Prologue: Necronomicon

The demons prayed amidst a shower of blood. Their altar standing before them. Watching. It's eyes aglow with flames of bright red.

All around, the demons were to bow. To pray to the altar that their eternity of punishment might finally come to an end. That the slaves might finally find peace in annihilation.

The labor, the screaming and the punishment. It had reduced some of their number to empty husks, piled on top of each other- never allowed the grace of death. This was there future. Their eternity.

The shower of blood continued to fall, just as it always had. Piles of bodies joined together to form mountains. The suffering seemed only to spread. And as it did, the altars eyes became dark. When it's eyes formed fires of black, a sudden silence fell upon the wasteland of suffering.

The spirits of the undead began to rise into the air, as the screaming and weeping slowed to a stop. The essence of every demon, every tortured soul, rose into the sky and came together. An enormous swirling mass of pain in the sky. The blood rain ran down its surface, as tendrils of stretched out to lick the air.

A man of darkness approached the altar. Watching as the dark mass in the sky threatened to absorb everything around it.

"Shurr... Az yektore... Vestri... Aderin... Xyzcek."

The dark mass began to fall, the tendrils stretching out to the palm of his hand. He drew the darkness towards him. Changing it's shape. The man molded it his whim. The tortured souls and their infinite pain took the form of a book. Bound in black leather.

The man took it in his hands, and showed it to the alter.

The black fire in its eyes turned to black liquid. Falling down its face like a stream of tears. The altar fell into a pile of rubble, and disappeared in the lake of blood.

Lightning of red ran across the sky, as the man placed the book amongst the physical remains of the demon horde. Almost as a second thought, he knelt down and scribbled something on the cover.

The book was left there, in the darkest corner of Hell. It's name would become legend. And the source of almost as must pain as was captured within its pages.

The Necronomicon.

* ~ * GravityFalls * ~ *

Dipper rubbed his eyes, and frowned. The bus was overly air-conditioned, and completely packed with people. It wasn't that he had a problem with crowds- well, not a big problem anyway- but he had been stuck in his seat for almost five hours now. He looked over at his twin sister, and felt a pang of jealousy.

She was fast asleep, with her face pressed against the window. Somehow, she had managed to sleep through almost the entire sleep. While he was stuck staring at the back of the seat in front of him and fighting back motion sickness.

He groaned.

The garbled static playing through the radio didn't help matters either. Nor did the fact that Mabel tended to snore. And drool. And 'sleep-punch'. Dipper placed his forehead on the back of the seat in front of him and closed his eyes. He had to get some sleep- he hadn't had a good nights rest since 'the Incident' back in Piedmont. It had been nothing but nightmares and anxiety since then- and Dipper was sick of it.

For the first time in his life, he wished that everything around him was a little more... normal.

The bus hit a bump, causing Dipper to smack his head against the seat.

He sighed.

It had been a few years since the greatest summer of his life back in Gravity Falls. But even after they left, the 'weirdness' seemed to follow him home. In fact, it seemed to follow him no matter where he went. Like some sort of curse.

First there was the time he realized that one of his schools most beloved basketball players was actually a werewolf. Then there was the harpy cheerleader. And the ghost in the girls toilets. And on, and on. It was like he had never left. Weird thing after weird thing kept popping up, leaving a long path of destruction in their wake.

At first, the people of Piedmont thought of him as a hero. Then, as if he was living in a movie of some kind from the eighties, the people turned against him. They all seemed to think that he was causing the so-called 'supernatural phenomenon' himself. And trying to run a big con on the entire town. In the end, he had managed to prove himself innocent- and stop the giant marshmallow monster in the process.

But he still attracted suspicious glances from the neighbors, and the kids at school. Eventually, Dippers parents decided that the best thing to do would be to send him to a new school. For a fresh start. And being the loyal sibling she was, Mabel had insisted on coming too.

And so there they were. On the bus to 'Lovecraft Boarding School'- one of the most well known rich kid schools in the world.

Apparently, the school was paying for both of their tuition's out of it's own pocket. Which was either an act of incredible generosity from the school twice labelled 'least generous' by Boarding School Aficionado Magazine, or there was something more sinister going on. Naturally, Dipper suspected the latter. Still- the idea of a fresh start was attractive to him. Maybe he could finally shed his label as the school outcast, and find a place that accepted him.

Dipper grimaced. 'Okay, it's not 'likely'. But... It's at least 'possible', right?' he thought.

There was an enormous thunder-clap outside, quickly followed by a flash of lightning. Dipper blinked, as he watched the rain fall outside. Thick black clouds began to block out the sun as the bus drove forward.

"It looks like a storm..." he muttered.

A few minutes went by, as the sound of the rain filled the bus. After a while, he noticed Mabel start fidgeting in her sleep. He took a deep breath, and tried to be as quiet as possible as he slid off his trench coat and draped it over her. She clutched at it like a blanket, and made a noise.

