We Are Family

Chapter 1

Bella POV

"Get off me!" I yelled at Jacob when he didn't take his hands off me.

I pushed at his chest and his face, but he was too strong for me, I couldn't force him away from me.

Don't cry in front of him. Do not cry.

Don't cry in front of him. Do not cry.

I kept on saying it to myself but it didn't work. A few tears slipped down my face, and he noticed.

"Bella don't cry, this is what you want, this is what I deserve, I've had to sit in the side-lines long enough. I'll get you in the end Bella Swan, you're mine"

"You won't get away with this, Jacob." I told him quietly.

Jacob scoffed.

"What are you going to do, tell your bloodsuckers to get me, if they come on the reservation they will be torn to shreds, we'll have a party turning them to ashes." He said to me through gritted teeth.

I finally forced Jacob off of me and I managed to move my arms fast enough to hit him in the face with my fist.

I retaliated as soon as I hit him, it didn't hurt him at, all it did was hurt me. My hand and wrist were throbbing and I couldn't even move my hand without a sharp pain shooting through my arm. It was killing me. I started to walk in the opposite direction away from Jacob when he grabbed my other wrist in an attempt to make me stay with him.

"Bella! Wait!" he shouted. I managed to get my wrist out of his grasp and walk off in the other direction ignoring his shouts and pleas for me to stay with him instead of going back to Edward and his 'bloodsuckers'.

Jacob didn't attempt to follow me after I broke out of his grasp. As me and Jacob were about a 15-minute walk from the border at the time of the 'incident' I decided to walk to the border from the lake. I felt so betrayed. He was supposed to be my best friend; and he hurt me.

I walked to the border thinking about how I was going to explain his whole thing to Edward and his family without World War III beginning between the vampires and the wolf pack.

As I reached the border I pulled out the cell phone Edward gave me and thought about who I should call. Calling Charlie was out of the question, and there was no way that I was calling Jacob to take me back home. It was Wednesday afternoon; I knew Carlisle was working at the hospital today but I couldn't remember whether he was working a full day shift or just the morning shift. I knew, of course, that Edward was on a hunting trip with Esme, Emmett and Rosalie. The only people I knew for sure were at the house were Jasper and Alice.

I opened the contacts and scrolled down the list until I found the contact aptly named 'Cullen House'. I dialled the number and waited for someone to answer the phone. On the third ring, however, somebody answered the phone.

"Hello?" I heard Jasper say on the other end.

"Jasper? I need your help!" by this point I was crying and I was actually finding it a bit difficult to breathe.

"Bella! What's wrong? Are you still with Jacob?" he asked me.

"Jasper! I'm at the south Quileute border, and I can't get back, something happened." I whimpered down the phone.

"Bella, Alice and I are coming to get you, hold on, you're okay were coming!"

Jasper POV

I was sitting in the living room with Alice when the phone rang. Alice and I looked at each other, nobody ever calls the Cullen house because we are so secluded from the humans.

I got up to answer the phone and I immediately became worried when I heard Bella crying on the other end of the phone.

"Bella! What's wrong? Are you still with Jacob?" I asked her.

"Jasper! I'm at the south Quileute border, and I can't get home, something happened." She told me.

By this point Alice was standing by my side with the same panicked expression I was wearing, I could tell that she was worrying because of my gift, being able to read people's emotions, but it was written all over her face. Her eyes pointed straight forward and she was in a trance, searching the future.

"Bella, Alice and I are coming to get you, hold on, you're okay were coming!" I told her and put the phone down on the cradle.

I turned around to face Alice and before we know it we are climbing into my new silver BMW and speeding down our drive towards the southern Quileute border, breaking all of the speed limits but, oh well, we are vampires we can get away with a lot of things.

I took the cell phone that Alice handed me, only taking her hands off of the steering wheel for half a second. I quickly opened the contacts and dialled the number for Bella's cell.

"Alice?" Bella's voice came through the receiver.

"No, it's me. Can you tell us where you are? We know you are at the south end of the border but we could do with a more precise location, Alice still can't see you properly so you must only just be out of their territory." I informed her.

"There's a small clearing behind me, and there are loads of trees chopped down, I'm where Edward usually collects me, ash Alice she knows where it is." Bella told me. I lifted the phone away from my ear and turned to face Alice.

"You know where that is?" I questioned.

"Yeah, we're about three minutes away." Alice told me, pushing her foot down on the accelerator.

"You hear that Bells?" I asked her.

"Yeah I did, see you guys soon…" Bella trailed off and I took the phone away from my ear, ending the call.

Bella POV

Jasper hung up the phone after he assured me that he and Alice were coming. It made me feel better knowing that I wasn't alone in this and that Alice, Jasper and the rest of the Cullen's were willing to protect me. I walked up the embankment and sat under a tree to protect myself from the spitting rain. I used the sleeve of my shirt, in a most unladylike fashion, in an attempt to wipe away the tears and the run mascara from underneath my eyes. I suddenly heard a screech and a car come to an abrupt stop. For a second I thought it was Jacob and I stayed where I was until I heard somebody call out my name. "Bella!" someone called and then somebody else shouted after me too. "Bella! Where are you?"

