Shuckle Master here. Sorry for the hiatus, but I decided to take a break over the summer. Next chapter of Chronicles of Red should be out next week, but now it's time to finally start the First chapter of the collaboration series between me and Diamond Toxic. Welcome to the first chapter of Total Pokkemon Island!

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A small cream colored fox like Pokemon with orange V shaped ears looks at the camera, grinning and making a victory symbol with his paws.

"Hello viewers, I'm Victini, the host with the most, and I welcome to Total Pokkemon Island!" He gestures to the beautiful wildlife around him, a small dock off to his left being the only sign of unnatural development.
"This is the Secret Skerry, an Island about five miles east of the one where our competition will take place."

He made his way to the dock, as he spoke, gesticulating with his hands. "This reality show is the best of its time. Thirty six Pokemon will soon be arriving to compete for one million Pokedollars in the most HEART THROBBING, MOST DRAMATIC, and MOST DANGEROUS COMPETITION EVER...since Total Pokemon Is-I MEAN SURVIVOR!"

He coughed, quickly regaining his composure. "Ahem. Well uh...let's meet the competitors, shall we?"

He then looked out to the distant sea ahead, and didn't have to wait long. Off on the horizon, a wailmer was slowly making its way to the pier, a Pokemon sitting on it's back. Once it arrived, the Pokemon hopped off, suitcases in her hands. She had a small body and the back of it was covered in thick, white, cotton like fur. She also had large, orange eyes, along with two, small distinctive horns that were curled up.

"Hello! It's great to meet you, I've been waiting to compete in a reality contest for like, ever! I'm Whimsicott by the way!"

Victini smiled, shaking her hand. "It's a pleasure to meet you too. Hopefully you think the same way after the first challenge."

"Uh… like, what does that mean, exactly?"

"All in good time, my dear vict- I mean competitor, all in good time. Now hang tight, the others should be arriving at any minute."

This was proven true when the next water Pokemon shortly arrived, a Mantine. Four pokemon were on its back, and when it arrived, they quickly shoved each other to get off as fast as possible. One of them shouted loudly as they tumbled into the water.

Once they got back up, a small, black, fox like Pokemon shoved the pokemon in front of it, a white chinchilla with a long tail.

"I'm Zorua, and I'm here for my million Pokedollars! Stay out of my way if you want to survive even remotely far into this game." She confidently stated as she walked to where Whismicott was standing without another word, slapping Victini's hand away when he attempted to greet her.

Victini muttered a four letter word under his breath as the Pokemon Zorua shoved away made their way to the others.

"Hi, I'm Miccinio, and I'm honored to be selected as a competitor for your show. I'm a big fan of the original reality show, so when I heard there was going to be a spinoff I-"

Vicitni immediately covered her mouth, preventing her from saying anything else.

"There are two words I despise. Original, and spinoff. If you say either of those two words in the same sentence again, it's automatic elimination for you. Now go stand by the others."

Micinnio nodded as she did so, looking shaken, as the next Pokemon approached Victini. His body was grey, and he seemed to resemble an elephant. He had a big, black helmet on his head that seemed to fit him perfectly. He tucked his body and rolled up down the dock, landing perfectly in front of Victini.

"Alas, my journey is complete. I am ready to compete in the legendary Total Pokemon island. I am sir Donphan, and I will complete the quest to defeat-"

"THIS ISN'T TOTAL POKEMON FREAKING ISLAND. ITS TOTAL POKKEMON ISLAND. DID YOU MISS THE K!? RRRGHH!" He sighed, rubbing his face as he calmed himself down. "Just...just go stand by the others."

Donphan did so, looking even more shaken than Miccinio did. At the same time, a small brown, furry Pokemon gasped as he burst out of the water, breathing heavily.

"Whoooey! That was intense. Nice t' meet ya all. I'm Bidoof, and I reckon I'm mighty lucky to get on your show."

Victini shook the wet Pokemon's paw, leading him to the other three competitors. Miccinio, Whismitcott, and Donphan happily greeted him, while Zorua reluctantly did so . As they shook hands(or paws), the next water Pokemon arrived, a Whiscash with two competitors on his back.

