For the Sake of Love

This is a Sabrina and Michael (Sakey) pregnancy story, mostly told from Sabrina's POV. It should be pretty short. I hope you enjoy it!

Chapter 1

She's late. Exactly two weeks late, to be exact. And she's never late. Her period always comes like clockwork.

She's been feeling a little under the weather lately too – her stomach is perpetually queasy. Also, she's light-headed even when sitting down firmly in a chair.

She's on the pill but she knows better than anyone that there's still a slim chance that she could be …

Dare she even think it? The P word? Because it terrifies her, the very idea of being … that … scares the hell out of her.

But she has to know so she buys a pregnancy test and when Michael is out for the afternoon, she takes it into their bathroom at the Quartermaine estate. Sabrina paces the length of the bathroom, wondering if she should have called Felix to come and assist. Okay, no, assist is not the correct word. She can pee on a stick without help just fine, thank you.

But still, she would have liked a friend, her best friend, here, holding her hand, telling her everything will be alright. And if she is pregnant (there's the word), she wants him to assure her that this baby will be alright. You see, babies are a blessing, babies are beautiful and perfect … But babies are fragile. Babies die. And she's scared that will happen again.

She hears the little egg timer she swiped from Cook 2 go off and she slows to a stop. There are so many good reasons she can't be expecting a child right now. She and Michael haven't been together all that long. How would he react? She thinks she knows – he's such a loving, sweet guy, that no doubt when she tells him the news, he will insist on marrying her. But she doesn't want anyone to feel obligated to her, not for any reason.

But she's putting the cart before the horse, right? She needs to make sure she's actually pregnant. Yes, she can at least think the word now.

"Look at the test, Sabrina, look," she tells herself. She moves to stand at the sink and slowly picks up the white stick. Her hand is shaking as she sees clearly sees two, bright pink lines.

"Pregnant," she says softly. She knew it deep down – a mother always knows – but she is scared of the truth. Because where does she go from here? She can't lose another baby. She barely survived losing Gabriel, her little angel, who she thinks about every day. Rationally she knows the chance of what happened to Gabriel happening to another child is one in a million, but still the thought almost brings her to her knees.

A tear tracks down her cheek as she grabs a roll of toilet tissue and wraps it securely around the stick. She then buries it as deep in the trash can as she can. She is going to tell Michael the truth; she just has to figure out how. For now, the knowledge is hers to wonder and worry over.

She washes her hands and opens the bathroom door, walking into her and Michael's adjoining bedroom. She has an hour or so to kill while Michael is off visiting his adoptive father Sonny in the hospital so she lies down on the bed.

Her hands come to rest on her flat tummy as if by their own volition. She still can't wrap her mind around all of this – how she can already be in love with a baby that she just learned about. But she is. Madly.

She soon drifts off to sleep. In her dreams, Michael is holding their child – a little boy with his eyes and smile; her dark hair.

She sighs.