It was then I realised that it was Jasper and Alice. I stood up from underneath the tree and stepped out from the trees. "Alice! Jasper!" I bounded over to them and straight into Jasper's arms. He wrapped his arms around my back squeezing me, assuring me that he was there and that I was safe.

After a few moments I looked up at Jasper sheepishly. Jasper had changed hugely, not just the fact that he can put up with my scent now, he had welcomed me into the family just like the others.

"Sorry" I said, a little embarrassed. "No need to be sorry little sister!" Jasper smiled at me before I let him go and walked over to Alice, throwing my arms around her as well. Jasper chuckled when I pulled away.

"Bella are you okay?" She asked me. I smiled slightly at her before I stepped back looking at the both of them.

"Bella I can only see you walking back to the border, clearly upset! What happened?" Alice asked me.

"Something happened with Jacob and I left him by the lake, I'll come over to the house later and explain later. Please? Right now I need to go home and talk to Charlie, I will only be a few minutes and then I'll be over to the house before you know it. Can you please take me there and I will drive over to your house after I have spoken to Charlie, I need to ask Carlisle about my hand anyway?" I asked.

They both looked at each other before nodding at me, Alice lead me back over to the car before getting in the back beside me holding her cold hand around my wrist to reduce the swelling a little. Jasper got into the driver's seat and started the car, turning around and heading back to Forks. For a while I was in a daze before I finally came back to reality. I looked around the car, realising I had never seen it before, even in the Cullen garage.

"Uh, whose car is this?" I asked.

Jasper chuckled before answering me. "It's mine, it was delivered yesterday, you are surprisingly observant today. I was getting a little fed up with the bike so I tried a different approach, do you like it?"

I met his concerned gaze in the front mirror before answering. "Yes, it's very nice, it's pretty, and it definitely a Cullen car."

Both Alice and Jasper chuckled at my comment. "What is a 'Cullen car'?" Alice asked me. I smiled at him before saying "You know, a nice car, an expensive car, a car that you drive, give me another person in Forks that drives around in a Porsche on a daily basis." I said laughing.

Both of them laughed at my comment and I sighed as we arrived at Charlie's house. I knew he was home because I could see the police cruiser in the driveway.

"So," Jasper said "you'll be at our house once you have spoken to your father?" I nodded and assured them both that I would get there safe. I got out of the car, watching as Alice scampered into the front passenger seat and watched the car disappear around the corner.

I approached the front door clutching my injured hand to my chest before knocking the door and waiting for Charlie to answer the door.

The front door swung open to reveal a very surprised looking Charlie looking at me curiously. He then saw my wrist clutched to my chest and sighed. "What on earth did you do this time Bella?" I stormed past him letting him see the hurt written all over my face.

"How dare you storm passed me! Isabella Swan I am your father and you will show me some respect! Bella, what did you do to your hand?"

"Jacob kissed me and I punched him." I admitted reluctantly. It was then I got a reaction that I didn't expect, Charlie started laughing; laughing at the fact that his own daughter has been assaulted and that she is hurt.

When Charlie was finally able to speak though the tears streaming down his face, he said, "You are moping around because a boy kissed you? Because Jacob kissed you? Bella this is ridiculous, and quite frankly its very childish."

It was then I snapped. I grabbed the car keys and barged past him. Charlie grabbed my uninjured hand as I stepped off the porch and pulled me around to face him. "Let me go!" I yelled at him.

Charlie POV

I could not contain my anger anymore because of the blatant disrespect of my daughter. How dare she barge past me! Who does she think she is? I have been feeling the same lack of disrespect from Bella for weeks, and I had a feeling what, or who, was the problem. The Cullen's.

"Where are you going?" I demanded

"I, am going to the Cullen's to see my brothers and Carlisle, I need to do something about my hand." she replied.

It's always the damn Cullen's. She would spend all of her time with her precious boyfriend if she could, I on the other hand could not stand the boy.

"No, you are not!" I shouted.

"Yes, Charlie I am because I am 18 years old and you have no right to stop me!" she told me.

At this I lost it. I raised my hand and slapped her across the face. For a second she was shocked before she broke free of my grip and bolted to the car.

Bella POV

I raced to Edward's car and started the engine before Charlie could even shout after me. I was able to control my sobs, now I just wanted to stop my cheek from stinging. I drove in silence for the rest of the drive until I reached the mouth of the drive to the Cullen home. I took a deep breath and continued to drive the rest of the way up the drive before stopping in front of the magnificent white house. It was decided that after my beloved truck stopped starting, that I would use Edward's car until I agreed to let him get me a new one.

I stepped out of the car and approached the door silently. I knocked quietly knowing that they could hear it and it wasn't 2 seconds before the door was open and Jasper was standing before me. Jasper must have been able to sense my emotions and he pulled me into his arms where I started to cry silently.

After a few minutes of Jasper comforting me he kissed my hair and pulled away, putting his arm around my shoulders and leading me towards the kitchen. I sat on one of the bar stools and Jasper walked over to the fridge and pulled out a bottle of water and placed it in front of me.