A blue anubis like Pokemon with pointy ears and dreadlocks flipped overboard perfectly, while a Pokemon with orange skin and a hoodie slid off, a cigarette in his mouth.

The blue Pokemon shook Victini's hand enthusiastically. "I'm Lucario,and it is great to finally meet you Victini. I plan to win with integrity and skill."

"Who says you'll win?" Asked Zorua, her eyebrow raised.

"Well, I'll do my best!" Lucario said brightly as she stood next to Minccino. The hooded pokemon just scoffed as she left.

"Integrity and skill will only get you so far in a game like this" the hooded pokemon stated as he tossed his cigarette into the ocean. "The name's Scrafty, and just to let you know, I know how to REALLY play this game." With a smirk, he made his way to the others, making sure to stay a few feet from them.

Victini coughed. "Uh yeah, okay. The next few competitors are arriving!" He announced.

Two Pokemon, a Milotic and a Gyarados arrived, both carrying four Pokemon on their backs. A small orange and black Pokemon jumped off the Milotic and somersaulted onto the dock. He rose, dusting himself off.

Upon closer inspection, he resembled a pig, wearing a fedora hat. He had a very smug expression on his face.

"G'day mates. Nice t'a be out here in the wild. I always do me best in more natural surrondin's." He spoke with a thick australian accent.

As he shook Victini's hand, Zorua rolled her eyes. "Well, that makes one of us, I hate the outdoors. I've been bitten by like, eight different bugs while I've been here."

Tepig smirked. "Oh now would ya look at that. A sheila who complains a lot. That's new. Believe me, if I had wanted a bitch, I'd have bought me a Growlithe along for th' ride."

Some pokemon began to smirk and laugh as Zorua seethed in anger. Mincinnio was one of the few who didn't, and Tepig glanced at her slightly. As they settled down, two Pokemon rolled around on the ground, one having tackled another overboard.

"Ahh! Let me go! I told you I'm not a gem!"

"Aww come on man, just one lick and I promise I'll let you go! Pleeaasee?"

"Creepy much?" Mincinno shuddered as the rest of the Pokemon watched the scene.

"Alright, that's enough." Said a third Pokemon, a blue, muscle bound Pokemon with orange gills on his cheeks and who a resembled a huge mudfish jumped onto the dock with a loud thump. He grabbed the two Pokemon in each hand, quickly separating them.

One of the two, a purple, thin Pokemon with gemstone like eyes muttered as he broke out of the blue Pokemon's grip and stalked over to Victini, muttering something about diamonds under his breath. Victini gave him a hesitant smile.

"Uh...hey there. You good?"

"I'm Sabeleye. I need to find out what type of gem that fellow over there is. It could be a new species." The purple pokemon quickly chattered randomly, a dark smile on his face.

"Uh yeah okay….just for now sit by the other competitors okay?"

As soon as Sabeleye arrived, he found all the competiors had edged as far away from him as possible.


"Thank you so much for rescuing me. I REALLY didn't want to be licked by that guy." The other Pokemon, who resembled a rock covered in bright blue crystals stated as he shuddered. "I'm Carbink." He said, turning his attention to Victini.

"Swampert. It is an honor to be a competitor in this show." The mudfish said with a bow. Victini smiled at them and ushered them to join the other competitors.

"By the way?" Said another buff Pokemon who looked even fitter then Swampert. He had purple skin and was clad in only speedo with a belt, as he hopped off his ride. "I totally could have done that too. I just, you know, wasn't in the mood to be bit or something."

"Yeah right. Though I'm impressed. I'd of thought you were too stupid to string together a sentence." Another Pokemon said this with a dry voice. He resembled a cicada and moved extremely quickly with his beating wings.

"Hey! Said the purple Pokemon as he tried to grab him, but the bug moved too quickly. "Yeah, as if you could even come close to even touching me. Ninjask, by the way."

Victini snickered as he gave Ninjask a high five. The purple Pokemon stomped over, hastily shaking the host' hand.

"I'm Machoke, and I'm the toughest Pokemon you'll ever meet." he said with a cocky smile on his face, flexing his muscles. "I play varsity in sports that don't even have names!"

Victini chuckled. "Well with that level of threat on your back, we'll see how far you get. Now why don't you go stand with the others."

