now at an utter loss for words, Evie did the only thing she could think of.

She hugged her sister.

Snow White was a little surprised to say the least, but it didn't take her long to return the embrace. From over Snow White's shoulder, Evie caught sight of Ben whom had been watching the entire time.

The unspoken question was written all over his face. 'Everything okay?'

Evie smiled and nodded, her own response just as plain. 'Everything's perfect.'

Trusting in his wife's judgment, he offered her an encouraging thumbs up before vanishing back into the crowd.

"You know..." Evie began, the two sisters separating. "I'm glad you failed." At Snow White's bewilderment, Evie finished. "If you hadn't, I'd never have met the loves of my life."

Snow White laughed. "True, that's why I consider Evil Queen to still be my mother. I'd have never met my own loves without her."

At Snow White's motioning, Evie followed the direction to see several of the dwarves standing on the other side of the room. It was impossible to tell which from the distance but whichever they were waved at the pair, each trying to out wave the others.

At Evie's look, Snow White shrugged. "The heart wants what the heart wants."

It didn't take long for the dwarves to degenerate into a halfhearted wrestling match for what Evie assumed was the attention of Snow White.

Seeing this, Snow White rolled her eyes, lips already formed into a warm smile. "Looks like I'm on damage control again. I better go get my boys."

"Can we... talk more later?"

"Of course dear." Snow White gave her a final kiss on the forehead. "Now go enjoy your special day. I won't be far."

Watching Snow White go, Evie's brain was still trying to play catch-up when she was startled by a voice behind her. "Huh, I think that went a lot better than I thought it would."

Evie turned to find Mal, with the biggest triumphant grin she'd ever seen on the girl. "Did you have something to do with this M?"

Mal was about to answer but before she could the announcer came on the speaker to let everyone know it was time for the first dance of the night.

The fairy could always be interrogated later, first things first Evie had a debt to collect on.

"Remember, we had a deal M." Evie gently pushed her wife toward the dance floor with Ben. "No cheating."

"Yeah yeah." Mal grumbled taking Ben by the hand and jerking him along. It was almost humorous watching someone of Mal's size nearly dragging along an enhanced strength Ben.

Prior to the wedding when they were planning the reception, the girls agreed Mal and Ben would get to do the bridal dance first. Next would be Ben and Evie, followed by the girls.

It was a little disappointing for Evie not to get to tinker with Mal's hair or shoes for the occasion but it was a necessary sacrifice for what she was going to get out of it. One might call it a wedding present to herself and Ben.

Evie giggled at Ben's caught off guard reaction when Mal stepped into place to lead their dance. Ever the quick study, Ben looked foolish for only a second or two before matching his movements to Mal's. It was far from the first time Ben and Mal had danced together, but he had never experienced it like this. Starting Ben out with a fast one might have been a bit much but he recovered quickly enough.

Dancing was something Mal never liked all that much, if it hadn't been for the sake of making Evie happy, perhaps a desire to impress her may have contributed too, back on the isle she never would have learned it at all.

The deal between the girls had been simple, in exchange for hair and foot freedom, Mal wasn't allowed to hold back and just shuffle through the night. Oh no, she had to go all out on the dance floor. As Ben was learning the hard way, Mal was every bit as good a dancer as Evie was. She was taught by Evie herself after all, and Mal wasn't one to go half measures when it came to making someone she loved happy

The twinge of jealousy, despite Evie's attempts, could not be fully suppressed. Watching the newlywed pair moving and spin about the dance floor made Evie feel uneasy. A tiny voice in the back of her mind regularly popped up to remind her they didn't actually need her.

Before their marriage ceremony, Evie would have to clench her jaw and try her best to ignore it. But now, something had changed. Ever since she began to get a strange feeling at times like this. Watching Ben and Mal dance, Evie could somehow feel their happiness. At the same time it felt off. As if they were indeed happy, but it didn't feel right.