"Thank you" I told him as he came to stand in front of me, his eyes widening as he saw the throbbing red mark on my cheek. "Carlisle, I need you, now." Jasper mumbled and before I could turn around to face the other direction, Carlisle was standing in the kitchen alongside Alice and Emmett.

"Emmett! When did you get back?" I asked.

"About half an hour ago! I finished before the others and decided to come back early, Edward won't stop worrying about you so I told him I'd make sure you were okay." He said cheerfully, not knowing that I wasn't okay, but they were bound to find out soon.

Jasper touched my face and turned it in his direction, and looked at my cheek in horror. "Bella," Jasper said my name with such horror, "Can you tell us what happened?"

Before I could speak Carlisle directed us towards the living room. I got up from the bar stool and followed Carlisle, Jasper, Alice and Emmett into the other room keeping my head down. I sat down on one of the sofas and Carlisle sat beside me with Emmett and Jasper sitting on the sofa opposite; Alice sat on the arm chair to my left.

"Bella?" Carlisle asked hesitantly, "What happened Sweetheart?"

For a moment I was stunned at the amount of love and compassion in his voice, and I realised that Carlisle is more of a father to me than Charlie ever was.

Carlisle POV

I decided to try a different approach. "Bella?" I said and she looked at me hesitantly. "You don't have to go home tonight if you don't want to, you can stay here. Or one of us can drive you home later on after the others arrive home?"

Bella shook her head and she said "I don't want to go home tonight, please don't make me go home." She begged.

It was then I realised, this was caused by Charlie, and I looked at the boys and I could tell that they had come to that conclusion as well.

"Bella, did Charlie do this to you?" I asked her and she nodded. "Can you tell me what happened Sweetheart?"

"After Alice and Jasper dropped me home earlier, I wanted to talk to Charlie. After he answered the door, he looked at my hand and asked 'what I had done this time' before laughing at my reason. Then when I became angry I grabbed my keys and stormed out of the door to come here, like I told Alice and Jasper I would, Charlie grabbed my wrist as I was leaving and he demanded to know where I was going. When I told him I was coming here he told me that I was not allowed to come here and I told him that I am 18 and he cannot stop me. I think he kinda lost it and he struck me across the face." She admitted.

Both myself and the boys were completely shocked at this, we had not been expecting that. Alice looked at Bella, sympathy pouring out of her in waves, as she already knew what happened. Alice didn't want to tell us what happened, much to Emmett's chagrin, because she thought Bella should be the one to tell us.

"Bella? How did you break your hand Sweetheart?" I asked. I also feared that Charlie had caused this as well.

She only mumbled her answer, "I punched Jacob because he kissed me."

I was not sure what to make of that response, but I needed to be sure of something. "Bella did you want him to kiss you?" I asked quietly.

"No, I couldn't push him away, he was too strong for me to push away, I wanted him to stop but he wouldn't listen to me. He kept on telling me that he was the right one for me and that he deserved better." She reluctantly replied.

"Oh Sweetheart." I pulled her to my chest and wrapped my arms around her, and she wrapped her arms around me.

"Carlisle!" Alice suddenly said.

"Yes, Sweetheart?" I asked, tearing my eyes from Bella.

"They're coming here! Charlie is determined to get Bella and take her home, if Charlie had his way in this he would ban Bella from coming here and seeing any of us ever again!" She said, obviously angry.

"Then it's a great thing that Charlies say doesn't matter in this situation." Emmett said through gritted teeth.

Bella looked towards me, fear flaring in her eyes.

"Sweetheart, you'll be okay." I said, hugging her comfortingly.

Fifteen minutes later Emmett and Jasper, who had previously sat silently talking with Bella and Alice, leapt up and started growling. Alice stood up and took a seat next to Bella, taking the hand that wasn't in mine in hers and smiling at Bella reassuringly. I could smell the scent too, the scents of a human and a wolf approaching the house.

Jasper approached the window, looking towards the front porch before growling again, Emmett joined him to see who the problem before turning and bounding towards the front door at a human pace.

"Jasper, is it just them?" I asked, Bella still in my arms. I knew who it damn was already, the nerve they must have so show up at our house.

"Yeah, Jacob and Charlie." Jasper replied.

I sighed and gently pushed Bella upright so that she could see my face. I turned to Jasper then, "Jasper get Emmett and bring him back here, we are doing this my way." Jasper nodded before running after Emmett and pulling him back upstairs.

Once both boys were sitting on the sofa again I looked back to Bella. "Sweetheart, do you want to go upstairs with Emmett and Jasper? I will fix your hand when they are gone, Alice can you stay down here?" She nodded and stood up, the boys following as Emmett put his arms around Bella's and Jasper's shoulders as they walked up the stairs.

Alice and I stood up and now we had to focus on the men downstairs who were constantly banging on my door. "Stop banging my door, I'm coming! "I muttered and heard a chuckle from Emmett upstairs. I approached the door slowly and pulled it open to see the man who hit my daughter and the boy that assaulted my daughter.

"Charlie, Jacob." I greeted them.