Machoke scoffed and stomped over to where Swampert was now sitting and meditating. He tried to get his attention, but Swampert was too focused on his training.

The final two Pokemon jumped off their respective water types, waving them off. A chubby, bear like Pokemon tottered to Victini and shook his hand.

"I'm Munchlax, and it's great to finally be here. there anything to eat? I'm hella hungry."

Victini slapped his face. "I thought I TOLD you interns that you couldn't use a Pokemon who's obsessed with eating! It's like you WANT lawsuits!?"

Munchlax huffed, looking offended. "Hey! I'm not just some bottomless stomach stereotype! I like food, but I like GOOD food. I'm a food critic, who enjoys the art of eatery and cooking!"

"Did someone say art? Because if so, you have caught my attention." A Pokemon that looked like a beagle stepped down, his tail looked like a paint brush. He spoke with a light french accent.

"I am known as Smeargle. I'm an artist. However I've been very unmotivated for a while now. I thought coming here might help give me inspiration." The beagle like pokemon stated as he shook Victini's hand and walked over to the others.

Victini smirked as he watched the two normal types leave. He then turned to the camera.

"They have no idea what they'll be getting into" the victory pokemon stated as a Jellicent made it's way to the docks, another small fox like pokemon on its giant head. However, unlike Zoura, this one had pointy ears and grey fur.

The pokemon made it's way off the Jelecent's head, taking extreme caution when getting on the docks. She slowly made her way to Victini, carefully eyeing her surroundings.

"Eevee, nice to see that you were able to make it" Victini stated, causing the fox pokemon to jump a little.

"H-hi. T-thanks for t-the w-welcome." She stuttered, not looking at the host in front of her. She timidly made her way to the other competitors.

"Hey, you alright? You look like you've seen a ghost!" Lucario said kindly.

"I'm f-fine. I just get nervous r-really easily. Nice to meet you."

Lucario's reply was drowned out by the loud noise of a boat horn. A ship that looked like it was bigger than most cruises docked."

Victini hissed at an intern. "I told you we can't afford boats like that. This better be the last of them though." However, only a single Pokemon left the huge boat. He was small and looked like a frog, with a bulb on his back.

"Thanks Arthur! I should be good from here. Just toss me my bags."

The other Pokemon gasped at the twenty something bags that were thrown overboard onto the dock. The captain (a Watchog) gave the green Pokemon a salute and took off.

The green pokemon then made its way to the host.

"Sup, I'm Bulbasaur and I'll be the one to win this thing." the green Pokemon explained as the others rolled their eyes.

Ninjask snorted. "Great, just what we need. An even fatter cat."

"Only two Water Pokemon left!" Victini announced. As a Lapras swam into view.

Four Pokemon hopped of its back, greeting the host. The first resembled a green pokemon that looked like a gecko. She smiled at the now large cast assembling at the dock. She then turned her attention to the natural surroundings.

"Clear water, clean beaches, and most of the flora is growing strong. I think I'm going to like it here" she said before making her way to the host.

"Hi, I'm Grovyle and I'm really excited to see what this island has to offer!"

Victini smiled at her before telling her to wait by the others. "Wait 'til she finds out that this isn't the island they'll be staying at." he said with a smug look as a red rabbit like pokemon with cheeks that resemble plus signs jumped off the Lapras.

"Woohoo! I'm finally here! This trip is going to be awesome!" Victini tried to shake her hand, but the pokemon pulled him in a tight hug, before running off to the other competitors, squealing.

"Uh...this is Plusle…" said Victini, clearly shaken. Plusle happily ran towards Munchlax, happily jumping and hugging him in joy. Munchlax blushed a little.

When the next Pokemon walked down the dock, all the male competitors couldn't help but stare. A tall, rabbit-like Pokemon stepped off the Lapras and smirked at the men's reaction. Ninjask grinned at Donphan, and Machoke immediately began flexing his muscles. Scrafty wolf whistled as Bidoof started to drool as she shook Victini's hand. "I'm Lopunny, and it's great to meet you all!"

As she walked next to Tepig, he grinned. "Now aren't you a pretty sight."

Lopunny rolled her eyes. "Not interested, Krookodile Dundee."

Tepig's eyes widened in mock surprise. "Oh, sorry sheila, did you think I was talkin' about you? No it's that rock over there behind you. Really good placement if you ask me."