The song ended and the duo ended with Mal dipped low to the floor, Ben's strength easily holding her . After a performance like that, Evie found herself clapping in tandem with the gathered crowd. She'd certainly taught Mal well.

Now that it was Evie's turn, she moved out to meet them half way.

"Can I have this dance milady?" Ben held a hand outstretched for Evie to take. When she did, there was the briefest of moments when she and Mal switched places that the girls brushed up against each other. The emotions radiated off the other two in waves, waves Evie could feel. Right here and now, that hollow feeling she was getting a short time ago was gone. But when they moved away from Mal it came right back, and grew stronger the further away they went from their fairy.

They all knew they would be magically bonded, but Evie wondered if any of them actually knew how deep that connection was. How long would it last? What else could be felt from each other? All these questions slipped from Evie's mind as Ben launched her into a twirl.

Evie was already having so much fun she was losing track of time. Her and Ben's song seemed like it had only just started but was coming to a close.

"I think someone's getting excited." Ben whispered into Evie's ear when their steps brought them closer. At Evie's puzzled look, Ben motioned behind him to Mal. The fairy was drumming her fingers impatiently and was having a difficult time standing still.

Evie already knew all the visual clues from years of knowing Mal, but she didn't need to see her to know it anymore. "Can you..."

Ben nodded. "Feel it? Yeah, definitely new. She's not the only eager one."

The flush was upon Evie before she knew it. Ben was great, there was no denying that, but it was this part Evie was most looking forward to. No matter how either girl felt about Ben, their relationship with each other was still older and came before him.

"If she has to wait any longer, she'll be running over here." Ben grinned, already having noticed Mal's approach. Ben knew how the girls felt about this, he had to. If it wasn't obvious before, with their bond it was now.

Once Mal had arrived, Ben instantly stepped aside motioning for her to take his place. Before having met him, Evie didn't think someone besides Mal could be so understanding. It made Evie love him all the more.

The girls stepped closer as the song began, a slow one this time. Neither wasted any time in wrapping their arms around the others neck in a loose, yet intimate hold.

Evie was still surprised she'd been able to get this exact one. She owed Doug big time for helping to track it down. Ever since she'd added it to the list, Evie had pondered if Mal would recognize it.

One look from Mal, and Evie knew her fairy did.

"Really E?" Mal smirked, leaning in so that their foreheads could touch as they swayed back and forth. The only reason they hadn't completely forgotten the rest of the world was because they were a third short of a whole.

Evie shrugged, lips turned into a grin that mirrored Mal's. "I'm surprised you remember. It was a long time ago."

Mal scoffed. "As if I'd forget the first song we slow danced to. Nice surprise by the way."

"Did you ever think we'd get here Mal?" It was fairly rare occurrence for Evie to use her lover's full name.

"I never cared. Married or not, you're my Evie. All of this." Mal motioned to the room around them with her head. "Means nothing. I didn't need to make it official to the world. I know I have your heart, and you have mine. Always have, always will."

All Evie had in response to that was a wide eyed look. Mal was a person who preferred to let her actions do the talking for her. They'd said their 'I love yous' many times but hearing Mal say so much at once made Evie's heart skip a beat.

"But..." Apparently Mal wasn't quite finished. "I think a certain somebody managed to snag a piece of us both somehow."

Following Mal's gaze led to Ben standing at the edge of the dance floor. Jay at his side with an arm around the young king's shoulders. On the other side of Ben was Carlos, all three laughing at something Jay said.

"Our little family." Evie cooed.

"I don't know about you, but I couldn't ask for more." Mal agreed.

Hard to believe they would be queens in less than a month or so, but Evie would never stop being Mal's princess. Speaking of queens and princesses...

"Snow White?" Evie raised a neatly trimmed eyebrow. "When did that happen?"

It was Mal's turn to blush and look embarrassed. A rare feat to accomplish against the girl. "She actually came to me first. Snow wanted to know everything about you, I never imagined one of the prissy princesses of Auradon begging me but she did."

"So you sent her an invitation?"