"Thanks, Dipper..." she whispered. A few minutes later, she was back to snoring. Dipper carefully brushed her hair out of her face before it ended up in her mouth. It wouldn't have been the first time.

Dipper took a deep breath, and leaned back in his chair. As time passed, Dipper felt his eyelids start to get heavier and heavier. It was dark outside, although Dipper couldn't tell if that was due to the time or the storm. And the sound of the rain seemed... soothing.

He yawned as he slowly closed his eyes.

He stood all alone.

His world empty. All life torn away but his.

He walked down the empty street. Through the empty forest. And stopped at the empty house.

He opened the door.

It all looked the same. Frozen in time. The place he belonged. In the town he belonged.

"Is this another dark and foreboding dream? You'll have to do better than that to impress me." muttered Dipper.

There was silence, as his voice seemed to echo throughout the Mystery Shack.

"Come on. I've dealt with you 'dream-manipulator' types like a dozen times now. You brought me here to tell me something cryptic and mysterious, right? Well, out with it. I don't have all day."

"Aw, come on Dipper. You're ruining the fun."

Dipper froze. There was a girl standing in front of him. And it wasn't just any girl, either. It was the girl that haunted his dreams. The first girl to ever try to reach out to him. Other than Mabel of course.

She was his first love. Wendy Corduroy.

It took Dipper a moment to regain his senses. He took a deep breath, and frowned at her.

She looked just the same. Freckles. Long red hair. A disarming, bewitching smile...

Dipper took a deep breath. "That's... That's low. Using someone else's form... Why don't you show me your true self? Or are you scared!?" he yelled.

Wendy drew closer to him. He wanted to move away- but he couldn't. He was frozen in place.

She placed her forehead on his. Her eyes sparkling in the light as she stared deeply into his.

"Dipper... I'm here to foreshadow something. But... You have to take it seriously, okay?" she asked.

Dipper tried to open his mouth to say something, but nothing happened. She was too close... It was messing with his ability to think.

"Look, there's this book... And you are going to find it. And when you do... A bunch of weird stuff is going to go down. I want to help, but... My abilities are limited. So please, Dipper. You have to be careful. No matter what... The Necronomicon must not-"

"Dipper! We're here!"

Dipper opened his eyes, as Mabel excitedly pressed her face against the window. "Look! It's like a castle!" she exclaimed. Dipper rubbed his eyes, and looked around. He was back in the bus, and all of the other passengers were starting to make their way out.

He looked over at the window, where it looked like Mabel had started making faces at the people who were already outside.

There was a set of enormous black metal gates. With sharp edges jutting out the top. Beyond thee gate was a long winding path to the silhouette of a castle. There was another flash of lightning- allowing him a clear view for only a split second. It appeared to be made of one enormous tower, surrounded by a pair of slightly shorter buildings. The entire place looked grey and desolate. Which was about what Dipper had expected.

It was still raining outside. So everyone had to huddle together while someone fumbled with the gate. Dipper and Mabel joined the crowd, both huddled underneath Dippers trench coat.

"Everyone get your bags and follow the path!"

It was impossible to tell who was speaking amidst the rain and the thunder, but everyone did what they were told. After a quick round of rock-paper-scissors, it was decided that Dipper would carry the bags, while Mabel tried to keep the trench coat safely over their heads.

The gates swung open, and others began to hurry down the long winding path.

Dipper and Mabel moved as quickly as they could. "Boy, this is a rough storm. I wonder if it rains like this all the time- Dipper?" Mabel suddenly stopped in her tracks when she realized that her brother was no longer under the trench coat with her. She turned around. He was standing just a few feet away, all by himself. Staring off into space as the rain washed over him. And the bags.

Mabel frowned. "Come on, Dipper! Now's not the time to be staring into darkness! You'll get sick!" she yelled.

But Dipper couldn't hear her. Because standing in front of him, was Wendy.

He gaped, as she pressed her forehead against his once more.

It felt warm.

"You can't let the Necronomicon be finished..." she whispered. Dipper began to shiver from the cold. "And Dipper? ...For you to survive what's coming, you will have to trust someone." she continued.

"Dipper! Come on! You're gunna get my sweaters wet! I only packed like a thousand!" yelled Mabel.

Dipper blinked. And Wendy was gone. He shook his head, and kept walking. As he joined his sister in approaching their new school/home, her heard her voice in the air once more.

"Trust someone."

* ~ * GravityFalls * ~ *

The man stood in the belly of hell. And watched as it fell all around him. The screaming went silent. The souls of the damned began to dissipate.

Suddenly, the air began to quake. The ground fell away, as did the sky. The entire dimension began to fall apart. And through the tears, a great beast reared its ugly head. An enormous titan of tentacles and fangs.


The beasts roar ripped through the bones of hell.

"You will fall."

To be continued...

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