Minccino giggled. Tepig immediately gave her a wink, but she suddenly turned away, no longer laughing.

The last Pokemon had black fur, with intelligent red eyes and rings around her ears, tail, legs. As she walked past Victini, she muttered. "Umbreon." and went off to the other side, sitting far from the other competitors. Right after her "greeting," a pokemon with white and green skin, and two tonfa like arms with extendable blades. An eye patch covered his left eye, but it wasn't enough to cover the scar that streaked down his face.

"Gallade! What's up man" Victini stated at the bladed pokemon walked towards the docks. However, unlike the others, he didn't even acknowledge the victory pokemon. He instead made his way to the very end of the docks, putting as much distance between him and the others as possible, and leaving him at the opposite side of Umbreon.

"Yea, he doesn't talk much" Loponny stated. "I tried to get him to talk, but he wouldn't even acknowledge me. Umbreon wasn't much better, in that regard."

Victini shrugged his shoulders. "Ok then...well it looks like the last water Pokemon is here!" A huge Wailord arrived, carrying a sizable amount of competitors on its back. A blue frog with a bubbled back flipped off first, shaking Victini's hand quickly.

"I'm frogadier. Its awesome to be here. I signed up as uh...supervision and a lifeguard."

Victini arched a brow. "Then why the hell didn't you come with the other interns?"

"'s a paying job sir. And I wanted to meet the competitors, you see. So-"

"I don't care. Just go over to where the other intern scrubs are mucking around and avoiding work."

Frogadier shrugged. "Whatever you say, boss."

Victini's eyes narrowed. "Are you giving me lip?"

"No I'm just-"


Victini grumbled. "Fine, fine. Whatever, get down here."

The Pokemon who yelled now scuttled down off the Wailord's back. He looked like a red hermit crab, but with a large mushroom on his back. His eyes were a blank white.

"Thank you. If you had talked any longer, you would have cut into my introduction. My name is Parasect."

Victini rolled his eyes. "Whatever pal. Just go sit with the others."

As Parasect did so, a monkey with a white tuft of fur on his chest and a large flame on the top of his head ran at top speeds down the dock, doing various tricks like cartwheels and handsprings. Lopunny nodded, impressed.

Finally he landed in front of Victini, shaking his hand hard. "Hi I'm Infernape, and I'm here to win!"

Victini smirked. "In enthusiasm, you've already won. Now go chill out with the others." Infernape whooped as he did so, showing off a few more tricks.

A few seconds later, a pinkish Pokemon happily jumped off the boat. She had big, beady blue eyes, and a big, white rabbit's tail.

"Hi everyone, I'm Audino." the pink pokemon said. "I really hope we can all be good friends." With that, she calmly made her way to the docks, where Plusle immediately greeted her, before waving to Scrafty. Scrafty simply scoffed.

Literally a second after Audino's greeting, a yellow pokemon who resembled a humanoid shaved rammish/ sheepish thing with a red orb on both its tail and the top of his head fell off the whale like pokemon.

"Uh...are you ok?" Asked Victini as he ran over to help. The yellow pokemon burst out of the water, gasping. He rose, shaking off water droplets, before shaking Victini's hand.

"Hey, I'm Ampharos and I-oh no sorry!"

The static in Ampharos' hands zapped Victini, who hissed in pain. Victini shuddered. "Its...fine. Just go...sit with the others."

When Ampharos arrived, the only one willing to shake his hand was Swampert.

A few seconds later, ANOTHER fox like pokemon jumped off the Wailord's back. However, this one was standing on two legs instead of four, had red fur, and a big white tale with a stick in it.

"Yo! Name's Braxien" she stated as she shook the victory pokemon's hand.

"Nice to meet you two. Now go stand with the others. We don't got all day." With that, Braxian made her way to the she did, she smirked, taking out the stick from her tail, and tapped it against a tree. It caught fire, and began to spread quickly. Almost everyone gasped as Braxien laughed. "That's what'll happen to whoever stands in my way."

Frogadier immediately sprung into action, putting out the fire with a blast of water. Grovyle immediately tackled and wrestled Braxien to the ground.