"I did." Mal wasn't at all apologetic, a little guilty for going behind Evie's back somewhat, but she wasn't sorry. She and Snow White must have been communicating a lot more than Evie thought. If the fairy had even an inkling Show White's intentions were anything less than pure, she would have slammed the door in her face faster than Evie could say 'fire away'. Mal's protectiveness was the stuff of legends, and some peoples nightmares.

Like the time Chad was nearly turned into a toad. He had been uncharacteristically wise to avoid the reception entirely. Too bad, it would have been awesome to watch Ben literally throw him out of the party.

"Well thank you M." Evie gave Mal a slight peck on the lips.

Worry twisted in Evie's insides when Mal didn't respond. She still moved with the music but her eyes were blank. "Is that it?"


Mal's face contorted into a devious expression. The exact one that made many flee in terror back on the isle. But to Evie it meant she had no idea what the girl was about to do next. That could be bad or good.

"M what are..." Evie's question was muffled by the press of Mal's soft lips to her own. One touch, that was all it took to scramble Evie's brain yet again. It took all her concentration to keep moving to the rhythm and not collapse into Mal's arms right then and there.

The song came to an end just as Mal pulled away for oxygen. A wicked smile gracing her lips. "Never going to get tired of that."

"W... wow..." Evie was completely floored by a single kiss. Was Mal's kisses naturally that amazing or was she using magic somehow? Eh who cares, they were for her and Ben alone.

The night continued on, all the while Evie watched the two people who had become her husband and wife. What had she ever done to deserve these two wonderful people?

"Is it strawberry?" Mal piped up with near childlike glee when it came time to cut the cake.

A laughing Ben had to pick her up beneath the arms and set her off to the side so they had room to actually do the cutting. "Yes of course we got strawberry. Wouldn't dream of getting anything else."

Good thing too, Mal's love of strawberries nearly equaled her protective instincts. As funny as it would have been, Evie would prefer Ben not to have to dodge spells flung by Mal during their wedding night.

"Oh Evie dear." Mal's voice sounded so sweet it could give someone a toothache. That really should have set off warning alarms in her head but Evie had been distracted.

Evie turned her head back to her wife just in time to take a small slice of cake to the face.

Mal howled in laughter but it became her turn to make a tactical error by thinking her wife wouldn't shoot back. Evie retaliated with a cake slam of her own to the fairy's face.

Ben no doubt tried with all he had to resist, but inevitably the chuckle got through to be heard by both girls who turned glares on him in perfect unison.

"Hey wai..." Ben never had a hope of talking his way out before Evie and Mal landed simultaneous frosting covered blows on their husband.

More than a few looked upon them like they were crazy but Carlos and Jay were both laughing so hard they were doubled over holding on to each other.

Were it under any other circumstances, Evie would be appalled at her makeup being ruined or her dress getting a smidge bit of cake on it. But Evie was still riding the mother of all happiness highs and couldn't care less.

Once they were cleaned up and Evie's makeup restored somewhat, they were about to return to their reception when Ben stopped them. "Hey can you guys stand right here for a second?"

Evie grinned and did what she was asked. It took him long enough to see it, Mal hadn't even noticed it yet. This had been her favorite part of making their wedding clothes. The casualties of her seamstress work were higher than Evie would have liked, but she knew Belle wouldn't mind once she saw the final product.

Ben had them move so that they stood side by side, hips touching. Only then did the full image on their dresses become visible. The largest part was the silhouette of an enormous dragon on its side seemingly asleep. Beside the dragon were two more silhouettes, one of a beast like creature and the third a person. The dragon lay with its tail curled around the two while the person lay between both fearsome creatures completely at ease.

"It's us." Evie explained as Ben brought them to a mirror so Mal could see it too. Fairy and king were each speechless. But words were not needed, not anymore.

Evie made dresses that were incomplete without the other. They may look spectacular, but each was still incomplete without the other dress. A perfect symbolic representation of the two girls themselves. You could not have one unless the other was there too. And that was exactly what they were, a package deal.

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