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Chapter 1

Damon had met Bella when she still lived in Arizona with her mother. He had been traveling through when one night he heard group of men beating up someone, the someone was 12 years old Bella. He heard her scream and her bones cracking, her blood tainting the air. He felt such rage when he was witnessing this, that he had lost all control he had gained over the years; slashing through the men and ripping them apart, just like his failure brother used to do in his Ripper days. He didn't stop until every single one of them were in small pieces, the crime scene inspectors would build them up piece by piece if they wanted to make them even to remind human beings.

Blood were dripping from his mouth and claws, still having his vamped face on, he turned to look the tiny being who was looking at him, not with fear but like he was her hero. He tried to calm himself before he would walk close to her, but his feral side was still winning. His beast didn't want to attack the small girl, he realized that he was almost whimpering when he saw how beat up she really was, her face was full of cuts and bruises, her one eye almost shut closed. He took his wrist between his teeth and ripped it open, not with small bites either, but fully taking chunk of his own flesh, his blood was pouring like a river, staining her already dirtied and ripped clothes even more.

He saw how she frowned when he put his wrist against her closed mouth. He was going to tell her to drink when he felt her small hands grab it, pulling it to her now open mouth. She was drinking him still, while he carefully lifted her to his arms. It would be better that he could get her to somewhere else, away from the mess of bodies he left behind.

After hurrying to his hotel room, he felt how his energy was almost drained away completely, but he pushed himself further, wanting to make sure she had enough blood in her system to heal her fully. Half hour later she finally let go of his wrist and laid down to the mattress he had laid her down, falling asleep almost as soon her head hit the pillow.

Damon decided that he would wait until the morning to compel her to forget what had happened. He walked to get glass of bourbon, sat down to his armchair and was soon asleep too.

After morning came, he was woken up when he heard the girl moving restlessly in the bed. He walked slowly next to her to see if she was awake or just having a nightmare. As soon as he was next to her he could see that she was actually awake, she seemed to calm down when she saw him, which didn't really make sense to him. Usually humans knew to fear him, or if they were women they always lusted after him.

He looked straight to her eyes and tried to compel her to forget everything that had happened, only to realize that he couldn't do it, something was blocking him from doing so. He tried to smell if she had vervain somewhere in her body, but soon noticed that they weren't any.

The small girl introduced herself as Bella Swan, soon after that asking him if he was a vampire. To say he was shocked was to put it lightly. He found himself telling her about himself, how long he had been a vampire and how he came to be one. He just couldn't refuse her when she was looking at him straight to his eyes. It wasn't like he was compelled, but that he felt it in his guts that he needed to tell her everything. He asked her about the attack, only to realize that one of the attackers had been actually her mother's new boyfriend. He had been visiting her house when her mother was in some road trip with her friends. Hearing her being left alone by her mother made him growl low, but he tried to keep it low so she would continue telling her story. The man, Jimmy, had always been leering Bella when her mother wasn't looking at their direction, so he had suddenly came to bring her to his place, saying that her mother had said that she needed to go with him.

Bella had always been one to make her mother happy, so she hadn't thought that it would have actually been a lie, or maybe it wasn't, maybe her mother had really said her to go there. Soon as they had arrived Jimmy's place, Bella had seen that he had some friends visiting him. Jimmy had directed her to one of the rooms she usually used when her mother had insisted her to come with her when she had been in the other room with Jimmy.

After couple hours music had turned louder and Jimmy had appeared to her room, pulling her with him to the living room. She saw how there were a lot of beer bottles everywhere. Everyone started to come closer her and she tried to pull herself away from Jimmy, when his hands started to travel places they never should be. She had gained enough power to pull herself away and ran outside, but they had cornered her angry at her running away and started to beat her up. That had continued over twenty minute before Damon had showed up.

After Bella had finished telling him about everything, Damon swore to protect her always. He kept her with him until Renee finally came back from her trip. She had been shouting Bella that she had run Jimmy away, because she hadn't heard from him anymore. Bella had been just showing blanc face, not letting it show any emotion at all.

Her days went in school, visiting Damon all around the city, while her mother had just continued ignoring her presence; dating younger and younger men. As the years had gone by Damon, always tried to visit her at least once in two month, but when Bella's mother had met Phil and married him, she decided she should move with her father. She had tried to contact Damon but her calls had just gone to voicemail, and she never left message to those.

Damon had been having some problems after he had gone back to Mystic Falls, his home town, when he had learned that Stefan had returned there. He was shocked and annoyed when he had met his brother's girlfriend, who was exact copy of Katherine Pierce, the woman he had been in love when he had still been human, the same woman who had turned both him and his brother to vampires.

He felt guilty that he hadn't been able to visit Bella, like he always used to do. After finding out that Katherine never really was in the tomb under the church, and attack of the Gilbert device, which almost had ended his life, he had decided to go to Bella, only to find out that she had been long gone, moved to her father's place. He cursed himself, for being away so long time.

When he found her in Forks, he could see how she was almost lifeless corpse, just moving around a little, not living at all. He could smell the sweet scent of Cold Ones both in town and in Bella's home. He saw how her arm was scarred by one of them. He ran to Charlie, Bella's father, compelled him to let him take Bella with him. He packed her stuff he knew she liked the most and started to drive back to Mystic Falls.

After couple hours drive, he could see how color was returning back to her cheeks and she let out huge gasp, like she had been without air for a long time. She was confused what had happened.

She explained how she had met the Cullens and Edward, how all of them had let her to believe that she was actually mated to Edward. How Edward and his pseudo sister Alice started to turn her to be something entirely else she really was. After the baseball game where they had met three red eyed vampires, which had made the Cullens panic and made Bella leave Charlie to make sure he was staying safe. She continued explaining about James, how he had bit her but Edward sucking the venom out. After that he had turned even more possessive and manipulative than before. They barely let her stay with her own father anymore. When Bella's birthday party had come, they forced her to attendance a party they had made for her, which had caused her getting papercut and Jasper absorbing everyone's bloodlust which caused him to try to attack her. Her voice had turned more deep when she told him how Edward had cruelly broken up with her in the woods, saying how she was pet to their family.

After that she had been just floating around like she was on high, well coming down on it anyway. It had taken her to actually came back when Damon had taken her away from Forks. She could remember how Edward had once told how everything in them pulled their prey to them. Maybe their scent was actually some kind of drug, and she had been suffering from withdrawals from it. Damon took her hand in his and tenderly squeezed it before he started to explain the reason why he hadn't contacted her before like he usually did.

It took him over two hours to end his story and he could see how she was really tired after everything. He told her to get some rest, because they still had some driving to do. Soon after she was asleep, holding his hand against her cheek while she slept, like she was afraid that if she let go he would disappear.