"You do not TOUCH nature like that again!" Grovyle growled. Braxien blanched at the look on her face. "Alright alright I get it. Sheesh. I was just trying to send a message."

"You're going to have to do better than that" Zoura stated, in which scrafty nodded as Grovyle relentlessly helped Braxien to her feet.

Tepig grinned. "Hate to agree with Ms. Sociopath over here, but the only message you sent was not t' mess with green thumb."

Braxien and Grovyle flushed as they got back into place as Zorua gave Tepig an angry look.

During the commotion, another Pokemon stepped down the dock, carrying another in his hand. Closer inspection showed that he was a big, yellow pokemon with lightning bolt patterns around his body. He also had two, big wire like tentacles that was connected to his bottom. Some of the smaller Pokemon stepped back.

"Electivire! Glad to see you could come" Victini said. However, Electivire grunted and turned his gaze to the others.

"I'm only going to say this once… mess with me and I will hurt you" Electivire stated. Some pokemon gulped while others just rolled their eyes.

A short time later, the almost full cast heard a giant thud on the sidewalk. Another pokemon fell off the whale Pokemon. However, this time it was pink, looked squishy, and had a dopey expression on it's face.

"Uh… are you ok slowpoke?" Victini asked.

"YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWN" Slowpoke responded. "I was having the most wonderful nap, until now."

Electivire grumbled. "I could already tell that little shit is going to be useless. He better not be on my team."

Slowpoke slowly made his way to the end of the dock, followed by a grumpy Electivire.

A second later, a brownish-yellowish Pokemon jum ped onto the dock. This pokemon had a strong resemblance to a dragon and had two, giant, ax like tusks. He looked at everyone menacingly.

Then he waved, smiling happily.

"Hey guys!

"Haxorus my man! What is up?" Victini asked.

"I'm great! Everyone here is so nice! Well Electivire told me to drop dead, but still!" Haxorus stated,chuckling.

Victini gave him a high five. "Sweet, I like you. You remind me of someone...I just can't think of who…"

"Oh I know!" Exclaimed Infernape. "Its gotta be-"

"SHHHH!" Micinnio, Whismicott, and Donphan all said, gesturing for Infernape to stop talking. Infernape faltered, giving them a questioning look.

Victini, luckily, was distracted by this, instead noticing the last Pokemon still struggling to get off the Wailord.

" okay up there?"

A small turtle like Pokemon in a red shell, yellow arms and legs sticking out of the many holes. His head was popped out of the front hole, clearly strained with effort as he slowly pulled a purple wagon behind him. "I'm fine! Just uh...I'm slow."

"I'll help!" Shouted Haxorus, running back atop of the Wailord and putting the red pokemon inside the wagon. With an effort, Haxorus lifted it and carried it on the dock.

"Uh...thank you! I'm Shuckle!" He said to Victini. Victini, however glared at Shuckle's wagon.

"That wagon isn't allowed. It's too much like….HIS."

Shuckle laughed nervously. "Um….who's?"

"Our host is feeling a little cranky about Total Pokemon Island, and how this show seems to be a complete rip off." Ninjask snickered.

Victini seethed. "Shut up, Ninjask!"

Shuckled fidgeted uncomfortably. "Sorry...sir but I need this wagon to move around quickly. I'm really slow, and-"

Victini slapped a hand to his forehead. "Fine! Whatever! Just go, wheel yourself to the end to the dock."

"Ah got it!" Said Bidoof, running forward and dragging the wagon by the pulley. The wailord sped away, as Victini stared at the sky.

"And here come the fliers, right on time!

Just then, a big, red, dragon-like pokemon flew off of wailord and landed next to Victini

"Charizard, how's it going?" Victini asked, raising his hand up for a high five. Charizard lightly returned it.

"Not bad. Could be better, though, is nice to finally get here. " Charizard gruffed before making his way to the other contestants. He eyed them carefully, almost suspiciously paying extra attention to Electivire, Scrafty, and Gallade. Upon seeing this, Electivire glared at him and he returned it with interest. Scrafty simply arched an eyebrow, lighting another cigarette. Gallade payed no attention to Charizard and continued standing in his regular spot, only moving a few inches away so that he didn't have to be near the crowd.

Not a second later, a red, falcon like Pokemon with a fiery design swooped down at lightning fast speed and landed next to the crowd.

"Talonflame's the name, speed's my game." the bird said with a very cocky attitude. Most of the cast rolled their eyes and went back to what they were doing.

A few seconds later, another Pokemon that resembled a Scorpion with wings landed on the docks. He had a little pouch tied around his neck.

"Sup Gliscor. What's in the pouch?" Victini asked.

"Just my little good luck charm. Nothing too suspicious."

"Hey, as long as it isn't illegal then it's fine by me. Now go sit with the others." Gliscor did what he was told and attempted a conversation with Umbreon, who answered politely but didn't pursue the topics thrown at her.

A small bird pokemon fluttered over, with brown feathers and many thin bags on his back. He landed and immediately began to boast.

"I am Pidgey, a bringer of all the finest swords. The Master Sword, Monado, falchion, you name it! I will unlock the power of all of them and-"

"All right, we get it! Now go sit by the others and annoy them."

With a huff, Pidgey did so, and immediately struck a conversation with Donphan.

"Great… a video game nerd. Just what we need" Electivire stated as he rolled his eyes. Scrafty smirked.

"Takes one to know one right?"

While the two argued, a small, ghost like pokemon snuck behind Victini, who was currently counting how many contestants were currently on the docks.

"thirty three, thirty three, thirty four, thirt-er where's Misdreavus?" Victini asked, shaking his head.

"BOO!" Misdreavus yelled as loud as she could, startling the victory Pokemon. She laughed as he quickly tried to regain his composure.

"Next time you do that to me it's an automatic elimination" Victini said with a glare.

'Man, you're no fun" Misdreavus stated as she floated towards the others, immediately starting a conversation with Sableye, and the two shared a laugh at Victini's expense.

Victini rubbed his hands together. "Alright guys that was the last of them, so I thought it would be time for a little treat."

"Wait a minute." Parasect counted in his head. I thought there were thirty six competitors in this. All my meticulous preparations involve thirty six competitors!"

"Calm your mushroom, that's the treat." Victini smirked. "After using all of my begg-I mean PERSUASIVE SKILL, I managed to convince a veteran from the Total Pokemon series! Finally, I have succeeded in recruiting Mew's ratings, gem! Welcome to the island, Cacturne!"

Sabeleye twitched at the word 'gem', but nearly everyone else looked to each other in excitement. Cacturne, here? But excitement soon changed to impatience as no one came to the dock.

"Uh...Cacturne? That's your cue…" Victini chuckled nervously.

Finally, a magikarp burst out of the water, flopping on the dock. With a cough, it spit out a note, before hopping back into the sea.

Victini carefully picked it up, eyes widening as he read it allowed.

"Dear Mew rip off,

Yeah Cacturne isn't joining. He never even planned to. I responded to the message you sent begging him, and the only reason I even did it was to see the expression on your face when you read this.


Victini's face went from white, to green, to red, to purple in a matter of moments. Nearly all of the contestants, (save for a few of the more mature ones) laughed out loud. Victini lit the note on fire, before pointing to Frogadier.

"YOU. Since we are down a player YOU ARE NOW A COMPETITOR! Got it!?"

Frogadier shrugged. "Uh..that's not in my contract, so…."

"GOT IT!?"

"Yeah, okay." Frogadier gulped.

"Now where were we." Victini hissed, looking at the now complete group.

"Uh...maybe explain the rules?" Asked Munchlax.

"Who needs to?" Parasect scoffed. I already memorized them.

"No talking! Alright the rules are simple. You will be split up into two teams, and compete in challenges. The losing team will then be forced to vote off one of their competitors. Soon at the halfway point when there are eighteen players left, the teams will be merged, and it's every competitor for themselves. Soon they'll be only one competitor left, who will win ONE. MILLION. POKE DOLLARS."

Most of the competitors cheered at this, while Tepig gave the host a smug look.

"So it's th' same game as total Pokemon Island, isn't it, mate?

Victini glared at him. "NO! Total POKKEMON ISLAND! It's completely different!"

Tepig grinned. "' 'Bout as different as you are from Mew."

Victini growled. "Just get to the freaking confessionals."

"uhh… where are they?" Plusle asked.

"God dang it they're four miles to the right" Victini said, pointing to a path leading into the woods.


Victini sits on a toilet in a decent looking bath house, waving at the camera.

"This outhouse is our confessional, where you can tell the audience what you are really thinking. Now before we take a break, lets dive into our competitors a bit more, shall we?"


Whismicott looks around, impressed. "Not bad. Most competitions like this always have really crappy facilities, but this isn't bad at all."

"Anyway, I'm gonna have a great time, make some new friends and maybe even meet a few boys. That Tepig guy is kinda cute."


Talonflame stretches his wings. "I've won the olympics in races so many times, I'm not allowed to compete anymore. Seriously, I don't even need a team to beat these guys."


Umbreon sighed. "I'm not exactly the most open person, so don't expect to see me so often. Honestly the only reason I'm even here is for the money. But I probably won't even win, so I feel like an idiot for joining.


Infernape whooped, banging his chest. "This competition is gonna be killer, dude! I can totally work on my punches during the challenges. HA!" He yelled as he broke a hole through the confessional.

"Oops." He said sheepishly.


Electivire folds his arms. "I'm here to win. Not to make friends or alliances, but to win with no other goal in mind."

He grins cruelly, punching his fist into his open palm. "And cause as much pain as possible."


Tepig grins. "Quite a lot of nice lookin' sheila's here.. And quite a few ankle biters too. They'll be taken care of real easy, like that one time I fought that Croconaw-"


Zorua smirked at the camera. "Why do I act the way I do? Because I know I can. You see, I have this little ah, condition where I can always make someone look worse then me. I know how to play the game."

Her body slowly changed, Now looking exactly like Lucario. "And sabotage is my favorite kind of game."


Parasect went over his notes in the confessional. "This plan will easily get me to the merge as It's flawless. Soon, I will have complete control over my team, and then the entire competition." He soon drops his notes into the toilet. "Aww fu-"


"Due to the fact that I am the most powaful swordmasters in the world, this will be a piece of cake" Pidgy says before pathetically slashing the air with his wings, tripping in the process.


Gallade quickly glances at his surroundings, not saying anything.


Misdrevus was laughing very hard, only stopping to catch her breath.

"Man, did you see the way Victini looked when I scared him. Priceless. Ooooh and that's not the first. Soon everyone will be humiliated by the skills of a true prankster! (static)


Audino smiles. "This should be fun. I'm a nurse, so I'm sure my team will keep me around a while. My friends all said I should take a break from helping others and doing something for myself for once. Hopefully if I win I can use the money to help find a cure for diseases like-"


Donphan clears his throat. "There are many dangerous fiends, but a true knight is courageous to the very end." He coughs, before sheepishly smiling. "Sorry about that. I'm looking for a college to enroll in, and my rollout skills just aren't cutting it, so I joined theater, and I really get caught into character. If I win though, maybe I'll be lucky enough to open my own castle. That'll REALLY help me get into character."


Braxien sighs in the confessional. "I know I didn't have the greatest first impression, but I'm not malicious. I just REALLY like burning things. But as long as I keep that in check, I should have the skill to win!" As she says this, the confessional begins to light on fire.

"Oh crap! Not again!"


Frogadier gasps, having put out the fire. "Whew….that girl is exhausting. Anyway, I wasn't expecting to be a competitor, but I guess I can't complain. A million pokedollars isn't something to sneeze at. And I could begin my quest to become a hero to save anyone in need."

He suddenly blushes, looking down. "I can't believe I said that on National TV."


Bulbasaur looked uncomfortable. "Uh...I don't exactly need the money. Honestly I only joined because other pokemon made fun of me by saying I was too sheltered." He puts on a brave smile.

"But I'll show them that I don't need money to win!"


Grovyle smirked. "I know everything about the great outdoors. I'm a natural survivalist. So I'm physically fit and ready to win!"

She thinks for a minute, before responding. "That Braixen kid better stay off the wildlife."


Munchlax sighed. "I wish people would stop labeling me as that one fat guy who loves him. I'm hella sick of it, and I'll show them how wrong stereotypes are!"

His stomach growled. "Crap, talking about food made me realize how hungry I was!"


Lucario smiled brightly. "I'm glad to see Pokemon and meet new friends. I'm a tough fighter, and can easily get along with everybody!"

She froze. "Wait. What if they don't like me? What'll I do then!? Oh no…


Scrafty smirked in the confessional as he smoked. "This is a dangerous game that's much more complex than people think. You need to find that perfect balance between being good and too good, or otherwise you'll find yourself useless or a threat. While bringing dead weight like Slowpoke is good for the finale, you always want to use one of the big threats to keep them off you. Fortunately, I know exactly how to play this game." Scrafty said as he dropped the cigarette into the water.


Bidoof grins at the camera. "Woohoo!" It's really excitin' that I get to be in on' o those fancy competitions. My family is dirt poor, see? So the most excitin' thing I ever did was go on a trip to the grocery store. With the million dollars, I could BUY my family a grocery store."


Ampharos rubbed the jewel on the top of his head sheepishly. "I'm not exactly the most coordinated of competitors, and I might have a tendency to accidentally shock people, but don't write me off just yet!" Said Ampharos. "The underdog always wins, right? So I'll just be the one that does!"


Gliscor hung upside down. "I have a little skill that no one else can even come close to figuring out. You can't defeat a Pokemon that can't be hit, right? You'll soon see my ability, and then it'll be impossible for me to get out."




Shuckle fidgeted. "Uh...I'm definitely not one of the best here, especially not physically. But hey, I have a few niches!" He counted them off with his wiggling arm. "My shell is practically impenetrable, I learned study tactics, and I have a weird fetish for buckets." He immediately gulped. "Uh-oh. that was not meant to….come up…..Oh Arceus…"


Smeargle sighed. "Alas….this island is droll and boring. If only I could find a muse….I could paint the most beautiful picture in ze world. the very least I could do my best to win…"


Machoke flexed his muscles. "I'm strong, and tough, and I can out arm wrestle anyone here. I REALLY want to see what that Swampert can do. I'm looking forward to fighting that guy. But anyway.." He said as he kissed his muscles. "with these babies there is no WAY I will lose, especially with my last resort!"


Lopunny smiled. "I know how the boys are looking at me. And I'm fine with that. Anything that helps me get farther in the game, y'know?"

She looked down. "I just hope they see me more than just eye candy, so I can really make a few friends that aren't superficial."


Eevee managed a smile. "I'm n-not b-big or tough. But I know i-if I try my hardest, I-I c-an do anythin-ng. AHHH! I can't do this! She screamed as she ran out of the confessional.


Charizard folded his arms. "I came here for two reasons. Firstly, to win, duh. Secondly, I heard the theif who's been stealing from the houses near here is around these islands somewhere, and I've been waiting to get another case, and find out who the bastard is.

He scowled. "And bring them down."


Swampert calmly mediated. "Strength and focus." He said quietly. "They are all I need to win."


Miccinio smiles on her confessional. "I think I have a pretty good chance to make it far. I've seen every episode of uh...the other series, and I picked up a few tricks. As long as my germophobia doesn't act up, I'll have this one in the bag!


Haxorus waved. "Yes! First confessional. So I don't really have anything to say other then I'm really happy here! I probably won't win, but I'll do my best. Hopefully I'll do well if I don't get too clingy again." He shrugged/


Plusle cheered. "Its awesome to be on National TV! This'll be sooo exciting! Oooooh, I wonder if I should make an alliance. If I do that, one of us will HAVE to win for sure!"


Ninjask smirked. "This game is about smarts, not brawn. Any of these idiots may think they can overpower their way, but it'll be smart guys like me who know how to actually play it. Now excuse me, so I can torment Victini some more.


Carbink floated in the air. "Well, I have a perfect plan to win. It involves-AHHHHH!" He screams as a purple hand sticks out of the hole in the door, groping.

"C'mon...I neeed to study you!"


Sableye cackles evilly. "No one can ever seperate me from money! I always get the riches in the end, just you watch." He sinks deep in thought. "Hmmm now how to steal it under a legendaries nose….hmmm."


"And there you have it!" Victini shouted. "Next episode is our first challenge, a boat race to the island we will be competing for the rest of the season. Who will win, who will lose, and who will leave before even saying hello? Find out next time, on TOTAL. POKKEMON. ISLAND!"


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